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In Dunia, trees are purple.

In Dunia, trees are purple.


Oh no! Several students have been whisked away to a mysterious new land, where they have been mistaken as notorious criminals! How are they going to get out of this one?

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In a world alternate to Earth lies a land known as Dunia, where magic is abundant and the trees change colors based on kingdoms. Many different races intermix and interact on a daily basis in the towns, and the forests are teeming with life.
The capital of the land of Dunia is actually a small, but lively town outside of Wereld Forest. Lemonn Town is surrounded on three sides by the forest, and on a fourth by the sea. Kalibutan Castle sits cliffside, overlooking the town on one side and the sea on the other. It is a magnificent work of Dunian architecture, and has never been successfully invaded. The people of Lemonn Town enjoy safety from any who would wish to do the magistrate harm. Or, they used to...

Mysterious goings-on have occurred at World High. Six teenagers have disappeared from the school, seemingly into thin air. How? No one really knows. These students don't have much in common, nor were they even in the same place when the disappearances occurred. The only thing that connects them is the fact that the places where they disappeared from all has a sparkly purple hue to them. Everyone is worried, and the police are scratching their heads.

This is precisely how Jackie ended up in Dunia shoeless, mistaken as an accomplice to a famous psychotic witch bent on world domination.

Let's go back a bit. Jackie had just finished her solo for District Solo and Ensemble. Her accompanist had already left to go to the next solo. She’d taken off her shoes to keep better time, but hadn’t remembered where she’d put them. She’d shrugged and grabbed her backpack, stand, and case to go to the commons of World High. As she walked down the hallway, she’d begun to feel sort of woozy. Lights flashed before her eyes, and she passed out. When she woke, she was alone, without any kind of footwear to speak of, face to face with a wanted poster stapled to a purple tree with her face on it. The wanted poster, not the tree. Trees don't have faces.

So, with no clue as to how she got there or how to get home, Jackie must clear her name and get out of Dunia without getting brutally murdered by supposed 'mythical' creatures. Oh, and if she's there, then who's to say that some classmates of hers aren't in Dunia either? They may very well be mistaken as wanted criminals too...

1. Jackie Linn Thuron


Age: 13-19
Appearance: (Description preferred, but pics are cool too.)
Bio: (Include what you were doing before you got transported to Dunia)
Items: (Nothing you couldn't carry with you in a backpack to school!)
Extra: (Optional)
Theme Song: (Optional)

Toggle Rules

1. Romance is perfectly allowed, just keep it PG-13. Either that, or the characters go bye-bye.
3. Be nice to other people OOC. Your character can be as crappy as you want to their character, but we all have to be cordial.
4. Write. No one-liners, and preferably no two-liners. I get writer's block, but seriously.
5. Be semi-literate. I get misspelled words. I do it all the time, just understand basic spelling and grammar.
5. If you read these, post 'purple trees' in the ooc.
6. I can and will reject your character. Not trying to be rude, but I want to understand your character, and that's kinda hard to do if there's no info on your sheet.
7. ABSOLUTELY NO GODMODDING. Or too much copycatting the other characters. If everyone from Dunia's a vampire or a werewolf I will cry. So get creative with that kind of crap.
8. Have fun! Be as stupid and rip off as much stuff as you want to. This is solely for fun and crazy and stupid porpoises, so if you aren't having fun I wanna know.
9. If you want to quit and leave, tell me so I can open up the spot. Otherwise, if you don't post for a week without prior notice I'll kick you out. No hard feelings. I'll still like you.
10. I will add a Dunian character sheet after all the classmate roles are filled or reserved.(And yes, you can have two characters.)
11. I can and will probably change these rules if I feel like I forgot something. Same goes for the character sheet.

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Character Portrait: Jackie Linn Thuron


Character Portrait: Jackie Linn Thuron
Jackie Linn Thuron

Where the heck are my shoes?!?


Character Portrait: Jackie Linn Thuron
Jackie Linn Thuron

Where the heck are my shoes?!?

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Jackie Linn Thuron
Jackie Linn Thuron

Where the heck are my shoes?!?

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Re: In Dunia, trees are purple.

Okay! Jackie is up (albeit without a picture) and so is everything else! You guys feel free to post characters whenever!

Re: In Dunia, trees are purple.

I'm interested, I will join if more people like this

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Awesomesauce! Rules are up and Jackie should be following within the next day or so.

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Hi ! I'd be interested in joining once we get to see the rules :D

In Dunia, trees are purple.

Hey guys! Rules are on the way; I'm on my phone and it doesn't want to edit anything.