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When there is no other choice, will you join with your enemies for the good or your people? Or fall to pride?

672 readers have visited Immortality since desire99600 created it.




Desire99600 & WittyWriter88

Creative Credit:
WittyWriter88 and I (Desire99600), both created this roleplay. We both took equal parts in it, and, through PM, planned it together. The creative credit goes to both of us because it is both of our ideas(:

The Letter:
Dearest reader,

If you are reading this, you are the winner of an all-expense-paid trip to the lovely Geraldine Manor. The Manor sits on a private island in the tropics. The weather is beautiful and so is the home itself. You are one of a lucky twelve participants in this contest. Please allow us to pamper you with our indoor pools, hot tubs, private spas, excellent cooking and waiting staff, beautiful beaches, and more. Enclosed are photos of the island and the manor. If you so choose to participate, we will send a car to your home that will carry you to to nearest airport. The first class ticket enclosed with this letter is paid for and there is no need to bring any money. Cellphones do not work on the island and there is no internet hookup, but there is plenty to do at the manor. We encourage you to join us on this trip. Relax, meet new people, and enjoy yourself on our own little island paradise. Here at Geraldine Manor you can be yourself. Completely. Yes, we know what you are, and we know you struggle to hide it in the human world. That is why I've chosen you, dearest reader, so that you have a place to be free and be yourself. Your host will supply you with more information upon arrival. Please be ready to go by 6 O'clock Pm for our driver to retrieve you. We do not supply clothing, so you must bring your own. If wish to pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, please notify our driver and give him the letter with the photos and ticket enclosed. If you do wish to attend, you must bring this letter and a form of I.D as proof that you were invited.

Your host; Owner of the Geraldine Manor.

The Plot:

You are to play as one of these "dearest readers." You go to the island, thinking a free vacation is exactly what you need, but this incredible offer turns out to be too-good-to-be-true. The characters in this roleplay are Immortals, meaning basically that they're not human. Each one is a different species from a list of 12, and each species has a sworn enemy. When the characters arrive at the island, they find that they are roomed up with their species's rival. To make matters worse, the group finds a second letter, informing them that the beautiful island is now a prison. They must stay on the island and learn to work together or they'll never get off. What's even worse is that the writer of the letter, has informed the branch of the human government, specially trained to hunt Immortals, that he/she knows of the wareabouts of 12 helpless Immortals. You are one of these 12 Immortals, each one of you holds significant pull in the world of your species and now it is up to you to decide. Will you team up with your enemies to help bring down an even greater rival? Or will you sacrifice your life for the pride of your kind?

The second letter

Dearest readers,

How are you liking the house? The Island? Isn't the place beautiful? Surely a luxury. It is, in every way, accommodating to suit your kind. I'm sure the waitstaff have been good to you, doing everything you've asked and then some. So what's the problem hmm? Oh. Yes. You've been forced to share a room with your kind's absolute enemy. Well you see, you'll just have to get over it. The island is now your personal prison. There is no way off it. There are no planes, ships, radios, internet connections, cellphone towers, or helicopters anywhere on the island. You're stuck in the middle of the ocean, in a location only I know about. Well... Myself and the IOFCI. Yes, that's right, the International Organization For Capturing Immortals knows where you are. Well, they will know. In two weeks. Why do I do this to you? Because I myself am an Immortal. I've lived for hundreds of years and watched my people die because we, as a whole, are too prideful to forgive our enemies and come together. Should we come together, we would no longer have to live in hiding. We could live among the humans, alongside them in peace, not under their thumbs in fear. We would be strong enough to stop the senseless killing of our kind and enforce peace between humans and Immortals. Separate, we are nothing more than their targets. So I've chosen you, one member from each of the twelve species of Immortals. You each have high names in the world of your species and will be able to convince your kind to come together with the other eleven species. So I give you two weeks. Fourteen days to work it out. Either come to forgive each other.... Or die for the pride of your people. It's up to you.

Your host; The owner of Geraldine Manor.

The Immortals:

Naiades (meaning; Flowing One):
Written by WittyWriter88

Naiades are water-nymphs. Spiritual-beings being mostly of the female sex. They are beautiful beyond human standards, and are one with the earth. There are many different kinds of nymphs, Naiades being one of the most common. All nymphs are immortal, ageless. Naiades can control/manipulate water in its simplest form. May it be a small rainfall or a hail storm (ice being a form of water). Most naiades are light haired and fair skinned with icy blue eyes. Long ago mundane (humans) mistook nymphs for godesses. There are a few naiades who have the ability to heal, but they usually come from a royal line of nymphs. Most are peaceful creatures who seem to shy away from a fight. They are more of the type who clean up after said fight. However, they are more rambunctious than most other nymphs. Naiades love water, naturally, and cool, damp places. The sun is sort of their "enemy," able to get sunburned easily due to their pale skin. They are long-line descendents of merfolk, and natural enemy of the Dryads, which are forest nymphs.

Written by WittyWriter88

Dryads are another type of nymph, a woodland nymph. Most dwell in forests covered by plenty of trees. They are the shyest type of nymph, fearing and cowering from a fight (usually). It's said that nymphs are only female, but that is clearly not true. There are a sparse amount of males, most being dryads, believe it or not. They are very handsome. Dryads usually have dark colored hair, leafy in texture, and are extremely light skinned (due to being sheltered by trees most of their life), some even have green-ish colored skin. They are immortal and the tallest in the nymph species, with long limbs like a tree. Many dryads worship trees, preferably oak trees. They are real naturists. Having a strong connection to the earth, Dryads are able to manipulate nature to an extreme degree. Most major earthquakes that have happened.. Have been caused by a dryad, no doubt. Dryads are born in a certain tree known as their "family tree." Many live in or around that tree all their lives. They hate leaving it. Dryads enjoy plants, of course, most adore the color green, and they do like the sun. Sadly, their enemy is the Naiad. It's weird, because they need water to survive.. They just don't like them! All Dryads were brought up hating the Naiad nymphs, just like they were brought up hating the Dryads.

Written by WittyWriter88

Elves are rather mysterious, prompt beings. No, they're not three feet tall and work in Santa's Workshop. Actually, elves are fairly tall, maybe even taller than some Dryads. It was said that most Elven males have long hair, but that's not true. Over the years the elven race has evolved in great strides. They dress in more "fashionable" attire, and the males usually keep their hair trimmed and short. Elves usually have very strict personalities or absolute goofy/annoying ones. Most of the time there isn't an elf in between. They are not immortal like nymphs, but they do age much slower than your average human. As in, an elf in their fifities only look to be in about their middle twenties. They can live to be two hundred or older. The Elven race have slight nature abilities, but nothing like that of a Dryad. They also are very musically inclined. It's said that with a flute an elf can enchant a mere immortal into doing their bidding. Elves are also one of the best with archery. It's like a gene, using a bow and arrow. Elves are quick learners, highly intelligent. They enjoy nature, animals, and open spaces(most of them). They have a deep-seeded hatred for Werewolves because during a full moon.. Many of their people go missing. It's to be said werewolves crave elvin flesh. Let's just hope that's a legend...

Written by WittyWriter88

Not all Werewolves are large, man-handling brutes. Though, many have very, very short tempers. Most werewolves are of the male sex, though there are a few rare female werewolves. You cannot be turned into a werewolf any way at all. Not by a bite..Not by a scratch. You have to be born that way, simple as that. You have to have at least one parent that is a wolf, or a long generation of werewolf ancestors. Most of the time there is only one parent with wolf blood, that usually being the father. Werewolves are slaves of the moon. Yes, sadly, every full moon(which is once a month) werewolves are forced to shift into their wolf forms. During this time they literally lose themselves, their humanity. But only during that time. Any other time a werewolf may change at will. During the day or night. Their wolf form is not a hulking beast that walks on two legs. They look, strangely enough like regular wolves. However, their size give them away. They are massive! Their wolf forms being the size of full grown horses. If that doesn't give them away, their speed and strength surely will. In wolf form a werewolf is eight times faster than the average wolf(not faster than a vampire, grant you). In both their human and wolf form they are six times stronger than the average human and wolf. Their sense of smelling and hearing is always heightened. Werewolves are pack people, meaning they hate to be alone. They'd rather be around a group of people they do not know then be by themselves. Werewolves are usually tall people, guys usually averaging 6'4" or taller, girls no shorter than 5'8". Their enemy is, strangely enough, Elves. It's told that their enemy is Vampires, but that's not true. Vampires and Werewolves came to an agreement long ago. They have a strong disliking of elves because the species intently plays music loud. Due to the werewolves sensitive hearing.. It causes them to pass out. Also, werewolves crave elvin flesh around the time of the full moon. They're drawn to them.

Written by WittyWriter88

Merfolk are highly sentient, yet not the smartest of creatures. They are curious, curious beings which is ultimately the downfall of their race. Due to being curious many merfolk(mostly mermaids) go to the surface of water, and end up being captured by humans or other dangerous races(more than likely vampires or elves). Most merfolk are shy, not liking to be seen by the human eye or any other eye for that matter. However, they are not as shy as most Dryads. Their main language is Mermish which is only spoken to one another above the surface of water. Mermish is a simplistic language, being a combination of two different languages. Coastal, Human Dialect mixed(combined) with Mersong. Below the water they communicate in a series of whistles, fluting sounds, sub- and super-sonic pulses which humans cannot hear. Elves, however, have managed to hear and even translate a few words of Mersong. It is thought that whales, dolpholk, and other large fish may also hear and comprehend this language. Merfolk are small boned, their upper bodies slim like that of an elven maiden. They also have two forms. Their true form, which is that where above the waist they look humanoid, their lower body merging into a strong fish-tail ranging in different colors. They can breathe underwater(having gills at the sides of their neck in this form), and can swim faster than any human could dream, faster than most fish. They have long fins stretched across the backs of their arms to help them swim, and fine, extremely thin webbing between each finger. It's been said by sailors that when they see mermaids above water on rocks, they are constantly grooming their long hair. Their skin is also either a light blue or light purple in this form. Their other form is a "human form." They rarely take this form. They look completely human, their "tail" being replaced with two human legs, or "pillars" as they call them. However, once submerged in water they return to their true form.
Merfolk have slight water manipulation abilities (nothing like that of a Naiad), able to cause floods (wears them out though). Some can even manipulate ice. Their blood is a purple-ish/blue in color, and much sweeter than any other species or human. Their tears are golden in color. Besides water manipulation, it is said Mermaids can hypnotize with their voice(hence the reason some call merfolk "Sirens"). It's been known they can cause illusions as well. One of the Merfolks sworn "enemies" are the Vampires. This is because their blood is so sweet, Vampires hunt them. May it be on land, or in the water. Some even sell their tears in the supernatural world for money.

Written by Desire99600

Vampires, are legendary creatures. There are books, movies, tv shows, songs, and fables about them. They're also surrounded by mystery. Some swear that a vampire can be fended off with garlic, others believe it's fire. As far as personality goes, Vampires are very conceited and cocky. They believe that the world is theirs. This, though, no matter what history says, does not make them "the bad guy." They may need blood for nourishment, but they do not solely target humans. In fact, they prefer to go after other Immortals, making them one of the most hated and feared species of the Supernatural world. Their main prey consists of Merfolk, for they love the the sweetness of their blood. Vampires are beautiful beings with features that appear delicate, but are really stronger than any human material. They are the fastest of the Immortals and one of the strongest as well, second to the werewolves. It is said that vampires use their beauty to mesmerize their prey before killing them. This is one of the reasons they hate the Merfolk, for they are the only species immune to their powers of seduction, and, being arrogant and cocky creatures, it's a blow to their pride. They usually have dark hair and smooth, pale, luminescent skin, with eyes that glow red when hungry and, when well fed, have an extreme vibrancy about them, no matter their natural color. There are, however, a rare few vampires with pale hair. To become a vampire, you must either be born a vampire, or drink a vampire's blood willingly. The victim of the changing does, in fact, have a choice. If the human does not wish to become a vampire and does not fully understand what they are doing, it will not affect them.

Written by Desire99600

Warlocks are said to be the male version of witches, though this is not true. A warlock may be either male or female. Actually, a witch and a warlock are both of the same species, for they are both born with spell-casting magic and are raised the same way, learning basic spells. At the age of fifteen, they are forced to chose which they would like to become. Warlock? Or witch? Warlocks deal with darker magics, preferring to study offensive spells. They love to fight and are always looking for newer, more powerful spells. They are somewhat secluded, preferring to work alone rather than with a group, but if there is no other option, they make the best of it. Warlocks are also extremely cheap. Should you need their expertise in magic, you will know that it'll be expensive. They rarely do anything free. They are immortal beings and stop ageing around the age of 20. In order to become a warlock, you must be born into it. Their natural enemies are the witches, for they despise the types of magic they work with, and the witches are the only species that their spells do not work on.

Written by Desire99600

Witches, despite common folklore, are not all female, and they are not all hideous hags either. Actually, witches are rather beautiful creatures, able to be either male or female. They typically have dark hair, ranging from dark brown to black, and pale skin. They are gentle people with soft, but musical voices and a delicate appearance. Witches, though gentle and kind, are not shy. They're happy to help out in any way needed, always being generous, but they don't fear interaction like the Merfolk do. They are actually rather tough creatures and it is very hard to read their emotions, for they usually keep them locked up tight. Their type of magic consists of nature-based magic. They have lighter spells that have to do with healing and growing. In battle, their spells are practically all defense spells and they prefer to avoid any, or all, physical violence if possible. Their enemies are the Warlocks. They despise them for the type of magic they do, and, because the warlocks hate them, many witches are victims to their attacks. Even if they can't attack them with magic, warlocks often take advantage of a witch's trusting and defenseless nature to kill them.

Written by Desire99600

Faeries are beautiful, ageless creatures. They are one the oldest of all the Immortals, having been around since the beginning of time. Their kind gave life to all the nature-based Immortals such as the Naiads, Dryads, Merfolk, and Elves. They come in all different kinds, from wolverine-like women to men made of fire. Faeries, though they are unable to lie, are masters of deceit. They can twist their words better than a spider can spin a web. It is easy to get lost in what a Faerie says. They have mesmerizing, musical voices, large eyes that portray a sense of innocence, and shockingly beautiful looks. They have three forms. One is their Glamour, or "human form" where they disguise themselves as humans. Another is their invisible form, where other Immortals can see them, but humans cannot. And the final form is their true form. A form so beautiful and terrible at the same time, that only Immortals can view it without going blind. Faeries, depending on what their element is, have slight powers. They may either have small amounts of nature powers, shadow powers, water, ice, and air abilities, or mind powers (such as mind reading and fortune telling). These creatures live together, in secrecy. They prefer not to mingle with any of the other species of Immortal. Faeries, though things of beauty, are also things of trickery and seduction. When speaking with a faerie, one must always decode a hidden meaning. They view other Immortals as mere play things rather than equals. Especially the Shapeshifters. Their rivals. Why Shapeshifters? Because they have been around just as long as the Faeries have and the two have been battling for control of the Supernatural world ever since the beginning of time.

Written by Desire99600

Sheshifters are one of the oldest of all Immortals. When time first began, Faeries and Shapeshifters were the only two species's in exisistance. The Shapeshifters gave life to darker species of Immortals such as Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and Warlocks. Like werewolves, Shapeshifters can change form. Unlike werewolves though, they are not bound to one specific form, or the full moon. They can change into any form they please becoming humans, living animals, or inanimate objects. Their true form is their humanoid form where, like vampires, they are incredibly fast and strong. Shapeshifters are cocky and arrogant creatures who look out for each other and only each other. Ever since the world began, they've been in a constant struggle for power in the Supernatural world, their rivals being the Faeries. The two are brought up to hate each other and live their whole lives believing such. Shapeshifters, like vampires, are sensitive to light. They can shift in the sunlight, but usually will only be seen in their human form during the day, for it is their strongest. At night though, the possabilites are endless.

The Cast:

Faerie, Female
Age: N/A Cast by: Mila Kunis Slot: TAKEN by Desire99600

Mermaid, Female
Age: N/A Cast by: Sara Paxton Slot: TAKEN by WittyWriter88

Werewolf, Female
Age: N/A Cast by: Megan Fox Slot: RESERVED for kathrin

Witch, Female
Age: N/A Cast by: Katie McGrath Slot: RESERVED for silentawakening & Mataulvr

Naiad, Female
Age: N/A Cast by: Teresa Palmer Slot: OPEN

Shapeshifer, Male
Age: N/A Cast by: Chris Pine Slot: OPEN

Vampire, Male
Age: N/A Cast by: Kellan Lutz Slot: OPEN

Elf, Male
Age: N/A Cast by: Diego Boneta Slot: OPEN

Warlock, Male
Age: N/A Cast by: Joe Jonas Slot: RESERVED for Blackwolf

Dryad, Male
Age: N/A Cast by: Zac Efron Slot: RESERVED for Furry Dragon

The Character Sheet:

Full Name: [ First, middle, last ]
Nickname: [ Tell us how they got that nickname, or why they preferred to be called this. ]
Age: [ Between 17 & 26 ]
Role: [ Put the name or the actor/actress here. ]
Appearance: [ Include a picture or a few if you would like. The more the better, make sure to use the cast actor/actress (: Be descriptive. Describe things that your picture doesn't show as well as what it does. Eye color, clothing style, hair, body type, general demeanor, ect. ]
Personality: [ Here I want to see a deep understanding of your character. I want to feel like I know your character and you can easily take thier role. It's important to know your character so that they're not always doing things out of personality. Make them imperfect. No one can do everything. ]
Species: [ What is your species? Tell us a little about them. What kind of powers do they have? ect. ]
Likes/Dislikes: [ What does your character like or not like? Again, you may separate these if you'd like. ]
Fears: [ What makes your character afraid? ]
History: [ This does not have to be super long, just a paragraph or two will do. Also, tell us about why they are so influential in the world of their species. Remember, the person who set this all up chose people who could possibly sway their entire species to come together with their enemies. ]
Theme Song(s): [ A song or two that describes your character ]


Toggle Rules


1. Proper grammar and spelling. I understand typos, and if you actually don't know how to spell an advanced word I make these mistakes too, but I don't want misspelled words every other sentence. If you can't spell- get a dictionary.
2. Make your character detailed. I want to see length and effort. Make him/her unique and special. You are 100x more likely to be accepted if your character is interesting. When I read their sheet, I should feel like I know your character and I'm intrigued. Also, if you want a tip for being accepted- Make it pretty (; PM me if you have any questins on coding. I don't know it all, but I know enough.
3. Stick to the plot please. No creating your own fantasies and throwing random drama about. It confuses members. If you want to make major drama, PM me first. If you want your character to have a dramatic love-entanglement make sure the other person is okay with it. If you wish to add small, personal drama's, like a rough past, be my guest, afterall, we don't want your characters to be boring.
4. This will be literate. I'm not expecting you to write a book, but for every single post I want a clear, precise understanding of every single thing going on. I want to know and feel every emotion, every sight, taste, sound. Anything. Also, please don't have your post be nothing but summaries of other players actions with one little something from your character at the end. People react to things. Show me that. I'm not putting a limit on post-size, but I will say that I want to see quality and your character sheet does reflect on that. Also, I know I say detail, but as for sex- you can make out until the clothes come off. Then its *Fades to black* or something like that. Swearing I don't mind. I use it frequently myself as long as it's not every other sentence.
5. You may either OOC or PM me to reserve a slot. If you'd rather just submit a character, that's fine too but you cannot submit characters for any reserved/taken slots. If you REALLY want a reserved slot, wait. Reservations last 24 hours. After that, I PM you- you have 24 hours to respond. If you do, I can extend your reservation if needed. If not, your spot will be opened. Please try to get characters in as fast as possible. I wont wait forever.
6. If I ask you to change something, or give you tips on your character sheet it's not because I hate you or I don't like your character. It's because I'm a perfectionist. Please don't complain or say I hate you. I love everyone who joins my roleplays :D If you're not accepted, I am very sorry. I'm sure you're wonderful, but just not for my plot.
7. You have to read everything. How can you understand your role if you haven't read it? O.o Please don't skip any reading and if I have left something out or you have questions, don't be afraid to tell me. No question is a stupid one and I wont be mad if you correct me (:
8. You must be able to post a min. of three times a week. I think that's pretty generous. I have my rough times posting too. If I'm gone for a little while, I'll ALWAYS let you know. Please bear with me while I'm gone and don't just disappear. Also, don't get two posts in and leave. If you're taking too long in between posts, I'll PM you. If you don't speed up, I'll creatively kill of your character and open your slot to anyone else. Finally, please always tell me when you're going away. I'll understand. Promise(;
9. Have ideas. I am always open to new plot ideas. If you have one, don't be afraid to suggest it to me.
10. Have fun and grow as writers.


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may I have the male vamp please?

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This looks really good. Quite different from other Rps I've done.

No female parts left, but I don't have a problem playing a male. Can I reserve the male shapeshifter please? :)

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May I reserve the naiad?

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I would very much like to reserve the witch please. I won't be able to write it till tonight as I have work but I want to give this well thought rp a try! :)

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Can I reserve the Dryad, please?

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Can I reserve the werewolf female please?

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Can I reserve the Naiad, please?



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