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Lamia Serose

"Stay far away..."

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a character in “Impending Pursuit”, as played by forever2b


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Username: forever2b Speech Color | FC: AUG from Girls Frontline Thought Color


{Full Name: }
Lamia Serose

{Age: }

{Gender: }

{Species: }
Harpy Eagle

{Face Claim : }
AUG || Girl's Frontline

ImageImage - - - - - -


5'6" (167.64 cm)

Hair Color:
Ballerina pink
120 lbs (54.43 kg)

Eye Color:


Overall Appearance:
She is a fair-skinned girl, with a beauty mark just below her left, hazel, eye. Lamia's ballerina pink hair flows elegantly down her shoulders and covers her ears and much of her right side of the face. Her lashes are thick and black, rounding out the corners of her eyes. On the left side of her hair, she wears a black pin that resembles the shape of a cross. To her right side, she wears a black bow set with two white flowers, both with four petals and a yellow center ring, gently laying on top of each other. Another flower is pinned just below the two. Lamia's eyes are comparable to that of an eagle's, sharp and threatening. Her brows are slender, mostly pointed downwards at an angle, making her expression hard to read. Her lips come together right at the center of her face, rarely to be seen apart from each other. For her outfit, Serose wears mostly black. While in combat, she always has black gloves to grip her gun better. With her attire, Lamia also wears a silver bracelet, with a cross pendent, wrapped around her left wrist. Furthermore, she may change out her flower-bow hair piece and put on specially made headphones that filter out loud sounds such as her gun firing, while amplifying desired sounds, such as her target moving, or something behind her, approaching. Overall, her complexion is fair, and her body seems too fragile to even to hold a handgun, let alone a sniper rifle. When she cries, liquid only comes out of her right eye and it's not tears, but crimson red blood.

“ If you know what's best for you, you wouldn't come close,”


Due to her mutation, Lamia bleeds out when she is affected by very sad emotions. This flaw made her develop a blank-faced exterior that she wears all the time. Soft-spoken and curt, the mutant prefers to keep distance from other creatures so that she doesn't get emotionally involved. So much of her life she has bee an outcast that it is normal for her to expect people to hate her. The eagle has been in pain for most of her life, so she feel numb to it.

She hates the fact that she is a mutant. On earth, mutants hated Lamia for being different. Some didn't like the fact that eagles are powerful predators, but others didn't like the beauty of the harpy eagle. It was only when she was accepted by colony Prime, that she was able to find peace. Due to this fact, Lamia doesn't want anybody to find out about her being an eagle and does her best to keep distance from everyone, except the colony she grew up in. Most of the time when people approach her, the stare from Lamia would be enough to drive them away, which works in her favor.

Her blank exterior contrasts her inner feelings. Most of the time, Lamia suppresses her true emotions in order to not get involved. She also withholds her urge to help others, as she knows that The Game has one winner. If she could, everyone would get what what they desire, but reality taught her different: it taught her that there are winners and losers. Because of the lesson, she cried alone many times before, but now, Lamia knows that she must do what is best for her. There are people she cared about back home, those she promised to protect. She must win for them.

When it comes to battle, Lamia has no problem with emotions. All the feelings go away, as she is left with calculations and plans of what to do next to win. War comes naturally to her; it must have been her genetic gift. The half dragon has sense that surpass most mutants: her sense of hearing and sense of vision is extremely strong. Many times, Lamia doesn't even peak into the scope of her rifle to fire at an enemy. She is cut-throat and brutal in combat. Anyone that catches her in action, may have to watch their heads. It is only after the battle has ends that she would feel the burden of killing. Part of her, hates herself for feeling the guilt only after battle.

▶Theme Song : Styx Helix // Myth & Roid


Pretty Flowers // "Lamia likes most types of flowers that grow in nature. She doesn't get to see many varieties where she comes from.
Guns // Particularly her sniper rifle. She always carries it with her, even when she is not in combat. (Lamia even sleeps with her sniper rifle in her arms)
Black outfits // Lamia loves to wear black dresses or any attire/accessories that are black.

Intimacy"She hates being touched and hates strangers trying to get close, both emotionally and physically. "
Crowded Areas"Lamia prefers to be alone. She doesn't do crowds well. "
Her mutation"she got outcasted because of her mutation, so she hates parts of herself."
Alcoholics"Lamia despises people that use alcohol to drown out their emotions. She would never touch alcohol herself because she wants to maintain control of her emotions. "

Excellent Marksman "Lamia's vision and accuracy of shooting from long distances is on the top. Her enemies drop before they even know what hit them. "
Heightened Sight and Hearing "Her eagle blood give her heightened hearing and sight. "
Stare of a Predator "The harpy eagle's stare is enough to paralyze foe's or ward off enemies. "
Combat Readiness "Lamia can quick fire her gun with little to no timing. Her reload speed is also instant. Furthermore, her observation skills on the battlefield is exceptional."


Close Range Combat Her close range combat is very weak.
Flawed Eagle Her mutation causes strain to her body, which make her cry blood instead of tears.
Hiding Her True Identity Because Lamia tries hard to hide who she truly is, her combat can be compromised.

{ Weapon : }

Barett M301, the latest and strongest model of the sniper rifle. The M301 fires at a maximum effective range of 10,200 yards (9326.88 m) with a very slight recoil. It has the option to switch from semi-automatic to automatic making it also an effective machine gun. (Lamia usually prefers the semi-automatic setting as she prefers one shot one kills.) The gun also comes with smart-camo which allows the gun's colors to automatically match its environment creating the perfect camouflage of the gun.


{Place of Origin :}
Lamia is from Colony Prime, named as such because it was one of the first colonies established as an official one by the New World Government. Colony 90.0000° N, 135.0000° W, known as Prime, is a cold body of ice where the sun never sets in the summer times. The colony started out as bunch of cold-loving mutants, who developed a business in mining minerals such as iron, copper, nickel, and even diamonds. With time, their business landed them contracts with the humans in spaceships and were able to be officially recognized by the NWG. As time passed, however, more colonies began to emerge and competition got rough. Furthermore, more mutant outcasts began to seek refuge in Prime, causing economical strains on the location. Moreover, the colony's precious diamond mines were depleting. It became more dangerous for miners to go in the caves due to the fears of it collapsing on them. To solve this problem, Prime turned to bounty hunting as well as animal hunting. Mercenary groups became a regular in this location, as well as hunters. Eventually guns were traded for minerals with other colonies. With the guns, Prime denizens were able to hunt for fur and pets from exotic animals such as the arctic fox, which created an economic boost to their small living space. However, even those resources became scarce, as Prime hunted many rare species to near extinction. The NWG prohibited them from hunting any more of those they considered endangered. Now Colony Prime is just a tiny speck, struggling to keep its territories recognized by the NWG, compared to what it was at it's peak.

{ Background : }
When she was younger, Lamia was able to cry tears. It was only when she reached her teens that she began to feel the flaws in her genes. Her family were originally located in the Amazon Rain Forest, but due to the deforestation for materials, they were forced to move from their home. As a child Lamia was always picked on because of her scary eyes. The mutant kids wouldn't play with her and she would run away from objects being thrown at her, full of tears. On one of those days, she met a young rambunctious boy who managed to make her smile by acting so brave and noble. He was the first person that didn't care about her eyes. However, she was to soon forget about the boy, as she and her parents moved on to different residences. Every time, they would be outcasted for one reason or another and eventually it became normal to Lamia that people hate her. She developed a blank exterior to prevent people from hurting her.

It was at Colony Prime that the family of harpy eagles found a home. The people there only cared about if a creature could work hard and not what they looked like. It was hard for Lamia to adjust to such a cold climate, but spending her teenage years there, she eventually learned how to adjust. At Colony Prime, she learned how to handle a gun and hunt. She hunted both mutants and animals alike. Quickly, Lamia rose to be the top sniper rankings on earth which gave her money to support the family. Not only that, the people at Colony Prime loved her for all the money she was bringing in. Her newfound life couldn't have been better, but Colony Prime was running out of jobs. After the hunting ban on arctic foxes and polar bears, Colony Prime needed another way of getting cash. Competitors for bounty came up too, undercutting Lamia and her fellow Prime hunters to get the jobs. To make matters worse, the oil wells were running dry and mines were about to deplete. Seeing the need for the NWG to support the colony financially and authoritatively, Lamia took the invitation given to her for the Game of Pursuit.

{Family :}
Famia Serose (Mother), Kurt Serose (Father), Fatvia Serose (Sister)


So begins...

Lamia Serose's Story


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Username: forever2b Speech Color | FC: AUG from Girl's Frontline Thought Color


Location: (Mainly) Colony Prime, 90.0000° N, 135.0000° W

On a cloudless day at the North Pole, a group of mutants were walking through the ice cold lands, carrying filled brow sacks, three times their size. Five of them, in a group were dredging through the snow struggling to keep the weight up.

"Seems like we struck gold." grunted one to the others.

"Well more like diamonds, but same thing really. Those mines were completely abandoned!" said the other dragging their feet across the ice.

"Do ya think they are going to find out?"

"Nah Prime's a dead colony, no one will notice."

"We did it boys, once we make it out of here, we are rich!" The four mutants laughed as they made their way throughout the closed off mines of Colony Prime.

"so h-"


A head exploded, scattering it's brains, bone, and blood in all directions. The body fell limp, dropping the sack on its back, which scattered the shiny clear crystals over the red and white snow.



Another head exploded right beside the second one.



The heads splattered off, as the necks sprayed crimson red, like a sprinkler.

"Run!" The remaining thief said to the other.

"Target. Hold three O'clock, one inch." Off in the distant mountains a set of hazel eyes and ballerina pink hair could be seen buried in the snow. She was not looking into the scope but readjusting as the instructor with binoculars were telling her to. With a slight adjustment,


"Target. That's the last one and under four seconds too." The thick white mustached man stood up, putting his white binoculars away, "You sure are one heck of a sharpshooter."

"Would that be enough to get today's payment?" said the pink haired girl, brushing off the snow on top of her pale body. She locked the gun, which made its snow white color, turn back into its original metallic gray. The frail girl, picked her self up to meet the mustached man's eyes. Snow fell from the flowers on her bow.

The mustached man, hesitated a bit at her stare. "Well, we'll have to check to make sure that the corpses matched the bounty, but you went ahead and blew their damn heads off."

"Weren't you a witness?" She said keeping her stare.

The man cleared his throat, as he fixed his fur hat on his head to escape the eye contact. "Well, I guess I was, but it'd be nice to leave their face as proof next time. Wouldn't you say?"

Lamia blinked her eyes, her rifle now in an upright position, the nose pointing to the sky. She had her hands on the barrel of the gun, letting the bottom rest in the snow. If the man wanted to, he could have just checked the corpses DNA. It was standard procedure now a days, since DNA checks could be done in an instant with cheap machinery. This human seemed like he was jsut giving Lamia hard time.

"So are you going to pay or not?" She asked, her facial expression not changing. The girl's eyes were locked on the mustached man. After a long silence and many attempts at avoiding eye contact, the man gave in.

"Oh, alright. Here it is." He said handing her a small sack of coins. "You have a nasty stare. Oh and we'll be collecting those diamonds for, uh, evidential purposes. NWG approved of course."

Lamia stood silent, taking the small sack of coins into her gloved hands. The humans have been giving Colony Prime some jobs to barely keep them afloat, but many of them abused their position of power to unfairly take resources such as these diamonds for a small price of killing bounty. Many of the NWG officials closed off Colony Prime's mines calling it "too dangerous for living creatures to work in." In order to stay on the official map of the NWG, Colony Prime had to comply.

The NWG was most likely behind tipping off the five mutants of the abandoned mine too. Rarely did any stray mutants come to the North Pole. Only mutants that had thick coats or were refugees, like Lamia and her family lived there. The corpse seemed like neither.

The eagle knew she couldn't do anything, so she gave a small nod of recognition. The mustached man grinned widely, showing off mustard yellow teeth. Lamia didn't even need instructions in sniping. She had handled plenty more targets from further distances without a need for help, but the instructor probably was there to make sure all went according to the plans of the NWG. He hurried off down the mountains and called more humans down to the bloody site, where in a matter of minutes, they were picking up the shiny jewels covered in red. The corpse were tossed to the side on top of each other. They didn't bother to check.

Lamia also made it down the mountains and walked back on foot to the main colony. When she arrived, she could see in the sky, a space crafted labeled with the NWG logo take off for the skies. They must have finished gathering up the diamonds. A tall man with an eye patch and blue glowing hands greeted her.

"Lamia, good of you to make it back here! Did you get us the money?"

Looking over at the tall figure, Lamia gave a nod of acknowledgement, as she handed Yurio the sack of coins. He took it with one hand and examined it.

"Not as much as we expected, but it will have to do." The man grunted. "Good work my friend!"

The burly man gave a light tap on the back to Lamia, who had to brace herself from falling over to her face. Yurio was the leader of Colony Prime. He was their 3rd leader.

"Come have a drink with us," The colony leader said as he pointed to a pub located off the center of the town. Lamia let out a slight smile of appreciation before responding with a shake of her head, her pink hair dancing side to side before returning to their normal positions. The harpy eagle gently flipped some of her hair back to prevent it from being all in front of her.

"I'd like to visit my family." she said, "It may be the last time in a while that I get to see them."

Yurio's one eye widened, as he realized that Lamia was preparing for the Game of Pursuit despite not even knowing if she made it or not. He breathed in and closed his eyes before letting out a sigh. The burly colony leader nodded his head.

"I got it, but Lamia, you don't have to-"

"Before I came to Colony Prime, my family and I were always an outcast. We were cast aside, seen as dirt of society. However, you saw us as an equal. You and all the people in Colony Prime... That's why I want to participate in the game, so that I can protect the home that I found."

Yurio's body shook as his eye began to tear up. With his human arm, he rubbed his eyes.

"If that is your wish, let it be so. May the the frost lords grant you, your wish! I'll be watching for your name with all our comrades."

Lamia let out a slight smile, nodding at his encouragement before heading back to her home, with her sniper slung to her back. When she opened the door to her home, a flurry of white feathered wings greeted her.

"Lamiii~ You made it back! How was everything, my dear sister?" She enveloped Lamia in her white feathery wings.

Freeing herself from her sister's wings, Lamia responded, "It was fine, Fatvia, you don't have to treat me like a child anymore."

"But, but it was freezing outside! And those evil humans, they were with you the whole day. If anyone hurt my dear sister, I would tear them with my talons!" Fatvia exclaimed showing off her talons, where regular human feet would have been. Again, the while harpy eagle, attempted to hug her sister under her wings, but Lamia pushed her off with some effort.

"We have been living here for five years. It's always cold outside, and the humans did nothing to me. I'm fine."

"That's right, Fatvia. Your sister is more than capable of taking care of anyone who wishes harm to her." A black and grey harpy eagle came limping at them with a cane in one hand. It was their father, Kurt.

"Daddy!" Fatvia exclaimed, rushing over to him.

"You shouldn't move father, I would have come to you." Lamia exclaimed, brushing off the snow from her head and outfit, then walking her way over.

"That's quite alright. This might be the last time I see my daughter for a while. I won't miss it." He said holding Lamia's lottery card ID. "You were chosen."

Lamia stopped to try and hold back the tears that were about to come out of her.

"No need to cry, Lamia. Your mother would be proud."

The family turned to a desk with a framed picture of a bright pink harpy eagle with hazel eyes smiling delicately at them. Fatvia hurried over to Lamia to give her a good ruffle with her feathers, effectively knocking Lamia out of her sadness.

"That's right Lami, I know you are doing this for us and colony Prime. Go show them the strength of the harpy eagle!"

Shocked by her sister's rough play, Lamia put her hand on the table to gather herself up a bit. Before smiling and nodding back at her sister and father.

"I promise to make you proud. I'll come back with a place we can permanently call home."

Lamia turned around and faced the door, away from her family. She grabbed the silver cross that was attached to her arm and brought it to her face. Mother, watch over me. She prayed. With that, she opened the door to take her leave.

To the harpy eagle's surprise, A gigantic space craft was waiting for her in front of her house. Yurio stood with his best five mates, waiting for Lamia.

"Congratulations on getting selected. You didn't think we would just let our number one hunter go to the Father by herself, did you?" A big grin appeared on the colony Prime Leader's face.

A drop of red dropped down to the white snow on the ground. Lamia was bleeding from her right eye. She couldn't hold it in anymore, as the sadness of leaving her home and the warmth the the leaders of the cold north colony showed to her was too much for her to bear. She shivered, as blood started to leave her body.

"Now, now, don't go off being sad. You are our hope and pride!" Yuiro said loudly. "Come, Lamia our number one sniper!"

Trying to wipe the blood away from her eye, she grabbed Yurio's hand to board the space craft that would lift her to the Father. Till the end, she watched Fatvia and her father wave her off, until they were nothing more than a tiny spec on the large earth. There were so many people counting on her: her family, and her home colony. Most importantly, Lamia grabbed onto the silver cross once more, those that sacrificed their lives for her. Her determination rose, as the red blood dried off her fair face. She would win this for all that she cared for.

The setting changes from the-tundra to Father


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Username: forever2b Speech Color | FC: AUG from Girl's Frontline Thought Color


Location: The Father

The ship from Colony Prime landed on the dock on Father. The trip from earth to space lasted for what seemed like a fleeting moment in Lamia's mind. With steams, the door to the ship opened revealing the burly captain of Colony Prime, Yurio with this three best men, escorting Lamia who had her sniper rifle slung to her back. Yurio walked down exchanging words with the humans that greeted him. It seemed that the humans didn't have much respect for mutants, but nevertheless treated Yurio with some decency due to the fact that Colony Prime was officially recognized as a colony for mutants by the New World Government.

They talked for a bit as Lamia stood silently behind them. Then Yurio nodded his head and said, "Treat her well."

The two humans nodded, making their way over to Lamia. Yurio turned and gave Lamia a smile, "Good luck out there. I know you can make miracles happen."

"Greeting mutant, and welcome to Father. Please, give us your weapon and we will store it for you until required."

Lamia hugged her sniper, worried at the thought of separating herself with the only form of defense she had. She looked over at Yurio, who gave her a solid nod. With great displeasure, she reluctantly handed the gun over to the humans, who took it with care, scanning the weapon, then carrying it with them to the storage.

"I'll see you back at Prime." Yurio said in a soft voice, walking back to the ship.

Lamia stood there staring at the floor, her hands together for she did not know where to put them. Father was big and a strange place for her. She had to stay strong for the colony, but where to start? Luckily, her manager Ashera, came to the rescue.

"Hello Lamia!" She exclaimed, "My name is Ashera, your manager."

The young girl looked at the mutant and took a step back. The mutant that was standing was beautiful with fierce hazel eyes, nothing like what she was taught during her training. The human girl twisted her mouth, as she looked at her Holo Tab's picture, then at Lamia to make sure, she was the right mutant. A black squid like machine floated around Ashera.

"And this is Tonky, the all purposed android assistant!"

Tonky, floated around Lamia as Ashera said its name "Greetings contestant from Colony Prime. I am Tonky, a personal assistant to human Ashera."

"Tonky please run an analysis on Lamia please."

"Commencing analysis..." The robot shot a web of blue lasers from its eyes that covered the entire body of Lamia. It scanned up and down three time.

"Analysis complete, mutant species: harpy eagle, condition: healthy with minor iron deficiency. Recommendation, steak or supplements of similar nutritional value. Hygiene: in good condition with 0.1% harmful bacteria detected on clothing, recommendation, quick UV exposure."

"Okay," Ashera said writing furiously on her Holo tab with her holo pen. "Please give her a quick Iron shot, and the UV exposure you requested."

"Commencing." It said as it went over to Lamia's left shoulder and quickly jabbed it with a needed. The eagle let out a sight yelp. "Iron injection complete. Commencing quick UV exposure, please close your eyes."

Lamia did as the robot told her, and a flash of UV light was exposed to concentrated areas of her clothes.

"Subject, clean and healthy. Ready for orientation."

"Thank you Tonky, you can stand back now," Ashera looked at Lamia again. The mutant's outfit seemed more than fine, with the flower bows and hairpin. Furthermore, the story about a contestant from colony Prime would definitely rile up investors and sponsors. Putting a pen to her mouth, Ashera though for a bit. Then she looked over at her watch. Thirty minutes before orientation. She wanted Lamia to be punctual as well.

"Well, it seems like you don't need to get cleaned as the surface of your skin and clothes have no bacteria on them, and your outfit seems to be fine. Tonky, could you spray Lamia with some Chanel perfume?"

"Spraying Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum, created in the year 2019."

"Okay, I think we can fluff up your hair a bit and take you to the lobby!"

Ashera motioned for Lamia to follow her. After going past the doors to the lounge, Ashera turned to speak to Lamia, "Just stand there and look pretty. I'll chat with other investors and tell them your story. Once the orientation is done, I'll come pick you up okay?"

Lamia silently nodded.

"Okay, well enjoy the lounge and I'll see you soon!" With that Ashera went through the doors that the mutants couldn't pass through, leaving the eagle all alone in a sea of contestants. Lamia didn't know where to start, so she found herself a corner to sit on with her hands hugging her knees. She hoped that the battle would start soon.


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Character Portrait: Scout Character Portrait: Bandit Sephilan Character Portrait: Lamia Serose
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Username: forever2b Speech Color | FC: Ayer from Granblue Fantasy Thought Color
ImageHaving snatched the jewel from the wolf-lady, Bandit rolled down to the ground, getting back up on his two feet. He looked over his shoulder to observe is suit, which now was muddied and ripped. He let out a frown of disappointment. Sahara was going to kill him for this. He could imagine it now, her deadly green eyes looking down at him, forcing the poor fox to sow it back together in front of his eyes. Just the thought of it made him shudder. However, that situation didn't seem like the threat right now.

The wolf started growling at him for the robbery that he performed. Bandit let out a shrug, with both hands up in response to her asking for a jewel back. She couldn't have possibly known he took it.

"Give what back?" He said, "I just went to pet your head."

Then the girl stood up, having a good foot (0.3048 m) over him in size. She growled, clearly a threatening pose. However, Bandit wasn't afraid. He's faced so much worse out in the Arctic. Due to the sheer cold of the seasons, creatures there were much bigger and bulkier. The fox stood up to countless monsters greater than this wolf girl. He snatched their meals and treasures, right in front of their face and made it out without a scratch.

It seemed like she didn't really want the jewel back from him, as she picked up her empty plate of whatever was there, so Bandit didn't have to use any more dirty tactics than he did. He began to unbutton his suit which seemed to be ruined now. While he was doing so he responded to the girl's response of him giving his name.

He slung the suit over his back while responding, "Nice to meet you Scout. Hope I'll see you around in the Game. Not! He let out a casual grin.

"Well, now I gotta go patch up this suit, so bye!" With that he walked away from the girl. Wow, she was aggressive and angry. Definitely not my style.

The arctic fox began walking back into the lobby, until he realized that he came out here to find Dirk. Luckily, it seemed like the furry critter was already captured by Trix, who was also making her way back over to him. Bandit gave a wave, as he made his way over. When he got closer, he could see that Trix had her arms around the escapee, which had bunch of flowers gripped in its tiny paws.

"Trix! You found Dirk! Sorry I couldn't help, I was, uh, tied down at the moment."

Trix looked at Bandit with a smile, "I see, well I found this runaway picking flowers on a tree."

Bandit blinked, "What? Your racoon likes flowers?"

"Mew." It responded. Holding up the blue colored flower to Bandit.

"Apparently." Trix said frowning at the response. "We never got to see these types of flowers in the tundra. I guess Dirk got really excited."

"Well whatever floats its boat." Bandit said, not really understanding the beauty in flowers.

"So what were you doing while I caught Dirk?"

"Well, I was... introducing myself to a new person I found. She was tall had white ears, man was she scary though."

"Really? That was the important business?"

The three began to walk back inside the lounge where a sea of mutants formed. They squeezed their way off to a corner, so that the tiny trio wouldn't get squished. Along the way Bandit told Trix about his meeting with Scout, omitting the detail about how he stole her jewel.

"Yeah, she like, threw me over her shoulder and was very tall."

"I'm sure she didn't appreciate you jumping on her though."

"Well, I guess not." He responded with his hand over his head. Bandit was practically dragging his suit on the ground now.

"Mew. Mew." Dirk said.

"Hey, I thought you were on my side!"

"Mew, mew mew mew." It said pointing with its flower at a pink haired girl in the corner.

"Huh?" Bandit said.

"I think Dirk wants to interact with the girl in the corner. She seems lonely."

Bandit slouched his back, not wanting to have more interactions. Plus, the girl in the corner had scary hazel eyes. It reminded him of a predator.

Straightening back up he sad, "She might want to be alone. It'd be rude to interrupt what she was doing."

"But she might want some company."

"Or alone time. Let's let her be."

"Well, there's only one way to find out." Trix said walking over.

"Mew." Dirk said as it pushed off of Trix's arm to lead the way over to the girl hunched over in the corner.

"W-wait, Trix! Dirk! It might me dangerous..." Giving up he chased after them.


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Fatherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #0EBFE9 | FC: #CD3333

The foyer began to illuminate, lights flashed from all sides, holo pods illuminating as fog filled the center of the room. "Ladies and gentlemen, mutants both big and small, please make your way to the foyer and put your hands together for this year's Overseers, Kore Mars and Yeqon Cryo!" They rose from a podium in the center, Kore's smile so wide, her cheeks hurt. It wasn't exaggerated, Kore was truly eager for this moment, having been waiting for it for so long. Kore stepped off of the podium first. She and Yeqon had done three run throughs of the orientation speech, not that he would say much to begin with, but hopefully he remembered his part.

Kore looked out at the crowd, at the fifty hopefuls whose faces were a mix of bemusement, entertainment, and fear. She swished her cape over her shoulder, Kore's form illuminated by the lights, the gold in her outfit sparkling as she took her place in center-stage. "Welcome everyone!" A hover mic floated near her, capturing her voice so that the speaker hidden throughout the area could make sure that everyone would hear. "I am sure you're all very eager to get to tonight's party, but first, we have a brief orientation with some important rules!"

"We're your hosts, Kore and-" she glanced at Yeqon, hoping that he was paying attention. "Let's get right into it," Kore clapped her hands together, the holograms suddenly changing to display the rules. "We have a few rules for the mutant living corridors. Our first and most important rule, is that you must wear your tag at all times. Those tags are your key to the world card and without them, you won't be able to enter the rooms or unlock your door." Kore's smile eased a bit, the tags were akin to wrist chips, only less permanent, since injecting a mutant with a small microchip wasn't exactly efficient. Not to mention the distrust mutants already had towards the humans.

"Our second rule is, please do not attempt to leave the living space. This is an area just for you all and if you are found wandering the ship, unescorted, you will be subject to discharge from the games." This was an important rule, for the safety of the humans. Not that the door would open from the inside anyway. "Our third rule! No violence in the hallways! Sparring is allowed in the gym, but murder is only allowed in the Game!"

Did they understand at all? Were the rules registering in their pea sized brains? Kore hoped so. "Those are the three most important rules! The rest can be found in your handbooks in your rooms. As for other important information, everything we talk about tonight will be in your handbooks." Kore clapped her hands together, glancing at Yeqon again to see what he was up to.

"Now, the Games will take you through four different environments. Before each game, your manager will brief you. You have one week until the first Game begins, during which you'll each have several interviews for the audience to get to know you! You'll want to nail these interviews, since the more sponsors you have, the more mini prizes you'll earn during the Games! This can be anything from a bowl of soup, to a jacket!" The screens illuminated to show clips from past years, of sponsored items being delivered to contestants.

"Your biggest interview will take place the evening before the Game begins. As for the space around you, you are free to use it to prepare! Eat to your heart's content, train until your arms fall off, and relax! Remember, the only way to back out is between Games, so make sure you know what you're doing! Now that, that's over with, let the party begin!" Balloons and colorful streamers suddenly rained from the ceiling. Music played from the speakers and the door opened to allow potential sponsors and managers in.

"What do you think Yeqon?" Kore turned to him, her smile sparkling. "See any potential winners?"