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Impending Pursuit


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a part of Impending Pursuit, by The_Queen.

Not Daddy

The_Queen holds sovereignty over Father, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The second largest ship in the Prime fleet.
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Not Daddy


Father is a part of Impending Pursuit.


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Character Portrait: Leo Behrends
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#, as written by Specmarine

Location: Father

The Games Begin

The day has finally arrived, and the announcement was made...The games are officially happening today and the location was in the wastes. Well at the very least it wont be a cold location for a fight to the death...But a large no mans land with plenty of abandoned things littered around that many people would neglect...Well that certainly gave him a good positive outlook going forward...Judging if there as anything to salvage compared to an old ruined town...At best there could be old cars...Right?...

Well he would cross that fake bridge again when he came across it but at the moment they were all confined to their rooms for their safety they were told...In all honest it almost felt like they were all cattle being led to their pens before the slaughter began. A very unnerving thought but that was basically what was about to happen. A moment of peace before being thrown out in the wastes to fight to the death. And to top it all off he...Virtually never talked to many of the other contestants besides that fluffy looking Doctor and the girl who was eating the grass. And it was clear that he did not make any alliances...Still he did have a good sponsor thanks to Qiqi's hard work so if push comes to shove he had to buy friendship with food! With a firm nod he had one last shower with fresh clean hot water no doubt his last chance to enjoy such luxury before the knock came at his door. "Its time, follow us." Came a voice outside. One of the guards no doubt to escort him. With no further time to waste he got dressed and followed them all the way to the loading dock. Along with more and more fellow mutants being rounded up.

"Well Leo, this is your time to shine...I can't mess around now, some people may be friendly but keep your head down and safe...Take it smart and I can get though this." He hyped himself in his mind as he took a deep breath.


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Character Portrait: Scout
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#, as written by The_Queen


xxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Fatherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Speaking: #CD5C5C | Thought: #2F4F4F

The last pill sat dauntingly on the dresser. Next to it was a cup of water, the condensation pooling onto the wood. For some strange reason, Scout didn't want to take it. She didn't want to be hopeful that something might actually cure her, she didn't want a false sense of security that should she make it out of the first game alive, her ori wouldn't kill her.

Scout shook her head, this was ridiculous.

She grabbed the pill, swallowing it hard and washing the taste down with a quick swig from her cup. Today, she would take what was possibly her last shower in that gloriously warm water. She let it wash over her with some finality, standing beneath the spray for as long as possible.

Scout was busy working on untangling her hair when the door swung open, Aries and Selena entering. Breakfast had been delivered sometime while she was in the bathroom, the tray sitting on the dresser. "Come sit," Selena gestured to the chair. "We came to say goodbye, but I think you might still need my help," Selena sighed, shaking her head. Scout dutifully sat, holding out the hairbrush.

Selena worked her stylist magic with deft fingers, untangling Scout's hair and twisting it into an intricate, expert braid. Aries, in the meanwhile, ate the grapes from Scout's breakfast tray, pondering over his tablet. "Your support item will be with the rest of your belongings when you land." He explained, "So don't worry if it's not on the transport."

Scout nodded in response.

"Nervous?" Selena asked as Scout rose, going over to the wardrobe. "No," she admitted, her voice low. "This is a killing game," The wolf couldn't help but grin, her sharp teeth glinting in the artificial light. Aries and Selena shared a glance, they had already become well-acquainted with that violent glint in her eyes.

"Why is it different?" Scout pointed to the outfit in the wardrobe. She had grown used to the training clothes all competitors were given, but this one was strange and new. "Let me help you," Selena rose, practically wrestling Scout into her new clothing.

Aries still didn't look up from his holo tab, "This one has your sponsor name on it," if Scout could read, she would have realized that the pharmaceutical company that had given her the ori treatment had their logo and name on the back. On the right sleeve was her name, the embellishments on the jacket in silver and red. The shoes fit perfectly, although they were a bit clunky for Scout's liking.

"There," Selena stepped back, a tear in her eye. After all, this could very well be the last time she saw Scout. Aries at last looked up, giving a nod of approval. "Wow," he grinned, "You almost look presentable," he pushed off of the dresser, circling around Scout. "We won't have any communication while you're out there. I'll be able to support you from up here, but that's about it."

"I don't need your help," Scout grumbled, picking at invisible lint on her jacket. "You will," Aries replied. "Once you're on the ground, you'll realize that it isn't going to be easy."

They were going to the Wastes, that was practically Scout's home.

The wolf sauntered over to her breakfast tray and lifted the lid, snatching up a piece of meat. Contestants! Twenty minutes until line up! A cheerful voice announced above them.

Selena clapped her hands together in a prayer, "You'll come back to us, she'll come back to us, right?" The stylist looked at Aries, fear in her eyes. "C'mon Selena, this is Scout we're talking about." The manager scoffed, he had seen first-hand over the last week just what kind of brute strength the wolf had.

"I'm right here," Scout grumbled.

Contestants! Ten minutes until line up! The voice sang.

Scout winced, her sensitive ears twitching at the sound. "What is this called again?" Scout, unconcerned by her possible impending doom, held up a triangle with little slots in it. "A waffle," Aries replied. Scout poured syrup into every hole, "it's the perfect vehicle for sugar," she took a bite, taking care not to get any on her snazzy new outfit.

Contestants! Please step outside your door and await further instructions! Selena ran over, reaching out her arms. Scout stepped back, ears pointed flat, uncertain what Selena's intentions were. The stylist hesitated, then, somewhat awkwardly, tried to wrap her arms around the wolf. "Come back to us in one piece!" She stepped back.

"Scout," Aries stepped towards her. "I expect nothing less than a victory."

Scout nodded, stepping outside the door and towards what could possibly be her death.