Clair Clearwater

"You call me a fire starter but the proper term is Pyrokinetic Get it right."

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a character in “In Darkness There is Light”, as played by Evil But Cute


Clair has brown hair and eyes that look like fire. She's tall and usually wears a white dress with black sleeves and leggings. White boots with black ribbon. Her hair is always tied back with Ribbon that usually changes in color depending on what she feels like putting in her hair that day. She's level headed but she has a volitile temper when it comes to certain things.



Clair is usually level headed except certain things set her temper off.
People dissing her
People attacking her or her friends
People calling her a firestarter She preffers "Pyrokinetic." Another form of being Phychic but also very different.


Knife hidden in her boot
A pretty plain backpack she carries filled with various things I'll let your imagination take over.
But she does carry a pick locking kit
Food and drinks
Sometimes alchoholic beverages.
A brown case that holds poisons she uses as a weapon.


Ever since Clair was little things would just burst into flames whenever she got mad, so obviously she didn't have many friends. People were scared of her. Her parents always pampered her and wanted to give her a good life without having to worry about her powers. For years they kept it a secret from her untill one day the Vatican came and killed her father. Her mother managed to get rid of the assasins and vampires with her own fire skills. She told Clair everything right before she died as well. She also told Clair to find others like herself that she would be safer with them. So Clair set off alone to find someone who could help her learn about her powers.

So begins...

Clair Clearwater's Story