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"If you really think that's messed up, wait until you see this!"

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a character in “Impending Pursuit”, as played by The_Queen


Image Head Overseer

Username: The_Queen #0EBFE9 | FC: #CD3333


{Full Name: }
Kore Mars

{Age: }

{Gender: }

{Species: }

{Face Claim : }
Sei Shonagon|| FGO

ImageImage - - - - - -



Hair Color:
Black with mixed streaks

Eye Color:


Overall Appearance:
Kore is a short, but fiesty bundle. A human, she has typical human features. Smooth skin, not scarred or weathered from working. Her complexion is shiny and quite healthy. Kore is not overly tall, but she does have a lean, athletic body. Kore's eyes are a unique golden hue, marking her a standout from other humans. Her hair is black, about mid-back length with red and blue streaks. Kore prefers to keep her hair up, since she believes it's cuter that way. As for her sense of style, she enjoys dressing in the latest fashion. You can always find Kore wearing something cute.

“Pigs can fly, they're called mutants.”



Kore is a free spirit, or so she would like you to think. When not on camera, she can be quite snippy. Kore is a business-first kind of girl. Goal oriented, she wants to be at the top of her game at all times and so, she can come off as rude. In truth, Kore is simply blunt. She is a girl who knows what she wants when she wants it, which makes others both respect and fear her. Kore can be intimidating, it's true, but once you piece her hard exterior, you'll find a slightly softer exterior. Those on Kore's inner circle know how she truly is and while she can seem mean, Kore has no time to tell pretty lies. She is a punctual and professional girl, but get on her bad side and you'll see an ugly monster you may regret reviving.

▶Theme Song : Rat // Penelope Scott


Honesty // Honesty is a virtue that Kore lives by. Lie to her and she may never speak to you again.
Trendy // Kore is always keeping up with the latest trends. She loves looking cute and wants to surround herself with cute things.
Sweets // Kore has quite the sweet tooth, which is surprising considering her petite she is.

Boredom // Boredom is truly a plague that Kore seeks to cure.
Ugly Things // It's not Kore's fault that she knows what she likes.
Being Late // As a punctual person, being late ticks Kore off.
Mutants // It's not that Kore doesn't like them, it's that they're typically... ugly.

Planning // Kore is a planner, a thinker, a dreamer. If she has a goal she wants to achieve, you can bet that she's going to get it done.
Media // One of Kore's greatest strengths is her ability to communicate with others through mass media.
Photography // Kore has to take and edit her own photos all the time, so she knows what looks good.
Will // Kore has a very strong will and she has the determination to see things through.


Cute Things // Kore absolutely adores cute things like puppies and beautiful people.
Shallow // Kore is incredibly shallow, but there's room for growth.
Squeamish // Especially around gross things.


{Place of Origin :}

{ Background : }
Kore didn't start where she was, no. As a little girl, her family was considered 'middle class' even among the wealthy. They managed to just barely scrape by in dues for the exorbiant taxes that come with living on the air ship, but it didn't matter if they had food on the table, as long as they kept up with appearances. At school, Kore would often get made fun of. Her family couldn't afford to keep buying her fancy dresses, or replace her shoes even when they became too tight. She would hide the holes in her socks with stickers or would draw on her legs when her tights had holes. All for the sake of making sure not to tarnish her parent's reputation. It was around then Kore swore that she would become something more, something better than her pitiful parents, who were content with their pathetic lives.

So Kore started working, she made earrings in her bedroom out of cute things she had found and would sell them at school. Once Kore had enough saved up, she purchased a phone and began to stream. At first, it was just her doing silly dances, but as she got older, Kore expanded. She would stay up late, reading algorithims and programs, wanting to become famous. Eventually, Kore hit it big when she went on a short charity expedition to earth in order to distribute aid to the mutants. The humans were singing her praises as charitable, generous, loving, and good.

Kore moved on from streaming, she left Son and got a penthouse on Father, where she now resides. Of course, Kore no longer just streams, but does advertising work, and appears in many commercials. When she was approached to become the Head Overseer for this year's Game of Pursuit, well, Kore knew that it could take her to the next level.

{Family :}
Kore has a Mother and a Father whom she loves dearly, but will never speak to them again for the agony they put her through.

{Other Info :}

Kore has no qualms with killing mutants for entertainment, after all, she's been told her entire life that they are a plague to humanity.


So begins...

Kore's Story


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Fatherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #0EBFE9 | FC: #CD3333

"Ms. Mars?" A head peeked into the room, still dark. The only light came from the stars, a sillhouette laying draped across the cushy bed. "Ms. Mars!" This time a bit louder, Kore rolled over, peeking open one eye. "It's me, Mimi." She whispered across the room, "Oh, is it time already?" Kore asked, sitting upright. She yawned, "Lights," slowly the lights flickered on, the neon sign with her name sending a pink glow across the room as the overheads turned on. "Yes, it's time to get ready," Kore's white silk robe slipped down one shoulder. She rose, stretching, as Mimi brought over a cup. "Lemon spritz," she smiled, Kore taking it appreciatively. "Thank you Mimi," Kore smiled, making her way out of the bedroom and to the living area, where a man and woman waited, a large vanity having been set up.

"Good afternoon sleepy head. Were you up late last night?" Jensen, her stylist, asked. "I stayed up late last night with Ender and Sei," Kore admitted, sitting in the chair. "We were just putting on the finishing details to the opening ceremony," she finished her drink. "Can you give us any hints?" Patrice asked, pulling Kore's hair back. "Nope," Kore winked, her holo pod going off. "It's your parents," Mimi said nervously. Kore frowned, "Tell them I'm busy." Mimi nodded, shuffling off to answer it. Kore had no time for her parents, not now. Besides, the only time they ever called her was to ask for money. "Hair up or down today?" Patrice asked, applying glitter to her eyes. "Hmm, I was thinking a half-up, half-down style."

Patrice smiled, "I think that would go perfectly, don't you agree Jensen?" Jensen pulled out the outfit from the garment bag, Kore's eyes glittering. "It's perfect!" She squealed, admiring the plum and gold fabric. "You're going to shine brighter than Venus!" Jensen laughed, putting the garment aside for now. They had an hour to get ready, an hour that went by in the blink of an eye. Kore stood in front of the mirror, smoothing down the fabric of her outfit. "Jensen, you never fail to impress." Kore giggled as he took her hands. "Now, go shine. Patrice and I are so proud, when we first started working with you, we never thought you would get this far." Patrice shook her head, "You're not supposed to tell her that!" Kore giggled, walking out the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow!" Kore stepped into the hall, where two Officers were waiting for her. "Ms. Mars?" One asked, "That's me, good morning," Kore smiled. "Right this way," Kore was escorted out of the residential area and to one of the moving sidewalks. "Ms. Mars!" Someone from above stood with a Foto Pod, "up here, Ms. Mars! Can we get a photo!" Kore looked up and flashed a quick smile before stepping off of the walkway. They were almost to the Center Hall, where the Blue Carpet was set up. Kore looked around quickly for her partner in crime and fellow commentator. It was only appropriate if they walked the carpet together, after all. "Hello Yeqon," Kore greeted.

"It seems the stars have all aligned perfectly," she smiled, pouring on the charm. Somewhere behind her, she could hear Mimi practically faint. "Shall we take this walk together?" Kore asked, offering an elbow. After all, walking the blue carpet could be a bit intimidating, with all of the Fotors. "Ms. Mars! Ms. Mars! Who are you two wearing!" Kore turned, she and Yeqon had coordinated for the ocassion. "We're wearing Jensen and Patrice," Kore winked, pausing for a photo. They were close to the stage now, where the drawing would take place. "You look marvelous today, as always, Yeqon." Kore smiled.

"Ms. Mars, can you give us any hints as to what the first Game will be?" Kore shook her head in response, mimmicking a zipper pulling her mouth closed. They reached the stage, where the other Overseers were waiting. "Well Team, this is it." They had been preparing for this day for a while now, it was thrilling to finally be standing on the stage, in the Center Hell, in the belly of Father. It was up to Kore and Yeqon to take to the Podium now. They had practiced this about a dozen times, Kore didn't even feel flutters in her stomach.

"Welcome, citizens, to the 100th Annual Game of Pursuit!" Cheers erupted throughout the hall, this was an important moment, after all. "As always, the lottery for entering is chosen by our-" she paused for Yeqon to fill in. An algorithim that was updated every year, the Overseers had no hand in who would get to enter the game, as much as it killed Kore to have to leave this to chance. "Without further ado, let's begin! Starting with the Tundra!" They would pull the ID Numbers up, a photo showing on the screen behind them.

The picking took place over an hour, with commentary by each Overseer. Some told jokes when a new face was pulled up, while others commented on their appearance. It almost seemed like an auction, trying to sell contestants to sponsors. "And with that final number, all contestants have officially been chosen!" Kore turned to the cam in the front, "Congratulations to all of our contestants! If you have been chosen, please head to your closest shuttle station with proper ID. Don't bring anything but your support item. We can't wait to see you here!"

The cams turned off, Kore was still smiling, they were still on stage after all. "How was that?" She asked Yeqon as Mimi rushed forward with water for them both. "I think we did pretty great."

The setting changes from father to The Tundra


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Canisxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Speaking: #919191 | Thought: #D8BFD8

"Do ya want some boy?" The smell of meat made his mouth water. Jax shook his head, looking up at the vendor. "Yes sir, two please." Meat on a stick, there was nothing like it. Earth truly was a wondorous place. The vendor handed him two sticks, Jax was going to give him three coins, but the vendor shook his head. "It's on me, ya saved me thumbs last time I nearly cut them off." Jax nodded, "You only required three stitches," the Vendor laughed, "yes, but these boys are me livelihood. If I lost me thumbs, I lose me business!" He waved Jax's coins away, the man pocketing them for later use. He walked a bit away from the vendor, finding a seat beside a warmer to eat his food at. "Did ya enter your number?" Someone at the table across from his asked, two girls, both with a set of wings larger than their bodied were talking. "Yeah, I did, but I'm nervous." One of them admitted.

The lottery was today, even now, in the Canis's snowy town square, the holo vision was playing as Overseers stood on the blue carpet, dressed in dazzling outfits. He scanned the images, hoping to spot two familiar faces, but seeing neither of them. With a sigh, he rose, tossing the sticks into an incinerator. The walk back home was devoid of anyone else, as per usual. He lived a bit away from the colony, his home built into the side of the mountain to blend in. This was how many people in the Tundra lived, in order to protect themselves from the elements when they could not afford the metal, wood, or insulation required to live out in the open.

"Oi, Jax!" A girl was waiting in front of his door. He blinked, vaguely recognizing her. "Alfia?" He inquired, a girl with razor sharp teeth and gills on the side of her neck. Her skin was blue, her mutations allowing her to live at the coldest depths in the tundra's icy waters. She had come here once before, he had treated her fin rot a year ago. "I'm surprised you remembered," she grinned, cocking a hip. "Anyhow, I need yer help," she moved aside her hand, blood leaking out. Jax nodded, opening up the door and ushering her inside. "How did this happen?" He asked, leading her to the table. "Fishermen, they just don't listen to the fishing guides anymore." Alfia shook her head, glancing at his holo screen.

"Yer watching the lottery?" She leaned forward, grinning. "Did you enter yer number?"

Jax paid her no mind, spraying the wound with numbing spray. "Yes, I did." He replied, getting to work. "Wait, you did?" Alfia blinked, panicking slightly. "But who's gonna take care of us if ya leave?" Jax looked up at her, her cheeks flushing purple when he smiled. "It is only a lottery Alfia, there is a very small chance of my number being called." Alfia nodded, turning back towards the holo screen as Jax cleaned the wound. She smelled like salt and seaweed, now mixed with antiseptic. "You might feel a pinch," Jax changed his gloves as he doused a needle in alcohol and opened up a package of sterile thread. Alfia nodded, silent as he stitched the wound.

She hissed, the numbing spray beginning to wear off. "Almost done," Jax promised, pressing a seal-badge against it, waterproof bandaging. "These are the dissolving kind, so they should be gone by the end of the week." Alfia nodded, rising slowly, as though to test the integrity of the stitches. "Stay away from the boats," Alfia grinned, "Tell the boats to stay away from my reef!" She hooked a thumb in her direction, wincing. "Oh my Mom said to give ya this," she pulled a fish, seemingly out of nowhere and slapped it down on his table. "For ya! As thanks," Jax smiled, taking off his gloves and picking up the fish, which was dangerously close to medical waste. "Thank her for me, this will go well with those beans Phen gave me."

"Phen gave you beans! That pig head told me he was all out!" Alfia stormed off, "Well, I'll see ya round!" she slammed the door behind her, the cold entering for only a moment. Jax's smile faded, he placed the fish in the fridge and carefully disposed of the waste, boiling his needle, in case another emergency came in. "Welcome everyone to the 100th Game of Pursuit!" Jax's attention turned back towards the holo vision. His ID card, where was it? Jax rifled through his belgongings, finding it in his jacket. He still did not memorize those numbers.

"This year's lucky contestants...." A girl with colorful hair began to rattle off names, a boy with dark skin standing beside her. The podium behind them began to light up with ID numbers, and faces. Jax waited, oddly tense.

"ID Number 78209450-2, ooh, this one's from the Tundra." His image flashed on the screen behind her. Jax rose abruptly, his ID falling out of his hands. What to pack? What to pack? How long did he have? He ran a hand through his hair, did he need to bring anything?

His holo pod suddenly came to life, the girl on the holo vision standing there, along with a group of others behind her.

"Welcome Competitor, to the 100th Game of Pursuit! Congratulations! Your ID number has been chosen, you're so lucky! In preparation, please bring only yourself and 1 support item of your chose to your closest shuttle. Make sure you have your ID on you, as it will be needed to confirm your identity. If you would like to back out of this year's Game, all you have to do is-"

Jax was no longer listening, he reached for his cane and his coat, stuffing his ID into his pocket. "The needles," he turned, they were still boiling. Turning the burner off, Jax headed outside, locking the door behind him. Outside, the lanterns began to flicker as the sun set. Where was the closest shuttle station? Jax bit his lip, it was in the next colony over. He would have to take a bike there. "Jax! Need a ride!" He looked up, having just reached the entrance of Canis. "Yes, that would be appreciated," he smiled, relieved to see Lew. "I heard the announcement, we've gotta get you to Ursus."

The setting changes from the-tundra to Wasteland


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xxxxxxxxLocation: 29.9792458°Nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Speaking: #CD5C5C | Thought: #2F4F4F

"Welcome Citizens....!" The holo screen droned from its place in the wall, empty take out boxes, used bandages, and metal parts sitting on the small table. She sat slouched over in bed, her bare feet against the warm floor. A fan whirred slowly above, the single light flickering dimly above. You could vaguely hear the neighbors yelling at each other through the thin metal walls to the right. From above, someone was stomping around, and beneath, a baby was crying. "They won't miss me," Scout whispered. She ran a hand through her bushy hair, her ears twitching at every sound. Her tail lay still behind her, the black telltale Ori markings a stark contrast against her pale, scarred skin. She held her ID card in both hands, unable to make heads or tales of the numbers and letters on it.

After all, Scout was illiterate. She had no idea what any of these markings meant. Mercy had tried to teach her to read a few times, but Scout always ended up throwing the books across the room in a fit of rage. She closed her eyes, the image of Mercy behind them, Mercy's dead body in a ditch, crows picking it apart. "There's no one left to miss me," they had finished the Tundra, it was the Jungle next. Scout looked up at her dismal apartment, it was one room, with a toilet and sink, no kitchen or shower. It wasn't her apartment either, it belonged to the man she had killed. And now we're moving on to the Wastes!" Scout's head jerked up to look at the holo screen. The Wasteland, that's where she had put in her number.

She clutched her ID card, waiting. This Game was her only chance, if she could get up there, if she could win, then Scout would have the cure. "ID Number: 2908474-0!" She stood too quickly, nearly banging her head on the fan. "That's me," the numbers on her ID matched, her image flickering behind them. "That's me!" Disbelief, anxiety, and relief all swelled up in her chest at once. She had to get to a shuttle. Scout looked around her apartment, grabbing her things and shoving them into a bag. Mercenaries lived off of basic necessities, she barely owned anything anyway. Her hands hseitated over a scarf, Mercy's scarf.

Her bike was parked several stories below, Scout's goggles glowed as she navigated the Dead City, keeping her head low. Her mask was secured to the lower half of her face, hood pulled up to hide her features even further. There was a sand storm brewing on the horizon, you could smell it in the air. "Hey! You!" Scout looked behind her. "Sh*t," enforcers, no doubt they had recognized her. She looked over the banister, it was about five stories still until she reached her bike. "Sorry boys, gotta run," Scout grabbed it, leaping downwards. She grabbed a bar about two stories beneath, swinging her weight forward, across traffic. Horns honked as hover cars swerved to not hit her. "What are ya, stupid! Kid's got a death wish!"

Scout snickered, reaching the other side. She hid behind a sign advertising intimate services as an Enforcer ran past, in the direction they had assumed she had gone. Sneaking down a stairwell and walking narrowly passt a pipe shooting hot steam into the air, Scout reached her bike. "Hey puppy," she pulled the cloth off, the bike sitting idle. It was a one seater, with both hover and cruising capabilities. White, with an orange stripe. "Let's get outta dodge, what do you say?" Scout swung her leg over, straping her bag to the back and taking off. The closest shuttle station was about thirty clicks outside the Dead City. Scout could be there before the sun finished setting.

The ride through the desert was quiet, the sand storm looming somewhere behind her. Storms were regular in these parts, it was the sandworms you needed to watch out for. Scout kicked it into high gear, wanting to get there before the brunt of the storm hit. The shuttle station was surrounded by a fence, buzzing with blue electricity. Outside of it were three enforcers, otherwise, it was empty. "Halt!" Scout's bike pulled up short, kicking up sand. "Photo ID please," she rifled through her pockets, producing the ID. "It matches," the gate opened, Scout driving her bike through to a parking spot.

"It looks like our first competitor has arrived!" A camera crew was there already, "Mind telling the camera your name?"

"Scout," she rose, an Enforcer coming forward. "You can take one support item," he informed her. "I'll need to tag it." Scout nodded, handing over her prized possession. "Take care of those puppies for me," he nodded. Scout was guided away, led to the shuttle. "We'll be taking off soon, please help yourself to refreshments in the meanwhile." She nodded, glancing at the table full of drinks and snacks, her stomach growled. It still hadn't set in yet, the realization that she would be going back to the very place she had hated most.

"If I'm going to go out, it'd better be with a bang," Scout mumbled as she bit into a pastry of some sort.


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Username: forever2b | FC: Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear Series | | Speech Color | Thought Color |
Location: Fresh Kills Wastes 40.57667°N 74.18733°W

Fresh Kills Wastes was a landfill that the humans turned into a grand park with many trees and paths to explore. However, after the impact, the land became void of life and a dumping ground. Over time, the lush green colors, turned to a soot black, as the tall green trees were replaced by mountains of white and green garbage piles. Leftover metal parts from transportation scattered through out, most of them covered in orange rust. The creatures that walked the lands were mutants, scavenging for parts to sell or criminals trying to bury evidence within the mounds of trash.

Today, Fresh Kills Wastes seemed to be eerily quiet. Only the sound of rusted metals blowing in the wind could be heard. A small figure in a hood looked around nervously, as she made her way throughout the trash mountains. A young mutant, around the age of ten, seemed to scavenging early when no one was around. It would seem sound to conclude that she was the caretaker of her family and desperate for income, or else no one would dare to travel this lawless mess of a land.

Off to a distance, an arm could be found amongst the ripped plastic bags. If one were to search far enough, they were sure to find more body parts. Cautiously, the little girl made her way around to what seemed to be a run down motor bike. The red paint has scratched off of its surface and the lights were completely missing from it. The girl dug with her tiny hands for something she could take. Her tail stuck vertically out of her rugged cloak. After hours of digging, and plenty of grease on her face and hands, the young girl managed an armful of useful metal she could sell off to a vendor. The money wouldn't be a lot, but it would be enough to buy their family a loaf of bread. With the free arm, the girl wiped off the sweat forming on her forehead, smearing black grease on it. Her reddish brown hair fell forward to cover parts of the smear.

A crow off in the distance, began to caw, signaling the impending disaster that was about to fall upon the girl. Surprised, the girl jumped, the hair sticking out of her tail. She turned to see the culprit of the sound and gave it a mean glare, before relaxing. The crow took off flying, as if to respond to the girl's disapproval of it. However, eminent threat presented itself, as a man stepped forward to block the girl's path back.

"Well, look what we have here?" He said, casually walking over to the girl, his hands in his black leather pants' pockets. "This ain't a place for little girls like you. It's... dangerous." The mutant said with a devilish grin.

The girl's brown eyes widened, as she sensed the danger approaching her. Her eyes scanned the environment, looking for a way out. Finding a space between them, the girl dashed around the man, hugging the scraps in her arms. She tried to run, but the mutant man caught her by her hood, making her drop pieces of scrap. Now, just wanting to survive, the girl threw away her hood and drove her tiny legs as fast as she could towards the heap of junk, but to no avail, her predator caught her by her hair.

He lifted his victim up to his face, while the girl let out a scream of pain from being pulled up by them. She began to kick and scream, which seemed to please the rugged man even more. "What a feisty girl you are. You will sell well in the sex market!" He said as he brought her closer to examine, his other hand lifted the girl's chin up. "Little scratches here and there, but nothing make up couldn't fix." He said.

Out of desperation the girl tucked her chin down to bite the man's finger, which made him yell out in pain, tossing the girl against the mountain of trash. She went tumbling down, her back slammed against more metal parts, pinning her to the pile of mess. Angered, the full grown mutant, loomed over the girl that bit her. His eyes were filled with intent to kill.

"You little shit!" He exclaimed, as he picked her up out of the scraps, by the neck. The girl squirmed to set herself free. The man began to squeeze tighter around her neck, but then a smile crept across his face as he slammed the girl back down on the floor. "You need to be taught a lesson here." He said as he began to unbuckle his belt, "Let's break you in first before we take you to the marke-"

Before the mutant could finish his sentence, a bright flash appeared before his eyes. After a slight pause, his right hand came right off, spurting blood all over the area. The mutant fell over rolling in pain, as he gathered his still squirming hand from the ground to try and put it together.

"Tainted creature," A voice exclaimed, "face your retribution. You shall pay for your sins."

Edward stood behind the girl, so that she couldn't see what was going on. His blue eyes stared down at the trembling mutant, who was holding his right and together with his left.

"W-who da fuck are you?" The mutant said managing to get up.

The elf let out a smile, "Your salvation." he said as he sliced off the whole right arm of the mutant, while keeping the little girl behind his overcoat to obscure her vision.

Another loud scream rang throughout the Fresh Kills Wastes, the rusted red soaked into the grayish dirt of the land.

"A quick death is way too good for a vermin like you." the Elf exclaimed, as he whipped his sword downwards to clean off the blood on its white edge. He slowly walked over to the mutant, having the girl follow him behind. Curious, the girl tried to let out a peak, but Edward pushed her head back behind his coat. In response, the mutant backed off to one of the trashy hills.

"D-don't come any closer, or you'll die." The mutant said. Not phased, Edward kept pressing forward, step by step. Once the elf was close enough, the mutant let out a smirk, "Don't say I didn't warn you." It said, letting out a high pitched whistle.

Immediately, from the hills of trash, jumped out five mutants armed with two daggers in each hand. They came from all sides lunging at the blonde elf with all they got. (The mutant was saving the ambush as a back up in case the girl got away, but it was useless now.) Edward, stood there waiting for the five to collapse on to him. Perfect. He thought.

Quickly, he threw his outer coat into the air, obscuring the five's vision. He knelt to the ground with his sword stretched to his back. With one motion, the elf jumped into the air to meet the assailants, as his over coat covered the girl. The sun rose high to create a white background, as a quick spin from Edward dismembered the five figures into pieces. Blood and flesh rained down from the sky, as the elf landed. The girl dug herself out of the coat to stare at a smiling face in ponytails.

When her brow eyes met his blue, the girl felt her face feel warm. She quickly looked away putting her hands together in a knot. Edward knelt down to her eye level.

"Tell me, where are you from?"

Before the girl could answer a screaming voice interrupted, "you FUCKER!" It was the mutant man that lost one of his arms. He attached himself to the back of Edward. "Fuck you, you piece of shit sucking bitch! We'll die together!"

In the mutant's mind, he was going to activate a bomb inside his chest to blow up himself and this "bitch". However, what he didn't account for was that Edward's sword was quick. The world seemed to turn upside down as the mutants head fell off its body. Blood sprayed out of the neck, the body going limp and to the ground. Edward let out a frown, as he got his clothes dirtier.

Gently, he wrapped the girl around his coat and picked her up around his arms. The girl seemed surprised at first, but didn't seem to mind a pretty man picking her up. Within a few minutes, Edward was able to drop the girl off outside the entrance to the Wasteland.

Taking his overcoat off the girl, Edward said "This place is infested with filth, don't come here again."

The girl looked down at the ground grabbing on to her rugged cloth that she called clothes. Tears began to fall to the ground as she exclaimed "But mama and sis and brother need my help."

Edward let out another frown, "Then go somewhere else for help, not here."

"But all other places don't want me to help. I have, no other place. I need to help myself."

The elf let out a sigh. He didn't want to help out a child, as he had a greater calling in life, but this time he made an exception. Getting to his knees again, he patted the girl's back until she looked up. Out of his pocket, Edward got out a golden coin with the Matriarch's face imprinted on it. He handed the girl the coin.

"Find somewhere else. This place is not safe. In the meantime, use this to feed your family."

The girl's eyes widened as she saw the shiny gold in her tiny hands. She clutched it with both hands and held it to her chest.

"T-thank you, um."

"No need to thank me. Now go."

The girl reluctantly nodded her head, as she turned to run off. She turned around one more time to get a good look at her savior, and then she was out of sight. Edward stood there for a bit, watching the girl run off. There were so many disgusting creatures in this world. The gold coin could last a mutant on earth about a month of food and drinks, but with that much money in the child's hand she was most likely to get robbed. Edward found the coin when killing off a noble scum out in the ruined cities and he had no use for human currency. He just wanted to give the girl hope in this evil world. Turning to go back to the Fresh Kill Waste, he was now determined, more then ever, to kill off every immoral mutant and human he could find, so that girls like who he saved, could live in the earth peacefully as the creator intended it to be.

It would seem as if the creator answered Edward's determination, as an excited voice called out his lottery number ID for the Game of Pursuit. Gathering himself up, he walked up to the terminal, his blue eyes lit with the desire to cleanse the world of evil.

The setting changes from wasteland to The Tundra


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Location: 71.2 degrees N and 156 degrees W

Bandit Sephilan
Username: forever2b Speech Color | FC: Ayer from Granblue Fantasy Thought Color
ImageThe Arctic Tundra was known for its cold, desert-like conditions. Warm days lasted about two months in earth time and the rest of the days were icy cold, a perfect combination for an arctic fox like Bandit. Today, the sly fox was trailing a big burly polar bear-mutant that was sniffing around for food. Bandit was not much of a fighter, but an opportunist. He knew the big mutant was capable of hunting bigger sources of meat than he could. As long as the small fox kept its distance, Bandit knew the polar bear wouldn't mind.

After miles of tracking, the bear-mutant stopped to stand on its feet. Bandit also stopped a distance apart from it. Sniffing and grunting, the polar bear locked eyes with its target, seals, more specifically baby seals. The family of a mother and three children, laid carefree on the frozen edges of the sea. Soon, the giant man-bear got down on all fours and revved up its internal engine. Bandit silently giggled, as he knew that this chase was going to be good.

The time had come for the bear to charge straight in. For a big figure, it sure moved fast. Excited, Bandit too followed, jumping over icy rocks and sliding through the ice. The bigger seal seemed to notice, as it gave a loud "urf" notifying her kids to follow her back to the waters. However, the bear struck with force. As the mother scrambled with her young to get back into the waters, one of her babies were already in the mouth of the white bear. As bandit was catching up with the bear he noticed another creature in the white snow, an Arctic Hare posing to be a snow mound. Not missing this opportunity, he lassoed it with his bandage around his hands, effectively choking the life out of it with a bit of a whimper. He pulled the prey to him, "Wow, a good catch!" he said grabbing it by the ear.

Gaining speed, he caught up to the polar bear, who was already chowing down on the seal. Quickly he snatched up the tail piece from the bear who roared in anger, clawing the small fox and clipping the hair ends of Bandit's tail. What a close one. he thought as the fox kept running. He turned to look at the mutant polar bear who didn't bother to chase him. "Thanks for the meat!" Bandit yelled, as he went back to his home.

Back to in the village, Bandit busted the door open with his feet. "Mom, dad, I'm home!" He said excitedly, as he put his gathering on the wooden table. A pregnant woman and her husband came walking down the wooden stairs. "Welcome home!" Bandit's mom said. Grinning Bandit went over to pet her belly, "And I haven't forgotten about you, lil' sis!" he exclaimed.

"Bandit, your hands are cold. You'll freeze your sister to death!" His mother teased.

"Aww come on mom. We live in the Arctic. I'm sure my sis can handle it!"

"Now, now, Bandit. Go be a good boy and wash your hands." His father said. "Seems like you brought us dinner!"

"I sure did! I snatched the seal tail from a polar bear!" Bandit exclaimed, as he went over to the kitchen sink to wash his hands.

"What did we tell you about stealing, Bandit?"

"Yes, I know, dad. But it's kind of an instinct for me."

"Well, don't go off doing those things in the real world you hear?"

"Will you two hush and give me a hand with skinning these?"

"Yes dear."

"Sure thing, mom!"

The house was warm and the kitchen room filled up with the smell of spices and meat. The wooden table was soon filled with a large black pot of stew and a plate full of meatloaf. TV played in the background as they munched down.

"Wow mom, that's some solid stew!"

"That's why I married her."


On the TV, an energetic girl spoke about the Game of Pursuit. She was drawing the lottery numbers for this year's contestants. Bandit's father looked up giving a look of disapproval.

"Those barbarians up in the sky..." He said chewing through the seal tail. "Who would risk their life to get rich anyway?"

Bandit sank in his chair.

"It's just a human thing to do." His mother said, as she got up to take the empty dishes away from them. "Let them have their game, and we'll live our lives."

"Lottery number:484742147, oh lots of fours!"

"I mean who do they think they are?"

"None of us would even dare to enter."

"Yea, about that...." Bandit said with his hands on top of his head.

"Bandit... I don't like the sound of that." His mother said in a low voice.

"Well you see... I entered into the Game...."

"Bandit! How could you!"

"Honey calm down." His father waved, "there are plenty of people that applied, he couldn't possibly be chosen."

" Yeah... the number with lots of fours... that was my number." A weary smile came across Bandit's face, as the intense stare from both parents nearly burned a hole in his skull. The house shook with screams after, and Bandit ran out of the house, his mother chasing him with a broom, while his father came out with a shotgun.

"If you want to die so badly, I'll kill you right here!"

"No! Herald."

"Mom, dad. I'm doing this for you and my little sis! I promise to win and make us rich!" He said dodging the shotgun bullets.

"Come back in the house this instant!"

"I love you too~"

With that the Arctic Fox named Bandit made his way over to the terminal.


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Canisxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Speaking: #919191 | Thought: #D8BFD8

The terminal was baren, the sun having already set. Lights flickered around, a guard stationed outside wearing a heavy downcoat. "ID Number?" He asked, as Jax approached, Lew having taken Jax as far as he could go. "Here," Jax showed him the ID, a bit taller than the guard. "This way, do you have your support item?" He asked, Jax lifting up his cane. The man blinked, "I'm going to have to take that from you," he seemed a bit guilty. "It's not for medical use," Jax rectified, sliding the bottom open to reveal a blade. "Ah, alright." He tagged it, placing it in a storage compartment. "It looks like we have another competitor from the Tundra! Oh, what an interesting one you are. Would you mind telling us your name?" A fotor asked as soon as Jax stepped onto the shuttle. "Jax," he replied simply, finding an empty seat. The fotor trailed him, "Well, Jax, are you excited for this ear's Game?"

Jax gave a brief nod, he wasn't doing this for the game. "I'm sure it will be as exciting as last year." The fotor nodded, stepping away to go bug someone else. There were three competitors on the shuttle. One wandered over, close to where Jax was sitting, taking the seat opposite. He offered Jax a wrapped pastry. "Want one? They have plenty of food on this ship," Jax shook his head, the shuttle jostling a bit as it took off. "Please fasten your seatbelts!" Someone from the front called, Jax reaching behind him to buckle the cables across his chest. "I just ate, but thank you." The man leaned back, tall, with a moon on his forehead. His ears were long and pointed and his teeth sharp.

"I'm Jax," he offered a hand. The man opposite him grinned, "Fennec," they shook, falling into mutual silence once more. Jax's ears popped, his head growing dizzy. "Please hang on, we're experiencing some turbulance due to the weather." The voice above them announced, the ship jostling quite a bit more. Jax turned, they had just broken through the clouds. "This is surreal," Fennec grinned, stuffing another bun into his mouth. Jax nodded in agreement, everything floating, for just a moment, until the artificial gravity turned on. "Thank you for your patience, we should reach Father in approximately thirty minutes."

The other competitor sat alone in a corner, her horns pointed upwards, head tilted down. Was she... praying? Jax wondered. Jax unstrapped, rising to grab water. "Hey," Fennec called to him suddenly. "Why are you entering this contest?" He asked, rising. He was quite burly, Jax realized. He wore layers with different furs. Animal or mutant? Jax had to wonder. "I want to see my sisters again." Jax replied, "I have no interest in the contest, my goal was to get onto the ship." The girl in the corner suddenly looked up. "So you're not going to kill anyone?" She asked, her voice trembling. "I'm a doctor, killing others is against my moral code." Fennec laughed at this. "Good luck with that, buddy." He clapped Jax on the back, his palm heavy.

"What is your name?" Jax asked, offering the girl water. Her horns reminded Jax of a ram. "Safia," she smiled, her voice trembling. She took the offered water, practically downing it. "Why did you enter?" Jax sat down beside her, she capped the water, looking at her feet. "I have two little sisters," Safia's voice was soft, it reminded Jax of a calm river bed. "My Mom died giving birth to the second, so I've been taking care of them. I thought, that if I could enter and win, I could give them a better life."

Fennec laughed, "Adorably delusional," he grinned, his smile intentionally threatening. "Your sisters, do you think you can find them?" Safia asked, ignoring Fennec. "I'm not sure which ship they're on," Jax admitted, "but I am sure, that if they see me on the holo vision, they will come." The captain cleared his voice, "All passengers, please strap in as we arrive at Father." Jax placed the strap across his chest once more, buckling it in. The ship jostled a bit as they reached Father's landing strip. "Welcome, Competitors, to Father."

The shuttle doors opened, Jax unstrapped, rising slowly. Outside, Fotors lingered, their cameras already pointed at them. Fennec and Safia both hesitated, not used to this, but Jax knew the ways of the humans. He rose confidently, striding down the boardwalk, to where a booth was set up for processing. "ID?" A human asked, looking bored. She glanced up at Jax, then down, then back up, her eyes widening. "Well, hello there," she smiled. "Hello," Jax replied, handing her his ID. "Let's see, hmm, yup, that's you. Jax Bug, welcome." She handed him his ID back and motioned for his hand. Jax gave it to her, she scanned his wrist quickly, then fixed a metal bracelet on it. "Don't lose that, that's your key to the world." She winked, Jax looking at it.

It looked plain, silver, it dangled on his wrist, loose enough to move, but not come off. "Welcome to the Game of Pursuit, please wait over there for your manager." Jax waited for ten seconds before a man looked down at his holo tab, then up at Jax. "Are you Mr. Bug?" He asked, "Call me Jax," he held out a hand. "I'm your manager, Axel," his handshake was oddly dainty.

"Follow me please, we'll get you showered and changed before orientation. You'll be able to mingle with the contestants then."

The setting changes from the-tundra to Father


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#, as written by Scra

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Father Speech Color: #456d57 | Thought Color: #09444cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The room was dark, the only light coming from the Holovision screens in a far corner and a single Holotab. A silhouette barely stood out in the room, their dark skin and blank facial features illuminated by the blue light of the Holotab.

The sounds of clicking played in Yeqon's ear as his finger swiped along the hologram projecting from the Holotab. Since late into the night, he's been continuously examining his schedule. Only a few moments of exhaustion hit him until he'd wake up due to bodily pain. Therefore, Yeqon gave up on the idea of rest and seated himself on his couch for the whole night.

Leaning against the pillows, he's been silently scrolling through reports, hoping the monotonous act would invoke sleep. It didn't. Now, the time to get ready had come, and Yeqon could only accept his fate of fatigue. Not like it showed on his face. The perks of having little facial expressions. No one knew what you were thinking or feeling.

He sighed, placing the Holotab on the coffee table next to the vase of faintly glowing flowers and picture frames. He laid down on the couch and closed his eyes. Taking in the silence around him. He raised his hands and started rubbing his temples, easing the tension building in his head. While basking in the quiet, a knock echoed, announcing the arrival of Yeqon's busy day.

"Mr. Cryo." Yeqon didn't answer. He kept his position, ignoring the call. A few minutes passed, and another knock came, "Master, it's me."

"...Come in, Mr. Kilos..only you." At his words, a purple-skinned mutant with pointy ears, sharp eyes, and grey hair opened the sliding doors. Light leaked into the room, causing Yeqon to sigh.

Before entering the room, the mutant stopped and turned to the individual behind him, "Mr. Cryo, requests only me. Tell Governor Cryo we will be on our way shortly." He gave an order to the aquatic type mutant glancing at him with concern. Their worries fell on deaf ears as Eon closed the door without waiting for an answer.

Eon stood in the darkroom, staring silently at Yeqon's laying silhouette,"...Does Governor Cryo need me?" Yeqon asked. Governor Cryo, his Father, though he never refers to him as such. Yeqon remembers the first time his Father beat him for referring to him improperly. It left faints scars, which rarely happened, thus leaving a deep impression on Yeqon's mind. After that day, the word Father has never escaped Yeqon's lips.

"No, but he doesn't want you to be late...he said it's a disgraceful act." Yeqon opened his eyes. He turned his head in the direction of Eon's voice, his green eyes focused on the tunnel of darkness in front of him.

"...I understand...Please, bring me the blue to the far left...Holotub." Yeqon's words came out slowly.

Eon walked toward the blue screen's direction, his eyes quickly adjusting to the lack of light in the room. His Master's room always looked like a picture out of a dream. Its color theme is dark blue, white, and gold. Blue carpets, tables, and sheets decorated with a few white chairs and two couches, along with golden accents; the most striking was golden cranes printed on the carpeting. Coupled with the latest technology, a large shelf filled with books and another more enormous shelf covered in alcohol bottles. It truly is a picture-perfect environment, but most of the area appeared untouched, except for the couch and two shelves of books and alcohol. Eon knew his Master never used his bed since he rarely slept well.

Eon clutched the bottle of pills. He paused. Jiggling the bottle a little, he realized how little pills were inside. These were ordered recently — five days ago — the bottle holding around 100 pills. There felt to be less than half now.

Eon sighed, "Master..." he didn't finish his sentence. It wasn't his place to voice complaints about Yeqon's choices, and he knew how much pain his Master felt. Therefore he didn't have the heart to speak against taking any more pills.

Swiftly preparing a cup of water, Eon silently placed the items on the coffee table in front of Yeqon, "Has your schedule been updated, Master?" Yeqon nodded, still remaining in his position.

Eon reached for the holotab on the table and started scrolling through the list of times. He needed to prepare himself to serve Yeqon for the day. Hesitating, a frown appeared on his face. He glared at a title listed on his Master's device, Game of Pursuit—a horrid pastime created to entertain human's twisted pleasure for betting and mutant death.

Yeqon noticed Eon's unusual silence and opened his eyes. He gazed at him, then turned his attention to the glass of water and medicine in front of him, "...Can I have alcohol?" Water wasn't enough to numb the pain, and the pills only did so much.

"No, it's not safe." If it was any other human, Eon's head would be flying for denying them, "Water is enough."

Yeqon reached for the bottle, pulling out three pills. Sitting up, he sighed before popping the medicine in his mouth and downing them with a few gulps of water.

He sat in silence for a while, letting the pill's effects spread through his body. Yeqon felt a slight numbness cover him. Not perfect, but he felt grateful for the smallest of relief.

After a few moments of stillness, he glanced up at the dark elf. Eon paused his scrolling, feeling Yeqon's eyes on him, "...You don't have to attend the opening."

The dark elf blinked at his Master. He knew Yeqon never enjoyed dragging Eon around like a slave, but he did it to keep the dark elf safe from questioning eyes. But this was the first time Yeqon has ever told, or asked, Eon not to come with him.

Yeqon knew Eon's feelings about the games. How couldn't he? At least those in higher positions, every mutant on the ships, knew the game was nothing more than a slaughterhouse for mutants and a circus show for humans. He didn't need an attendant to follow him into the chaos. Or, more specifically, he didn't want Eon to sit there in silence watching the events unfold.

Eon didn't look up from the Holotub, "...May I speak inappropriately?" He asked for permission to speak his mind, an action no mutant could do in front of a human.

"...Proceed..." Yeqon waved his hand, beckoning Eon to speak.

"Why are you doing this? You've never listened to requests from Governor Cryo to participate in the games before, even if it resulted in beatings. are something you have avoided for years. Why now? What changed...Yeqon?"

Despite being a human, or more accurately half-human, Yeqon was a rare individual. Unlike most humans, he gave respect toward everyone, even mutants. He avoided humans' usual pleasures and their pastime of tormenting mutants, though Yeqon has had moments he needed to kill on orders. But other than those situations, Eon knew Yeqon would never engage in events like these, so there had to be a reason. A reason for this sudden change.

Yeqon didn't answer, his eyes staring into the darkness. How could he tell the truth? Though the reason is essential to Yeqon, in comparison to watching and enforcing the deaths of others' lives, even mutants, his own reasons for engaging in such acts were nothing short of selfish. Nevertheless, the reward was more significant than the shame he felt.

"...I apologize, Eon." Yeqon's voice was monotone, while his words were sincere. He truly felt sorry, but he wasn't going to stop, "I...need to get dressed...the outfit?"

Eon sighed silently at Yeqon's avoidance. He walked over to the closet and rummaged through his clothes. A small gasp slipped from his lips as he blankly staring at the plum and gold fabric, "...How...unique?" Eon didn't want to insult the design, but it shocked him to see a color different from Yeqon's usual dark tones.

Yeqon broke and let out a small chuckle. He agreed the outfit wasn't to his usual tastes, but he was the Vice Overseer, and the appeal of matching outfits between him and Kore, the Head Overseer, was enormous. So he had no choice but to comply. At least they made it into a suit. He insisted on the outfit's design to be as simple as possible, a challenging feat for Kore and the designers' grandiose desires. Finally, a compromise was made, bold but straightforward — a plum suit with golden swirls. Yeqon didn't dislike the current outfit, in all honesty. It still had an elegant feel despite its bold colors. But the thought of wearing anything other than his usual dark colors was unappealing. He felt like a walking hologram sign, with the words LOOK AT ME, written all over him. He could feel the eyes of competitors and humans on him already.

"...Will you be participating?" He asked Eon once again if he planned to come.

Eon blinked, "Not anymore after seeing this outfit." The dark elf glanced over at his Master. He smiled after seeing Yeqon's slightly trembling shoulders and hearing his soft chuckles. Yeqon needed to laugh now because later, Eon could already see the days ahead where his Master will be drowning himself with bottle after bottle of pills and alcohol. This was going to be a long game.


Stepping into the hallway, two Officers stood in attention, waiting for Yeqon's arrival. They flinched at the dark man's sharp gaze and took a few gulps, "W-we...", the tallest officer cleared his throat, "Excuse me, we are here to escort you, Mr. Cryo." Yeqon said nothing and walked ahead. He knew the way; hence, the guards were unnecessary in his eyes. But they still followed him, flustered by his strict silence and closed-off demeanor. He could hear their whispers while on the moving sidewalks.

"He doesn't look like Governor Cryo, but you can't deny that he's his son. They both have such a suffocating presence."

" I agree. I couldn't breathe when he stared at me. I thought my head would fall if I even blinked at him wrong."

"So frightening."

Yeqon remained silent while the sidewalk moved out of the residential area. He sighed as he saw the approaching flashing lights,

"Mr. Cryo! Mr. Cryo! Can we get a picture?!" Yeqon never understood the use of asking when you were going to do it anyway. He didn't even give attention to the flashing Foto pods blinding his vision. He looked straight ahead, ignoring the calls for him to smile or turn towards the lens.

Yeqon stepped off the walkway, onto the Blue Carpet. Seeing the flood of Fotors, Yeqon immediately wanted to turn around and return to his darkroom for a drink. Even talking to his Father would be more comfortable than dealing with this crowd. He stood in silence until a cheery voice called for him.

He lifted his head to see a woman in an outfit similar to his own, waving in his direction. He strode over to her, "...Good Morning, Ms. Kore." Yeqon never addressed individuals by their first names, though after much debate and constant pleading, Kore convinced Yeqon to call her Ms. Kore instead of Ms. Mars.

Yeqon locked his arm around hers, though the idea of being so close to someone didn't appeal to Yeqon, he'd play his part, "...Yes...we on our way." His job was to assist and silently protect Kore throughout the games. While also offering commentary here and there, Kore taking care of the rest.

Yeqon slowed his steps to match Kore's, ignoring the rambling of the Fotors. He left commenting to Kore, merely following her lead. This was Kore's playground; he had learned that she knew how to handle a crowd despite her wild energy. A strength that Yeqon did not possess. People either stared at him because of his appearance or avoided him because of his intimidating demeanor. Therefore, he wasn't the right choice to engage in small talk. Even the Fotors knew to simply address Kore, and if they wanted Yeqon to talk, they would ask Kore to start the conversation since he would answer to her.

Staring straight ahead, he made short pauses for Kore so she could address the questions she wanted. If he noticed a rather annoying or inappropriate inquiry directed at Kore, he'd gently pull her along before she could answer. A few nasty stares would shoot his way, but all he had to do was turn his gaze toward them, and they would look away. This continued until they finally reached the stage.

Yeqon unlocked his arm around Kore and stood behind her, allowing her to be the one in front. He offered glances of acknowledgment to his teammates before following Kore to the podium.

Music blared, signaling the start of the games, the hall echoing in the citizens' cheers. Yeqon already wanted to leave when he saw the massive wave of people staring at them with hungry eyes, the anticipation displayed fully on their faces. Turning his attention away from the sea of humans, he focused on Kore, as it was time for Kore and Yeqon to announce the competitors. He didn't speak, as it was discussed during practice that Kore would be the primary spokesperson and would signal Yeqon when he needed to talk.

Kore paused, waiting for Yeon's response, "...Advanced algorithm..." A mixture of gasps and cheers filled the halls at Kore's and Yeqon's comment.

The picking finished after an hour. After the last contestant was pulled, Yeqon felt a sense of relief. Finally, he could remove himself from the people's gazes, if only for a while.

Kore said her final congratulations before the cameras turned off. Yeqon relaxed slightly and turned to Kore, "...It was splendid, Ms. Kore." he responded in a toneless voice, "...You and the team...were naturals."


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Fatherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #0EBFE9 | FC: #CD3333

Kore smiled at Yeqon's compliment, knowing that it wasn't sincere. He hated being up here, among the crowd, with eyes watching his every move, eating up his every word. In a stark contrast, this was Kore's playground. The dazzling world of showmanship was something she had spent many years preparing for. "Your performance was perfect, as always." She stood on her tip toes to brush a speck of lint off of Yeqon's shoulder.

"If it becomes too much, let me know." Her voice was soft, for his ears only. Kore wasn't dumb, she could tell that he was uncomfortable. "Ms. Mars! Any competitor stick out in particular?" A Fotor directed their hover mic towards her. "I don't want to influence the decisions of the public," Kore smiled apologetically, glancing at the clock that displayed the time in the center of the square. "I'm afraid, we must excuse ourselves. The team has to go back to begin making preparations."

She motioned for the others to follow, flashing the occasional smile as they walked back down the blue carpet and towards a private corridor that would take them to the lounge. The Overseeing room was two areas; one directly for Overseeing the Games, the other, a lounge to speak strategically. There were large windows that overlooked the cordoned off area for the competitors, as well as screens displaying various rooms like the bedrooms and gym. In previous years, there had been issues with competitors offing themselves before the Game even started, Kore wanted to keep such damage to a minimum. On the table were several decanters full of various drinks.

Damion immediately began to help himself, spreading out on a chaise lounge chair. "Damion," Kore's smile did not quite meet her eyes. "We're on the job," she reminded him, taking a seat in one of the chairs. On the table were small cakes and sandwiches for them to devour while they spoke. Damion waved a hand, "The competitors won't be here for a while still, I can sober up by then." Sei rolled her eyes, taking a seat on the couch. She brought out her holo tab. "So, anyone eyeing any competitors yet?" Sei swiped, up on the holo tab and the pod on the table illuminated. Kore had barely been paying attention during the picking, she had been too focused on smiling and making idle chit chat.

Now, however, they were alone. Ender loosened his tie, grabbing a tiny sandwich and taking a seat on the couch. "Ooh, that one is kinda hot." Sei admitted, swiping up to bring up a male competitor with blonde hair. "Hmm, interesting. Barely looks like a mutant," Kore commented.

"We have a situation," Darcy squeaked, looking down at her holo tab. Kore's head perked upwards, already? "What is it?" Darcy swiped forward, the image transfering, the competitors giving way to security footage from one of the shuttles, where a competitor was already beating another one.

"Leak it," Kore said quickly, eager. "What?!" Darcy gasped, "but this-"

"Is the perfect way to start grabbing sponsorships. The tensions are high, the stakes drive people mad. We can play with this easily." Kore's fingers drummed against her thigh, she glanced at Yeqon, wondering if he was even paying attention. Darcy swallowed hard, transferring the video file to the 'leak,' line, for private betting rings and commentators to pick up a story. "Besides, if we don't feed the Jonos something, they become rabid, like dogs." Kore rose to fix herself a drink, settling on seltzer with lemon and mint.

Sei switched the feeds, showing the list of competitors again. "Ooh, this one is kinda cute," a fish girl, Kore cringed. "In an, I want to put her in an aquarium in my house kind of way." Sei giggled, Damion laughing. "What about this one? Kinda hot," Damion grinned, bringing up a red head with piercing eyes. Kore shivered, something about that one didn't sit well with her.

"The first contestants have begun to arrive!" A voice excitedly announced, one of the manager's, Ashera. "Is Orientation set up?" Ender groaned, swiping a hand across his face. Kore rolled her eyes, "You guys aren't even going, it's just Yeqon and I." The other Overseers would be watching from the room. "Ooh, he's kinda hot!" Darcy squealed as the first competitor emerged from the shuttle.

He was tall and adorned with a large, fluffy tail and ears. Kore frowned, taking a sip of her drink. What is it with them and fluffy tails? She wondered, rising from her seat. Kore clapped her hands together, attempting to garner their attention. "A toast," Kore raised her glass, "We've been working hard for months and the day has finally come. To the 100th Game of Pursuit!"

The setting changes from father to The Tundra


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Edward Killedge
Username: forever2b | FC: Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear Series | | Speech Color | Thought Color |
Location: Station to Father

The terminal was filled with mutants of all shapes and sizes. Having received his invitation, Edward made it over the counter. The tall blonde, showed his ID to the nervous clerk at the desk. He loomed over the shorter human, who tried his best to not make eye contact. Verifying that Edward was selected for the Game, the clerk wearily responded,

"C-congratulations on being chosen for the 100th Game of Pursuit!" He tried is best to be professional and smile, but it was obvious that the worker was trying to hide his nervousness.

Edward stared down at the man with a cold, deadly stare. Such a disgusting creature, faking his way through life, congratulating creatures on a battle to the death for its own entertainment. One hundred competitions and no winners, everyone who participated in the Game of Pursuit were practically going to die; they were so far gone without hope that they wanted to take even the slightest chance of getting lucky even if the other ninety-ninth time, there were no winners. Only killers and those who were desperate would join, a perfect battleground for Edward to protect the hopeless, while killing off the murderers. Then these forsaken creatures, known as humans, will be purged too, but not now. He had to bide his time.

"Why, thank you." Edward replied, giving the man behind the desk a warm smile while taking back his ID.

The clerk paused to look at the elf's face. It was calm and kind as far as he could tell, and kind of pretty... The man shook his head trying his best to be professional.

"O-of course! N-no problem at all!" He said, regaining his confidence. No matter how pretty they looked, they were mutants after all. Boy they were sure gullible. Clearing his throat, the clerk said "For the safety of others on the ride and people on Father, please give us your support item. We will scan it and send it to you once you arrive at the battlefield...." The clerk looked nervously once again at Edward. Last time he gave this speech to a competitor, he almost got physically abused. If it weren't for the guards, the clerk would have been in the hospital bed on paid leave.

"I see." Edward said considerately, "Please take care of my sword." He said handing his white-blue sword to the man with one hand. The clerk received the sword with two hands, but the weigh caught him off guard, dragging him and the sword to the ground.

"Oh no, are you alright?" Edward rushed over to try and help the clerk up, but before he could get behind the desk, three guards in full suit and helmets surrounded him, with their guns pointing at him. The clerk quickly got up waving to the guards.

"I-I'm fine. The mutie did nothing wrong. I just fell by myself." He said.

"Roger that. Let's move."

"Sorry about that, um, Mr. Killedge. We'll ship this sword to the Father as soon as possible! Your shuttle will come in about ten minutes."

Edward gave a quick frown at the word "Mutie". How dare they compare me to such creatures?

Back to his facade, Edward smiled "No problem. Thanks for the ticket."

Turning around, the young Elf couldn't help but tremble. He would have all of their heads on a plate. Waiting for the shuttle, Edward couldn't help but look at the large Holo Pod that these earthly creatures used for entertainment. He saw an interview about the Game of Pursuit. A red and blue haired girl was doing the interview. She was going on about how this year's game was going to be amazing and different from the others. More empty words.

Humans seemed to love speaking without really meaning anything. She did seem to have a good looking face. It was a shame. When pressed for more information, a tall slender man pulled her aside. He was on camera for a good second before the footage was cut, but Edward was certain that the dark skin tone was from one "creature" on earth. "Creatures" were really a generous term to call them. The sacred, becoming tainted with darkness; they were more like dirt, fallen trash that needed to be burned. Edward let out a smile. The Game just became even more of an opportunity for him.

Over the PA a feminine, robotic voice spoke "The shuttle for, the Father is now boarding on, station 3. The shuttle for, the father, is now boarding on, station 3."

That was the elf's Que to board the shuttle. Brushing off the dirt on his shoes and clothes, Edward got up from his seat with a burning intent glimmering in his eyes. Everything will pay off. The earth shall be made clean once again.

The setting changes from the-tundra to Father


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#, as written by Scra

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Father Speech Color: #456d57 | Thought Color: #09444cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

...How should I proceed with this current situation? Ms. Marz...Ms. Kore is entering my space. It also seems she intends to touch me for some reason. How unpleasant.

The world around him slowed. Yeqon's body went into a protective mode developed from years of unexpected...situations requiring abnormally quick thinking to survive. Yet, those situations were from more...intimidating individuals.

Instinct. Living beings — Human, Mutant, Drex — own the necessary skills to maintain their comfortability and survival. Like a drone on autopilot, an individual's body and mind will calculate a plan before alerting the user. Yeqon is no exception. However, in front of Yeqon is a child clearly weaker than him. That's why he didn't understand the sudden sense of urgency.

Choosing to believe Kore had no intentions to harm, he watched her slowly approaching figure. Her thin arm reached toward his shoulder, an action the startled man did not welcome in the slightest. Yet, as usual, his facial expression showed none of his internal struggles. He simply retreated to his mind to perform a long boring soliloquy in hopes that his running thoughts would stall his body's instincts, so Kore could finish whatever she needed to do before he...made a mistake.

Typically, for Yeqon, his response to an individual's advances in his personal space is to step back, avoid them, and create enough distance for the intruder to understand he wishes for them to remove themselves from his general vicinity. Or, which he will never do to Kore, is to subdue them. This decision often ends in no more than minor wounds, as Yeqon's intentions are never to harm. Still, in certain situations, where Yeqon's mind and body are on high alert, he overuses his strength, which he usually hides, and the end result isn't pleasant. Therefore, to avoid a gruesome display of unprofessionalism, Yeqon chooses to remove himself from the perpetrator's reach tactfully.

His first option is possible, although there are issues with his approach. One, avoiding Kore in front of the Fotors, even for Yeqon, is absurd. Undoubtedly, there will be unnecessary gossip about the Head and Vice Overseer relationship if he created distance.

He knew, despite the Games being primarily for the amusement of watching mutants annihilate one another, the Managers and Overseers aren't excused from the citizens' drama fueled imaginations. The headlines publicizing wild accusations and false narratives on anyone involved in the Games, and no one would care if it's the truth. Entertainment doesn't need truth; amusement for humans begins from lies.

The second and equally important problem, Kore isn't dense. There are several people Yeqon believes own only one or two brain cells. Unexpectedly Kore is not one of them.

Therefore, the logical inference is either, one, Kore is drunk on the excitement of finally starting the Games. Yeqon didn't dismiss this option; once he noticed her sparkling eyes and small drops of sweat falling from her neck. Or, she had something important to tell him that needed only his attention. He chose to believe the latter option while holding on to the idea it might be both.

Calming his body, the man focused his gaze away from Kore's figure and distracted himself with the hunger filled eyes of the Fotor's staring at them. He knew the Fotors wanted to hear the two's conversation. Unfortunately, they were facing Yeqon, a man notorious for showing and giving no indication of his own thoughts, desires, or actions. The worst enemy of the entertainment world. Many say his only appeal is his appearance and the fact his Father is Governer Cryo, with which he never disagrees.

Glancing back over at Kore's face, he wanted to sigh when he saw the girl's sweet but knowing smile. A part of him genuinely felt she was doing this for the Fotors. However, he didn't want to assume, so he kept his thought to himself.

"If it becomes too much, let me know." The world returned to its average speed and for a slight moment. So short, not even the Fotors could catch it with their sharp gazes. Yeqon's eyes softened, "...".

Was this a situation that called for a thank you or an apology? Yeqon didn't know. He felt the need to thank her for her understanding but apologize because he almost conducted himself unprofessionally. He tilted his head slightly; a part of him wished Eon was present. The dark elf was wise in the ways of social interactions and would have provided the answer to Yeqon's dilemma.

"Ms. Mars!..." Breaking away from his inner dialogue, Yeqon swiped his gaze toward a Fotor who called out to Kore. The Fotor flinched, feeling the tall man's eyes on them, but continued with their job.

Yeqon watched in silence as Kore apologized for being unable to answer and asked to excuse herself. Naturally, Yeqon was included in the excusal request.

On cue, Yeqon positioned himself between Kore and the Fotor, who was disappointed with her answer. Not wishing to waste their opportunity, they readied themselves to ask Yeqon the same question. Turning to him, the Fotor froze. A solid gulp echoed in the air as the dark man sent a silencing glance at the small annoyance. The Fotor flinched, lowering their hover mic to their side. A few seconds of awkwardness passed before the Fotor stepped back, allowing Yeqon and Kore to leave.

Satisfied, he positioned himself a step behind Kore, paying no attention to the flashing lights and array of questions. If Kore didn't intend to stop and answer anyone else, that meant Yeqon didn't need to entertain the thought either. He felt relief as the distance between the chaos and him grew further.

Stepping into the lounge area for Overseers, Yeqon's eyes went straight to the screens. He watched the monitors for a few moments, checking over each image. He wasn't looking for anything in particular; he simply had the habit of observing situations to avoid surprises. Once he confirmed nothing unexpected was happening, he turned away from the group and walked toward the decanters. His eyes immediately spotted the alcohol.

Leaning his head against his palm, he stared intensely at the bottles. Another dilemma, though small, gnawed at Yeqon. A single sigh escaped his lips, he wanted to feel numb, or number than the pills could provide. And the effects of the alcohol combined with the drugs in his body would certainly help with his pain. Still, even he knew the consequences of doing something so unsafe. He already felt Eon's burning gaze on him and heard the dark elf's low voice telling him to stay away from the poison until the drugs ran their course.

...Yeqon...You are foolish.

He didn't deny he had a problem, a problem he never planned to fix. There are worst things a Human, or half-human, could do than being an alcoholic in his eyes. However, Yeqon, in all aspects of his life, was and is a professional, and it felt extremely inappropriate to drink on the job. If he was in his room, he wouldn't care, but he needed to maintain a certain level of awareness in public.

His ears perked when Damion dismissed Kore's claim on professionalism. If anything, he didn't feel the need to be like Daimon. How frustrating, every day his problems became even more ridiculous. He felt disgusted at his privilege.

Striding away from the temptation. Yeqon scanned the table for another option. He paused, his eyes brightening. He had spotted another attraction, one that caused no harmful effects to his body. Carefully studying over the row of fruits, he almost felt like smiling. Almost.

Reaching down, he grabbed the entire bowl of strawberries. He didn't feel the need to share them since it looked like the whole group was crowded around Kore, giving her updates on the games' competitors and other happenings. Seeing his input wasn't needed, he seated himself in a corner and began devouring the fruit. Well, devouring was a harsh word to describe Yeqon's eating style. Much like his appearance, his movements were elegant. There was no mess or smacking. He simply laid himself against his chair, eyes closed, with one leg crossed on top of the other, and ate in silence.

"Hmm, interesting. Barely looks like a mutant," Hearing Kore's comment, Yeqon peeked at the screen. He regretted it immediately and closed his eyes. An image of a blonde-haired mutant penetrated Yeqon's thoughts. A feeling of familiarity and danger showered over him, and he didn't know why. He didn't wish to know. He did understand that when he, inevitably, engages with the human-looking...mutant, he needed to make it brief and fast. No lingering. This seemed like a paranoid concern, but Yeqon's survival is due to his over-thinking tendencies. Why stop now.

Not wishing to think about an issue that hasn't happened yet, he went back to eating his strawberries. Ignorance wasn't bliss; nevertheless, don't scream malfunction when nothing has happened.

Yeqon listened to his teammates' ramblings while relishing the fact they left him alone to bask in his own comfort. How peaceful.

"Leak it," Yeqon picked up on a surprising choice of words. Not enough to make him open his eyes, but enough to raise an eyebrow. Though, after hearing Kore's explanation, he felt her decision wasn't wrong. A drastic one, but proper.

A few moments passed, and a clap from Kore signaled that he needed to pay attention. Providing Kore with the attention she craved, the young leader raised her glass of seltzer with lemon and mint to start a toast, "We've been working hard for months, and the day has finally come. To the 100th Game of Pursuit!"

"...To the 100th...Game of Pursuit." Yeqon repeated Kore's words; his eyes held an unexplainable look. Focusing back on his strawberries, he continued his feast, choosing to keep his darker worries at bay.


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Fatherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #0EBFE9 | FC: #CD3333

The foyer began to illuminate, lights flashed from all sides, holo pods illuminating as fog filled the center of the room. "Ladies and gentlemen, mutants both big and small, please make your way to the foyer and put your hands together for this year's Overseers, Kore Mars and Yeqon Cryo!" They rose from a podium in the center, Kore's smile so wide, her cheeks hurt. It wasn't exaggerated, Kore was truly eager for this moment, having been waiting for it for so long. Kore stepped off of the podium first. She and Yeqon had done three run throughs of the orientation speech, not that he would say much to begin with, but hopefully he remembered his part.

Kore looked out at the crowd, at the fifty hopefuls whose faces were a mix of bemusement, entertainment, and fear. She swished her cape over her shoulder, Kore's form illuminated by the lights, the gold in her outfit sparkling as she took her place in center-stage. "Welcome everyone!" A hover mic floated near her, capturing her voice so that the speaker hidden throughout the area could make sure that everyone would hear. "I am sure you're all very eager to get to tonight's party, but first, we have a brief orientation with some important rules!"

"We're your hosts, Kore and-" she glanced at Yeqon, hoping that he was paying attention. "Let's get right into it," Kore clapped her hands together, the holograms suddenly changing to display the rules. "We have a few rules for the mutant living corridors. Our first and most important rule, is that you must wear your tag at all times. Those tags are your key to the world card and without them, you won't be able to enter the rooms or unlock your door." Kore's smile eased a bit, the tags were akin to wrist chips, only less permanent, since injecting a mutant with a small microchip wasn't exactly efficient. Not to mention the distrust mutants already had towards the humans.

"Our second rule is, please do not attempt to leave the living space. This is an area just for you all and if you are found wandering the ship, unescorted, you will be subject to discharge from the games." This was an important rule, for the safety of the humans. Not that the door would open from the inside anyway. "Our third rule! No violence in the hallways! Sparring is allowed in the gym, but murder is only allowed in the Game!"

Did they understand at all? Were the rules registering in their pea sized brains? Kore hoped so. "Those are the three most important rules! The rest can be found in your handbooks in your rooms. As for other important information, everything we talk about tonight will be in your handbooks." Kore clapped her hands together, glancing at Yeqon again to see what he was up to.

"Now, the Games will take you through four different environments. Before each game, your manager will brief you. You have one week until the first Game begins, during which you'll each have several interviews for the audience to get to know you! You'll want to nail these interviews, since the more sponsors you have, the more mini prizes you'll earn during the Games! This can be anything from a bowl of soup, to a jacket!" The screens illuminated to show clips from past years, of sponsored items being delivered to contestants.

"Your biggest interview will take place the evening before the Game begins. As for the space around you, you are free to use it to prepare! Eat to your heart's content, train until your arms fall off, and relax! Remember, the only way to back out is between Games, so make sure you know what you're doing! Now that, that's over with, let the party begin!" Balloons and colorful streamers suddenly rained from the ceiling. Music played from the speakers and the door opened to allow potential sponsors and managers in.

"What do you think Yeqon?" Kore turned to him, her smile sparkling. "See any potential winners?"


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Cayde was about three beers in and fairly disappointed when the pit crew arrived with his new equipment.

All the technology in the world and they choose to forgo flavor. Nonetheless, he wasn’t one to refuse free things and the less he needed to unmask himself the better. His face was a well kept secret on the ship, seen only by Halo, Renee, the pit crew, and the creator of the Game of Pursuit. At first he balked at the idea of showing his true identity; however, he was at the mercy of his manager and they were adamant that they could see him in his entirety. Plus, they needed to make sure he wouldn't tamper with anyone else's equipment.

”It’s not that nobody trusts you. We just need to ensure that the game stays fair for everyone involved.”

”So you don’t trust me to play fair.”

”It’s not about me.”

Quickshot sighed, crushing his empty can before inspecting his armor. After making sure all of the adjustments had taken hold, he donned his mask and left the dressing room. There were no more scratches, dents, or scuffs; they buffed away all of his experiences over the past year. It felt simultaneously freeing and melancholic. All of that time spent wandering in the Wastelands was gone, but so were the days leading up to his separation from his family. He supposed this would be an opportunity to create new experiences, one of which would lead to winning the Game of Pursuit.

With his cape over his shoulders and the pit crew sworn to silence, he departed for the lounge where a fair number of competitors had made themselves comfortable. He wasn't keen on mingling with others, primarily because they were mostly younglings, pretty much all of whom wouldn't be older than his daughter (who he was careful to keep an eye out for).

Each of them appeared to have taken a different approach, some mimicking Prime, some taking a ballroom approach. Some opted for simplicity. It seemed that regardless of aesthetic preferences, their managers had the final say. Everyone was just a tool for their amusement.

Before he could find a place to settle however, lights flashed, fog filled the room, and a pair of humans emerged from the podium.

"Ladies and gentlemen, mutants both big and small, please make your way to the foyer and put your hands together for this year's Overseers, Kore Mars and Yeqon Cryo!"

Quickshot didn't know much about either of them, but it seemed like Kore (the shorter and perkier of the two) was leading the show. All of the information she mentioned was common sense so he had to resist the urge to roll his eyes as she continued speaking (not that anyone could tell).

Frowning at the gaudy display, he swatted away a stray balloon. So far, Halo proved to be the closest thing to an ally on the ship and he had no issue with that. He didn't expect anyone to sponsor him nor did he intend on courting anyone. The citizens of the capital must have watched countless interviews and trying too hard to stand out would be his undoing. If he had nothing to say, it would be easier to say nothing at all.

He turned to meet the gaze of a red haired man with tattoos covering his chest. The feral look in his eyes reeked of aggression, a blind demand for a fight that would never come. Each passerby was treated to the same provocative glare, but nobody seemed to take the bait.

It was honestly kind of pathetic.

The cybernetic mutant turned away from the other competitor, deciding that the better option would be finding a less crowded space so that if anybody did swing by, they would come one at a time.

Seeing a large, unoccupied tree near the balcony, he walked over and took a seat on the grass. The faint scent of lavender was comforting even if it was artificial and...seemingly from nowhere. He glanced behind him, pausing at the sight of a blue-haired girl. She couldn’t have been more than twelve years old and her outfit didn’t seem to do her any favors. There was no good reason for her to be in this competition and yet, there couldn’t be any other reason why a mutant would be on Father.

You’re here too huh, he thought to himself with a sigh.

"Good luck to you." Cayde whispered, more to himself than to her.


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#, as written by Scra

Location: Father

Speech Color: #456d57 | Thought Color: #09444c

Yeqon ignored Kore's dramatic flare as he placed himself beside her. Blindly gazing into the crowd, he reminisced the lost moments he spent in peace while eating strawberries in the monitoring room.

Kore's shining eyes glued onto Yeqon, cueing him, "...Yeqon." He glanced at Kore to see a satisfied smile. He closed his eyes and returned his gaze toward the crowd of fifty mutants, memorizing their faces as Kore chattered away.

"What do you think, Yeqon? See any potential winners?" Refocusing his attention, Yeqon glanced down at Kore. He sighed, seeing how Kore wasn't even hiding her disappointment in Yeqon for not paying attention to her speech.

"...Apologizes." He scanned the crowd of mutants, going through the list of information he read about each contestant. He took his time, trying his best to find an appropriate answer for Kore.

"...I see around..." He listed the names in his head, "...20 potentials...19." He watched as a mutant he tagged as a potential winner stared dreamily at another female mutant. Emotions produce wavering judgment and can get you killed.

Blinking a few times, he stared into Kore's golden eyes. He didn't make any outward mistakes, but he felt Kore's slight disappointment. After stepping onto center stage and the lights illuminated on him, Yeqon blanked. He still had enough attention that if a situation broke out, he could respond appropriately, but what Kore wanted was for Yeqon to share his thoughts on her performance. A performance he paid zero attention to after saying his name.

His eyes narrowed; some would think he was glaring at Kore, "...Would a drink...make up for my mistake?" Yeqon's tone didn't change from its usual lifelessness. However, his words were sincere.

He didn't know how to fix the situation as the moment already passed. Therefore, the next step is to appease Kore by offering her some of his time. Eon always mentioned to him that ladies like attention, so maybe Kore would feel better if Yeqon gave her some of his attention. Hopefully.

Short screams echoed the steel halls of the mutant quarters. Two mutants were petrifying underneath the gaze of a tall, dark-skinned man.

"...Place them in their quarters." The two trembled a few feet away from Yeqon. Their bodies were decorated in whip marks, and small streams of blood flowed from each wound.

This whole situation started because of a petty fight. While focused on fighting, the mutants were interrupted by a weak-looking human. All they wanted to do was intimidate him. However, the ending result was horrifying. Their entire bodies stung with wounds. The guards grabbed the mutants by their necks and dragged them away.

Examining his body, Yeqon located blood splatter decorating his sleeve and shirt. If the two guards on duty with Yeqon hadn't watched the fight, they wouldn't have believed someone as weak-looking as Yeqon could subdue such beasts.

"...Y...Yes?" His throat was dry. Yeqon glanced at the two gawking guards, hoping neither realized the crack in his voice.

"N-No, Sir!" The two spoke in unison. They had witnessed a display of cruelty from Yeqon. There have been rumors about how merciless Yeqon was, but they have never confirmed them. Until now.

Yeqon sighed. He exited the room and journeyed down the hall. The guards rushed to keep up with him. Initially, Yeqon made the trip to the mutants' quarters because of a fight alert. Usually, things like this would be ignored. However, the mutants were causing too much of a disturbance.

While walking toward the Mutant gym, Yeqon listened to the whispers of the guards behind him.

"...He's so meticulous. Why must we monitor these lowly animals? Getting into a fight or two should be fine?"

"Yeah, but now we're stuck wandering around the freaks."

"This sucks. When will we be done?"

"Go home."

The two guards froze in horror, their eyes glued on Yeqon's face. His voice made them shiver, "Go home..."

The guards hesitated for a moment before jumping at Yeqon's voice, growing colder, "Now."

They scurried away. Yeqon gazed at their figures until they disappeared from his sight.

He needed to go home too, he thought of Eon asking about his day, and a small smile danced onto his lips.

Solidifying his goal, Yeqon went to check the gym before retiring for the night.

Entering the gymnasium, Yeqon heard some loud pants. He raised an eyebrow spying a blue-skinned girl. Looking more closely at her appearance, he noticed she was an aquatic-type mutant.

Deciding nothing needed to be done here, Yeqon turned around. Ready to go home, he suddenly heard a thud. Freezing, Yeqon glanced behind him to see a scene that made him curse internally. Today really wasn't his day.


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Fatherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #0EBFE9 | FC: #CD3333

Kore sighed, it wasn't that she was disappointed per say, as she already knew not to expect much of a performance from Yeqon. He was easy on the eyes, yes, but Kore found that his personality fell flat beyond that. She thought that perhaps with some rousing conversation, he may soon open up to her, like most did, but even Kore's amicable personality was frozen in Yeqon's stone-cold presence. So, Kore had taken a different approach. He didn't trust her, Kore knew that. She also knew that his father was the one who had pushed him into the position, otherwise Yeqon would very likely be holed up at home right about now, but there were two things that Kore definitively knew about Yeqon.

He liked fruit and he enjoyed a good cup of anything with a burn.

So when Yeqon offered a drink in place of an apology for his mental absence, Kore could do nothing but sigh. She could not hold this against him, of course. Instead, she did what she did best. There was no need to get deflated, not when her sparkle had not been dulled. "Alright, I'll take you up on that." After all, Kore needed to keep up the performance. It was imperative to her character.

"Shall we?" Kore offered her elbow, the drink table wasn't far from their little stage. Yeqon had spotted 19 potential winners. How problematic. Still, Kore kept her pleasant smile pasted to her lips. She would be working late tonight, after all, she had a meeting with the managers once the party ended. Kore picked a drink at random, she could not afford to get drunk, so she merely swirled the drink around in her hand while remaining in Yeqon's presence, chatting politely with random humans that came to greet her.

Most of the mutants stayed away, which was not surprising. After all, Kore was the device of their doom and Yeqon, well... he was Yeqon.

Once the party began to lull, Kore clapped her hands together and handed her drink to an attendant. "Thank you to everyone tonight who made this party a large success, especially our stars of the show! This could not have been done without you! I will now ask all humans to please vacate the mutant housing, as our contestants need to be up bright and early tomorrow for training!" It was the fastest way to dismiss them.

Kore was the Puppetere here, her words should have been able to command the room. The humans should have been dancing to her strings and for the most part, they were.

Still, there were some who didn't respect her and some who were overstaying their welcome, mingling by the drink table as the mutant staff attempted to clean up. "Excuse me," Kore's smile remained polite, however it did not quite reach her eyes "I did announce that the party was over. So leave," her words were biting, her message clear. They scurried out, the last of them and with them, Kore sighed.

She could not deflate, not yet. "Yeqon, I'm going to head to the meeting now. You can feel free to retire early," since he wasn't much of a help in conversational situations anyhow.

When Kore entered the hallway before the meeting room, her assistant was waiting for her with a lemon spritz and a stern expression. "What is it?" Kore asked, her voice low. "There's been a... situation." Mimi fixed her glasses, looking away. "What kind of situation?" Mimi showed Kore the feed on her personal pod. It was the NET, there were already wild speculations going on about Kore and Yeqon's relationship.

Images played over and over before her eyes. Kore picking imaginary dust off of Yeqon's coat, offering her hand, the two of them drinking beside one another, Yeqon moving to protect Kore from Fotors. Her smile was crafty. "This isn't a situation Mimi," Kore grinned, shaking her head. "This is the side story in the main performance."

Kore entered her arena, the overseeing room, where the managers were waiting for her. They rose when they saw her, the chair at the head of the table empty. Kore sat, her posture rigid, her hands clasping together as they all sat. "Updates," all at once they began to spill, every meticulous, juicy detail.

Tragic backstory, blood thirsty tyrant, a nobody who wanted to rise to glory.

Kore was listening, Mimi was recording everything. It was like a waterfall of information that Kore needed to direct the flow of. "Alright, I'll begin strategy angles for how we're going to sell them." Kore leaned forward, the table reacting to her gesture, bringing up profiles. Kore jotted down notes for each one.

It was well over 1 AM by the time the meeting was adjourned. At last, Kore deflated. She removed her heels and rubbed her temples. "Would you like a soother?" Mimi offered a bottle of pills, Kore waved it away. "No, no, those things are hideous. I just need a moment alone," Mimi nodded. "I'll see you tomorrow then?" She asked, hovering beside Kore. "Yes, tomorrow." Kore rose, there was blood in her heels, the soles of her feet raw from the stiletto point.

The celebrity rose slowly from her seat, circling the security feeds. Most of the mutants were in their beds. However, an unexpected sight made her take a step back; her elbow bumping into a chair. What was Yeqon doing there? Kore stepped closer to the camera, watching with wide eyes, slightly taken by the images before her. The whip in his hand dripped with blood, his gaze remained steady.

"What is this?" Kore's smile grew wider. "A private show, just for me?"


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Fatherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #0EBFE9 | FC: #CD3333

There was a hum coming from the corner of the room, the holo screen replaying a reel of last night's highlights. Somewhere on the ground, a pair of bloodied heels had been discarded. Sprawled across the ground was an elegant dress and bunched in the corner, a coat. Tucked safely into bed in the darkened room, Kore slept soundly. Who could blame her? After staying up late for the past month, meticulously planning every detail, she was rightfully exhausted. Now that the games had begun, the stress should have made her lay anxiously up, but for Kore, the hard part was over. Now she had to do what she did best; put on a show.

The door opened ever so slightly, light pouring in through the slit, dancing across the ground. "Ms. Mars?" Mimi's voice was just above a whisper. She shuffled nervously, knowing that her boss had probably only gone to bed a few hours ago. "Ms. Mars?" Mimi asked again. Kore blinked sleepily, moving the blanket to get a clearer picture of who was interrupting her rest. "Oh, it's you." She yawned, stretching her arms above her head. "I have your morning vitamin packet, your medi-reader said that your dopamine levels were a bit too high last night. I also brought breakfast." Kore rose to sit up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

The lights brightened ever so slightly, the glass wall showing off the constellations seeming dim. That's right, no star could ever shine brighter than her. "Thank you Mimi," Kore ripped the medi-packet open with her teeth, her robe slipping down one shoulder. Mimi watched her, seeming entranced, somehow. Kore swallowed the pills quickly, chasing down the bitter taste with seltzer water. "How much time do we have?" She slid out of bed, her robe swishing around her feet. "Three hours, ten minutes, and fifty six seconds." Mimi replied almost robotically.

"We'll be cutting it close. I can eat while you brief me." Striding out of the bedroom, Kore sat at the island, where Mimi had brought her pancakes from her favorite diner and an omelette. "Talk to me Mimi." Kore drowned her pancakes in maple syrup, the whipped cream sliding off the side and forming a thick, sugary pool. Mimi stepped forward, standing on the other side of the counter. She placed a pod down on the table, the hologram popping up with a wave. "At 0400 this morning, an article was published. You might want to look at it," Kore leaned forward. It was an image of her and Yeqon, Kore picking at invisible lint on his shoulder. She smiled, wiping her mouth on a napkin. Mimi too, was smiling.

It was official, the rumors published in these rags would begin to circulate around the ship. Kore leaned back in her seat, wondering what her parents would say if they could see her right now. The young super nova, dating the most eligable bachlor on the ship. Not that it was real, of course.

"Oh, this as well. Last night there was a situation, the gym cam sensors went off, but when the feed was checked, it's just static." Kore frowned, had someone sabatoged the cams? "I'll have maintenance go and take a look. Thank you for bringing that to my attention." Kore scruitinized the loop, watching the feed cut out again and again while she ate. A blue fish, which contestant was that again? She turned to her holo tab, bringing up the contestant database.

"Do we know where this girl went?"

"She was checked into the med bay late last night."

"Alright, I'll have to interview her and see what happened. Her manager is Jaden?"

[b]"Yes,"[b] Kore's mouth tilted down into a frown. It would not surprise her if Jaden had done some tampering. Kore slid off of the stool, having finished for now, she needed to hurry. "Call my stylists, I'll be in the shower." Mimi nodded, hurrying off. It was time to think and Kore did her best thinking in a shower the same temperature as the sun.


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Room 43


Brrrt-bi-beep. A chime at Ljilja's door signaled the arrival of a visitor. The young girl groaned softly; she was far from being in the mood for hospitality, but courtesy made few considerations for difficulty. With theatrical effort, she heaved her little body upright, sliding off of the bed and to her feet. But before she could reach the door, it slid open.

"Morning, sleepyhead," she was greeted. It was the voice of her manager, Jaden, no doubt come to bring un-glad tidings. And, indeed, he wasted no time in saying, "The head Overseer wants to see us."

Ljilja blinked in confusion. Had she done something wrong? "Why?" she asked.

"Well, she probably wants an explanation for last night."

Grimacing, Ljilja looked down to her feet. She had already been enough of a burden—for the man she had met yesterday, for the medical staff, and for her manager—she did not want to create even more trouble.

"Come along, little fish," Jaden commanded.

Thus the two began to walk the hallways on the path to the overseers' chamber, where they had been instructed to present themselves. Ljilja gulped anxiously; in her rush to comply, she had forgotten to put on shoes, but was far too worried about arriving late to speak up and return for them.

Was the head Overseer so concerned for Ljilja's safety that she called her in for a personal review? No, that didn't make sense. Humans didn't care about mutants to nearly such an extent, even if the mutant was in their care. Surely she was expendable in the eyes of the organizer of a competition which resulted in the inevitable death of its participants. So, then, she was in trouble. But just what sort of trouble?

She looked up to Jaden, searching his face for clues. He wore his signature smile, as though he hadn't a care in the world. Ljilja had no idea how he could be so nonchalant about the matter. This was Kore Mars they were going to be answering to!

Finally, they arrived at the door. It opened for Jaden, and he escorted Ljilja inside. They found themselves in a large, spacious meeting room, furnished with comfy recliners and luxurious sofas, centered around a great holotable that displayed whatever information or video feeds the overseers desired. And within, Kore waited, styled to a T by the finest fashions molded to suit her personal tricolor branding.

It was immediately apparent that nobody involved but Kore had any interest in being there. Sensing the tension emanating from the confrontation, Kore's servant promptly dismissed herself with an, "I'll be just outside." While Jaden kept his composure with his signature smirk, Ljilja was a wilted flower in the heat—her shoulders hunched forward, her knees bent inward, her fingers twiddled with one another.

Kore gestured to the seats, putting on a winning smile. "Please, sit," she instructed, adding, "Don't worry, neither of you are in any trouble."

Jaden didn't believe it for a second, though it was hard to read as much. He strode confidently to the nearest armchair and leant back in it, getting comfortable. On the other hand, Ljilja was immediately trusting, and the relief on her face was palpable. She plopped herself down in the middle of an enormous couch, looking not unlike a single rice grain in a large bowl.

Testing the waters, Jaden replied with snark. "Are you sure? I could make some, if you like."

But Kore did not budge. It took much more effort to provoke a response from her, and she was laser-focused on getting answers. Jaden was out of his element.

"Let's get right to business, then; shall we?"

Jaden waved a go-ahead. Ljilja shifted to the edge of the couch and sat up straight, preparing herself.

"Last night the cams in the gym shut off. Ljilja here can be seen just before the feeds go out. According to security logs, she was the only one present at the time." Her smile unchanging, she began the interrogation. "Care to explain?"

"W-well, so...I fell," Ljilja began, offering her side of the story. The bluntness forced Jaden to choke back laughter, which he covered over by clearing his throat.

Kore cocked her head to the side, part of her ornately braided hair sliding down her shoulder. "Yes, I know that, but it doesn't exactly explain why the cams went out." Without any sort of tell or fidget, Kore gave little clue as to her thought process or emotional state. It was, at best, disorienting. Surely she was an absolute menace at poker.

Ljilja struggled to come up with a proper answer. "You don't have to worry; you can be honest here. It's just us," Kore said before drawing attention to the plates laid out on the table. Ljilja hadn't even noticed them. "Are you hungry? By now you must have missed breakfast."

Ljilja looked towards them, hardly believing her eyes. Sea creatures of all shapes and sizes, delicacies from her homeland, even treats she never had the opportunity to try before! This was for her? "Really? Is it okay? I haven't eaten anything in...a while," Ljilja meekly answered.

Kore nodded with a welcoming smile. "Of course! I had these prepared since I had a feeling you hadn't eaten after being discharged from the medical bay," she assured Ljilja, who had already begun devouring food from the first nod. "Speaking of which… how are your wounds?"

Not wanting to talk with her mouth full, she gulped down a sizable chunk of mutant trout before answering. She looked herself over. "They still sting, but..." Ljilja answered plainly, her demeanor rapidly calming, "they put some kind of spray on it; it's supposed to be all better by tomorrow. You guys have some really cool medical tech!"

Ljilja's childlike wonder seemed to disarm Jaden—the sharpness in his eyes softened just enough for Kore to notice—or maybe it was because Kore was pampering his competitor.

"I'm overjoyed to hear you'll be all better by tomorrow! Sounds like they used ani-spray; that stuff can sting a lot," Kore replied, sounding even bubblier than usual. With Ljilja sufficiently plied, she delved deeper. "How did you end up falling?"

By now, Ljilja was an open book. In between bites, she answered, "Um, so...I tried to do some endurance running and pushed myself too hard. I blacked out, and everything after that is kind of blurry."

Kore leant forward, paying close attention so as not to miss a word. She was finally getting what she assembled them for. "And when you woke up, you were in the med bay?"

Ljilja shook her head. "No, I woke up in the pool. There was someone else there with me. I don't know who it was, but I think they rescued me. I didn't get their name...I wanted to say 'Thank you.'"

Kore masked her surprise well, only revealing the expected level of intrigue. "Interesting. It sounds like they tossed you in there." Kore gave the matter a few moments of thought, then clapped her hands together in resolution of something. "Well, those are all the questions I had for you. Thank you for your honesty. If you want to take back any of the food with you, you're more than welcome to."

Ljilja did not need to be told twice. She stood, and, after a deep bow, thanked Kore before beginning to scoop plates up. Jaden, seeing her efforts with her small arms were in vain, pitched in to help her carry the multi-course meal, before beginning to accompany her out of the overseers' room. "Thank you so much!" Ljilja called out. "I-it was nice to meet you!"

"It was a pleasure," Kore answered, waggling her fingers in parting. "I hope we get to meet again in the future. Oh, and Jaden, once you return Ljilja to her quarters, I'd like to speak with you for a few moments. Just to go over some files."

Jaden's displeasure was well-masked, but still faintly readable to a trained eye. "Of course."

The door slid shut behind them as they left the overseers' room and returned to Ljilja's quarters. On the journey, they said little. Ljilja was too focused on the food, and Jaden was unwilling to open up about the looming threat of having to face Kore's interrogation alone. He helped set a buffet's worth of seafood upon her bed and dismissed himself, all without losing his trademark smirk. "See you around, little fish."

If he survived the encounter to come, that was.


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A Quick Bout of Chess


“Ms. Mars?” Mimi peered into the space where Kore was still sitting, seemingly unbothered by the way the events had unfolded. “It’s just as I suspected,” Kore poured hot water into a tea cup, her head beginning to throb. Today was going to be a very long day. Here she had thought after waking up this morning that it would be smooth sailing, but the first hiccup had happened while she had dozed like a princess. “They’re useless,” she dipped a floral brew into water and allowed it to steam, waiting on Ljilja’s manager to return.

He seemed hesitant around her, although Kore wasn’t sure why. She had never been unkind to him or any of the other overseers. The managers too, Kore could be strict sometimes, but she was never outright rude. “Welcome back, where should we start?” She waved her hand over the pod on the table, the holo screen flickering to life. It was split down the center, one half showing the security feed again, the other, Ljilja’s profile.

Kore seemed at ease, taking a long sip of her brew. “The security feed, or your contestant?”

Her eyes flicked up and down, reading his body language. He strode over quickly, closing the distance between them and sat down, stretching out in a show of comfort. The edges of her lips tilted upwards, ever so slightly.

After all, Jaden was just another pawn on her chess board.

“Sorry,” he yawned. “Long night, let’s start with the feed.”

Kore waved a hand over the pod once more, the feed coming to life. It played in a loop, detailing the accident and cutting out, before restarting. “You really should have some tea, it does wonders for fatigue,” she took another pointed sip before setting her cup down on the table and leaning back, her slender legs crossed in front of her.

“Do you want to tell me what really happened?” She smiled, leaning her chin on her fist. Her words were sharp, but not biting. Jaden laced his fingers together and rested his head in the cradle he had made. “I assume you’ve already spoken with the editors?”

“The editors were the ones that pointed to you,” Kore replied, lying smoothly. Half of being a celebrity was about being able to tell a lie. “I’m going to assume you also know who the mysterious figure your little fish was referring to then?” She smiled suddenly.

Jaden seemed anxious, he shifted, his gaze going to the wall for only a moment. Did he think that Kore was testing him? Well, maybe she was. “I think a better question is...” he trailed off for a moment, perhaps to think, “If you didn’t already know who it was, would you have let her go without a description?”

Oh what a crafty, shifty little- she took another sip of tea to disguise her displeasure. “Thank you for your honesty, to be frank, it’s refreshing. Now, let’s move on,” she placed her cup down and clapped her hands together. “Have you decided on an angle?”

Jaden nodded, leaning forward. This was something he was good at, after all. They were all aware that half of the games were about marketing, it was a money maker, not just gambling, but for the ships and the government. “She’s the under-dog type, obviously,” he waved a hand, grinning. Was he confident in his little fish? “Perfect for the fuddy duddies who want to fawn over a home-grown hero.”

Kore nodded, her smile remaining cautiously neutral. “Her files say her Dad died recently, how recent is that?” Kore brought up the notes with another wave over the holo pod. “We can use that to garner sympathy with the audience, if that’s the angle you want to play.” Kore swiped again, brow knitting for just a moment when she looked at the screen. “This is her support weapon? Is it a robot?”

“Dad died last year, around this time. The wound’s still fresh and she’s got an-” he waved a hand around, “adoptive sister, or something like that. Had a falling out, but she’s still watching the feeds.” Jaden grinned, “Audiences will eat it up if we can get a crew out to Fort Kate.”

Kore nodded, bringing up the keyboard to start typing. “I’ll put in a request,” they couldn’t just show up to Fort Kate with a camera crew and demand an interview. “The robot thing is called a Long jack,” long jack? Kore had never heard of that.

“I’m putting in a request for an interview, do you have a name?” Her fingers quickly flew across the board. “Sonja Valentintov.” With that final bit of information, Kore sent in the request. There was a calculating look in her eye, “You don’t have any sponsors lined up, are you planning on stranding her out there?”

“I didn’t think she would need them with those bad boys, but she’s gotta have water.” He sighed, no doubt that would be an obstacle in the first game. “There’s a few soft drink companies that would probably love to have their name on her clothes.” He held two hands up as though he was picturing it.

Kore finished inputting the notes. “Alright, I think you have all your bases covered. You can go now, if you want.” The managers were allowed to hang out in the lounge, but now that their competitors were here, most of their time would be spent on the floor.

Jaden rose slowly, stretching one last time. “Thanks,” he said curtly, then, “Keep an eye on yours.”

Kore’s smile was crafty, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. “It’s a pleasure Jaden, as always.”

It was only after she was certain that Jaden was gone that Kore allowed her brow to twitch in annoyance.


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xxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Fatherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Speaking: #CD5C5C | Thought: #2F4F4F

"That mute is a monster."

"Yeah, did you see her knock out that other guy? He was twice her size!"

She spit blood up onto the blue matt, a split lip causing liquid crimson to dribble down her chin. Scout stumbled backwards, her foot stepping farther to widen her stance and maintain her balance. "You think a wimpy punch like that would hurt?" She grinned.

Her competition was named Gambit. A man with dark skin and pale hair. He had scars running across his back and short spikes along his spine. "I can swing harder, if you'd like!" He ran at her, aiming for her stomach. Scout dodged, moving to the left and countering with a strike of her own. She caught him in the jaw, but he recovered quickly. Gambit went low, sweeping a leg out to try and knock her legs out from under her.

Scout jumped, grabbing his head and butting him, hard. Gambit fell back, her blood dripping against his coat. Feeling restricted, Scout unzipped her jacket, flinging it to the side. Gambit rolled, dodging her knee, Scout landing hard ont he matt. He jumped up, suddenly behind her and with a lightning quick strike, knocked her to the side.

Scout rolled, nearly out of the ring. He stood over her, punching her square in the jaw, their fists covered in one another's blood. "How long are you gonna lay there for?" Gambit taunted, his eyes wide, a manic hue about them.

Scout grinned, but instead of answering, grabbed his foot. Scout rose, Gambit clawing at her hands. The cuts on her shoulder and back from rolling across the matt burned, but they were easy to ignore. Scout spun in a circle, swinging Gambit around, tossing him towards the edge. He flew a few feet before rolling, coming to a stop just at the edge of the ring, where one foot stuck out. "And he is out!" The mutant serving as their ref, a little boy with bison horns, slapped the ground. Scout swiped at the blood on her cheek, breathing hard.

"A monster." The words were murmured from somewhere behind her, Scout's ears twitching. They didn't bother her, those words. It was the same thing everyone called her.

Gambit rose, groaning, clutching his side. "That was a good match," he extended a hand. Scout took it, the two of them shaking once.


"Both of you, report to the medical bay!" A human yelled at them from the sidelines. Scout frowned, ignoring the call. "I look forward to killing you," Gambit slapped her on the shoulder before leaving. Scout ignored the call to go to the medical bay, bending over to pick up her jacket. Instead, she headed towards the water fountain, remembering that she could have water whenever she wanted now.

There was no need to ration it, up on these ships; where resources were plentiful. This was not the Wastes.

"Scout!" An annoying voice piped up behind her. When had he returned from his meeting? Scout ignored him, drinking her fill, the taste of blood tainting the water. "Are you ignoring me?" Her tail swished back and forth for a moment, revealing the answer. Scout sighing a long sigh and stretched out to her full height. She wiped her mouth on her jacket, turning to face him at last. "You look like hell, I left for two minutes and you've already picked a fight."

"Wasn't me," Gambit was the one who had approached her, asking for a spar.

"Yeah, well, I'm supposed to take you to the medical bay when you're injured. Come on," he grabbed her by the sleeve, surprisingly strong.

"I'm hungry," Scout shrugged him off, but followed anyhow. "You can eat after, you've gotta get those wounds looked at." Scout scowled, this was nothing. The only time she had ever seen any of the mutant physicians on earth was when she or Mercy couldn't wrap a slash or set a bone themselves.

The guild had its own doctor, but seeing him meant a cut to your pay.

"It's like taking care of a kid," Aries sighed. Scout's ears twitched in annoyance. She thought about Gambit's parting words, his promise. She grinned, hoping to encounter him again on the battlefield. There were a lot of strong mutants here, it meant that she would get to put up a good fight before her death.

The medical bay smelled like a bad memory. Scout wrinkled her nose, standing in the doorway. Antiseptic and chlorine, she took a step back. "Go on," Aries prodded her, but Scout hesitated. "What's the matter?" His hands were on his hips, clearly annoyed. "Nothing," Scout shook her head, stepping inside after a moment.

She scanned her bracelet to check in and waited in one of the seats, leg bouncing anxiously.