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Tabitha Lejion

0 · 538 views · located in Prairie Hills, South Dakota

a character in “Imperfect Balances”, as played by Leda


Tabitha Lejion


Tabitha Elizabeth Lejion


⍚Birthday and Zodiac⍚
August 13th; Leo



⍚Face Claim⍚
Alexandra Chando

she's a Blogger writer in her spare time, but her main income is a job at the local radio station as an intern.

She's the type of person that will come up with the perfect come back if needed. Definitely a strong and sassy spirit.

She may be abit of a bitch, but she can also be friendly. When she picks a group of friends, she's eager to help them and to listen to their problems

Depending on the activity, she's clever enough to find a way not to do it; and if you aren't careful, you'll wind up doing it for her.

She's clever. Unbelievably clever, And she may not be the smartest person around but she can outsmart the average human in a heart beat.

This is not her fondest trait, but in some moments, she'll cry like a child. For the most part she doesn't care, but sometimes she can't help but feel great passion for some things.

⍚Painting⍚Reading⍚Singing⍚Writing⍚Pancakes⍚Petrichor (the smell after rain)⍚Rain⍚The taste of crush cream soda⍚Cats⍚Old photographs⍚

⍚The sound of people tapping their fingers⍚Spiders⍚Rats⍚Swimming⍚Her family⍚Twilight⍚The smell of sweat⍚Bacon⍚Coldness⍚Ringing⍚

⍚Sewing⍚- She's an expert when it comes to sewing. Whether it's jeans or creating something new, she's good at it

⍚Writing⍚- She's been writing for a long time, and likes to think she's gotten pretty good at it

⍚Running⍚- Due to her species, her running is advanced. This gives her a certain...speed advantage over humans...

⍚Sleeping⍚- If sleeping counts as a skill, she's mastered it. She can sleep for hours, which is probably a good thing considering she's a vampire...


Eradia Lejion {45} {Mother} (Helena Bonham Carter) Image

Alexander Lejion {47} {Father} (Johnny Depp)


⍚She crew up in the 70's. At the age of 19, she was bitten by her mother, turning her into a vampire, since she had been adopted and grew up in a family of vampires. She learned to quickly adapt to the changes in society through the years. Her father took some time but began dressing and acting in a similar fashion aswell. Her mother on the other hand, refused to change to fit in and became very frustrated with technology and fashion, claiming it was dumb and useless. They only fortunate thing about this was that her mother never leaves the house...

⍚She had several boyfriends, but they've all grown old and gotten married or had kids; But she is still as young as she will forever be. Many of her old friends are either vampires or have grown old aswell. But being once human, she was always more fond of them when it came to any friendships or relationships.

⍚Her family has odd traditions. These include: hanging up portraits of dead family member upside down, covering all mirrors in the house, and not leaving the house on the second monday of each month.

⍚Her Aunt Martha and Uncle Cedric lived in hiding for afew years, begging them to move out there and hide with her.

⍚After afew "Inncidents" occured, they finally gave in and ran into hiding with her Aunt and Uncle. Finding it to be the perfect, unsuspecting place, they decided it was safe to stay for awhile.

She has a fear of drowning.
not being a pure bred, she can be out in sun light abit longer than others.
Her birth name was Alison but was changed when she was adopted.
She's adopted and doesn't know her birth parents. nor do her parents
Her mother hates humans.

So begins...

Tabitha Lejion's Story