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Tristen Aarins

We Always Have To Be In The Middle Of The Action Cause' We Are The Warriors

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a character in “In Demigods We Trust”, as played by TheGypsyQueen_13


{“Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do..”}


Theme Song
I Feel Like Dancing||All Time Low
Young Forever||The Ready Set
Song to Love Interest
Let's Be Friends||Emily Osment
How You Love Me Now||Hey Monday

{"Tell The Truth."}

ImageFull Name
Tristen Aarins



April 13th Aries

Sexual Orientation

Greek, French

"Let me sing my heart out!"
Tris is a very skilled singer and was the front woman of a band back home. She is also working on her future sight.

Distinct Markings
Tris has a scar that runs the length of her spine.
Just her ears.

Tristen has long blonde hair, olive skin, she is thin but muscular. Her eyes are deep chocolate brown and are very happy and light.

"Average height I'm told."

Eye Color
Deep brown with flecks of gold scattered in them.

Hair Color
Blonde with many different shades ranging of light white blonde to dark blonde and light brown.

{“Failure Is Not An Option.”}

Mother; Adalyn Aarins, deceased.
Father; Apollo
"It's hard not really having a family..."

Godly Parent

Tristen had a crush on one of her teachers in middle school, the teacher took advantage of that childhood innocence and led her on for months.
She hates people knowing about this.

{"You Are What You Eat!”}

✦ Funny ✧ Adventurous ✦ Loyal ✧ Friendly ✦
Tris has always been very up beat and happy go lucky, always trying to put a smile on the faces of all those around her. Growing up she was always looking for new places to explore, she climbed trees, jumped streams, explored caves. All the while taking pictures everywhere she went and of everything she found. Everyone she met she was always good to. Being respectful and honest was one of the things she learned would always get her far in life.

✧ Swimming
✧ Jazz music
✧ Club music
✧ Going to parties
✧ Sleeping
✧ Animals
✧ Kittens
✧ Food

✦ When people are disrespectful
✦ Heights
✦ Being doubted
✦ Not getting enough attention
✦ Drugs
✦ Sitting around all day
✦ Being cooped up indoors all the time

✧ Being alone
✦ Being unloved
✧ Fire
✦ Being crushed
✧ People thinking she is a liar
✦ Being lied to by someone she trusts

{“Always Smile.”}

✧Light manipulation:
Create/generate/increase, absorb, shape and manipulate light and colors.
✦Death sight:
The ability to sense the coming of death, able to determine when someone is dead or dying or if others have died in a specific location.
✧Pitch Manipulation:
The capability to emit astonishingly beautiful and enchanting song/music that is capable of luring and bending the will of anyone who hears it.

✦Singing - "Sometimes I can make people do things just by singing to them."
Archery - "I'm getting close to being able to shoot an apple off your head, wanna try?"
✦Talking her way out of bad situations - "I can get out of ALMOST anything..."
✧Running - "Track and field? No problem"
✦Research - "Lets dig up some dirt!"

✦Stealing - "Not really my thing."
✧Listening - "My hearing is kind of bad from being on stage."
✦Cooking - "I just don't do it."
✧The Cold - "Weird, I know. If I am cold I can't do anything right."
✦Sneaking - "I'm just not a ninja."

"I don't really want this... I just want a normal life."
Tristen's voice is what she feels sets her apart. She has alway been able to sing and get what she wanted, or what other people wanted.

✦Singing - "I would rather be on stage then anywhere else."
✧Reading - "I love a good mystery novel!"
✦Archery - "I didn't think I would like it as much as I do."

✧Biting her lip - Tris sometimes bites her lip until it's raw or even bleeps, but only when she is really really nervous.
✦Talking to herself - When Tris is super stressed she starts talking to herself.
✧Humming constantly - Music is everything to Tris!

✦To be known all over the world for her voice - She has never wanted anything more in her life!
✧To find actual love - Not love that she has drawn to her with her voice.
✦To not be seen as a fragile girl anymore - Tris is strong and she wants people to know that.

Domfront, France:
Pretty hilltown in the south of Normandy; ramparts, old centre with half timbered houses, historic church and castle. There is a popular market on Friday mornings.

Family Ties
"Do I have to talk about this?"
Adalyn Aarins: Deceased for two years.
Apollo: Alive.

Growing up Adalyn, Tristen's mother frequently used Tris's voice to get them things. They moved form place to place, as Tristen's voice grew stronger her mother fell further into a drug addiction that had been slowing consuming her for the bast three years. With her gift Tris could make her mother hundreds of dollars a night, and she soon became the only one bringing in money in, Tris quickly grew to resent her mother for this. When Tris turned 13 Her mother moved them to America and they began to run their con in New York City. Tris started out with singing in parks and when Adalyn thought Tris was ready she started singing in restaurants, and then in clubs when she was 16.
Singing in Clubs got her noticed by a group of people that had been looking for a lead singer for their band and the talked her into joining them.
Three months before Tristen's 17th birthday Adalyn OD and had a heart attack and died while Tris what doing a gig. After the show a man came up to Tris and told her that her mother had passed away, Tristen didn't even shed a tear, but she was very quiet. The man pulled her aside and explained that he was her father and that he knew of somewhere she could go where they would take care of her. At first she refused, but the man pointed out she was not yet an adult and it would be for the best. Tris agreed and the next day told her band mates that she would be leaving the band, they all took it very hard.
On the way to this school the man explained who her was, Apollo, and that Tris had certain powers and that her Pitch Manipulation was one of them. Tris didn't believe this at first then as she thought abut it it seemed to all make sense. Now she is at the school for other people like her; Demigods, her and Apollo still talk, he's not really a good father, but he does listen to her when she need it, they are more of friends.

| F C |
Emily Osment
| C O L O R |

| P R O T R A Y E D B Y |

So begins...

Tristen Aarins's Story


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#, as written by CutUp
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Blood On My Name
The tower stands as tall as any man made construct, it looms over the island of Aeaea, keeping a watchful eye over the island, and standing as a reminder of the Gods presence to the Demigods that take residence on it's shores, and within it's walls no mortal, human or otherwise, has stepped foot inside of it. At the top of the tower, in it's highest inner sanctum rests the Chamber of Council, a meeting place for the Gods to discuss the state of affairs, and other topics that they deem worthy of their time.

In the Chamber of Council, on the first day of the fall semester for the academy, and the day where most of it's students are returning from summer break, on this day Zeus has called forth a meeting. The inside of the chamber is a large, open clear sky with no sighs of a door, or any sighs that it is in fact a room. "I have gathered you all here today to discuss a disturbing vision Apollo has had. Apollo if you will." Zeus stated, his voice being thunderous, and commanding, as one would expect the king of the Gods to sound.

"Right, thank you for such a stellar introduction." Apollo smirked, but was responded by an annoyed groan by Zeus before he returned to the topic at hand. "Well lads, and lasses, I've recently had a vision that I feel like I should share with the group. You know, as the humans say sharing is caring." "Get to the point idiota!" Ares snarled at him, which was followed by a chuckle by Hermes. Zeus shoot a quick glare at both of them that caused them to shut right up. "Anyways, my vision is about the academy, and I believe that it will come to pass soon."

"I saw blood, a river of it. An invasion of Minotaurs, and iron birds. The sky shattering to pieces, and the tower here crumbling."
Apollo explained. "What bothers me the most is that it was.....hazy, unclear. It reminded me...." Before Apollo finished his sentence he looked over at Zeus, as if asking him permission to go forward. Zeus gave him a nod to proceed. "It reminds me of the fall of' jumbled, and foggy as it was. It was too late when I got my vision about Olympus, I fear it might be too late for Aeaea."

"Minotaurs? That's impossible! They were killed off, me and Artemis made sure of that." Ares stated as he pointed over to Artemis, who merely grunted in agreeance. "And as always Ares you entirely missed the point." Athena chimed in. "This is troublesome. This is obviously related. The question is how. How can these events be related if they are millennia apart?" Athena pondered as she rubbed her chin. "I have been saying it for decades, we need to shore up our defenses! Increase patrols, personal, better weaponry, and equipment!" Ares stated. "If it was up to you dear brother this entire island would become a military compound rather than a place of learning."

"And would that be a bad thing? What are we preparing them for if not to fight in our name?" Artemis chimed in. "War is not something that a civilized people work towards." Athena stated in her ever present cold manner. "Pfft, war is the law of nature. Survival of the fittest, the weak will be rooted out in it's embrace." Ares growled. Before another word could be said shadows suddenly appeared within the center of the room, forming into a doorway that Hades stepped out of.

"Well I hope I didn't miss anything too interesting." Hades said as he took off his red tinted sunglasses, and placed it in his overcoat's pocket. "Nice of you to finally join us brother." Poseidon said in an annoyed tone. "Well you know me little brother, always have to make an entrance." He smirked. "We were discussing a vision I had, about the destruction of the academy, and the island." Apollo stated, bringing him up to speed. "Oh, well that does sound like it may be a problem. Let me know how it turns out for you. I have my own dealings to take care of, the Underworld doesn't run itself you know."

"We must prepare ourselves. Ares, you are correct, we must shore up our defenses. You are also correct Athena, we can not turn this island into a military base, we must not tip off those that work against us that we know something." Zeus ordered as he finally spoke again after taking in everything. "Ares, Hephaestus you two will enhance our defenses, and prepare our security forces for anything that may happen. Artemis, Athena I want you two to help Apollo make sense of his visions. As for the rest of you it shall be business as usual. Keep a watchful eye out for anything that may be out of the ordinary. That is all, you are dismissed."


Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) ✦ Clothing: Shirtless with Pajamas Bottoms
"Boom! There goes your head!" "No fair, you always know where the rocket launchers spawn! Cheater!" "I'm sorry you suck so bad." This type of talk went on between a young Jensen, and his little brother Nolan as they played a video game. "So where do you want to lose at next? Beaver Creek?" Jensen then looked over at his brother. Nolan was leaning against the wall in the far back, with a large chunk of his shirt burnt off, and a large burn on his chest. Jensen, on instinct, rushed to his brother's side, who was shaking, and gasping for air.

"Nolan!" Jensen shouted as he got over to his brother. He lightly slapped Nolan on his face, and tried shaking him to wake him up. Then Nolan just completely turned into ash. Jensen stood there in shock as the remains of his brother slipped through his fingers. The surroundings then changed around Jensen, now being in a cemetery, and standing over a grave marked with Nolan's name. Jensen looked down, and at the other graves lined up in the row. The names were familiar. Amanda Cartwright, Isaac Herbert, Grayson Foster, Keo Kealoha, Kai Kealoha, and the list goes on. All people he goes to school with.

Jensen stared at the names, especially Amanda's as he began hyperventilating. Panic then began to set in as he stepped away from the graves. Jensen bumped into something, stopping him from moving backwards. He turned around to see it was Zeus towering over him. "It's only a matter of time Jensen. It's only a matter of time before you destroy everything." Zeus said as he pushed Jensen forward. "Like....You....Always....Do." Zeus said as he poked Jensen in the chest with each word. Jensen then fell back into a open grave, seemingly falling for miles.

Jensen's eyes shot open as he awoke in his bed. He ran his hand down his face, and looked over beside him to see Amanda still asleep. Jensen looked over at his clock on his nightstand, it was nearly seven o'clock now. Jensen sat up as slowly as he could, and got out of bed, trying not to wake Amanda up. He knelled down, and pulled out a suitcase underneath his bed, and opened it up, taking out a couple boxes from it. Presents he got for Amanda during his summer break. Though they were all but boyfriend and girlfriend, just not officially. Jensen likes his privacy, and so they're on the down low, though he's pretty sure most, if not all of the students at the know they are seeing each other.

Jensen looked over at Amanda, and let out a sigh. 'What am I doing?' He wondered to himself as he watched her. Jensen laid down next to Amanda, and wrapped his arm around her, and began kissing her below her ear, and down her neck. "Hey, time to get up." He said, trying to give her as pleasant a wake up call as possible. He placed his hand on her chin, and gently pushed her to face him, and then he passionately kissed her on the lips.

"Oh! I didn't have the time to tell you this last night, but I got you a little something over the break. Well a couple of little things." He said as he placed the boxes he took from his suitcase, and placed them on the bed. He opened them up, one contained a first edition Outlander novel, another had four multi color seashells, and then a smaller box that contained seashell necklace. "Didn't know if you had the book or not, I know you like those romance novels so I got it for you. And I know how much you like shells, so....uh there you go. Hope you like them, not much of a gift giver."

Jensen's phone then made a noise, signaling that he got a text message. Jensen leaned over, and grabbed his phone to read the message.

{From: Thomas Elliot}
{Club meeting at the usual spot. Now.}

Jensen sighed as he closed out of his messages.


Madness In Me ✧ Clothing: Long Sleeved Shirt, Torn Jeans
Isaac's head bobbed up and down as he listened to his music blasting loudly as he worked on a circuit board. He worked on the circuit board with a pair of goggles pushed down on his face to protect his eyes from sparks that would fly off from the circuit. He was in his secret lab where he works on his more sensitive projects. Behind him stood several tall figures each covered with a sheet.

Isaac then heard his phone going off, signaling that he got a text. He sighed as he laid his tools down, and calmly lifted his goggles up to rest on his forehead. Isaac flicked his wrist to bring up his text messages. Though to anyone seeing him, if there was anyone around to see him he'd just look like he was spazing out.

{From: Thomas Elliot}
{Time for a club meeting. Coming to you. The Thunderer will be along shortly.}

Isaac rolled his rolled. The Thunderer, Jensen. Ugh. How he ever got stuck with working with that idiot was beyond him. Though he did have his uses. He was useful as a power source when he needed a lot of energy, and he couldn't very well plug into any old outlet. And Jensen was also rather strong, almost abnormally strong for a Demigod of Zeus. But still, being the only person that he could really work with was rather bothersome.


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Image | Image | Image
Tristen Aarins || Dali Muller || Amy Collins
Daughter of: Apollo || Son of: Hephaestus || Daughter of: Athena
//Tris;Suit & Tie || Dali;The Coolest || Collins;Titanium\\

Tris had arrived at the school the night before, she didn't know if her room mate was there yet or not but she fell asleep before she could find out. As the light trickled into her room she opened her eyes and stretched out under the blankets. After a moment she jumped up and got dressed humming to herself as she went through her morning routine. She looked in the mirror one more time and flipped her hair before stepping out the door and, after locking it, turning to walk down the hall.
As she walked into the lobby about to go and look for her first class she saw two familiar faces in the small crowd of people that was forming. Grinning widely she hopped over to the two boys and jumped onto Keo's back
"You jerk!" She said softly her face cracking into a smile as she hugged his back.
"You didn't let me know when you got here!"
She was really happy to see him, and Kai. But mostly Keo.

Dali was walking up the steps to his dorm room, why he had taken the very last flight he would never know, he was exhausted. All he wanted to do was go straight to bed but he knew that wasn't an option. When he got to the dorm that would be his for the year he sighed and unlocked the door.

Collins sat on her bed pondering what to write in the next chapter of her book, she sighed and slowly turned and placed her feet on the fuzzy carpet floor, she grimaced, Collins hated carpet. She walked over to her small closet glowering at the floor she slowly got dressed, making sure everything was just right and not wrinkled. Then she went and sat at her small vanity and began to put on what little makeup she wore. When she finished that she brushed her hair back into a tight ponytail and secured it tightly at back of her head, she brushed her bangs until they lay straight. Inspection herself in the full length mirror on the back of the door she smiled slightly and then grabbed her back pack and left the dark room.
she locked the door and began to walk down the hall, she she heard a whistle behind her she quickly turned and glared in the direction of the sound. She saw three people, the whistle was obviously at her so she turned back around and started walking again but soon she bumped into someone. Cursing under her breath she looked up at the person she had bumped into, "Excuse you." She muttered softly half to herself, then began to bend down to pick up the things she had dropped.


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Jessamine didn't have time to stop before she made contact with the larger figure that she could tell was well muscled just by running into it, which was odd, and something she had never even thought she would be able to do. There was no way her small frame could stay upright as she fell backward, letting out a small gasp instead of a shrill scream. She caught sight of short brown hair and brown eyes before the blue sky, and the brown hair and eyes all over again. She put her arms down to catch herself but just barely got her hands down and still not fast enough as she scraped her elbows and landed hard on her butt and lower back.

She was surprised when there was no impact of her head having fallen more than once on ice and more than once hitting her head on such occasions. She looked at the guy who was above her, a few inches from her face. Her breathe came in controlled breathes that indicated that she had been running for a while, but hadn't reached her limit. She didn't know what to say. She figured it was both their faults though he had easily made up for it by keeping her from another concussion.

"Yeah, you?" She asked softly, her breathes beginning to even out as if she hadn't been running. She was surprised when he moved his hand away from her head having forgotten it was there. She sat up and accepted his hand with an apologetic smile though he beat her to the apology. "No problem, it was my fault too," Jess managed as she looked up at the guy. She quickly realized she was still holding his hand and let go casually, as if it was normal that she interact with others by running into them and holding their hand after they helped her up.

"My name's Jessamine, it's nice to meet you," She stated simply as she put her hands on her hips in a casual position she often did. She couldn't help but be caught up in his face. She had met plenty of attractive guys, guys from around the world that she couldn't understand, that were extremely strong and talented and amazing, but this guy, he was different, and she didn't know exactly why, but he was. Maybe it was that he was a demigod and not a bad one either.

She looked at him and tried to figure out his parent. She knew all the children of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. This guy was not them. He could be an Aphrodite daughter though they didn't work out like this guy appeared to work out, he wasn't her half brother, and he didn't appear to be an Apollo son who Jessamine always thought of as preppy, like she used to pretend to be.

He looked like a son of Ares or Hephaestus based on his very toned arm muscles which Jessamine managed to avoid staring at or even letting it be known she looked at them at all. Suddenly she felt self conscious and didn't know why and hated it. She had ran into the guy, why was she being self conscious. She shook herself off mentally before smiling back up at him again. "I'm sorry, again. See you around," She stated before giving a little wave of her fingers and starting at a jog before proceeding to a run again in the direction she had been going.

She finished her run by heading back to her dorm room and going to the bathroom to shower. She washed her hair and dried it slightly before putting it up into a messy bun and walking out of her bathroom and back into her room. She put on a simple outfit that was comfortable. She even bothered to put on a little blush and bronze pink shade of lipstick. It made her feel better.

Jessamine left the room again to go back downstairs and into the lounge area of the dormitory building. She took a seat and began to read, bored, and not wanting to go sit in the classroom by herself until class started. Her thoughts briefly went back to the boy she had run into and how she didn't necessarily regret it. She sighed inwardly at having not talked more, but was thankful she didn't since she was fairly certain she would have said something stupid anyway. She did that a lot, messed up needlessly.

Jessamine breathed inwardly before putting her book back into her bag. She stood and walked outside, heading to the training area to see if she would find her half brother Miles. He was her age and a cool half brother that she could talk to if she wanted to. "Hey bro, what's going on?" Jessamine asked as she went to go sit on a nearby bench to watch him. She could do what he was doing too, but she was dressed for the day and had just showered and didn't want to challenge him to a chin ups competition yet.

"Miss me?" Jessamine asked with a teasing smile as she laid down on the bench to look at the sky and talk to Miles at the same time.



Keo sensed something behind him through the vibrations in the floor (only some Poseidon children could feel so sensitively though having his brother beside him helped) half a second before he felt someone jump on his back. Normally, in the real world, it would be a friend who Keo had grown up with. In the backstreets, Keo would have fought back and won since it would be a stupid normal human mugger trying to make a quick buck off the wrong demigod, but at school? It was merely a friend, or better yet...

"You jerk! You didn't let me know when you got here!" His beautiful and lovely girlfriend, Tris. She was a sweetheart and the daughter of Apollo had stolen Keo's heart a while ago. Kai didn't miss a beat as he paused beside his brother having felt the vibrations at the same time as Keo. "I knew you missed me Tris," Kai stated with a smile as he looked at his brother's girlfriend. Kai liked her. She made Keo happy and that made Kai happy so long as she wasn't drugs or alcohol, and she was neither, she was a girl. Sometimes much more dangerous than both drugs and alcohol, girls could destroy faster than both. But Tris wasn't that girl. So Kai let the bad thoughts he often was forced to suppress go down and away for the moment, not even showing an ounce of his internal philosophical thinking.

Keo covered Tris's hand with his as he turned his head enough to kiss her on the cheek. "Only because I wanted to see you in person first. We got in yesterday morning. Flew from Hawaii to London, then to Italy, then to Greece where we got a lift from some friends," Kai explained as he smiled at her. "How was your time getting here? Any trouble? And more importantly, how was your summer?" Keo asked as he moved his arms to cradle her knees so he was giving her a piggy back ride.

He and Kai then continued to walk as if the situation was normal, suppressing the laughs both wanted to let out. Tris could get down if she wanted to whenever with little effort. "So what are you up to today?" Keo asked as he looked over at her. It was clear he was in a good mood as was his brother.

Kai wished that he had seen the person that would make him as happy as Tris made Keo, but there was no sign of him yet.


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Image | Image | Image
Tristen Aarins || Dali Muller || Amy Collins
Daughter of: Apollo || Son of: Hephaestus || Daughter of: Athena
//Tris;Happy || Dali;Good Life || Collins;Castle\\

Tris smiled as Keo planted a sweet kiss on her cheek then looked over at Kai and laughing softly and nodded, "Oh yes Kai I missed you so much!" She said jokingly as she nuzzled her chin into the crook of Keo's neck. She listened to Keo talk about how the two of them got there and right after he asked what she was up to for the day she began to slide down off his back and straightened out her dress and smiled up at the brothers then grabbed Keo's hand.
"I got here last night. My dad got me a flight straight here.." She thought for a moment, normally her dad see's her at least once over the summer but this year she didn't see him at all. Quickly Tris shrugged the thought off and went back to smiling at the brothers.
"Oh! I forgot to tell you! My old band mates let me do a gig with them before I left! It was great, there were so many people there!" She held her head up proudly.
She looked around, looking for her other friends hoping to see them soon then asked, "What did you guys do all summer?"

Dali had accidentally fallen asleep, he had only meant to rest after the long night but when he opened his eyes he thought it was much later then it actually was. He shot up off his bed and burst from his room and the dorm into the hallway. He ran down into the main lobby and then seeing all the people just kind of standing around and greeting each other. He finally looked at the clock on the wall and realized it had only been a few moments that he had let his eyes slipped shut. Laughing to himself Dali straightened out his cloths and then looked around to see if anyone he knew was in the area.
He saw Tris and the Kealoha twins he slowly made his way toward them. Even though they didn't really know him that well they had talked a few times. Him and Tris on the other hand was always really nice to him and they had hung out a few times in the previous years.
"Hey guys hows it goin?" He said stepping in front of the three of them, smiling and waving a little.

Collins walked into the lobby and cringed at the sight of all the people,
human contact… She thought looking around. It was time to make a game plan, maybe find one of her half siblings. She put in her music and turned it up as loud as she could handle it and made her way through the slowly growing crowds. She kept a keen eye out for one of the other Athena children. She hoped at least one of them was around for her to talk to about their summers.


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Jessamine smiled at her half brother as he continued to work out. "Something bothering you then?" Jessamine asked before he hopped down from the bar. Miles asked about her summer and Jessamine shrugged. Her summer had been as it normally was, hard, training, meetings, interviews, running from paparazzi.

Jessamine shrugged as she looked up at him. She noticed his hating tone and knew it wasn't towards her or summer, but the island. It was practically required for a lot of them. She went because she had to and she wasn't sure if she would do anything else. At least at the island she had some friends who wouldn't judge her. They understood what it was like to be a demigod and the difficulties that sometimes come with it.

"It was the normal stuff you know. Training. Working out. Struggling to communicate with my mother, hardly hearing from dad, avoiding things, running. A lot of running actually," Jessamine admitted and briefly thought back to the guy she had run into. He had been very good looking and she wondered if Miles knew who he was.

Jessamine opened her mouth to ask about the guy when she heard someone call Miles name. She turned her head and saw her half sister the dreadful and terrible Giselle. Jessamine sat up and gave a smile that was about as fake as a science fiction movie. "Giselle..." Jessamine stated with a less than enthusiastic tone that indicated she truly did not care for her half sister at all.

Jessamine didn't say anything as she stared up at her half sister from her position on the bench. Jessamine just stared at the wall, focusing her energy on remaining calm. Her half sister didn't believe Jessamine when she said she didn't cheat. A few people did and those were the people who mattered. Miles either didn't think she cheated or didn't care whether or not she did. That's why she liked her half brother. Giselle was the other type of person.

Jessamine wondered how fast and how far she could get from the Giselle without appearing like someone scared to interact with her. She wasn't. She just didn't want Giselle to ruin her good mood. Jess turned to Miles again. "By the way, I literally ran into this guy this morning when I was running. Tall, handsome, didn't talk much, strong, and it was early too. Let me know if you know him, I gotta run grab my textbook for Biology, I left it in my room," Jessamine stated before leaving the two behind.

Jessamine didn't even turn towards the dormitories after she was out of site, instead, going to the academics building and taking a seat on the steps. She was tired already, drained from being forced to remember that some people just didn't believe her.



Kai smiled at Tris's response. it was weird, sometimes people couldn't tell who was dating the daughter of Apollo based on the conversations, only the appearance. Kai was in fact, not at all interested in Tris whatsoever. Keo smiled as she slid of his back and grabbed his hand, giving her hand a small squeeze in return. He took his other hand and let it hang holding a strap of his backpack.

"Dang, that's pretty cool of him," Keo stated simply. He loved his father, but he wasn't always a big lover of the other demigod's parents. Such as Ares. Ares bothered him. He was too violent. But Aphrodite, yeah, Keo could thank the goddess of love for a lot. Zeus, he tolerated Zeus. He kind of had to though, Zeus was a different god. You didn't anger him unless you were willing to risk death.

Keo was giving a brief wave to a son of Aphrodite he was friends with before looking back to Tris as she began talking again. 'That's awesome Tris! I wish I could have been there to give support," Keo stated with a mock sigh. He did wish he could have been there for her, but she knew why he couldn't. They lived a very large distance apart and Keo didn't have the kind of money to flight out for only a day or so to support his girlfriend in a one day concert. It just wasn't possible.

"Well, we went surfing, hung out with our neighbors kids, worked at a restaurant and a surf school, and that's about it. The restaurant was really stupid though because we had to wear one of those really cheesy tourist shirts and make our "accents" really, really thick. It was actually really hard since it meant we had to enunciate everything really weirdly, and not like we normally do," Keo stated with a confused look on his face. His boss was a Haole who was whiter than most white people. It was kind of funny that he thought Hawaiins were.

Kai smiled at Keo's words, nodding and making a funny face at the mention of their horrible summer jobs. Kai gave a slight wave as he moved off to go meet someone he had seen right before the kid... Dali, came up to Tris and Keo. "Going good, Dali, what's up?" Keo asked with a friendly smile as he offered his hand for a shake. He was friendly and loved to see old faces as well as new ones such as Dali.

Kai spoke with his friends for a moment before heading out of the building. He wanted some fresh air and to get away from his brother and his happy romance. He loved his brother and loved that he was so happy with Tris, but he wasn't the best about accepting it since he still couldn't figure out his own romantic relationship yet and it was getting to be pretty taxing as a result.

Kai walked towards the beach easily, not even bothering to move quickly, walking in an almost lazy fashion. He could feel the difference of not being near his brother, the way that he still felt he could do things, just not the best he could when Keo was around. It was something they were both used to. They didn't necessarily like it, but they dealt with it.