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Impending Pursuit

The Tundra

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a part of Impending Pursuit, by The_Queen.

Cold, cold, very cold

The_Queen holds sovereignty over The Tundra, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

300 readers have been here.


Lots of snow.
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The Tundra

Cold, cold, very cold


The Tundra is a part of Impending Pursuit.


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Canisxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Speaking: #919191 | Thought: #D8BFD8

"Do ya want some boy?" The smell of meat made his mouth water. Jax shook his head, looking up at the vendor. "Yes sir, two please." Meat on a stick, there was nothing like it. Earth truly was a wondorous place. The vendor handed him two sticks, Jax was going to give him three coins, but the vendor shook his head. "It's on me, ya saved me thumbs last time I nearly cut them off." Jax nodded, "You only required three stitches," the Vendor laughed, "yes, but these boys are me livelihood. If I lost me thumbs, I lose me business!" He waved Jax's coins away, the man pocketing them for later use. He walked a bit away from the vendor, finding a seat beside a warmer to eat his food at. "Did ya enter your number?" Someone at the table across from his asked, two girls, both with a set of wings larger than their bodied were talking. "Yeah, I did, but I'm nervous." One of them admitted.

The lottery was today, even now, in the Canis's snowy town square, the holo vision was playing as Overseers stood on the blue carpet, dressed in dazzling outfits. He scanned the images, hoping to spot two familiar faces, but seeing neither of them. With a sigh, he rose, tossing the sticks into an incinerator. The walk back home was devoid of anyone else, as per usual. He lived a bit away from the colony, his home built into the side of the mountain to blend in. This was how many people in the Tundra lived, in order to protect themselves from the elements when they could not afford the metal, wood, or insulation required to live out in the open.

"Oi, Jax!" A girl was waiting in front of his door. He blinked, vaguely recognizing her. "Alfia?" He inquired, a girl with razor sharp teeth and gills on the side of her neck. Her skin was blue, her mutations allowing her to live at the coldest depths in the tundra's icy waters. She had come here once before, he had treated her fin rot a year ago. "I'm surprised you remembered," she grinned, cocking a hip. "Anyhow, I need yer help," she moved aside her hand, blood leaking out. Jax nodded, opening up the door and ushering her inside. "How did this happen?" He asked, leading her to the table. "Fishermen, they just don't listen to the fishing guides anymore." Alfia shook her head, glancing at his holo screen.

"Yer watching the lottery?" She leaned forward, grinning. "Did you enter yer number?"

Jax paid her no mind, spraying the wound with numbing spray. "Yes, I did." He replied, getting to work. "Wait, you did?" Alfia blinked, panicking slightly. "But who's gonna take care of us if ya leave?" Jax looked up at her, her cheeks flushing purple when he smiled. "It is only a lottery Alfia, there is a very small chance of my number being called." Alfia nodded, turning back towards the holo screen as Jax cleaned the wound. She smelled like salt and seaweed, now mixed with antiseptic. "You might feel a pinch," Jax changed his gloves as he doused a needle in alcohol and opened up a package of sterile thread. Alfia nodded, silent as he stitched the wound.

She hissed, the numbing spray beginning to wear off. "Almost done," Jax promised, pressing a seal-badge against it, waterproof bandaging. "These are the dissolving kind, so they should be gone by the end of the week." Alfia nodded, rising slowly, as though to test the integrity of the stitches. "Stay away from the boats," Alfia grinned, "Tell the boats to stay away from my reef!" She hooked a thumb in her direction, wincing. "Oh my Mom said to give ya this," she pulled a fish, seemingly out of nowhere and slapped it down on his table. "For ya! As thanks," Jax smiled, taking off his gloves and picking up the fish, which was dangerously close to medical waste. "Thank her for me, this will go well with those beans Phen gave me."

"Phen gave you beans! That pig head told me he was all out!" Alfia stormed off, "Well, I'll see ya round!" she slammed the door behind her, the cold entering for only a moment. Jax's smile faded, he placed the fish in the fridge and carefully disposed of the waste, boiling his needle, in case another emergency came in. "Welcome everyone to the 100th Game of Pursuit!" Jax's attention turned back towards the holo vision. His ID card, where was it? Jax rifled through his belgongings, finding it in his jacket. He still did not memorize those numbers.

"This year's lucky contestants...." A girl with colorful hair began to rattle off names, a boy with dark skin standing beside her. The podium behind them began to light up with ID numbers, and faces. Jax waited, oddly tense.

"ID Number 78209450-2, ooh, this one's from the Tundra." His image flashed on the screen behind her. Jax rose abruptly, his ID falling out of his hands. What to pack? What to pack? How long did he have? He ran a hand through his hair, did he need to bring anything?

His holo pod suddenly came to life, the girl on the holo vision standing there, along with a group of others behind her.

"Welcome Competitor, to the 100th Game of Pursuit! Congratulations! Your ID number has been chosen, you're so lucky! In preparation, please bring only yourself and 1 support item of your chose to your closest shuttle. Make sure you have your ID on you, as it will be needed to confirm your identity. If you would like to back out of this year's Game, all you have to do is-"

Jax was no longer listening, he reached for his cane and his coat, stuffing his ID into his pocket. "The needles," he turned, they were still boiling. Turning the burner off, Jax headed outside, locking the door behind him. Outside, the lanterns began to flicker as the sun set. Where was the closest shuttle station? Jax bit his lip, it was in the next colony over. He would have to take a bike there. "Jax! Need a ride!" He looked up, having just reached the entrance of Canis. "Yes, that would be appreciated," he smiled, relieved to see Lew. "I heard the announcement, we've gotta get you to Ursus."


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Location: 71.2 degrees N and 156 degrees W

Bandit Sephilan
Username: forever2b Speech Color | FC: Ayer from Granblue Fantasy Thought Color
ImageThe Arctic Tundra was known for its cold, desert-like conditions. Warm days lasted about two months in earth time and the rest of the days were icy cold, a perfect combination for an arctic fox like Bandit. Today, the sly fox was trailing a big burly polar bear-mutant that was sniffing around for food. Bandit was not much of a fighter, but an opportunist. He knew the big mutant was capable of hunting bigger sources of meat than he could. As long as the small fox kept its distance, Bandit knew the polar bear wouldn't mind.

After miles of tracking, the bear-mutant stopped to stand on its feet. Bandit also stopped a distance apart from it. Sniffing and grunting, the polar bear locked eyes with its target, seals, more specifically baby seals. The family of a mother and three children, laid carefree on the frozen edges of the sea. Soon, the giant man-bear got down on all fours and revved up its internal engine. Bandit silently giggled, as he knew that this chase was going to be good.

The time had come for the bear to charge straight in. For a big figure, it sure moved fast. Excited, Bandit too followed, jumping over icy rocks and sliding through the ice. The bigger seal seemed to notice, as it gave a loud "urf" notifying her kids to follow her back to the waters. However, the bear struck with force. As the mother scrambled with her young to get back into the waters, one of her babies were already in the mouth of the white bear. As bandit was catching up with the bear he noticed another creature in the white snow, an Arctic Hare posing to be a snow mound. Not missing this opportunity, he lassoed it with his bandage around his hands, effectively choking the life out of it with a bit of a whimper. He pulled the prey to him, "Wow, a good catch!" he said grabbing it by the ear.

Gaining speed, he caught up to the polar bear, who was already chowing down on the seal. Quickly he snatched up the tail piece from the bear who roared in anger, clawing the small fox and clipping the hair ends of Bandit's tail. What a close one. he thought as the fox kept running. He turned to look at the mutant polar bear who didn't bother to chase him. "Thanks for the meat!" Bandit yelled, as he went back to his home.

Back to in the village, Bandit busted the door open with his feet. "Mom, dad, I'm home!" He said excitedly, as he put his gathering on the wooden table. A pregnant woman and her husband came walking down the wooden stairs. "Welcome home!" Bandit's mom said. Grinning Bandit went over to pet her belly, "And I haven't forgotten about you, lil' sis!" he exclaimed.

"Bandit, your hands are cold. You'll freeze your sister to death!" His mother teased.

"Aww come on mom. We live in the Arctic. I'm sure my sis can handle it!"

"Now, now, Bandit. Go be a good boy and wash your hands." His father said. "Seems like you brought us dinner!"

"I sure did! I snatched the seal tail from a polar bear!" Bandit exclaimed, as he went over to the kitchen sink to wash his hands.

"What did we tell you about stealing, Bandit?"

"Yes, I know, dad. But it's kind of an instinct for me."

"Well, don't go off doing those things in the real world you hear?"

"Will you two hush and give me a hand with skinning these?"

"Yes dear."

"Sure thing, mom!"

The house was warm and the kitchen room filled up with the smell of spices and meat. The wooden table was soon filled with a large black pot of stew and a plate full of meatloaf. TV played in the background as they munched down.

"Wow mom, that's some solid stew!"

"That's why I married her."


On the TV, an energetic girl spoke about the Game of Pursuit. She was drawing the lottery numbers for this year's contestants. Bandit's father looked up giving a look of disapproval.

"Those barbarians up in the sky..." He said chewing through the seal tail. "Who would risk their life to get rich anyway?"

Bandit sank in his chair.

"It's just a human thing to do." His mother said, as she got up to take the empty dishes away from them. "Let them have their game, and we'll live our lives."

"Lottery number:484742147, oh lots of fours!"

"I mean who do they think they are?"

"None of us would even dare to enter."

"Yea, about that...." Bandit said with his hands on top of his head.

"Bandit... I don't like the sound of that." His mother said in a low voice.

"Well you see... I entered into the Game...."

"Bandit! How could you!"

"Honey calm down." His father waved, "there are plenty of people that applied, he couldn't possibly be chosen."

" Yeah... the number with lots of fours... that was my number." A weary smile came across Bandit's face, as the intense stare from both parents nearly burned a hole in his skull. The house shook with screams after, and Bandit ran out of the house, his mother chasing him with a broom, while his father came out with a shotgun.

"If you want to die so badly, I'll kill you right here!"

"No! Herald."

"Mom, dad. I'm doing this for you and my little sis! I promise to win and make us rich!" He said dodging the shotgun bullets.

"Come back in the house this instant!"

"I love you too~"

With that the Arctic Fox named Bandit made his way over to the terminal.


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Canisxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Speaking: #919191 | Thought: #D8BFD8

The terminal was baren, the sun having already set. Lights flickered around, a guard stationed outside wearing a heavy downcoat. "ID Number?" He asked, as Jax approached, Lew having taken Jax as far as he could go. "Here," Jax showed him the ID, a bit taller than the guard. "This way, do you have your support item?" He asked, Jax lifting up his cane. The man blinked, "I'm going to have to take that from you," he seemed a bit guilty. "It's not for medical use," Jax rectified, sliding the bottom open to reveal a blade. "Ah, alright." He tagged it, placing it in a storage compartment. "It looks like we have another competitor from the Tundra! Oh, what an interesting one you are. Would you mind telling us your name?" A fotor asked as soon as Jax stepped onto the shuttle. "Jax," he replied simply, finding an empty seat. The fotor trailed him, "Well, Jax, are you excited for this ear's Game?"

Jax gave a brief nod, he wasn't doing this for the game. "I'm sure it will be as exciting as last year." The fotor nodded, stepping away to go bug someone else. There were three competitors on the shuttle. One wandered over, close to where Jax was sitting, taking the seat opposite. He offered Jax a wrapped pastry. "Want one? They have plenty of food on this ship," Jax shook his head, the shuttle jostling a bit as it took off. "Please fasten your seatbelts!" Someone from the front called, Jax reaching behind him to buckle the cables across his chest. "I just ate, but thank you." The man leaned back, tall, with a moon on his forehead. His ears were long and pointed and his teeth sharp.

"I'm Jax," he offered a hand. The man opposite him grinned, "Fennec," they shook, falling into mutual silence once more. Jax's ears popped, his head growing dizzy. "Please hang on, we're experiencing some turbulance due to the weather." The voice above them announced, the ship jostling quite a bit more. Jax turned, they had just broken through the clouds. "This is surreal," Fennec grinned, stuffing another bun into his mouth. Jax nodded in agreement, everything floating, for just a moment, until the artificial gravity turned on. "Thank you for your patience, we should reach Father in approximately thirty minutes."

The other competitor sat alone in a corner, her horns pointed upwards, head tilted down. Was she... praying? Jax wondered. Jax unstrapped, rising to grab water. "Hey," Fennec called to him suddenly. "Why are you entering this contest?" He asked, rising. He was quite burly, Jax realized. He wore layers with different furs. Animal or mutant? Jax had to wonder. "I want to see my sisters again." Jax replied, "I have no interest in the contest, my goal was to get onto the ship." The girl in the corner suddenly looked up. "So you're not going to kill anyone?" She asked, her voice trembling. "I'm a doctor, killing others is against my moral code." Fennec laughed at this. "Good luck with that, buddy." He clapped Jax on the back, his palm heavy.

"What is your name?" Jax asked, offering the girl water. Her horns reminded Jax of a ram. "Safia," she smiled, her voice trembling. She took the offered water, practically downing it. "Why did you enter?" Jax sat down beside her, she capped the water, looking at her feet. "I have two little sisters," Safia's voice was soft, it reminded Jax of a calm river bed. "My Mom died giving birth to the second, so I've been taking care of them. I thought, that if I could enter and win, I could give them a better life."

Fennec laughed, "Adorably delusional," he grinned, his smile intentionally threatening. "Your sisters, do you think you can find them?" Safia asked, ignoring Fennec. "I'm not sure which ship they're on," Jax admitted, "but I am sure, that if they see me on the holo vision, they will come." The captain cleared his voice, "All passengers, please strap in as we arrive at Father." Jax placed the strap across his chest once more, buckling it in. The ship jostled a bit as they reached Father's landing strip. "Welcome, Competitors, to Father."

The shuttle doors opened, Jax unstrapped, rising slowly. Outside, Fotors lingered, their cameras already pointed at them. Fennec and Safia both hesitated, not used to this, but Jax knew the ways of the humans. He rose confidently, striding down the boardwalk, to where a booth was set up for processing. "ID?" A human asked, looking bored. She glanced up at Jax, then down, then back up, her eyes widening. "Well, hello there," she smiled. "Hello," Jax replied, handing her his ID. "Let's see, hmm, yup, that's you. Jax Bug, welcome." She handed him his ID back and motioned for his hand. Jax gave it to her, she scanned his wrist quickly, then fixed a metal bracelet on it. "Don't lose that, that's your key to the world." She winked, Jax looking at it.

It looked plain, silver, it dangled on his wrist, loose enough to move, but not come off. "Welcome to the Game of Pursuit, please wait over there for your manager." Jax waited for ten seconds before a man looked down at his holo tab, then up at Jax. "Are you Mr. Bug?" He asked, "Call me Jax," he held out a hand. "I'm your manager, Axel," his handshake was oddly dainty.

"Follow me please, we'll get you showered and changed before orientation. You'll be able to mingle with the contestants then."


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Character Portrait: Lamia Serose
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Username: forever2b Speech Color | FC: AUG from Girl's Frontline Thought Color


Location: (Mainly) Colony Prime, 90.0000° N, 135.0000° W

On a cloudless day at the North Pole, a group of mutants were walking through the ice cold lands, carrying filled brow sacks, three times their size. Five of them, in a group were dredging through the snow struggling to keep the weight up.

"Seems like we struck gold." grunted one to the others.

"Well more like diamonds, but same thing really. Those mines were completely abandoned!" said the other dragging their feet across the ice.

"Do ya think they are going to find out?"

"Nah Prime's a dead colony, no one will notice."

"We did it boys, once we make it out of here, we are rich!" The four mutants laughed as they made their way throughout the closed off mines of Colony Prime.

"so h-"


A head exploded, scattering it's brains, bone, and blood in all directions. The body fell limp, dropping the sack on its back, which scattered the shiny clear crystals over the red and white snow.



Another head exploded right beside the second one.



The heads splattered off, as the necks sprayed crimson red, like a sprinkler.

"Run!" The remaining thief said to the other.

"Target. Hold three O'clock, one inch." Off in the distant mountains a set of hazel eyes and ballerina pink hair could be seen buried in the snow. She was not looking into the scope but readjusting as the instructor with binoculars were telling her to. With a slight adjustment,


"Target. That's the last one and under four seconds too." The thick white mustached man stood up, putting his white binoculars away, "You sure are one heck of a sharpshooter."

"Would that be enough to get today's payment?" said the pink haired girl, brushing off the snow on top of her pale body. She locked the gun, which made its snow white color, turn back into its original metallic gray. The frail girl, picked her self up to meet the mustached man's eyes. Snow fell from the flowers on her bow.

The mustached man, hesitated a bit at her stare. "Well, we'll have to check to make sure that the corpses matched the bounty, but you went ahead and blew their damn heads off."

"Weren't you a witness?" She said keeping her stare.

The man cleared his throat, as he fixed his fur hat on his head to escape the eye contact. "Well, I guess I was, but it'd be nice to leave their face as proof next time. Wouldn't you say?"

Lamia blinked her eyes, her rifle now in an upright position, the nose pointing to the sky. She had her hands on the barrel of the gun, letting the bottom rest in the snow. If the man wanted to, he could have just checked the corpses DNA. It was standard procedure now a days, since DNA checks could be done in an instant with cheap machinery. This human seemed like he was jsut giving Lamia hard time.

"So are you going to pay or not?" She asked, her facial expression not changing. The girl's eyes were locked on the mustached man. After a long silence and many attempts at avoiding eye contact, the man gave in.

"Oh, alright. Here it is." He said handing her a small sack of coins. "You have a nasty stare. Oh and we'll be collecting those diamonds for, uh, evidential purposes. NWG approved of course."

Lamia stood silent, taking the small sack of coins into her gloved hands. The humans have been giving Colony Prime some jobs to barely keep them afloat, but many of them abused their position of power to unfairly take resources such as these diamonds for a small price of killing bounty. Many of the NWG officials closed off Colony Prime's mines calling it "too dangerous for living creatures to work in." In order to stay on the official map of the NWG, Colony Prime had to comply.

The NWG was most likely behind tipping off the five mutants of the abandoned mine too. Rarely did any stray mutants come to the North Pole. Only mutants that had thick coats or were refugees, like Lamia and her family lived there. The corpse seemed like neither.

The eagle knew she couldn't do anything, so she gave a small nod of recognition. The mustached man grinned widely, showing off mustard yellow teeth. Lamia didn't even need instructions in sniping. She had handled plenty more targets from further distances without a need for help, but the instructor probably was there to make sure all went according to the plans of the NWG. He hurried off down the mountains and called more humans down to the bloody site, where in a matter of minutes, they were picking up the shiny jewels covered in red. The corpse were tossed to the side on top of each other. They didn't bother to check.

Lamia also made it down the mountains and walked back on foot to the main colony. When she arrived, she could see in the sky, a space crafted labeled with the NWG logo take off for the skies. They must have finished gathering up the diamonds. A tall man with an eye patch and blue glowing hands greeted her.

"Lamia, good of you to make it back here! Did you get us the money?"

Looking over at the tall figure, Lamia gave a nod of acknowledgement, as she handed Yurio the sack of coins. He took it with one hand and examined it.

"Not as much as we expected, but it will have to do." The man grunted. "Good work my friend!"

The burly man gave a light tap on the back to Lamia, who had to brace herself from falling over to her face. Yurio was the leader of Colony Prime. He was their 3rd leader.

"Come have a drink with us," The colony leader said as he pointed to a pub located off the center of the town. Lamia let out a slight smile of appreciation before responding with a shake of her head, her pink hair dancing side to side before returning to their normal positions. The harpy eagle gently flipped some of her hair back to prevent it from being all in front of her.

"I'd like to visit my family." she said, "It may be the last time in a while that I get to see them."

Yurio's one eye widened, as he realized that Lamia was preparing for the Game of Pursuit despite not even knowing if she made it or not. He breathed in and closed his eyes before letting out a sigh. The burly colony leader nodded his head.

"I got it, but Lamia, you don't have to-"

"Before I came to Colony Prime, my family and I were always an outcast. We were cast aside, seen as dirt of society. However, you saw us as an equal. You and all the people in Colony Prime... That's why I want to participate in the game, so that I can protect the home that I found."

Yurio's body shook as his eye began to tear up. With his human arm, he rubbed his eyes.

"If that is your wish, let it be so. May the the frost lords grant you, your wish! I'll be watching for your name with all our comrades."

Lamia let out a slight smile, nodding at his encouragement before heading back to her home, with her sniper slung to her back. When she opened the door to her home, a flurry of white feathered wings greeted her.

"Lamiii~ You made it back! How was everything, my dear sister?" She enveloped Lamia in her white feathery wings.

Freeing herself from her sister's wings, Lamia responded, "It was fine, Fatvia, you don't have to treat me like a child anymore."

"But, but it was freezing outside! And those evil humans, they were with you the whole day. If anyone hurt my dear sister, I would tear them with my talons!" Fatvia exclaimed showing off her talons, where regular human feet would have been. Again, the while harpy eagle, attempted to hug her sister under her wings, but Lamia pushed her off with some effort.

"We have been living here for five years. It's always cold outside, and the humans did nothing to me. I'm fine."

"That's right, Fatvia. Your sister is more than capable of taking care of anyone who wishes harm to her." A black and grey harpy eagle came limping at them with a cane in one hand. It was their father, Kurt.

"Daddy!" Fatvia exclaimed, rushing over to him.

"You shouldn't move father, I would have come to you." Lamia exclaimed, brushing off the snow from her head and outfit, then walking her way over.

"That's quite alright. This might be the last time I see my daughter for a while. I won't miss it." He said holding Lamia's lottery card ID. "You were chosen."

Lamia stopped to try and hold back the tears that were about to come out of her.

"No need to cry, Lamia. Your mother would be proud."

The family turned to a desk with a framed picture of a bright pink harpy eagle with hazel eyes smiling delicately at them. Fatvia hurried over to Lamia to give her a good ruffle with her feathers, effectively knocking Lamia out of her sadness.

"That's right Lami, I know you are doing this for us and colony Prime. Go show them the strength of the harpy eagle!"

Shocked by her sister's rough play, Lamia put her hand on the table to gather herself up a bit. Before smiling and nodding back at her sister and father.

"I promise to make you proud. I'll come back with a place we can permanently call home."

Lamia turned around and faced the door, away from her family. She grabbed the silver cross that was attached to her arm and brought it to her face. Mother, watch over me. She prayed. With that, she opened the door to take her leave.

To the harpy eagle's surprise, A gigantic space craft was waiting for her in front of her house. Yurio stood with his best five mates, waiting for Lamia.

"Congratulations on getting selected. You didn't think we would just let our number one hunter go to the Father by herself, did you?" A big grin appeared on the colony Prime Leader's face.

A drop of red dropped down to the white snow on the ground. Lamia was bleeding from her right eye. She couldn't hold it in anymore, as the sadness of leaving her home and the warmth the the leaders of the cold north colony showed to her was too much for her to bear. She shivered, as blood started to leave her body.

"Now, now, don't go off being sad. You are our hope and pride!" Yuiro said loudly. "Come, Lamia our number one sniper!"

Trying to wipe the blood away from her eye, she grabbed Yurio's hand to board the space craft that would lift her to the Father. Till the end, she watched Fatvia and her father wave her off, until they were nothing more than a tiny spec on the large earth. There were so many people counting on her: her family, and her home colony. Most importantly, Lamia grabbed onto the silver cross once more, those that sacrificed their lives for her. Her determination rose, as the red blood dried off her fair face. She would win this for all that she cared for.


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2.00 INK

Few dare venture deep inside the forest that Ciara had made her dwelling. Her presence and the perpetual corruption that had seeped into lands once verdant had turned the once thriving wood into a heart of tainted evil. Of course, there were ones who choose to live near her despite the danger, their mutations more prevalent as a result, but the lands were extra inhospitable to travelers, with the inhabitants also sharing a similar sentiment to these unwanted guests.

Ciara, however, didn't mind the company. While most of the forest dwellers were grumpy and unpredictable, they recognized the Ciara as a generally harmless swamp lady who wandered about and willingly listened to the plights of anyone once she had chosen a place to sit for the night. It was her peaceful drifting that allowed her to receive multiple..electronic device thingies from willing targets and essentially put herself in the running for her next prospect.

While most would be content with never being picked for the competition. Ciara had been quite literally waiting for the opportunity as soon as she heard of it. Despite the stock-pile of identification devices she had amassed, her ageless wait had spanned many years. Until the moments of motionless stay were cut through by a ringing buzz that crumpled her measured heap of electronics.

Sauntering over, she listened intently at the words. Forming a slight smile at a sight that would seemingly scare most, her type of wait had finally come to a close. Processing the words that illuminated the screen, the chipper electronic voice reconfirming the meaning as both light and sound cut through the dark and the quiet respectively.

"ID-4230911, please remain where you are. A shuttle will come to transport you up."

Crawling out from below the canopy that made up her dwelling, it did not take long for the forest to be greeted by the descent of a futuristic spacecraft. Sweeping over the swaying verdant with a wind that dissipated as soon as the shuttle landed, the side of the vehicle opened and pushed out a ramp after a few expectant moments. A march of white clad soldiers trickled out from the entrance. Spotting Ciara from the clearing, they walked up to escort her.

"ID-4230911, make your way towards the ship." Only answering with an uninterested yawn, the girl obediently followed the group of soldiers after presenting her identification device. With an almost unsettling form of calm, she walked through and sat at an open seat. Silent and not even acknowledging the other participants that came inside to fill the shuttle. Her stare remained equal parts tired and uninterested and while such a deep pondering look could only lead to theory as to what she was exactly thinking, her mind was truly blank in this moment. Her head filled with air instead of thought. She did however notice participants straying away from sitting next to her, though she also didn't seem to mind.

Traveling with the crowd, Ciara went where she was told without question. Undertaking a perpetual sleepless sway that reverted her reactions to mere nods, her daze led her to the gathering room though promptly ceasing at the smell of something buttery and sweet. Her everlasting wander brought her to the impressive refreshments table were she proceeded to gorge herself without much care for etiquette or even passable manners. Her aura from earlier was sure to sway the people who arrived with her, unknowingly acting as the guardian of the snack table as she proceeded to clean it out.

Registering the physical stimuli of being tapped on the shoulder, she turned her head over and subsequently down as her gaze met the eyes of a feminine figure. Halfway through a half-bitten scone in one hand and finger-sandwich in the other, she paused to register the figure before turning back and continuing her meal. Most likely forgetting the person that graced her sight before being tethered back by a stronger poke.

"AY! Don't f*cking ignore me!" The feminine figure yelled at Ciara with an unmatched fury. Bringing their head close for a moment of scrutinization, they finally spoke with a regular tone as soon as they were certain that they had Ciara's attention. "You're 4230911, right?"

Processing the simplistic question for a few moments, she paused for what seemed like would be a lengthy ponder before turning her attention to them and nodding. As soon as Ciara answered their question, her head craned back for the regularly scheduled programming of stuffing her face in.

Hearing a huff and sigh from her left, Ciara was quickly pushed from in front of the table until they were in more of a clearing in the room. "If that sassy child assigned me a slow one..then I'll bite her f*cking throat out.." Mumbling to themselves, the individual's anger faded now that Ciara's attention couldn't possibly find a way to distract herself. "I am your manager which means you'll follow my orders without fail. Understand?"

Making a show of considering their order, Ciara finally turned her attention back onto them before nodding.

"Good~, let's go then. First stop is a wash, you smell like a mix of raw sewage and stray chemicals." Pushing Ciara out of the room and through the hallways, they eventually led her to a futuristic booth. "Take your clothes off and stand still. No squirming."

Following their orders, Ciara stripped and walked until she was in the center, almost unwavering to the cold water spraying at her sides and the steam that coated her skin. Fortunately the temperature was not too unbearable in either direction, Ciara able to stay formed as Celty relayed more information through the intercom.

"I'll need to make you presentable, otherwise the multi-colored midget is going to have a cow. Fortunately you have a nice face, so I'm just gonna dress you in something fancy and set you on your way. You'll be able to meet others contestants if ya wish but I have a feeling you'll be booking in towards the food. Just..don't make a mess."

Allowing the scented steam to settle, Ciara's bare form walked from out of the stall. Celty looking her over before throwing her a bathrobe to cover herself with. "Put this on..and I didn't get your name."

After holding the robe for a few moments, she simply nodded and threw it over herself. "Ciara." With a soft, quiet tone, she answered their question with her first word.


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Edward Killedge
Username: forever2b | FC: Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear Series | | Speech Color | Thought Color |
Location: Station to Father

The terminal was filled with mutants of all shapes and sizes. Having received his invitation, Edward made it over the counter. The tall blonde, showed his ID to the nervous clerk at the desk. He loomed over the shorter human, who tried his best to not make eye contact. Verifying that Edward was selected for the Game, the clerk wearily responded,

"C-congratulations on being chosen for the 100th Game of Pursuit!" He tried is best to be professional and smile, but it was obvious that the worker was trying to hide his nervousness.

Edward stared down at the man with a cold, deadly stare. Such a disgusting creature, faking his way through life, congratulating creatures on a battle to the death for its own entertainment. One hundred competitions and no winners, everyone who participated in the Game of Pursuit were practically going to die; they were so far gone without hope that they wanted to take even the slightest chance of getting lucky even if the other ninety-ninth time, there were no winners. Only killers and those who were desperate would join, a perfect battleground for Edward to protect the hopeless, while killing off the murderers. Then these forsaken creatures, known as humans, will be purged too, but not now. He had to bide his time.

"Why, thank you." Edward replied, giving the man behind the desk a warm smile while taking back his ID.

The clerk paused to look at the elf's face. It was calm and kind as far as he could tell, and kind of pretty... The man shook his head trying his best to be professional.

"O-of course! N-no problem at all!" He said, regaining his confidence. No matter how pretty they looked, they were mutants after all. Boy they were sure gullible. Clearing his throat, the clerk said "For the safety of others on the ride and people on Father, please give us your support item. We will scan it and send it to you once you arrive at the battlefield...." The clerk looked nervously once again at Edward. Last time he gave this speech to a competitor, he almost got physically abused. If it weren't for the guards, the clerk would have been in the hospital bed on paid leave.

"I see." Edward said considerately, "Please take care of my sword." He said handing his white-blue sword to the man with one hand. The clerk received the sword with two hands, but the weigh caught him off guard, dragging him and the sword to the ground.

"Oh no, are you alright?" Edward rushed over to try and help the clerk up, but before he could get behind the desk, three guards in full suit and helmets surrounded him, with their guns pointing at him. The clerk quickly got up waving to the guards.

"I-I'm fine. The mutie did nothing wrong. I just fell by myself." He said.

"Roger that. Let's move."

"Sorry about that, um, Mr. Killedge. We'll ship this sword to the Father as soon as possible! Your shuttle will come in about ten minutes."

Edward gave a quick frown at the word "Mutie". How dare they compare me to such creatures?

Back to his facade, Edward smiled "No problem. Thanks for the ticket."

Turning around, the young Elf couldn't help but tremble. He would have all of their heads on a plate. Waiting for the shuttle, Edward couldn't help but look at the large Holo Pod that these earthly creatures used for entertainment. He saw an interview about the Game of Pursuit. A red and blue haired girl was doing the interview. She was going on about how this year's game was going to be amazing and different from the others. More empty words.

Humans seemed to love speaking without really meaning anything. She did seem to have a good looking face. It was a shame. When pressed for more information, a tall slender man pulled her aside. He was on camera for a good second before the footage was cut, but Edward was certain that the dark skin tone was from one "creature" on earth. "Creatures" were really a generous term to call them. The sacred, becoming tainted with darkness; they were more like dirt, fallen trash that needed to be burned. Edward let out a smile. The Game just became even more of an opportunity for him.

Over the PA a feminine, robotic voice spoke "The shuttle for, the Father is now boarding on, station 3. The shuttle for, the father, is now boarding on, station 3."

That was the elf's Que to board the shuttle. Brushing off the dirt on his shoes and clothes, Edward got up from his seat with a burning intent glimmering in his eyes. Everything will pay off. The earth shall be made clean once again.


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Bandit Sephilan
Location: Station to Father
Username: forever2b Speech Color | FC: Ayer from Granblue Fantasy Thought Color
ImageThe bustling place of the station was an exciting scene for Bandit. There were so many people, with so many shiny objects to take from. The Arctic Fox's tail wagged, as he went left and right sifting through pockets of other creatures, and snatching people's possessions every now and then. Finally Bandit made it to the front desk, his pockets saturated with pocket watches, necklaces, and the like. With a big grin, Bandit looked over the table to the human sitting on the other side.

"I'd like a ticket to Father, please!" The human was not amused. She stared at the short creature, annoyed.

"Kid, not everyone gets to go up to the Father, okay. Go back to your parents and tell them to see me."

Confused, Bandit put his hands up to his head. He tilted his head as he spoke "Well, if I visit my parents now, they probably will shoot me dead. So I can't go back now. Here, I have my ID. I have been chosen for the game!"

Maintaining the same expression, the lady at the counter looked over. She snatched Bandit's ID and ran it on her Holo Tab. In a few seconds, the machinery responded with a short beep, confirming what he had said. Responding to the machinery, she let out a sigh before returning, Bandit his card.

"Poor thing." She muttered.

"What do you mean poor? I'm gonna get rich off of this you know!"

"... congratulations on being selected for the 100th Game of Pursuit. Your shuttle to Father will arrive shortly, by that I mean now. Please give me your support item."

Gleefully, Bandit dug through both of his pockets to reveal all the booty he got from the hunt inside the space stations. The lady looked over and gave the arctic fox an "are-you-serious" look.

"You can only have one supporting item..."

"Oh... then I guess this will do." Bandit replied, holding up a shiny golden pocket watch. As he held up the watch, a low voice came shouting.

"There! That's my watch!"

Turning around bandit could see an old gray mutant covered from head to toe in gems with three or four overweight mutants in leather and varying colors of Mohawks giving him the stink eye. Uh oh. That's not good! Bandit thought.

"Get him boys!" The old mutant said, as the big boys tried to make it over to Bandit. The thugs, however, were intercepted by the human guards in full riot wear. They slammed the ends of their guns at the big mutants to fend them off.

"Stop causing a ruckus, Muties!" One of them said. The rich old mutant came in front of the mutants with his hands together.

"Sorry my good sirs." He said. "You see, I happened to lose my precious valuables to a thief..."

Bandit put his two hand on the desk, "Actually, I think I will have no support items thanks!" he blurted out snatching the ticket from the lady's hand, while putting on his hood to run as fast as he can towards his shuttle.

"Look! He's getting away!"

"Calm down, and tell me from the beginning."

Getting lost in the crowd, Bandit gently shoved the golden pocket watch into another person's back pocket, similar to his size. Sorry man. he thought as he scurried to his destination. The shuttle was about to leave; they were closing the doors. Bandit got on all fours to ramp up speed. Nimbly, he weaved through the crowd and jumped for the entrance.


The arctic fox collided with a girl with brown ears, hazel eyes, and grayish black tail. She held her forehead and let out a soft "oof", as Bandit rolled over, grasping his head in pain. Coming to his senses, he made a quick dash into the closing doors, but to his surprise something grabbed him from behind. Everything went in slow motion, the girl he crashed with was hanging on to his cloak to boost her own momentum. Aw, crap. Bandit thought as the he went face first into the shuttle's floor, with the girl landing on top of him. The shuttle door closed and they were off to the Father.