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Nathaniel Salus Jactura

It would be prudent to listen to my council.

0 · 173 views · located in Xriacaim

a character in “Immortal Apocalypse”, as played by TheChaplain


Character Profiles

Name: Nathaniel Salus Jactura
Alias: Running Smoke/The Chaplain/Old Crow


Description: Nathaniel is a product of his numerous experiences; and his appearance reflects this. Forty percent of his skin is covered in scar tissue, each mark having a story behind it. The first thing anyone notices about Nathaniel is the way he carries himself, as he walks with an earned confidence. This confidence is by no means arrogance, and would not seem prideful, but suggests that he is a man who knows who he is. This stature though, is usually portrayed from beneath a full bodied cloak and a hood. Without his cloak, it quickly becomes apparent that Nathaniel is built very though, and possesses an impressive amount of muscle for his age. He is a man who prefers to keep a beard, although keeps it trimmed and well kept. Nathaniel looks as if he would have been considered very handsome at one time, but this fact is hidden and faded by the years and years he has spent adventuring.

Age: 43
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 180 lbs
Sex: Male
Hair Color: faded auburn/grey
Eye Color: green
Complexion: White
Voice Type: Bass
Body Frame/Build: muscular
Native Language: Thallien
Secondary Languages: Thyrien Eva’n (fluently) Uom Dak (conversationaly) Koniel Nal (conversationaly) Grhail (simple writing only)

Date of Birth: July 13, 299 C.E
Home Realm: Methaise
Home Kingdom: Urn’Bondera
Current Residence: Rito, Galleinder
Social Class: commoner

- Experience – Nathaniel’s biggest strength by far; throughout his many adventures, he has learned how to utilize many combat styles, tactics, spells, languages, and most importantly his instincts.
- Insight/Wisdom – Through his interactions with the many races and classes throughout Xriacaim Nathaniel has gained an uncanny amount of insight into how people think, and who they are by observing how they react to the world around them
- Connected – Years of dedicated service to various lords and commanders have left Nathaniel with a plethora of friends in far off lands who owe him their life.
- Scholar – His time with the Elves, Orcish shamans, Ritian priests, and city librarians has left Nathaniel with thought out views on Magic, world history, geography, sociology, psychology, science, math, and world religion.

- Middle aged – Years of hard taxing physical exertion has left Nathaniel with a body that just is not able to perform at the same level of perfection for the same length of time as he used to; experience in combat gives him the edge over most opponents in the world, but his constitution usually betrays him after working too hard for too long.
- Calculating to a fault – Life has taught Nathaniel that the more planning that goes into an action, usually delivers the best return. As a result he often takes too long planning, causing the action to come too late.
- Savior complex – Nathaniel feels like since he has gained such experience and survived so much that he has a responsibility to use it to pass his knowledge down and use it to protect those who need protection, often at the cost of his own well being.
- Looking to die – Battle after battle, Nathaniel has seen his loved ones die to protect either him or something they believe in; Nathaniel does not want to die silently, he wishes for his death to be remembered as a sacrifice to something that merits his life.

Silent and steadfast; Nathaniel is nothing if not consistent. He much prefers being the silent observer to the center of attention, and will strive to stay that way until he deems an individual worthy of knowing the more in depth nuances of his own personality and/or thought process; this can often make him come off as stand-offish. That being said, Nathaniel is a very kind person once he is comfortable around you. He may not go crazy at parties or be capable of drinking anyone under the table (he actually hates most alcohol), but he will often voice his observations when he thinks it will do any good, and when he thinks people will listen. These observations may be anything from inconsequential remarks about the direction of the wind, to complements and criticism; however, he makes an active effort to be constructive with his comments and to build up those who need it. He would not normally criticize an individual unless he believes he has earned their respect, least he give it in a way that is more destructive than good. Nathaniel is very even tempered, and it has been a good couple of decades since he allowed his anger to get the better of him, and considers himself to have a very good sense of humor for an “old man”. It should also be noted that Nathaniel’s actions and general lifestyle revolves around his religious beliefs.

- Often strokes his beard when in deep thought.
- Unconsciously dances when happy and listening to good lute playing
- When doing calculations, Nathaniel will touch right thumb to his right hand fingers in a random repeating order (though, this is never done while stroking his beard… that would just be weird)
- Hums to fill awkward silences.

Equipment: Nathaniel has used many different weapons and armor throughout the years (most of which he has kept safely stored at his estate. His equipment for the last few years however has remained rather consistent:
- A full body hooded cloak of elven make, grey with patches of dark green and brown to break up the silhouette
- A black padded cloth jerkin, studded with leather scales on the inside. (and matching breeches w/out leather scaling)
- An Orcish war horn
- Brown leather bracers
- A curved Dwarvish blade (with steel scabbard)
- A backpack filled with traveling gear (shaving kit, food rations, bedroll, & a few Feir) as well as a light crossbow and 10 bolts
- Leather boots
- Hunting knife
- Water skin
-Bailsong spear (a walking stick that comes up to shoulder height, made up of 2 long parallel handles, that can unlock and turn on their ends to reveal a long blade of equal length. Handles can fold out and meet at 180deg to lock into a spear of double original length.)

Biography: Nathaniel was born into a life of slavery; serving Dwarvish masters in the town of Urn’Bondera. His father and mother were both humans enslaved to a Dwarf who ran the criminal underworld in the city, as well as many surrounding villages. Nathaniel’s father and mother were originally paired together as breeding stock by the dwarf to increase his inventory of slaves to sell, but soon fell in love after Nathaniel’s birth, and were married according to human traditions in secret. After Nathaniel became physically capable of working, he was sent into the slavers coal mine, charged with bringing water to the laborers. By this time, Nathaniel’s parents had birthed 12 other children, all slaves claimed by their Dwarven master, and branded on the shoulder with the mark of his house, just as Nathaniel had been. Nathaniel was never bitter about his lot in life, it was all he knew after all; the boy worked and served with drive and passion, he enjoyed helping others and found fulfillment in a full day’s work. He earned a reputation for being an honest worker and a good person by the time he was 13, and he was purchased from his master by the captain of the guard in Urn’Bondera.

Although young, Nathaniel saw the blessing that he was given, working for a high ranking official in the city where he was in close proximity to his parents. He seized the opportunity to prove his worth to his new master, keeping his armor polished, his personal effects in order, his quarters clean, and seeing to his every command in a timely fashion. His hope for a brighter future was not to last, however, when his duties allowed him to visit his parents and learn that his mother had committed suicide after several of his sisters had been sold into a life of prostitution. Nathaniel returned to his master devastated, and admitted to him that he felt that he no longer had any hope of a better life, where he would be able to set his parents free. The captain of the guard saw an opportunity, and promised Nathaniel his freedom and freedom for his remaining father if he would serve him faithfully for the next ten years. Nathaniel looked upon the face of his master with a questioning look “But master,” he said “have I not been serving you faithfully already?” the captain of the guard looked at him with a smile and explained that he was chosen to lead a platoon of troops into a nearby Orcish territory, and that if Nathaniel would continue serving him on the battlefield as loyally as he was now, that he would set Nathaniel free, along with his father, and any siblings that the slaver still owned. Nathaniel accepted the captains’ offer, having no clue that the captain had no intention of keeping his promise.

Nathaniel departed from the city with the Captain and his platoon of soldiers and grouped up with a small army after a day’s ride. Nathaniel found that he was a strong rider, and discovered his love for animals. His riding only became stronger over the next few days, as his Captain sent him out on scouting missions with his less trusted soldiers. Nathaniel did as he was ordered and kept his mouth shut and his eyes open as the captain’s soldiers scouted unsuccessfully for Orcs. Eventually the army packed up and moved out, acting on scouting reports brought in from more experienced scouting parties. It was a day’s ride later when Nathaniel sat on horseback to watch the Dwarven army form up to do battle with an Orcish army just a few thousand yards away. He was relieved when the order came from his captain, and their platoon moved away from the battle; less relief when he learned it was just to hit a supply train at the back of the enemy’s ranks. It was night when the attack started. Nathaniel, still a child, hid in a nearby ditch as the Dwarves and Orcs shed each other’s blood.

Sword and shield collided and spears and arrows flew into bodies, and in the confusion, a bloodied orc warrior rolled into the ditch where young Nathaniel hid. He was caught in a net, and numerous arrows rendered his arms nearly useless. He struggled before realizing he could not get away before he was noticed and slaughtered; and that’s when he noticed the small human boy kneeling next to him with a knife in his hand. Nathaniel looked into the Orc’s eyes and pitied the warrior. He could not bring himself to kill the Orc. Nathaniel looked out to see no had stopped fighting to kill the orc; so he motioned for the orc to be silent, and then cut the net open. The orc, eyes glowing in the dark of the night, looked upon the face of the boy who had just saved his life, and gave a slow nod just before struggling to his feet and running off into the night. The fighting had finished and the captain ordered his men to loot the bodies of the dead, and then to move back around to friendly territory. Before they had finished looting, though, they were ambushed by another group of orcs, and most of the dwarves in the captain’s platoon were killed immediately before the remainder had a chance to throw down arms and surrender. The Captain however, did not throw down his weapon, and neither did Nathaniel, who ran to his masters’ side, carrying a sword all too big for him. Prisoners were killed and the captain surrounded. Out of the hoard of green skinned brutes, emerged the orc that Nathaniel had saved, axe in hand. Nathaniel positioned himself between the monster and his master, but he was no match for even one of the muscular monstrosities that stood against him. His master was knocked unconscious, and Nathaniel’s nose was broken and he too went down after taking a hard knock to the back of the head.

Nathaniel woke up and found himself bound in a large tent with a few dozen of the biggest orcs he had ever seen, all shouting at his master in their foreign tongue. From what he could see, there was one orc, hunched over on a wooden stick who seemed to be trying to translate a few of the lines into Koniel Nal, but his captain did nothing but spit in the beasts face. The captain was dragged outside, and out of Nathaniel’s sight. Two orcs dragged Nathaniel up to a large orc who sat on a big chair. He was surprised however, by how much the orc’s tone had changed, the orcs did not yell at him like they had to his master, but the large orc simply muttered a few lines of gibberish to him, which the hunched orc translated. The orc introduced himself as Narz’nogth, chief of many orc clans in Methaise, and thanked Nathaniel for saving one of his soldiers. Narz’nogth and the hunched orc brought Nathaniel outside and past the headless mangled body of his master. They showed him the field where the orc army was preparing to fight against their Dwarven enemies. They told Nathaniel that the Dwarves wanted to kill them and all their kin so that they could have the precious metal that their land held. They said that if Nathaniel answered all their questions that he would have a place in their clan. They also said that if he did not answer their questions, they would kill him. Nathaniel weighed the options, and agreed to the orc’s terms.

Nathaniel told the chieftain everything he knew about the Dwarvish army’s numbers, supplies, weapons, and positions; and the Orcs won the battle. After the battle, just as promised Nathaniel was adopted into Narz’nogth’s clan. Clan life was nothing like the slavery that Nathaniel was used to. There was plenty of work to be sure, but it was the extreme spirit of competition that took him by surprise. As Nathaniel began to compete with the teenage orcs his age, he began to realize he was hopelessly outmatched, and his eyes began to open to the harsh realities of real life. Nathaniel was often ridiculed for being human, but no orc dared cause him permanent harm least they be faced with the wrath of Narz’nogth. Nathaniel often found himself going hungry after having his food taken by stronger more ruthless orcs, but his kind heart and his eagerness to help without being asked soon earned him a small following amongst the weakest of the clan’s youth. Eventually Nathaniel became fluent in Uom Dak, and began learning the way of the hunt. He was a skilled hunter, made stronger by his friendship and teamwork with weaker orcs who followed him. He often brought a good meal to the clan, much to the dismay of the strongest of his peers. One night Nathaniel had gone out on a hunt without the help of his friends, and was closing in on his prey when a much stronger orc showed up and beat Nathaniel within an inch of his life; he limped into camp and found the clan shaman. Nathaniel was no stranger to failure, but being beaten so badly by an opponent at the age of 20 was shame that would stay with Nathaniel for the next year. He went on no hunts; he spent no time with friends, but spent his time with the shaman. A wise man, the shaman taught Nathaniel of the symbiotic relationship of the earth, about how all the elements work in harmony to keep the world in balance; Nathaniel enjoyed the ramblings of the shaman, and felt he had gained a greater understanding of the world around him. After a few months, the shaman even taught Nathaniel a base understanding of the way gifted individuals are able to extend their spirit outward and manipulate these forces.

On Nathaniel’s 21 name day, he undertook his acceptance ceremony, a sacred time within Orc culture. As part of his passing into adulthood, Nathaniel was required to fight a challenger in martial combat; the outcome would set the tone of his walk into adulthood. That night, as the whole clan watched, Nathaniel faced down the same Orc who had beaten him nearly to death over a year ago. Nathaniel knew he had never been a match for most Orcs in a fist-to-fist fight; not that this particular Orc had given him a chance that night when he nearly knocked Nathaniel out with a rock to the back of the head. Nathaniel had no intention of being out thought by an Orc this night though. The Orc let out a battle cry and bull rushed Nathaniel at top speed; an all too common tactic amongst Orcs. Nathaniel Jumped up, rolled over the back of his attacker, and landed with a swift kick to his opponents feet, bringing the over confident bull down. A quick haymaker and kicks later, Nathaniel had won, much to the surprise of the crowd. Nathaniel knew there was little more to his victory than an over confident enemy, and a lucky unexpected blow. Still, he cherished the victory as he did on the day he gained his first kill on a hunt. Within 2 years of adulthood Nathaniel perfected his acrobatic and lightning fast fighting style, and just in time, as the drums of war began to beat once again, and the orcs all gathered under the banner of Narz’nogth to defend themselves against an invading Dwarven army. Nathaniel joined the army, this time as personal guard to Narz’nogth, as his martial powers had grown considerably in those two years, and he was able to beat most orcs in the clan with his dexterous fighting style and quick thinking. Nathaniel felt privileged to be at the war table as the orc elders and chiefs discussed war tactics and strategy; and when battle was joined, Nathaniel was honored to fight behind them.

This war however, was not decided like wars before, with one battle. There were many battles, and Nathaniel participated in as many as he could; His prowess on the battlefield paired with his understanding of tactics gained him immense respect amongst the orcs he served with, and he eventually gained the title of “Nal Rack’ta’hal” translated into “Running Smoke”, a title given to him with the promotion of “battle master”. He lost many friends, and many tribesmen, but eventually the day came where the war came to the steps of Urn’Bondera, Nathaniel’s birthplace. War machines were built, and the siege began. As the city walls fell, orcs poured into the city in droves. Nathaniel had rushed in with the vanguard, and raced towards the building where he was born, looking for his father. He broke down the door and looked upon his father’s face just in time to see him beheaded by an orc from the Blackrock clan. After the city was taken, Nathaniel, in a rage of anger, brought the orc to Narz’nogth, and demanded he be executed for killing a slave in cold blood. Narz’nogth refused, claiming that he would never punish an orc for killing a member of another race as long as they were not part of a clan during a time of war; this was the orc way. Nathaniel knew there was no honor in the killing of slaves, and began questioning his way of life.

After the war was over and each clan returned to their homes, Nathaniel told Narz’nogth that he could no longer stay with the clan, and that he must go and find his own way of life. Nathaniel’s friends begged him to stay, saying that they would need his leadership if they ever went to war again; but Narz’nogth understood, and gave Nathaniel his blessing, saying he was welcome back once he found his way. Nathaniel pounded fists with his chief one last time before gathering his spoils of war, and his clan belongings. Nathaniel lived in solitude for the next few months, contemplating the morality of his life, and if it was a life worth living. Eventually his wandering took him into the Realm of Galleinder, and to the major city of Rito.

Nathaniel was struck with awe as he explored the massive city, as he had never seen such an accomplishment before, nor so many humans in once place. Eventually he wandered into a tall limestone building, one of the more splendorous ones in the city, and was greeted by a man dressed in white robes. From what he could tell, the man spoke Thallien, a tongue that his parents spoke, but Nathaniel could barely speak more than a few words. The man found a translator, and explained to Nathaniel that he was in the house of the God’s. This was the first time Nathaniel had heard of the God’s in any formal way; and his curiosity was sparked. After a short time looking in the city, Nathaniel found a small city home that he was able to purchase from a Koniel Nal speaking human for most of the coin he had looted from Urn’Bondera; He registered as a citizen of Rito, enrolled as a member of the city guard, and began frequently visiting the temples within the city. He shared his past with no one, and even as he made friends within the city, he remained known as the guard with a curiosity for the God’s.

For the next eleven years Nathaniel devoted himself to bettering his mind between battles that he fought with the city guard. He learned how to speak, read, and write Thallien fluently and gained an in depth understanding of mathematics, geography, biology, and even a base knowledge of alchemy; He fervently gained an understanding of sociology, of how the world of man and elves and dwarves viewed things, and what problems plagued society (including slavery and war), but most importantly, he gained an intimate understanding of the God’s. For every question answered, his curiosity deepened; but for every little bit of information he gathered, his BIG question was never answered. Nathaniel found that it was easy to believe in the existence of the Gods, and wanted to share what he knew with those around him. In the company of soldiers on the battlefield, he earned the nickname “The Chaplain”, for his odd mixture of faith, kindheartedness, wisdom, and battle powers. Every time he came back to the city though, his efforts always came back to study of the God’s. Eventually his resources ran dry, and the temples of Rito had no more information to offer. Nathaniel tried to push back the questions to a far corner of his mind, but he could not live that way for long. He resigned from the city guard, and set out again, this time, for the elven settlement of Tzahya, in the Realm of Ooroc Mundh, in search of an elven scholar who he was told may have the answers he seeks.

Only miles from the city Nathaniel heard the sounds of battle just a few yards into a forest on the main road. He retrieved his crossbow from his pack, notched a bolt, and started towards the sounds of fighting. He looked down into a clearing and saw her for the first time; Lorelei Sinaran. Nathaniel had never seen an elf before, she fought with such grace and beauty that he nearly forgot that there was a battle going on. Snapping to his senses, Nathaniel weighted the situation just in time to pull the trigger of his crossbow, killing a large Blackrock orc just as he was about to cleave the skull of another elf warrior. Not wanting to take the time to reload the crossbow, he slung the bow over his shoulder and drew his Dwarven blade, and joined the fray, helping the elves, as he had long been looking for an excuse to kill members of the Blackrock clan (who were always doing battle with the Narz’nogth clan anyway). Nathaniel fought hard, shouting various curses in Uom Dak at his attackers as he cut through limbs and primitive wooden shields. He sliced down his final foe and cleaned his blade in the grass. As he sheathed his sword, he looked up to find elven spears and swords at his neck. He was escorted the rest of the way to Tzahya in shackles, never being able to meet the beautiful elf whom he (in his mind) had just saved. He did, however, get the chance later that day when he was brought before her, still (to his annoyance) in shackles.

Lorelei introduced herself as the commander of defense within Tzahya. She pointed out that Nathaniel wielded a Dwarven sword, and that he spoke Uom Dak during the fight. Nathaniel told her that he was looking for an elven scholar that may be able to help him answer questions of a religious nature. Lorelei looked him over, but was not convinced. She demanded that Nathaniel give the elves more to go on if they are to trust him. Nathaniel gave her what she asked for. He told her of his slavery and showed her the mark upon his shoulder, and then described his time in the Dwarven army as a child, and his defection into clan Narz’nogth. He described how he had learned how to speak Uom Dak and the ways of the clan as he was brought into adulthood, and then the great war between the orc clans of Methaise and the city of Urn’Bondera. He told her that after seeing so much heartless killing from the Blackrock clan, that he could not live by the creed of the orc clans any longer, and that he moved onto Rito in Galleinder. He told her of how he found a thirst for knowledge, and that that same thirst, had led him here, looking for answers. He admitted to her that the elves probably had no cause to trust him, but he would appreciate a few days to seek answers none the less. Lorelei was taken aback by Nathaniel’s honesty, and removed his shackles. She went on to explain that strange creatures had been venturing into Gallinder more and more over the past few years, raiding elven settlements, killing many, many innocents, and that the appearance of these creatures is believed to be works of Blackrock orc sorcerers. She said that elves had been taken from Tzahya as prisoners once or twice a month, beginning just around the time that these creatures began showing up; the elven scholar that Nathaniel was looking for being one of them. Lorelei didn’t need to ask Nathaniel for his help, after hearing about what clan Blackrock was doing, and the threat they represented to innocent lives, he volunteered to help Lorelei however he could.

One week later, He was back in a saddle, looking for orcs with Lorelei and a handful of elite elven Calvary. The group would spend weeks at a time hunting down groups of orcs and goblins, looking for any evidence of sorcery or the elven captives. Each time coming up empty handed. Weeks turned into months, and months into years and the “Crows” as the group came to be known, became the most renowned military uniform within Ooroc Mundh. Nathaniel’s combat ability peaked, he gained a better understanding of magical control of the elements, and he and Lorelei grew ever closer; but they never found any sign of the missing captives.

One fall day, just as the Crows were returning from what was supposed to be their final hunt, they rode to the top of a hill to be greeted with the city of Tzahya ablaze, being overrun with figures they did not recognize. The group made full haste to the center of the city, killing the monstrosities they encountered. They had found their proof of sorcery, all too late. Tzahya’s army was in chaos, and they had loss nearly ninety percent of their numbers. The Crows made their way to the cities center and began escorting a number of survivors, city officials, mages, and high elves out of the city. They reached the edge of the city and knew that they would not escape unless the enemy was slowed down. The army began escorting the group towards Gallinder, as the Crows dismounted and prepared for the end. One by one, the best fighters in Ooroc Mundh fell to the overwhelming hoard of enemies, intent on their demise. Nathaniel cried out as he saw his closest friends fall around him. Eventually it was down to only a couple of Crows, Nathaniel, Lorelei, and three more; then the hoard stopped mid stride, and the defenders regrouped. Just as they resigned themselves to the end, an explosion, followed by an incredible bright light, shattered the evening sky, and blinded all those in the city. Nathaniel didn’t exactly remember losing consciousness, but he does remember waking up some time later in a pile of ash, bodies all around him. He immediately looked for other survivors, but none were to be found, in fact, he could not even find the bodies of Lorelei, or of any of the other surviving Crows. Nathaniel wandered the ruins of Tzahya for days, but could not find another living soul. He gathered what equipment he could find, and headed back to Rito. He felt an immense burden of failure, and responsibility for what happened at Tzahya, and has been working as a bodyguard for free to the weak ever since, hoping to pay penance for his failure.

Requested Role: Mentor


So begins...

Nathaniel Salus Jactura's Story