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Amy Collins

Just Collins!

0 · 795 views · located in Aeaea, Greece

a character in “In Demigods We Trust”, as played by TheGypsyQueen_13


{“There Is No Good And No Evil, There Is Only Flesh.”}

Theme Song
Blackstar||David Bowie
Sunday Bloody Sunday||Paramore
Song to Love Interest
Heartbeat||Beckah Shae
Fire Meet Gasoline||Sia

{"No Tears Please, It's A Waste Of Good Suffering."}


Full Name
Amy Collins
Collins: By everybody.
Ams: By her dad.
August 23rd

Sexual Orientation
"I'm a fighter, not a lover..."
Math and close quarters combat.
Distinct Markings
A diagonal line of three round scars sits right under her left breast on her ribcage. They are from a car cigarette lighter. She doesn't remember how she got them, but she thinks it was something she did as a child.
Right ear.
Left ear.
Belly button.
A raven tattoo under her breasts, and a spruce tree on her right ribs.
Collins has paper white skin, which is very odd for someone from australia. Her hair is cut just above her shoulders, and she keeps her bangs straight. She likes to make sure her hair is pin straight and that there is not one strand out of place. She keeps herself clean and kept and never wears anything that looks ragged. Her eyes seem to change from light brown to a greenish gray and are somewhat vacant of emotion. Collins prides herself on looking like a porcelain doll at times.
"Does it matter?"
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark brown

{“No Matter Where We Go, Things Will Always Be The Same, Because You Do Things That Don't Make Sense! You, You're Crazy!”}

Father: Lucas Collins: Deceased
Uncle: Thomas Collins: Alive
"They raised me to be strong."

Godly Parent

She is blind in her left eye.

{"Villainy Wears Many Masks, None Of Which So Dangerous As Virtue...”}

✦ Harsh ✧ Quiet ✦ Secretive ✧ Calculating ✦
Collins loves mysteries, and is very curious. She doesn't talk to people unless she really knows them. She is very disciplined and is a very hard worker.
She will tell you exactly what she is thinking, sometimes even if you haven't asked. If she doesn't like you she will tell you, she is very blunt.
Because of losing her father at such a young age she has trouble coping with reality at times. Sometimes she just stairs off into space and gets lost in her mind, it's always been hard for Collins to show her emotions. She has never really been good at making friends. She can be very secretive when it comes to her personal life. Amy doesn't like to burden others with her problems. She would rather find her own solution, then ask for help.

✧ Learning New Things
✧ Guns
✧ A Good Gin and Tonic
✧ Reading
✧ Writing
✧ Fighting
✧ Her Father

✦ Her Father
✦ The Silence
✦ Forgetting Things
✦ Being Friendly With People
✦ Liars
✦ Talking
✦ Being Told What To Do

✧ Death
✦ Not Finding Her Fathers Killer
✧ People Finding Out Her Weaknesses
✦ Having Feelings For Someone
✧ Children
✦ Getting Drunk

{“There Is A Conspiracy Here, And I Will Seek It Out!”}

✧Photographic Memory - This is Collins's strongest ability, she sees everything and forgets nothing.
✦Enhanced Intelligence - Her second strongest ability, of corse having a photographic memory helps this along a lot.
✧Enhanced Combat - She isn't as skilled with long range combat as she is with close combat. Kick boxing is her favorite form of fighting.

✦ Intelligence - Collins thinks very quickly and is very good at coming up with battle strategies on the spot.
✧ Strategist - She can see many possible outcomes in her mind and is good at planning the next move. She sees everything and is constantly running scenario's in her head.
✦ Secretive - By keeping herself closed off from others, she doesn't have to worry about people getting to close and finding out her secrets.
✧ Memory - Being able to remember large amounts Collins can answer many questions and remember things that help her in battle.
✦ Silence - Collins has learned that just by staying quiet and listening to her surroundings she can learn a lot and it helps her get out of bad situations.

✦ Over Confident - Sometime even being sure of yourself can still get you into trouble.
✧ Distant - Both seeing and fighting long distances is hard for her.
✦ Her Personality - As cold as she is it is very hard for her to make friends.
✧ Stamina - Collins may be strong but that doesn't mean her stamina is very strong.
✦ Meanness - People often times confuse her cold personality for being mean.

"Fight me!"
Kick boxing is what Collins excels at.

✦ Writing - "I have to get all my thoughts out somehow."
✧ Listening To Music - "I'm not the cliche teenage girl, I promise!"
✦ Dancing and choreographing - "I like being in full control of everything around me."

✧ Teeth Grinding
✦ Nail Picking
✧ Listening To Music

✦ To find who killed her dad.
✧ To never fall in love or have children
"Why would I bring something into this world when it is just going to die no matter what, and love? Love is gross."
✦To finish her book.

Wollongong, Australia
"The Gong!"

Family Ties
"My family..."
Lucas Collins, Father; Deceased: Lucas was everything to her and was always there for her no matter what, he felt like he needed to work extra hard as a father because Collins's mother was not in the picture. He alway told her that she was special and when he was killed in a mugging gone wrong it fell to her uncle to tell her about her mother and the fact that Collins was a demigod.
Thomas Collins, Uncle; Alive: Uncle Tom is tho only person Collins would ever consider her friend. He spent a lot of his free time with her and taught her many things her father or mother could never teach her.
Athena, Mother; Alive: Collins doesn't really have a relationship with her mother, she gave birth to her and that was it, her father and uncle raised her.

Being born in a place where the sun shines all the time you would think Amy Collins would be a very happy child, and there you would be wrong. She never really smiled and she never talked to anyone but her uncle or her father. Her father was Professor at the local university and took great pride in the fact that Amy was a very smart child. Her uncle was a journalist for the local paper and taught Amy everything he knew. When Amy started fighting in school and coming home with black eyes her father and uncle instantly put her into fighting classes where she flourished.
When her father was killed in a mugging gone wrong it destroyed Amy and she began training even harder, and when her uncle told her about her mother Amy was furious. As a cherry on top her mother, Athena, waited almost a whole year before appearing to Amy and telling her about the Academy. At first Amy would go but then her uncle convinced her, telling her that it could help her combat skills .

| F C |
Emily Browning
| C O L O R |

| P R O T R A Y E D B Y |

So begins...

Amy Collins's Story


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Tristen Aarins || Dali Muller || Amy Collins
Daughter of: Apollo || Son of: Hephaestus || Daughter of: Athena
//Tris;Suit & Tie || Dali;The Coolest || Collins;Titanium\\

Tris had arrived at the school the night before, she didn't know if her room mate was there yet or not but she fell asleep before she could find out. As the light trickled into her room she opened her eyes and stretched out under the blankets. After a moment she jumped up and got dressed humming to herself as she went through her morning routine. She looked in the mirror one more time and flipped her hair before stepping out the door and, after locking it, turning to walk down the hall.
As she walked into the lobby about to go and look for her first class she saw two familiar faces in the small crowd of people that was forming. Grinning widely she hopped over to the two boys and jumped onto Keo's back
"You jerk!" She said softly her face cracking into a smile as she hugged his back.
"You didn't let me know when you got here!"
She was really happy to see him, and Kai. But mostly Keo.

Dali was walking up the steps to his dorm room, why he had taken the very last flight he would never know, he was exhausted. All he wanted to do was go straight to bed but he knew that wasn't an option. When he got to the dorm that would be his for the year he sighed and unlocked the door.

Collins sat on her bed pondering what to write in the next chapter of her book, she sighed and slowly turned and placed her feet on the fuzzy carpet floor, she grimaced, Collins hated carpet. She walked over to her small closet glowering at the floor she slowly got dressed, making sure everything was just right and not wrinkled. Then she went and sat at her small vanity and began to put on what little makeup she wore. When she finished that she brushed her hair back into a tight ponytail and secured it tightly at back of her head, she brushed her bangs until they lay straight. Inspection herself in the full length mirror on the back of the door she smiled slightly and then grabbed her back pack and left the dark room.
she locked the door and began to walk down the hall, she she heard a whistle behind her she quickly turned and glared in the direction of the sound. She saw three people, the whistle was obviously at her so she turned back around and started walking again but soon she bumped into someone. Cursing under her breath she looked up at the person she had bumped into, "Excuse you." She muttered softly half to herself, then began to bend down to pick up the things she had dropped.


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Tristen Aarins || Dali Muller || Amy Collins
Daughter of: Apollo || Son of: Hephaestus || Daughter of: Athena
//Tris;Happy || Dali;Good Life || Collins;Castle\\

Tris smiled as Keo planted a sweet kiss on her cheek then looked over at Kai and laughing softly and nodded, "Oh yes Kai I missed you so much!" She said jokingly as she nuzzled her chin into the crook of Keo's neck. She listened to Keo talk about how the two of them got there and right after he asked what she was up to for the day she began to slide down off his back and straightened out her dress and smiled up at the brothers then grabbed Keo's hand.
"I got here last night. My dad got me a flight straight here.." She thought for a moment, normally her dad see's her at least once over the summer but this year she didn't see him at all. Quickly Tris shrugged the thought off and went back to smiling at the brothers.
"Oh! I forgot to tell you! My old band mates let me do a gig with them before I left! It was great, there were so many people there!" She held her head up proudly.
She looked around, looking for her other friends hoping to see them soon then asked, "What did you guys do all summer?"

Dali had accidentally fallen asleep, he had only meant to rest after the long night but when he opened his eyes he thought it was much later then it actually was. He shot up off his bed and burst from his room and the dorm into the hallway. He ran down into the main lobby and then seeing all the people just kind of standing around and greeting each other. He finally looked at the clock on the wall and realized it had only been a few moments that he had let his eyes slipped shut. Laughing to himself Dali straightened out his cloths and then looked around to see if anyone he knew was in the area.
He saw Tris and the Kealoha twins he slowly made his way toward them. Even though they didn't really know him that well they had talked a few times. Him and Tris on the other hand was always really nice to him and they had hung out a few times in the previous years.
"Hey guys hows it goin?" He said stepping in front of the three of them, smiling and waving a little.

Collins walked into the lobby and cringed at the sight of all the people,
human contact… She thought looking around. It was time to make a game plan, maybe find one of her half siblings. She put in her music and turned it up as loud as she could handle it and made her way through the slowly growing crowds. She kept a keen eye out for one of the other Athena children. She hoped at least one of them was around for her to talk to about their summers.