Hadassah Pryde- The Angha

"Well this is odd. I don't remember ever being here before..."

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a character in “Immortal Traipse”, as played by stormwolf321


Name: Hadassah Pryde, Or just Angha.

Age: 165

Species: Simurgh. Also known as the Angha.

Element(s): Life and light. She can create and manipulate rays of light, sometimes causing them to blind enemies so her teeth can finish the job. She can also control the animals and plants around her. Like making vines grow out of the ground and strangle enemies, or a pack of wolves sent to kill anyone out to hunt her.

What do you symbolize: The tree of life.

Do you have a human form?: Yes.


Human: Angha in human form, looks as if she is in her early twenties or late teens. She has long brown hair that stops at her middle back. Her eyes are a light blue color and she is measured to be 5'4 and weighing in 114 pounds. Her skinny and frail frame is great for covering up the fact that she is a 145 pound wolf-like dog with the claws of a lion and the wings and tail of a peacock. Her usual attire is a white dress and she is sometimes seen with a white flower behind her ear or just holding it in her hand.




Deity: Her deity form is quite interesting. She has the head of a dog, the back legs, tail, and wings of a peacock, and the claws of a lion. Her weight is 114 pounds and her height is that of an average teenage girl. She has a series of markings around her body that only show at night. Her teeth elongate during this time as well. Her fur is a couple inches thick and her tail is over five feet long. Her feathers flair when she is angry, or excited. Her back end is usually lower to the ground than her front end. This makes her look like she is always standing up with pride. This is how she got her last name. Her tail is seen dragging the ground when she is content. Her wings are powerful enough for flight and sometimes she could fly for hours upon hours.



Personality: Her persona is quite simple. She is nice at times. But she can't stand disrespect. If she is interrupted or insulted, she could turn a bit hasty towards others and even rude. Sometimes, even turn all Angha on them. She isn't the one to throw the first punch, but if she does want to start a fight, she will make sure she starts it off with words rather than fists. Angha's top personality is her incredible patience and loyalty. She is loyal to those who know how to respect her. Those who she is loyal to will be treated with the utmost respect and kindness. She will very much help out a friend in need and will sometimes offer a feather of hers. If they burn this feather, she will come to their aid.

*The color white
*Seeing people happy

*The color black
*The impatient

Equipment: None. She doesn't believe in using makeshift weapons. Instead she uses her teeth, claws, and powers.

Other: Her appearances slightly changes when day turn to night and night switches to day.


Angha blinked a few times. The suns powerful rays glinted off her eyes. Just where exactly was she...All she could remember was that brown headed girl leaving from her quest. Then the hunter...Then everything was black. Now she was here...

A sudden roar woke her from her daydreaming and she turned around to see the powerful dragon Timeless. Strange...How does she know his name..."T-Timeless wh-where-?" She was interrupted by the serpent as he snakes his body around the area, resting his head in front of her. "I'm not entirely sure myself...It seems as though the powerful deities have awoken themselves..." Angha, still a bit flustered that she was interrupted, thought for a moment. "Deities?" The dragon nodded before looking up at something. Angha followed his eyes until she found other deities around her, some were already gone, while others looked lost. A light slowly dissipated into nothing behind them.

"It seems as though we are all lost on this planet..." Angha looked back up at Timeless. "Just what planet are we on exactly?" Timeless looked around a little bit. Fist at the trees, then the sky. "From what it looks like, we are on planet Earth. The very place where we were created. Or born." Angha's eyes widen. "So what do we do now?" Timeless shakes his head. "I'm not sure. But all I know is that we have to return to where we had come from before whoever summons us returns..." He says before snaking his way up off the ground.

"But what do I do!?" Timeless looks down at her. "Earth is a hectic and confusing place, I'll give you that. You must find your own way around obstacles. I will help when help is needed..." Timeless says before slowly disappearing into a thin mist. Angha watches before looking around. Nobody was here now...

Angha sighs deeply before running into the woods.

So begins...

Hadassah Pryde- The Angha's Story