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David McCleary Sheldon

"I'm not afraid of dying, just afraid of dying young."

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a character in “In a Blink”, as played by Sicariius


David McCleary Sheldon

Theme Song: Dying Young ~ Mac Lethal
Role: Boy Two.

Gender: Male.
Nickname(s): Dave, Mac.
Age: Seventeen.
Sexuality: Pansexual.

Appearance: David is a bit taller than average for kids his age, standing in at six feet and five inches. He is, however, of an average weight, leaving him with a healthy build. He has short, light brown hair that falls in his face in tresses. His eyes are a sea green color, and his skin seems to be fair in complexion and mostly unblemished. There are small amounts of faint freckles on his shoulders. He has no piercings, tattoos, or notable scars. His expression is usually a happy one, despite whatever mood he is in at the time, and his smiles often flash his teeth.

Although his smiles may be sometimes forced, it isn't hard for people close to him to read what he is actually feeling via his eyes. The saying that they are the windows to the soul isn't inaccurate when it comes to David, and he has a bad habit of letting what he is feeling shine through them. He can't help it, and even when he breaks the smile remains plastered on his face. It was something he taught himself to do when he was younger, upon the death of his mother. He figured if you fake it, it'll eventually feel good.

Preferred Clothing: David often wears a high collared jacket, leaving it unzipped and open to expose the plain shirts he wears underneath, along with basic blue jeans. He often wears boots as well, regardless of weather condition.

Height: 6ft, 5in.
Weight: 210lbs.
Hair Color: Light Brown.
Eye Color: Sea Green.

Notable Features: His eyes, his fixed expressions, his height.

Personality: David is pretty broken socially, but he tries, he really does. He feels fortunate to have the friends he does now, and he's glad that he had some support when his mother died, but it still ended up messing with him. While conversing with people outside of his group of friends, and even sometimes when conversing with the people inside his group of friends, he can be socially awkward and not entirely certain of what to say or how to say it. Because of this, he's formed a social dependency on the friends he is close with, and often looks to them to help him out.

Regardless of this, he is extremely caring, and extremely protective of those close to him. He doesn't consider himself a violent person, and usually advocates against it. But, if his friends are threatened in anyway, he isn't hesitant to protect them with force and would even go to the lengths of giving up his life for them. Sometimes, however, if he breaks down too bad, he is unable to function and needs to be coaxed out of his metaphorical shell once again. These breakdowns are rare, however, and he just remains smiling.

Oddities: His social inept.

Charm Points: His strong passion for those close to him, his smile.

Likes: Autumn weather, oranges, spicy food, acoustic music.
Dislikes: Cold weather, bright colors, loud noises, Oriental food, breaking down.
Dreams: David aspires to become a successful acoustic/hip-hop artist.

Fears/Phobia(s): Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia, Hemophobia, Automatonophobia.

Skills: David is rather skilled with guitar, having been playing for eight years of his life.
Personal History: David's childhood was a decent one, his father held a steady income, his mother was loving, and he had six other friends to play with. It wasn't until they all hit adolescence that things began to go downhill. Upon his entering of middle school, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was of course, bad news, and along with David reacting negatively, his father took to the bottle, forming alcoholism while also taking on a second job to afford treatments.

They worked at first, and David became hopeful, and was even acting cheerful upon his second year of middle school. He was optimistic about it all, certain that the treatments would continue to work and that his mother would beat it. He boasted, likened her to a super hero, he was happy even though the situation was grim. Then they all graduated, moved on to summer break. It didn't last, her body began rejecting treatments, and David would end up sleeping over at the hospital with her rather than going to spend time with his friends. She died in June, leaving David broken and his father to spiral into a temporary madness.

His father left after the funeral, leaving David alone in his house for almost three weeks. He kept this from his friends, saying that his father was still just working a lot. But he eventually came back home, stumbling in the house in the middle of the night and passing out drunk on the hallway floor. David cleaned him up, put him in bed, and then watched him. Upon waking up, his father burst in to tears and David soon joined him. He cleaned up shortly thereafter, and returned to work. David spent the next couple of months with his friends, and spent the first moments of High School extremely broken. He's slowly recovering, however, with the help of his friends.

Other: Password is Forever Friends.

So begins...

David McCleary Sheldon's Story

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Rylin woke up at eight am sharp, the trip was going to be about a three hour drive so she told her friends the day before that they should get an early start. She looked over to her sisters bed and only saw a blob of a blanket but she knew her tsin was under the blanket. Suddenly she felt a lick on her face which made her giggle and reach for her puppy. "Well goodmorning to you too Loki" she said to her yorkie puppy as she got out of bed "do you have to go out?" she asked the dog in her arms and watched it wag its tail, "Ill take that as a yes...might as well take Magpie out also". She grabbed her sisters maltese puppy off Ashlins bed, grabbed a sweatshirt and took the dogs outside. She put the two dogs down on the ground and put her sweatshirt on when she noticed it was snowing, she hoped the weather wouldnt get too bad. Once the dogs where done she ushered them back inside and to her room where she grabbed her outfit, a pair of jeans with a dark blue sweater, that she picked out the night before when she packed Ashlin and her bags. Before she went to take a shower she went and nudged her sister a bit. "Ash, Ashy time to wake up" she heard some kind of a mumble, deciding that was as good as a response she was going to get, she headed to the bathroom where she took about a fifteen minute shower.

After her shower she got dressed, blow dryed and straightened her hair, and put on some light makeup. When she decided she looked as good as she could she left the bathroom and headed into her room where she saw Ashlin dressed and packing a few things she didn't pack last night. "Im going to send everyone a text to make sure they are up and on their way, ill be out in the kitchen..oh and make sure to wear a sweatshirt or something, its starting to snow" she said as she grabbed her bags and her dogs dog crate and went out to the kitchen. She out her bags down, sat down in one of the kitchen chairs, and sent a message to her five friends.

To: Zoe, CC, Violet, David, Liz
From: Ry
Hey just wanted to make sure your up. Wear something warm, its snowing. Hopefully will be leaving in the next hour. xoxo

Ashlin was sleeping peacefully under her mountain of blankets when she felt a nudge to her side and her sister telling her to get up. "Five minutes" she mumbled then rolled over to her side and tried to fall back to sleep but Magpie decided to wiggle her way under the blankets and lick her face. "Okay okay im up damnit im up at this god awful time" she still didnt understand why her sister wanted them to get up so early but she wouldn't expect anything else from her sister. She pushed the blankets back and very slowly got out of bed, she then got dressed in a pair of dark green army pants and an olive long sleeve shirt. She put her hair into two ponytails and put a black bandana over her hair and out some black eyeliner on. She then put together a little bag for the car ride, the bag heald her ipod, some candy, cards, and a bone for Magpie. It was then that Rylin came in, telling her to wear a sweatshirt and she was going to text the others, the her sister was taking her things out of the room. Ashlin just nodded, grabbing her black roxy sweatshirt, she put it on then put on her combat boots, then when she was all ready she grabbed her bags that Rylin packed last night and went out to the kitchen, Magpie following behind her. She put her bags down and took a seat in the chair across from Rylin "We better be stopping for dunkin donuts cus me needs coffee."

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David had been up about fifteen minutes prior to receiving his text message. He had woken up from yet another nightmare about his mother, and unlike the many times before when he'd wake up clutching a pillow, he woke up flat on his back, staring at the ceiling. Upon hearing the vibration on his cellphone against the wood of the nightstand, he turned his head to look at it, eyes focusing on the faint glow it emitted. His room was still nearly pitch black, having put up weighted, black curtains over his window years later because he disliked the amount of light it let in when he was trying to sleep.

With a groan, he rolled over and reached out to grab the phone, using his thumb on the front button display to navigate it. It wasn't all too fancy of a phone, it had a display screen and would slide lengthwise to reveal another keyboard. It even had a music player on it, which he could use to play music on the SD card he had inserted into it. the phone itself had only cost him about eighty dollars, and it was built like a brick. It had suffered hardship, especially during times when David would break down.

It was from one of his friends, Rylin. He had almost forgotten; they were all taking a trip together. All of them begin the inseparable seven, of course, as they used to be called in the younger years. There were six others, of course, and all of them were his close, and nearly his only friends. He even had one to call his significant other, and how that ended up happening still bewildered him to that day.

At the mention of snow in the text, David let out yet another groan. He hated the cold weather, hated it with a strong passion. If David had to pick anything that was the bane of his existence, it would be snow, and that's saying something for him. Regardless, he often dressed warm even in the summer, because he likes having a higher body temperature in general, again, the cold isn't something he's well acquainted with.

After pressing the reply button, and sliding the phone to the side, his hands lingered over the keyboard, unsure of what exactly he was going to say. Yes, he was up, and yes he'd be able to get ready in time, but he was still groggy enough to not be sure how exactly to put it into words.

To: Rylin
From: David


He wasn't a man of many words when he knew what to say anyway, and he was sure that Rylin would know what he meant due to how many years they had known each other. He scrolled through his contacts, then, idly looking at the names until he reached the end and focused in on a single recipient; Zoe. He started a new text message, then, once again lingering as he collected enough conscience sense to form at least two coherent words.

To: Zoe
From: David

Good morning. c:

He hardly ever used emoticons, and so granting Zoe that privilege was just a little way he could show her that he at least gave a damn to break away from how he acted. He was sure if the others knew, he'd get hell for it, but it didn't phase him that much.

By that point, David decided that his time in bed had to be cut short, and so he sat up, reaching out his free hand to turn on the lamp that sat on the same nightstand his phone had. After pulling the chain, it illuminated the room with a faint orange glow, and he got up and promptly clothed himself. He put on his pants first, then a shirt and socks. After he had tied his boots up, he threw on his heavy jacket and even zipped it up partially to shield himself from the devious cold he was sure was waiting for him outside.

After all of this, he descended the stair case and skipped breakfast, as he usually did, to head out the front door and stand on his porch. As he expected, there was a cold wind whipping up and it looked like a storm would hit soon. He just hoped it wouldn't hinder their trip at all. And so he stood there, placing his hands into his pockets as he realized that he wasn't sure if they were going to pick him up, or if he had to walk to meet up with them. A third groan let out as he raised onto the balls of his heels and waited.

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((ooc: im going to get this moving forward so we wont get stuck in one setting XD))


As Liz walked in and mentioned it was cold Rylin shook her head "Well its your own damn fault Liz, I did send you a text telling you to dress warm, but you decide to wear a skirt...a skirt really Liz, really?" She laughed then felt her phone buzz not once but twice. She read the two text messages she got from Zoe and David. "Well I am guessing we will have to pick him up on the way to gey Zoe, so all we are waiting for is.." just as she was going to say Violet's name she heard the front door open and her Ashlin squeal and heard Violets voice. "Nevermind I guess we should head out then. I call shotgun" she wanted to sit by Adam on the way and she wasn't a fan of sitting in the back anyways.

Standing up she called for Loki and saw her small yorkie puppy run over to her, she picked up the small dog and put him into the small dogcrate and then grabbed her two bags and headed to the front of the house where she saw Ashlin leaning in to give Violet a kiss. "Okay you two there will be enough time for that on the road and at the cabins, lets pack up the car and get going ya?" She smirked at her sister who was now giving her a look, but then called the back seat. She didn't understand how her sister could sit in the way back, she would definately get sick if she sat in the back, her friends all knew this though, they experienced it.

She dropped her bags and put down the dog crate as she got her jacket on, then picked up her bags and went outside. She definately didn't understand how Liz could wear a skirt in this outfit "Oh Liz where stopping at Dunkin Donuts on the way, im getting us all donuts and we can get some srinks" she called out to Liz then went to Adam's vehicle, they where lucky he had a vehicle that held all of them so they didnt have to take two cars. She opened the back and stack her two bags in the back then put Loki, her purse, and camera bag in the front seat and then got herself settled in and then beeped the horn twice. She then took out her phone and sent Zoe and David a message.

To:David, Zoe
We are packing up now. Will be swinging over to pick ya up soon.


Ashlin was about to head back into the kitchen but then heard the door open and saw Vi walk in. She squealed and wrapped her girlfriend in a hug "Hi!" she grinned then let the raven hair girl go."Your not late, just on time..well in my book that is" she then leaned in to give Violet a kiss but was stopped by Rylins words. She rolled her eyes and gave her twin a look then looked back to Violet and gave her girlfriend a quick kiss on the lips. "I call backseat with Vi!" she yelled then looked around for her dog "Magpie!" she called out and her small white puppy came running to her. She picked up Magpie and went and put her in the small dog crate then grabbed her jacket, she put it on then grabbed her bags and went back to Violet "C'mon hun lets to go put our stuff in the car and get settled in the back". She then quickly made her way into the living room and grabbed a blanket then went back to Violet "Okay!Now i am ready" she said with a smile then walked outside "last one out make sure to lock the door" she yelled back then went to the vehicle.

She put her things out back on top of Rylins bags then took her dog, blanket, and small bag and climbed into the way back where she got settled in, taking out her ipod that Violet and her could listen to. She put Magpies dogcrate on the floor and put the blanket over her lap, it was big enough for it to go over both Violet and her. She watched as Rylin beeped the horn and she rolled her eyes "Patience is a virtue Rylin" she said with a smirk, then laughed when her sister flipped her off.

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#, as written by Lucy100
Zoe became a little flustered when she got two texts in the small time frame of five minutes. She did some breathing exercises she had found helped her to calm down. And read them both. She found that David had sent her a message saying good morning. She smiled to herself when she saw his emoticon, which he never did. Maybe they were both venturing out of their comfort zones today.

Zoe found herself in a bubbly, happy-go-lucky mood as she went about the ret of her morning, reading the newspaper, drinking exactly one FULL to the very tippity-top of the cup, and sending a reply to Rylin.

To: Rylin
From: Zoe

Sweet, thank you, my deahh :)

And one to David

To: David
From: Zoe

Good morning to you too, hon. Glad to see you venturing out of your 'no emoticons' world, as I am stepping out my no TV mornings- I've found myself liberated and happy this morning, and it became apparent how happy I was when I read your message. :)

It was a little mushier than she would have liked... and probably mushier than David would've liked, but she said what she wanted to say, and she was happy with it. Nothing could break this morning's content.

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Rylin put her hand in Adam's lap after he sat. He smiled and squeezed her hand "Make sure to put your seatbelts on." Adam shook his head but was thankful she mentioned it. The snow was getting bad and he wanted everyone to be safe. "Cc did you bring your gps? I can put in the address of the cabins." "Yeah babe, it's in the glove box." He motioned to the compartment while keeping his eyes on the road.

"So, am I gonna get coffee?" Adam looked in his rear view mirror and met eyes with Liz. He smiled at her grumpiness and thought it cute. "All in time Lizzy." He wasn't sure if she hated or loved the nickname that he had given her. He was the only one that called her that and it was his way of showing her that he was thinking of her.

They pulled up in front of Dave's house in no time. Adam saw him standing on the porch and wondered how long he had been standing out there in the cold. Ry started to get out of the car and stopped herself. Instead she opened the door and motioned Dave to the car. Adam chuckled at his girlfriends unawareness of her surroundings. After Dave got situated, he greeted him and headed towards Zoe's place. The snow hadn't let up yet and it was starting to worry him. "I hope this snow lets up."