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Sawyer Reed

minor wip

0 · 490 views · located in Melrose Academy

a character in “In It For the Fame {Remake}”, as played by merthur


The instruments are gateways inside of them



Name: Sawyer Reed
Age: Eighteen, was held back his Freshman year for grades.
Program: Musician
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Likes: Smoking - Drums - Sports - Candy - School - Friends - Parties - Relaxing - Working Out - Looking Nice - Music - Hearing People Sing - Violins - Computers - Messing Around - Having Fun
Dislikes: Uptight People - Dancers(because he can't) - Woodwinds - Laziness - Cheaters - Stuffy Places - Libraries - Having to be Silent - Cats - Blood
Fears: Failing - Injuries - Getting Caught
Dreams: Graduation - Play in New York - Be in a Band
Talents: Football QB - Soccer Co-Captain - Drummer - Guitar Playing
Hobbies: Impulsive Lying - Sports - Running - Video Games
Secrets: WIP

Personality: At least two well written paragraphs

Place of Origin: Detroit

So begins...

Sawyer Reed's Story


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Melrose Academy Move-In Day

It was move-in day!

It was late August, the warm California sun beating down on poor, defenseless people as they made their way through their different lives, each going on different paths. Some crossed such paths; others, went on by without even acknowledging each other. But it was lively on Melrose Academy campus as the students filed in by groups. Squeals and yells of excitements could be heard a mile away as friends reunited. Some were not as escastic as others. Most, however, were filled with a new sense of adventure and wonder at the looming year of backstabbing, creativity, blooming romance, rivalries and friendships.

Who's ready for an awesome school year?
(OOC: I know. this sucked. but my creative juices are dry right now as i stare at psychology in the face)


Mom, we've been through this," Nina said calmly, staring up at her anxious mother with expectant and weary eyes. No matter how many times they have done this - unpacking her clothes in a room that wasn't hers and separating for at least a week - Mirella Lovell seemed to not get used to it. Sad green eyes took in her daughter's stance; Nina was seated on her bed with her legs crossed and her body propped up by her hands on the bed. At the moment, Nina Lovell looked like the little impatient child that had to wait for her mother to stop prancing around her room because she was leaving her at Melrose Academy for the first time alone.

Mirella sighed.

It's been a long time since Nina had been that girl and it still felt like that day every single time.

"Fine, fine...I'm leaving," she said, holding up her hands in surrender. Nina grinned and stood, ready to walk her mother to the door. When she stood, a small childish part of her squealed in delight. At some point, Nina became just a few centimeters taller than her mother and she revelled in that revelation. However, just as they began walking into the common area of the suite she was sharing with her other roommates that she had not been able to see, Mirella turned back around and Nina placed impatient hands on her hips. If her mother could pout, the woman would probably be doing so. "I know, but I just...are you sure you don't need anything? Maybe new curtains? Oooh...we can go get that rug - "

"Mom, we literally bought out IKEA this year because you wanted to get everything new," Nina reminded her, taking in her bedroom. She was happy that she got to have everything to herself save for the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Having a bedroom was like achieving near Nirvana; you didn't get there, but you damn sure feel like you were close enough. "I have snacks that could last me the rest of the semester, I like my room, I have my laptop, I have my TV, and I am going to be fine. I'll be even better when you leave." Nina gave her a mom a pointed look and Mirella sighed, defeated. The two women walked out of the room and then out of the suite, arms linked.

Do not get Nina wrong; she loved her mom a lot and she understood where the woman was coming from. Nina had gotten sick during their trip to Montpellier this summer and the woman nearly flew into an anxiety attack. Since then, she had been watching Nina like a hawk. If Nina complained about the smallest of headaches, she was suddenly being whisked away to the hospital. Nina could recall accidentally hitting her arm against a door. It was no secret that Nina bruised easily. Did that stop Mirella from rushing her to the hospital? No. Even when the doctor told her that everything was alright - that it would be rare for her to develop her cancer again during this age range, especially after having made an astounding recovery. But Mirella was steadfast in her desire to watch out for her daughter. Having to separate was probably a pain.

Just as they reached the parking lot, Mirella began listing off all the things she wanted Nina to do and the brunette smirked.

"And call you on Wednesdays after seven because you have choir rehearsal at four-thirty and bible study at six," Nina finished for her and placed her hands on Mirella's shoulders. "Mama, I am going to be fine. If I get the first symptom of anything, I will be in the nurse's office. Pinky swear." Nina even held up her pinky to the older woman and after a moment, Mirella smiled sheepishly and linked their pinkies before pressing her forehead against her daughter's. Nina closed her eyes, smiling.

"Mī thōḍē ēka, āpaṇa prēma," she whispered and pulled away slowly, a bright smile on her face and tears glistening in her eyes.

"Love you too, Mom," Nina replied and watched her mother get in the car. She folded her arms over her chest and walked to the driver's side. "You drive safely. Tell Paṇajī āṇi ājōbā that I love them and I'll call." Her mother nodded and before long, Nina was watching the tail end of her mother's Ford driving off, leaving Nina alone in the parking lot. With nothing to do, Nina straightened out the skirt of her outfit before deciding to text Carmen and find out if she was on campus yet.


"Dad, I'm fine. Just finished settling in is all," Mason said as he pretty much hurled his suitcase on his bed. Sighing at the task as this was the second suitcase he brought up to his room - second to the trunk of belongings he also had - Mason plopped himself behind the big bag.

Like always, James Lockwood could not come to Melrose Academy or even LA to see his son off. It wasn't that Mason wasn't used to this. Since the incident-that-shall-not-be-named, his father had not been able to look at him the same without some ounce of pity or guilt in his eyes. There was the time with Amber last year and that entire debacle, but other than that, Mason hardly saw his father unless he had somehow gotten into serious trouble. In truth, Uncle Charlie was probably the only real father figure Mason had in his life and normally, that was fine. But, somewhere in the back of his mind where he would deny this vehemently while looking just like the little boy that loved being swung around in his father's arms, he had actually hoped that today would be different.

It wasn't.

Really shouldn't have expected anything more.

"Yes, Uncle Charlie is helping me," Mason answered, almost missing his father's inquiry. Agitation was very much clear in his voice and at some point, Mason didn't care if his roommate - whoever that was - heard. It wasn't like privacy was going to be much anyway; it never was in double rooms. "Yeah, I checked my account. Thanks." At least, that was something Mason could always count on. Money. As sad as it was, that was the one thing his father provided without fail. After a few more moments of meaningless and awkward chatter, Mason bid his father adieu and pretty much threw his phone on the bed. Sighing once more, he layed back and sprawled out, staring at the ceiling.

This was going to be a long year.