Jiro Chung Ryu

"Everything's gotta happen to me."

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a character in “Immortal Lovers”, as played by Sonohra



It's like life decided to chew me up and spit me back out.

ImageName | Jiro Chung Ryu

Nicknames | Jiro

Age | 23

Gender | Male

Race | Korean

Sexuality | Homosexual

Face Claim |Choi Seung Hyun

Height | 5'8"

Weight | 146 lbs

Hair Color | Dark Brown

Eye Color | Brown

Physical Appearance | here

ImagePersonality | Jiro is a party boy. He loves to go out drinking, partying, and having sex. He's a crazy kid. He's never thought about anything else. He works as a bartender and mixologist, so he's great to have at parties. He is charming and polite to strangers, really only trying to get them to do something they'll regret in the morning or have sex with them. He's been known to get into bar fights more than once. He can be angered easily if his friends are threatened in some way or another. Jiro will not hesitate to beat the shit out of anyone who threatens his friends. But despite his crazy and wild hobbies, Jiro is very sensitive. He values his friends' opinion greatly. He will always watch out for his friends, no matter what.

ImageLikes |
- Listening to music
- Fighting
- Having Sex
- Drinking and partying
- Pets and animals
- Adrenaline Rush

Dislikes |
- Country side
- Slow days
- Lectures
- Waiting
- Secrets

Flaws |
- Playboy
- Childish and immature
- Incredibly physical (aggressively, lovingly, and sexually)

Fears |
- Needles
- Lightning
- Marriage

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