Haruka Kiseki

Would you please be quiet, your giving me a headache....

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a character in “In Darkness There is Light”, as played by Evil But Cute


Haruka has long brown hair usually up in a neat ponytail, if down it goes past her waist. If she can help it a hair is never out of place. She has brown almost gold eyes that seem to change depending on her mood or the light she's in. She's tall and slender and very athletic looking. She's looks innocent and not like someone who could fight and win. She's usually wearing her white school uniform or anything she can get her hands on. A red tie with a cross on it, a leather buckled collar, black feathers in her hair, a wrist guard, thigh high socks and buckled combat boots. She's seventeen and always seems to have a book in her hand reading or just holding it.



Haruka seems quiet calm and collected, a level headed person who thinks things through. But that sometimes changes depending on her situation. She can be reckless or sometimes emotional. She sometimes looks like she's sad even if it's a look in her eyes. A pained look like she's thinking of something she would rather forget but can't. She always fakes a smile like nothings wrong, she can be very protective of her friends and can be kind of scary when it comes to fights even though she seems so innocent.


Haruka always carries a cavas shoulder bag that sometimes seems bottomless with what she pulls out of it including a change of clothes if nessesary. She seems to be able to use most weapons if she can get her hands on them. She also has her wits and hand to hand combat skills. She appears to be well trained.


Haruka grew up with her older sister Kisa on the outskirts of a old village. Always knowing that she wasn't normal. Sometimes hearing peoples thoughts or making things move when she had headaches when her little abilities were at their best. She can usually feel what someone is feeling emotionally or physicly which makes her really irritable at times. Although she hides it, it's rarley easy to tell if she's upset or not. Even her sister told her she wasn't normal. Kisa had told her she was a seventh generation Phychic of the Kiseki family. A long line of woman who could do things others couldn't and only the females of the family could. With a high IQ and photographic memory Haruka just saw her little "Gift" as a curse.

A few months before she turned seventeen Kisa was killed by the Vatacin, and Haruka found out. By the lasts thoughts Kisa had, the last words she heard from her head was to protect another teenager somewhat like her. So Haruka left the small village soon finding a group of teenagers, and the girl who seemed to be the object of the Vatakin's intrest. It was the perfect chance to do what she was told and to get revenge.

So begins...

Haruka Kiseki's Story