Maria Alicia Freewall

Dark magic is only dark when you use it for the wrong reason!!!

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a character in “In Darkness There is Light”, as played by Evil But Cute


With her long white hair and red eyes people would assume a vampire, no. She's a regular human just born into a special family. Tall and slender she wears Stars of david and a blue and white dress, her nails always seeming to be a stary night blue long and sharp never used as a weapon. Pale as snow skin.



Maria is somewhat shy and stays away from others. She's whats known as a oracle spellcaster. She see's things only when she's trying. She uses a orb of what seems to be a ominous form of energy. She's laid back but not really a people person.


She appears to never carry anything, she conjures with a spell what she wants when she needs it.


Maria was born into a family hidden away from the world living in a small remote village near the one Haruka lived in. A few times the two girls played together. She showed Haruka all the spells she could use, ones she made up or the ones she was taught by her grandmother and mother. Over the years the two kept in touch never straying too far from each other. Maria was told by her mother that soon a group would be formed and Maria would at least have to keep an eye on them and help them throuh ordeals. She now checks in on them every once and awhile. But Haruka sees her as one of them. She has enhanced spell hearing and sight, she also seems to stay away from others because it's hard for her top trust.

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Maria Alicia Freewall's Story