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Cassandra Griffin

"You can trust me."

0 · 903 views · located in Aeaea, Greece

a character in “In Demigods We Trust”, as played by xNocturnax



Cassandra Chloe Griffin

"I do not discriminate. Especially when it comes to passion."

Naturally Blonde.
"But regularly experimented on."

Though Cassandra can be appealing on the eyes, if she feels she is having a bad day, she will not hesitate in showing it, often rid of make-up and effort in her hair and more than willing to drag a few others down with her. This can often work vice versa, where she is not allowed time to apply effort to her looks. It makes her feel bare and therefore can result in a mood, though words of assurance go far.

♦Affectionate ♢Patient ♦Selfish ♢Lighthearted
Cassandra is someone where distinguishing ability is most beneficial because she certainly knows the difference and intentions in her behaviors, but for others it is easily misinterpreted. Example, she is more selfish than she is vain in comparison to the Aphrodite stereotype. Cassie finds it wiser to prioritize care for her own outcomes rather than be blind sided by the mistake in thinking the universe revolves around her. Instead, she'd rather assure she has the world eating at the palm of her hands and worshiping her which is indeed a long and slow progressive goal, but she believes she has the patience for it. A warm smile could be one of encouragement, but could easily be misinterpreted as "fancying" the individual. And her dislike of loneliness, taken for a lack of independence. On the contrary, she is very independent and misjudged.

Cassandra is able to see the perks in everyone and naturally perceives them through their good traits, though she does acknowledge the bad, like she does in herself. Though she is known to spread her affections, she genuinely sees it as a good service, exposing others to love and everybody should feel loved at one point or another in their life. She wishes more could be open minded to see the beauty in each other, but not all can find the balance between a good outlook and being grounded, which she juggles exquisitely.

She can be warm and compassionate, empathetic and kind but she prefers the fourth wall present. After all she has no desire of having her own heart ruined. Cassie feels it is the best for everyone.

♥ Telepathy: Some brains work for her and some don't. Altogether, it caused irritation where she doesn't bother much with the power unless nagging curiosity is prompted.
♡ Desire Manipulation: She does enjoy this power but does not use it often.
♥Illusion Manipulation: Cassandra has always kept this power active and executed it easily. Her intentions however, have not always been well.

✧Persuasion: With the asset of her powers, she is well-spoken and a fine negotiator.
✦Lock-picking: It's never quite been used for robberies as it has sleep overs, yet the perk is there.
✧Reading People/Body Language: Though some do not bother to hide their emotions, she is naturally gifted at reading people.
✦Trustworthy: Unless you truly do wrong by her, she locks away all openness and secrets shared as a strange moral code.
✧Appreciative: She sees the individuality and perks in everybody.If there are those in need of word of encouragement, look no further.

✦ Jealousy: "What can I say? We are a spoiled kind."
✧Aphrodite: Even Cassandra falls for her own mother's charm.
✦ Lonely Crisis's: Cassandra can not ignore the lonely calls of when one needs comfort. Simple company or advice. This can be baited against her.
✧ Sexism: Though not known as the wrathful kind, a single sexist comment or act must be dealt with.
✦Company Preference: She functions independently but being the daughter of Aphrodite she prefers company.

♦ Looking Over People: "Sometimes your body can not lie."
✧ Picks Dirt From Nail: "Even when there's nothing there."
♦ Purses Her Lips: "There's a lot to be unhappy about. But complaining doesn't do anything."

♢Astronomy: "More so star gazing but yes."
♦ Romance: "Aahh. A bit of love in the air."
♢Parties/Celebrations: "Let's drink, unwind and enjoy ourselves. An event where things happen."
♦Helping People: "I'm not utterly shallow. In fact it brings me great joy knowing I have assisted others."
♢Communication: "Isn't it the most effective tool"

♦ Sloppy Kisses: "I suppose it is sad to even be on my list of nos."
♢Non-Offensive Powers: "I make use of the abilities I have but I'd like fire or lightning or incredible strength at my palms too."
♦Rude People: "The too cool for school, have to be a dick kind of people."
♢Insects: "I fail to see the beauty in them."
♦Total Darkness: "I think because it represents a lonely dark abyss."

♥ To be Worshiped by Mortals:"As Aphrodite once was loved by all."
♡Find A Life Partner: "Because you believe I inhabit the body of lust, I cannot find my own true partner?"
♥Paradise: "Thought of and carefully invented by me."

♡Aphrodite: "...I both admire and am afraid of how my mother may meddle with my affairs."
♥Being Burnt Alive: "It's completely irrational but it terrifies me."
♡Attachment: "I do not wish to be bound before my time or have any unrequited love present."

Bill|Father: He is definitely where she got her sense of humor and tolerance for practical jokes. Not only that but her source of genuine warmth and compassion.
Aphrodite|Mother:Aphrodite melts most hearts she encounters, fake and manipulative as she is known. Including Cassandra's own and her father's. She seems so genuine and caring and easy to talk to.

Aphrodite came and went from their life as a mere means of reminding who was in control of the family and of her powers. Though it pained her to see Bill lose his strong will around her, Cassandra would also forgive her and admire her mother's beauty and charm. Truly, strong as she tried to stay, she would be no better. Which may have been the cause for her finding certain further admiration in what her mother was capable of. Thus began her power journey. Of course when Cassandra inquired on their powers, her mother only found it adorable but educated her on what she could do. Desire Manipulation, Illusions, and Telepathy, and how the three together could cause ultimate infatuation.

Bill was concerned for Cassie's interest in her powers. Instead he preferred her to be true to her own colors without her gifts and pointed out her natural beauty.The only dilemma was Cassandra identified her powers as a part of her, like Aphrodite herself was. In the common school she attracted a little too much attention and abused her powers that resulted in withdrawal. From there, her father tried to teach her to use them in moderation and not to manipulate hearts and minds otherwise how would she find true love? In love with the idea of love, she grasped his point. Then she was invited to the academy. Cassandra tried to take the understanding of her father's lessons with her but in a demi-god world, such influential powers may be called upon.

Natalie Dormer



So begins...

Cassandra Griffin's Story


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#, as written by CutUp
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Blood On My Name
The tower stands as tall as any man made construct, it looms over the island of Aeaea, keeping a watchful eye over the island, and standing as a reminder of the Gods presence to the Demigods that take residence on it's shores, and within it's walls no mortal, human or otherwise, has stepped foot inside of it. At the top of the tower, in it's highest inner sanctum rests the Chamber of Council, a meeting place for the Gods to discuss the state of affairs, and other topics that they deem worthy of their time.

In the Chamber of Council, on the first day of the fall semester for the academy, and the day where most of it's students are returning from summer break, on this day Zeus has called forth a meeting. The inside of the chamber is a large, open clear sky with no sighs of a door, or any sighs that it is in fact a room. "I have gathered you all here today to discuss a disturbing vision Apollo has had. Apollo if you will." Zeus stated, his voice being thunderous, and commanding, as one would expect the king of the Gods to sound.

"Right, thank you for such a stellar introduction." Apollo smirked, but was responded by an annoyed groan by Zeus before he returned to the topic at hand. "Well lads, and lasses, I've recently had a vision that I feel like I should share with the group. You know, as the humans say sharing is caring." "Get to the point idiota!" Ares snarled at him, which was followed by a chuckle by Hermes. Zeus shoot a quick glare at both of them that caused them to shut right up. "Anyways, my vision is about the academy, and I believe that it will come to pass soon."

"I saw blood, a river of it. An invasion of Minotaurs, and iron birds. The sky shattering to pieces, and the tower here crumbling."
Apollo explained. "What bothers me the most is that it was.....hazy, unclear. It reminded me...." Before Apollo finished his sentence he looked over at Zeus, as if asking him permission to go forward. Zeus gave him a nod to proceed. "It reminds me of the fall of' jumbled, and foggy as it was. It was too late when I got my vision about Olympus, I fear it might be too late for Aeaea."

"Minotaurs? That's impossible! They were killed off, me and Artemis made sure of that." Ares stated as he pointed over to Artemis, who merely grunted in agreeance. "And as always Ares you entirely missed the point." Athena chimed in. "This is troublesome. This is obviously related. The question is how. How can these events be related if they are millennia apart?" Athena pondered as she rubbed her chin. "I have been saying it for decades, we need to shore up our defenses! Increase patrols, personal, better weaponry, and equipment!" Ares stated. "If it was up to you dear brother this entire island would become a military compound rather than a place of learning."

"And would that be a bad thing? What are we preparing them for if not to fight in our name?" Artemis chimed in. "War is not something that a civilized people work towards." Athena stated in her ever present cold manner. "Pfft, war is the law of nature. Survival of the fittest, the weak will be rooted out in it's embrace." Ares growled. Before another word could be said shadows suddenly appeared within the center of the room, forming into a doorway that Hades stepped out of.

"Well I hope I didn't miss anything too interesting." Hades said as he took off his red tinted sunglasses, and placed it in his overcoat's pocket. "Nice of you to finally join us brother." Poseidon said in an annoyed tone. "Well you know me little brother, always have to make an entrance." He smirked. "We were discussing a vision I had, about the destruction of the academy, and the island." Apollo stated, bringing him up to speed. "Oh, well that does sound like it may be a problem. Let me know how it turns out for you. I have my own dealings to take care of, the Underworld doesn't run itself you know."

"We must prepare ourselves. Ares, you are correct, we must shore up our defenses. You are also correct Athena, we can not turn this island into a military base, we must not tip off those that work against us that we know something." Zeus ordered as he finally spoke again after taking in everything. "Ares, Hephaestus you two will enhance our defenses, and prepare our security forces for anything that may happen. Artemis, Athena I want you two to help Apollo make sense of his visions. As for the rest of you it shall be business as usual. Keep a watchful eye out for anything that may be out of the ordinary. That is all, you are dismissed."


✧ Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) ✦ Clothing: Shirtless with Pajamas Bottoms ✧
"Boom! There goes your head!" "No fair, you always know where the rocket launchers spawn! Cheater!" "I'm sorry you suck so bad." This type of talk went on between a young Jensen, and his little brother Nolan as they played a video game. "So where do you want to lose at next? Beaver Creek?" Jensen then looked over at his brother. Nolan was leaning against the wall in the far back, with a large chunk of his shirt burnt off, and a large burn on his chest. Jensen, on instinct, rushed to his brother's side, who was shaking, and gasping for air.

"Nolan!" Jensen shouted as he got over to his brother. He lightly slapped Nolan on his face, and tried shaking him to wake him up. Then Nolan just completely turned into ash. Jensen stood there in shock as the remains of his brother slipped through his fingers. The surroundings then changed around Jensen, now being in a cemetery, and standing over a grave marked with Nolan's name. Jensen looked down, and at the other graves lined up in the row. The names were familiar. Amanda Cartwright, Isaac Herbert, Grayson Foster, Keo Kealoha, Kai Kealoha, and the list goes on. All people he goes to school with.

Jensen stared at the names, especially Amanda's as he began hyperventilating. Panic then began to set in as he stepped away from the graves. Jensen bumped into something, stopping him from moving backwards. He turned around to see it was Zeus towering over him. "It's only a matter of time Jensen. It's only a matter of time before you destroy everything." Zeus said as he pushed Jensen forward. "Like....You....Always....Do." Zeus said as he poked Jensen in the chest with each word. Jensen then fell back into a open grave, seemingly falling for miles.

Jensen's eyes shot open as he awoke in his bed. He ran his hand down his face, and looked over beside him to see Amanda still asleep. Jensen looked over at his clock on his nightstand, it was nearly seven o'clock now. Jensen sat up as slowly as he could, and got out of bed, trying not to wake Amanda up. He knelled down, and pulled out a suitcase underneath his bed, and opened it up, taking out a couple boxes from it. Presents he got for Amanda during his summer break. Though they were all but boyfriend and girlfriend, just not officially. Jensen likes his privacy, and so they're on the down low, though he's pretty sure most, if not all of the students at the know they are seeing each other.

Jensen looked over at Amanda, and let out a sigh. 'What am I doing?' He wondered to himself as he watched her. Jensen laid down next to Amanda, and wrapped his arm around her, and began kissing her below her ear, and down her neck. "Hey, time to get up." He said, trying to give her as pleasant a wake up call as possible. He placed his hand on her chin, and gently pushed her to face him, and then he passionately kissed her on the lips.

"Oh! I didn't have the time to tell you this last night, but I got you a little something over the break. Well a couple of little things." He said as he placed the boxes he took from his suitcase, and placed them on the bed. He opened them up, one contained a first edition Outlander novel, another had four multi color seashells, and then a smaller box that contained seashell necklace. "Didn't know if you had the book or not, I know you like those romance novels so I got it for you. And I know how much you like shells, so....uh there you go. Hope you like them, not much of a gift giver."

Jensen's phone then made a noise, signaling that he got a text message. Jensen leaned over, and grabbed his phone to read the message.

{From: Thomas Elliot}
{Club meeting at the usual spot. Now.}

Jensen sighed as he closed out of his messages.


✦ Madness In Me ✧ Clothing: Long Sleeved Shirt, Torn Jeans ✦
Isaac's head bobbed up and down as he listened to his music blasting loudly as he worked on a circuit board. He worked on the circuit board with a pair of goggles pushed down on his face to protect his eyes from sparks that would fly off from the circuit. He was in his secret lab where he works on his more sensitive projects. Behind him stood several tall figures each covered with a sheet.

Isaac then heard his phone going off, signaling that he got a text. He sighed as he laid his tools down, and calmly lifted his goggles up to rest on his forehead. Isaac flicked his wrist to bring up his text messages. Though to anyone seeing him, if there was anyone around to see him he'd just look like he was spazing out.

{From: Thomas Elliot}
{Time for a club meeting. Coming to you. The Thunderer will be along shortly.}

Isaac rolled his rolled. The Thunderer, Jensen. Ugh. How he ever got stuck with working with that idiot was beyond him. Though he did have his uses. He was useful as a power source when he needed a lot of energy, and he couldn't very well plug into any old outlet. And Jensen was also rather strong, almost abnormally strong for a Demigod of Zeus. But still, being the only person that he could really work with was rather bothersome.


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XXXRaven Ramirez & Gabriella Prendergast

{R; #849B9A || G; #C9B094} || {R; Outfit || G; Outfit}

Raven's eyes gaze down at the text that was displayed on her phone.

From Little Sham:
Oi, you beautiful person you. My flight has been delayed for a half hour so I'm gonna be a tad late BUT I'll buy you a late night snack to make up for it! Please don't leave me T~T.

Her lips pulled up in a soft smile at the thought of Gabby's face while sending her this. Raven had knew Gabriella for two years now and even though they may seem as the oddest pairing of friends they couldn't get along better and Raven loved teasing her little tea loving country girl.

To Little Sham:
Ohhh I already know what I want~ Haha, don't worry Gabs I'd never leave you at the airport alone we all know that you'll go crazy without your tea.

Letting out a soft snicker Raven pressed send on her phone and tucked it away in her pocket as the plane began to descend. Her brown eyes gazed out the small window to her left while her hand rested under her chin, keeping her head up. The evening sky was caught between the setting sun and dusk which painted the sky all kinds of blues, purples, pinks and oranges and Raven couldn't help but to stare.

It had been twenty minutes since Raven's plane had touched down and she was now outside of the airport, leaning up against the building as she sparked up a parliament with a soft snap of her fingers and lifted the cigarette towards her lips. She took a long and slow drag. Raven would have waited inside for Gabby but she desperately needed a smoke since the flight was long, tiring and had her on edge since Raven never really liked planes which was something she had in common with Gabby.

Raven liked this. The relaxing sound of people moving about and chattering in the background as she stood silent tapping the ash off her cigarette. Another fifteen minutes passed before a familiar pair of soft lips made contact with her left cheek instantly causing a smile to appear across her lips as Gabriella stepped in front of her with a big smile on her face. "Miss me?"

Raven smiled a smile that showed her teeth before flicking her cigarette into a small puddle of water in the street and wrapping her arms around the little Irish woman in front of her. "More than you think." she chuckled before pulling away but keeping her right arm around the girls shoulder. "How was the flight?" Raven asked while her smile softened and her gaze landed on Gabby who returned it with a slight wrinkle of her nose in disdain and shrug of her shoulders. "That bad huh?"

Gabby let out a soft sigh. "I mean it wasn't all that bad. There was this guy though who sat behind me," Raven rose her right eyebrow in that moment, curiously as Gabriella paused for a second before continuing. "I'm pretty sure he was completely ossified and wouldn't stop staring at me, it was kind of unnerving." Raven's eyebrows bumped together with a small scowl that made it way across her lips. "Did he do anything?" she asked worriedly before Gabby reassured her that she was fine and nothing happened. "Nah, he just stared like the creepy git he was, that's all." Raven nodded slowly. There was a part of her that wanted to ask Gabby what the guy looked like so she could find him and accidentally spark his suitcase on fire but then again there was that part of her that just wanted to leave it alone since, thankfully nothing happened and after a minute of thinking it over she left it at that.

"Oh, and for the record," Gabby perked back up as she grabbed her suitcase on wheels and took a few steps in front of Raven. "I wouldn't go crazy, I'd just be a very sad, sad little irish girl." Gabby let out a giggle that also made Raven let out a little laugh as she followed suit lugging her own luggage behind her.

It was dark now and the sun had all but vanished from the greek skies above but that didn't stop Raven and Gabby from finding the car in the parking lot which was well lit. Once Raven found her she walked up to it and bent down by the back left tire. "Wait, Raven how are we going to get in? Don't you only have one pair of keys for this car?" Gabby asked as she peaked over her friends shoulder curiously. Raven's left hand disappeared under the car for a second before she grinned and stood back up dangling a pair of keys in front of Gabby's face. "The old hiding the car keys behind a tire trick." Gabby gave one of her signature smiles before Raven opened the trunk and they both just tossed their luggage in.

"Everest or McDonald's?" asked Raven as she got into the driver's seat. "Em," Gabby thought as she pulled the seat-belt across her chest. "Can't believe I'm saying this but McDonald's. I have a strong craving for one of their strawberry shakes." with a soft shake of her head and a faint smile on her lips Raven let the car roar to life before it settled into a low and satisfying pur. "McDonald's it is."

After their little stop for food and refreshments Raven and Gabby were back on the road towards the camp. The windows were down as the soft sound of tires on asphalt filled in the background noise while the cd Raven put in played More by Usher. Gabby sat in the passenger seat singing the song and dancing her little adorable club dance and when Raven came to a red light Gabby nudge her, telling her to dance with her. Letting out another laugh Raven finally gave into those blue eyes and raised her hands in that raising the roof fashion while Gabby couldn't help but to laugh and keep dancing.

"If you really want more, scream it out louder, "
"if you on the floor, bring out the fire,
"And light it up, take it up higher,"

"Gonna push it to the limit, give it more."

The girls finally reached the academy, full and tired. It was two in the morning and even though they got here a day before the actual arrival day the two still ended up getting to the actual academy on arrival day. They could have gotten here yesterday if they were just three hours earlier but things like that didn't matter now because as they stepped off the ferry that seemed to run at all hours of the day and took in that salty sea air they both noticed that they could fall asleep right then and there. "You about to pass out too?" asked Raven as they both stared straight at the academy which had small lights lighting the building outside and the walkways. "Yup," Gabby answered simply before taking a tired sip of what was left of her strawberry milkshake. Raven did the same to her chocolate one before they both set out in the same direction because Raven wasn't the type to let a girl walk alone at night so she would walk Gabby to her dorm.

They made small talk as they walked using the last of their energy to smile and laugh at each others summer experiences before they were finally at Gabby's dorm. "You sure you can make it to your dorm?" asked Gabby through tired and heavy lids. Raven looked at her for a second as if she was still trying to figure out what she just said and help up her index finger. She turned around and took a few steps to gage the energy she had left. Gabriella watched with a sleepy amusement as Raven stopped only two steps in and then turned back around to face her. "Yeah, nope ain't gonna happen." A sleepy smile crossed Gabby's lips before she opened the door and the two stumbled into the darkroom. It didn't take long for Raven to find the couch even with the lights off before flopping herself onto it from the armrest side. Her luggage rested by the couch and when Gabriella found the light switch Raven only groaned at the sudden lighting.

"Away you bright thing." said Raven as she managed to look up at the bulb but it only flickered instead of turning off since she was too tapped out. "Ugh, Gabs turn it off." she whined. Gabby placed the keys to the dorm on the kitchen counter along with her empty milkshake cup before shuffling back over to the lights and turning them off. While pulling her luggage with one hand Gabby turned her free hand over so her palm was facing up. Within a few seconds a small white light began to grow until it was the size of a baseball and glowed a ghostly white like the moon. With that light Gabriella made her way to her room where she literally just flopped onto bed leaving her luggage at the foot of the bed and fell asleep just like Raven did within the few minutes she laid on the couch. She didn’t even bother shutting her bedroom door while the ball of light she held in her palm flickered and disappeared.


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Dialogue: #c39797 || Daughter of Aphrodite || PJs --> Outfit

The motion of her father's routine days always saddened her. And even when she tried to give him encouragement to go out and put himself on the market again, Aphrodite seemed set on countering Cassandra's efforts and unallowing Bill to move on. So she arrived at the academy days earlier to purely escape that environment and settle in with ease. Those few days without her roomie often seemed dull but she got by. Cassandra always did.

Tucked in her bed and sound asleep she was awoken by heavy, otherwise to suggest tired footing and little whines and complaints of a pair. Her sleepy mind took a while to process that it meant visitors but above all, the return of Gabby. Excitement and energy swarmed over mind and she threw her covers off and jogged cautiously to Gab's room in the dark careful not to wake the other visitor. But once she reached Gabriella's room, all the self-conscious of how quiet she had to be was gone and she pounced on the lump she could make out on the bed. "Rah!" She giggled. "Hello gorgeous!" Cassie started to bounce on the mattress with all fours and lay a firm kiss on Gab's head with a dramatic, "mwah!" sound. Then giggled. "How rude of you to sneak in and not even say hello to me. After all we've been through." Cassandra tucked her own stray hairs away and molded her shape beside Gabby. "Did you have a good break at least?" She smiled warmly. Cassandra was particularly playful and affectionate with her room mate after the long break, it wasn't always this bad.

When Cassie spotted the time though, she wasn't sorry she had jumped all over Gabrielle, but more sorry she was losing her own beauty sleep. "Oh goodness I need a few more hours." She said, genuinely startled and scrambled over her dear friend and retreated back to her own bed.

When Cassie woke she showered and got dressed, tip-toeing out of the dorm whispering, "Morning Raven" to the girl she could now identify on the couch with the help of the morning sun, though the girl looked out cold.

Cassandra made her way quite briskly to a source of coffee while other morning birds started their day working out. But she wasn't the only one at the cafe. She exchanged quite a warm smile with the others and stepped out with her plastic cup catching Duke quite flustered. Cassandra invited himself in his company, walking quite hurriedly to keep in step with his long strides. The grace of Aphrodite letting her pull it off with a natural bloom and without spillage of her drink "What's eating you, Rocky?"