Yayoi a chinese demi-goddess.

Yayoi the sly fox.

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a character in “In Darkness There is Light”, as played by Evil But Cute


With a soft gentle face and soft brown hair usually tied up in a japanese fashion yayoi is very traditional, wearing a pink silk kimono and can be seen carriying a parasol where ever she goes, which is actually a hidden blade. Red strapped Hanoe and white lace tabi. Yayoi is very smart strong and fast. She can be cunning and usually always smiles. She's one of a kind, dainty and delicate looking she reaches about five foor four and weighs about 130 LBS.


Yayoi is quiet calm and collected, very traditional and polite. She never talks back unless she seems a reason to. She's loyal to Kisa and her friends and will do anything thats nessesary. She can be scary at times and reflects what kisa was raised to be. Polite and docile, Yayoi is ike a past reflection of Kisa. She's very gracefull and courtyous of others and takes their feelings into consideration, but if given a order from Kisa she will carry it out.




Yayoi was born in bejing china her father being Byakko one of four gods that protected the four corners of china which are
And Suzaku.
She's still quite young and her power over fire nature and wildlife has yet to mature fully. She's about fifteen years old and she tries everyday to get better. Being the new gaurdian of Kisa's mind she takes pride in being able to provide so much help to the person she swore to stand by. She wants to grow strong one day but through hard work and not shortcuts. She doesn't believe demi gods can do anything, so she takes it one step at a time and thinks before she acts.

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