Theodore Roberts

"Consistency is the last resort of the unimaginative."

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The instruments are gateways inside of them


Theodore Daniel Roberts

Teddy or Theo

Just Turned Sixteen

The Musician Program

Asexual, Panromantic

^The Cello
^String Instruments
^Loud Noises
^Spicy Foods
^Mystery Novels
vSweet Things
vBeing Underground
vThe Dark
vComplete Silence
vSharing his compositions

vTheo would loathe to admit it, but he has never gotten over that childish fear of the dark which comes with imagining demons in the shadows and such. He can't sleep with the lights off, unless they were turned off before he nodded off. For this reason, the young man has a little nightlight, disguised to look artsy, by his bed.
vAfter a rather nasty run-in with a very feisty, and quick to bite, dog, Theo has been incredibly cautious around canines of all shapes and sizes. His fear is hardly crippling, but the young man has a healthy amount of respect for the pain of a strong bite from a dog.
vWhile the young musician may not be the sort who is seen as Mr. Popular, he does try to have people around him whenever possible. This is less of an image thing and more of an insecurity thing. For anything dismissive he may say, Theodore is actually afraid of being left behind or alone- likely stemming from his parents' absence in his life.

^A stereotypical dream though Theodore realizes it to be, he wishes to some day play his cello at Carnegie Hall, to prove himself towards someone that he can't quite identify.
^Theo is fascinated by the making of violins, cellos, and violas, and hopes to one day, after retiring from being a musician, learn to make them himself, and make the sort of beautiful instruments that are preserved until they are worth millions.
^Theodore would very much to travel the world someday, regardless of the means of doing so. He wants to see people and things- all the people and all the things.

|| Playing the Cello || Playing the Viola || Composing Music || Deductive Reasoning

|| Writing Music || Playing his Instruments || Sleeping || Climbing

^His best friend in middle school shot up the school, killing four students and one teacher. No one seems to blame him, but he just doesn't like to talk about it with people, and thus keeps it under wraps. It's in the past, to some extent, after all. Of course, he has recurring dreams about it, even now.
^As was previously touched upon, Theodore is not proud of his fear of the dark, and thus tends to try and keep it somewhat under wraps, when at all possible.
^ Theodore has a cigarette addiction, smoking maybe a pack or so a day, typically. He's tried to kick it a few times, but consistently fails. Because it is against school regulations, and because he doesn't want people pestering him about it, Theodore doesn't really tell people.

Theodore's friends know him as the sort of person who moves quickly, both mentally and physically, and isn't really the sort to remember that other people aren't jumping subjects every five seconds. If he was at be described as a musical piece, he'd be full of staccato and unexpected key changes, the sort of song that would make first year musicians stare with a blank face. He's just not a particularly patient person, in most situations, and likes for things to always be moving and progressing- static isn't his style, and he gets easily bored when it comes to consistency. This personality seems to affect his music at some points, as he often plays very fast pieces, but at the same time, he can surprise someone by speaking a mile a minute at one point, and then sitting down and playing a song so slowly and sweetly that the melancholy of it seems to claim him as the source. In music, he is a phenomenal performer- one can always see his reaction to the music in his face, and he tends to sway or move around while he plays.

Of course, he tends to imagine scenes in his mind to go with the music, and this certainly helps the atmosphere. Theo has always had a very active imagination, ever since he was a very small child, and he never really lost that, maintaining a Peter Pan-esque ability to think up nearly everything, and then fool himself that it might be some version of reality. While this does mean that he is very creative, a definite bonus for his musical compositions, it can be a bit worrying at times. He tends to see monsters in the shadows, even now, and this imagination means that he can become a bit jumpy when left to his own devices. He is not the spacy sort, but rather the hyper-aware type of person- aware, and yet intermixing what he knows with things that he forgot were just fairy tales.

With his tendency to wander off topic-wise, and his somewhat short-seeming attention span, Theodore generally comes across as a rather childish individual. And in many ways, this word describes him quite well, though it is rather vague in nature. One aspect of childishness that he does not possess, however, and has not had since he was a very young boy, if even then, is naivete. Theo has never been the sort to believe anything he is told, or to easily trust and rely on people. He may be an extravert, drawing energy from being around people, but the young man is the type who keeps everything and anything important gripped tightly against his chest, viciously guarding it against anyone who may come near. Even those people who might be able to call him their friends will observe him to often seem almost distant, though he tries to hide this, and will, if they think about it, realize that he has never really told them anything about himself. He doesn't trust people, doesn't want to open up, doesn't see the point in sharing- all of these reasons explain his reluctance to let loose around anyone, even when he seems perfectly relaxed. And anyone who comes near will have to make it past the test of his relentless sarcasm, for the young man is very bad about that. At least 90% of what he says is sarcastic, and getting to know him is about trying to discern which things fall under that other 10%. This can be a difficult task, for even when he's not being sarcastic, his tone remains somewhat insincere. Chalk it up to a lack of normal human interaction as a child.

The inability to completely express himself is not alien to Theodore, though, nor is the tendency for inconsistency (perhaps the only thing in which he is consistent). While he doesn't have any mental disorders or anything like that, diagnosed anyway, he is clearly the sort of person to experience somewhat dramatic mood swings. They are not so often as to be completely insufferable, but they do happen, often influenced by his dreams or his mood that day. One day, he might treat everyone like his dearest friend, smiling with his dimples and invading people's personal space. Many of his friends consider this to be his preferred mood, because he is most agreeable in it. This is the him that will make sarcastic comments and such, but will smile and laugh and seem (only seem) more open. On other days, he can seem to shut down. He wants to be near people, and when they try to leave him alone will find ways to force them to stay, but he isn't really the best of company. He might sit in complete silence the whole time- not dazed, but at the same time not seeming to really notice anything. The worse times are when he is testy, though. These are usually prompted by especially bad dreams, and have become less frequent recently, thankfully. In these times, he will challenge everything, pick at every little flaw a person has until they shrink in self esteem, etc. He just seems angry. He was like this a lot during the end of middle school, but has gradually improved. Were this side of him more frequent, he likely would be seen by his friends as insufferable.

Regardless of his mood, however, Theodore will never hit a person. He will never hurt anything or anyone- at least not physically. Even if he wanted to, the young man would likely be incapable of doing it, freezing up just before impact. He might scream or yell, but he will never touch a person with intent to harm. His pacifism is something of a life choice, but more prevalently is something that has sunk into his bones completely, unable to separate from him. He hasn't hit a person since he was perhaps six- not intentionally, anyway, though he has of course accidentally opened doors into people and the like. He seems to expect this abstention from violence from others, as well, and detests nothing more than a person who resorts to violence. You will very rarely find him to be very civil towards someone who hits others when they are angry- he loathes it greatly.

Creative, temperamental, and sarcastic- these may be the traits of plenty of different people, but they nonetheless describe Theodore quite well. Another trait to consider adding to this list would be intelligent. There is a reason for his quick-paced manner and overly imaginative mind, and it has every bit to do with a mind that is constantly running, even when he wishes to just shut it off. He is not quite a genius, though at some times he may tell a person differently, but Theo is an incredibly intelligent individual, capable of absorbing a good deal of information right off the bat. He's that kid who never seems to study or do the homework, yet aces the tests. This is because he learns things the first time, and following that sees no need for extra practice. His mind works best in getting things done right away- he doesn't do gradual learning, not in most cases. Music is, as in all things with him, the exception to this rule- perhaps because it is one of the only things that has remain constant throughout his life, ever since childhood. And ever since childhood, he has had a need to have people around him. Perhaps partially to stimulate his mind, but primarily because he hates to be alone, suffering from some degree of abandonment issues, if truth be told. He can be downright clingy, like a child who is afraid that being left in the house alone means that their parents have elected to abandon them. When people blow him off or ignore him, Theo begins to feel nervous and insecure. He can be rather jealous over his friends and other people he considers himself close to, and has trouble dealing with the ending of a friendship, unless he is the one to instigate it.

Quick-Paced || Imaginative || Cynical || Sarcastic || Childish || Moody || Pacifistic || Intelligent || Clingy || Extraverted

Place of Origin
Ft. Myers, Florida

Sarah Roberts was not prepared for the responsibility of rearing a child. She was hardly more than a child herself when she gave birth to Theodore, nineteen years old and terrified that she would not be able to experience the world in the way she had hoped for. She hated the child and herself for this situation, but most of all blamed the father, whose name she couldn't remember and never would. Still, the girl attempted to raise her son, at first, while going through college as well. It was quite a struggle, and Theodore was often left at home by himself, not an ideal condition for an infant, really. Finally, after around four years of trying and failing to make it work, Sarah gave in. She hadn't told her parents, miraculously, that she had given birth to a son. There wasn't really social media to snap a picture of the truth, and she had never been the sort of daughter to visit home a lot anyway- it wasn't overly obvious that she had been hiding something.

Until, of course, she showed up at her parents' doorstep in a community in Florida, with a four year old boy who had his mother's blond curls but a strangers dark brown eyes holding her hand. Obviously, there was a good deal of discussion, not all of it in quiet voices, between Sarah and her parents when they realized that their daughter had given birth without ever telling them about it. By the end of the week, though, Sarah had left, leaving behind Theodore to live with his grandparents. She had gotten a secretarial job at a PR firm in Washington, on the other side of the country. Theodore was almost too young to remember all of this, but remember he did- in a sort of suppressed way that might be responsible for his clingy tendencies in later life.

Victoria and William, Theodore's grandparents, were an older couple at this point. They had given birth to their daughter, and only child, somewhat later in life, after moving to Detroit from England in the 60s so that William could transfer to a job in the appliance industry. After a while, the couple had moved down to Florida, where William began to teach math at a local high school. That was where Sarah had spent the second half of her life, and would be where Theodore spent basically all of his after those first four years with his mother. Not liking the public schools in the area, but not being able to afford a private one, Victoria decided to homeschool her grandson, something also motivated by the fact that his language skills were less developed than the average child of that age due to less interaction with other people during his early developmental years. He began to learn very quickly, perhaps in an effort to please his grandmother, or in the hopes that his mother would return for him. Either way, life passed in a pattern of schooling and minimal interaction with his peers, for his neighborhood had no other children. The monotony was broken when Theodore turned seven years old, and William brought home a child's sized viola that he had found in an estate sale for a neighbor who had recently passed on. Theodore was immediately entranced by the instrument, and his grandparents arranged for him to have lessons.

He soon showed almost prodigal talent, seeming to process music much more easily than he could normal language. His studies in the viola also helped to improve his academic skills, stretching his mind and allowing him to easily express himself. Playing the viola helped him to occupy his creative hemispheres which had previously been occupied by conjuring up terrible creatures who lurked in the closet or behind the shower curtain. After he had shown his willingness to focus on the viola, demonstrating an attention span which he had previously seemed to lack to an even higher degree than most young children around his age, Victoria and William were happy to scrimp and save so that, by the time he was around ten years old, they had purchased a child-sized cello for the young boy, who was very short in his youth, and therefore able to continue using these smaller instruments for a few years. The viola proved to have been a gateway drug of sorts, and the cello was his true poison of choice- he became borderline obsessed with every aspect of the instrument. All he seemed to do in his freetime was play it, listen to cello solos, read about the making of the cello, and, after a while, begin to compose his own music for the instrument.

The summer before fourth grade, Victoria fell ill, and it was decided that she wouldn't be able to home school Theodore anymore- or at least not for the next year. Secretly, more motivated their decision to enroll him in public school than just her illness. They had become concerned that their grandson would not be able to properly deal with social situations. He still slept with a nightlight, would spend hours out of the house in the forest their house backed, just playing the viola (he didn't want to risk dirtying the cello), and he was a bit moody, to be honest. So, hoping that it would be good for him, they enrolled him in the local elementary school. In all honesty, the plan was not the success that they had hoped. He made only one friend all year, though one more than he previously had, and was labeled as strange by the other kids. This may have been because of his mood swings, or because he talked very quickly and, though he seemed childish, spoke with more mature words. He'd only ever had adults around him, after all. Besides, school proved dull for the young boy, who had advanced past this level studying with his grandmother. In the end, the only real success was that one friend he had made: James Leroy, a wisp of a boy who had an obsession with all things rocket.

They were hardly the dynamic duo, but the two grew close very quickly- even though Theodore became frustrated that James couldn't understand his love of music. Sixth and seventh grade were no better than fifth had been- worse, even. Theodore and James, as was previously mentioned, weren't exactly the shining example of popularity, and in the three years where social distinctions grew more obvious, and puberty made everyone a little bit terrible, the two were at the bottom of the pack- joined by a girl who spoke with a stutter, and in choppy sentences, because she hadn't learned to communicate with words until kindergarten. The girl was not part of their duo, though she might occasionally have sat near them during lunch. And as their school woefully lacked an orchestra program, Theodore was left without the niche in which he would have immediately fit, as an orchestra kid. In all honesty, everything seemed to be worse for James, who had family troubles besides their unfortunate stations in middle school. While Theodore continued to focus almost exclusively on his music above all else, writing like a madman during the weekend, what should have been James' retreat was always either empty or unwelcoming.

Towards the end of seventh grade, Victoria Roberts died- she had always been somewhat weak, physically, due to a hereditary heart condition. She died of this over Christmas break, causing Theodore's mood swings to worsen significantly. He even distanced himself from James somewhat, beginning to head straight home after school to practice, and going to an empty classroom during lunch to play there as well. Around this time, he picked up cigarette smoking, after taking a pack and lighter from his grandfather's nightstand. Music and monsters in the closet dominated his life- he couldn't sleep without all of the lights in his room being turned on. That year, he met his mother for the first time in several years at the funeral- he didn't recognize her, but she stood off to the side with a man, and had a ring on her finger. This only bred resentment.

During eighth grade, he set his sights on a music school, having found the brochure for it among his grandmother's things. He practiced more than ever, if that were possible, even skipping school some days if he had a particular piece that he wanted to focus on. He didn't skip school on February 3rd, however, though he came to wish that he had. On that day, James came into the school with a shotgun, and killed five people, injuring four others. He shot Theodore in the leg, giving Theo the slight limp that he has today, only missing a vital because someone tried to push him out of the way. James then shot himself. Theo was in recovery for a few weeks, primarily psychological. He felt more numb about the whole thing than anything else, but the mood swings came back a month or two later, like a sudden aftertaste he hadn't expected. It was around that time that he auditioned, and was later accepted, to Melrose Academy for the arts.

He came to associate being alone with misfortune, for it seemed that every time he isolated himself completely, bad things happen. Mixed with the loss of his grandmother, and having been left by his mother, he came to have a sort of monophobia. And then, he came to this school- set on improving himself somewhat- starting with finding people to hang out with and, in all honesty, holding on to them altogether too tightly. After coming to a place with people who can relate to his love for music, he has begun to have less angry mood swings, thankfully, showing a bit more of the dimpled smile, though he still keepsall of his secrets under lock and chain.

Theme Song

Anything else
He walks with a slight limp in his left leg after having been shot there.

So begins...

Theodore Roberts's Story


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Melrose Academy Move-In Day

It was move-in day!

It was late August, the warm California sun beating down on poor, defenseless people as they made their way through their different lives, each going on different paths. Some crossed such paths; others, went on by without even acknowledging each other. But it was lively on Melrose Academy campus as the students filed in by groups. Squeals and yells of excitements could be heard a mile away as friends reunited. Some were not as escastic as others. Most, however, were filled with a new sense of adventure and wonder at the looming year of backstabbing, creativity, blooming romance, rivalries and friendships.

Who's ready for an awesome school year?
(OOC: I know. this sucked. but my creative juices are dry right now as i stare at psychology in the face)


Mom, we've been through this," Nina said calmly, staring up at her anxious mother with expectant and weary eyes. No matter how many times they have done this - unpacking her clothes in a room that wasn't hers and separating for at least a week - Mirella Lovell seemed to not get used to it. Sad green eyes took in her daughter's stance; Nina was seated on her bed with her legs crossed and her body propped up by her hands on the bed. At the moment, Nina Lovell looked like the little impatient child that had to wait for her mother to stop prancing around her room because she was leaving her at Melrose Academy for the first time alone.

Mirella sighed.

It's been a long time since Nina had been that girl and it still felt like that day every single time.

"Fine, fine...I'm leaving," she said, holding up her hands in surrender. Nina grinned and stood, ready to walk her mother to the door. When she stood, a small childish part of her squealed in delight. At some point, Nina became just a few centimeters taller than her mother and she revelled in that revelation. However, just as they began walking into the common area of the suite she was sharing with her other roommates that she had not been able to see, Mirella turned back around and Nina placed impatient hands on her hips. If her mother could pout, the woman would probably be doing so. "I know, but I just...are you sure you don't need anything? Maybe new curtains? Oooh...we can go get that rug - "

"Mom, we literally bought out IKEA this year because you wanted to get everything new," Nina reminded her, taking in her bedroom. She was happy that she got to have everything to herself save for the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Having a bedroom was like achieving near Nirvana; you didn't get there, but you damn sure feel like you were close enough. "I have snacks that could last me the rest of the semester, I like my room, I have my laptop, I have my TV, and I am going to be fine. I'll be even better when you leave." Nina gave her a mom a pointed look and Mirella sighed, defeated. The two women walked out of the room and then out of the suite, arms linked.

Do not get Nina wrong; she loved her mom a lot and she understood where the woman was coming from. Nina had gotten sick during their trip to Montpellier this summer and the woman nearly flew into an anxiety attack. Since then, she had been watching Nina like a hawk. If Nina complained about the smallest of headaches, she was suddenly being whisked away to the hospital. Nina could recall accidentally hitting her arm against a door. It was no secret that Nina bruised easily. Did that stop Mirella from rushing her to the hospital? No. Even when the doctor told her that everything was alright - that it would be rare for her to develop her cancer again during this age range, especially after having made an astounding recovery. But Mirella was steadfast in her desire to watch out for her daughter. Having to separate was probably a pain.

Just as they reached the parking lot, Mirella began listing off all the things she wanted Nina to do and the brunette smirked.

"And call you on Wednesdays after seven because you have choir rehearsal at four-thirty and bible study at six," Nina finished for her and placed her hands on Mirella's shoulders. "Mama, I am going to be fine. If I get the first symptom of anything, I will be in the nurse's office. Pinky swear." Nina even held up her pinky to the older woman and after a moment, Mirella smiled sheepishly and linked their pinkies before pressing her forehead against her daughter's. Nina closed her eyes, smiling.

"Mī thōḍē ēka, āpaṇa prēma," she whispered and pulled away slowly, a bright smile on her face and tears glistening in her eyes.

"Love you too, Mom," Nina replied and watched her mother get in the car. She folded her arms over her chest and walked to the driver's side. "You drive safely. Tell Paṇajī āṇi ājōbā that I love them and I'll call." Her mother nodded and before long, Nina was watching the tail end of her mother's Ford driving off, leaving Nina alone in the parking lot. With nothing to do, Nina straightened out the skirt of her outfit before deciding to text Carmen and find out if she was on campus yet.


"Dad, I'm fine. Just finished settling in is all," Mason said as he pretty much hurled his suitcase on his bed. Sighing at the task as this was the second suitcase he brought up to his room - second to the trunk of belongings he also had - Mason plopped himself behind the big bag.

Like always, James Lockwood could not come to Melrose Academy or even LA to see his son off. It wasn't that Mason wasn't used to this. Since the incident-that-shall-not-be-named, his father had not been able to look at him the same without some ounce of pity or guilt in his eyes. There was the time with Amber last year and that entire debacle, but other than that, Mason hardly saw his father unless he had somehow gotten into serious trouble. In truth, Uncle Charlie was probably the only real father figure Mason had in his life and normally, that was fine. But, somewhere in the back of his mind where he would deny this vehemently while looking just like the little boy that loved being swung around in his father's arms, he had actually hoped that today would be different.

It wasn't.

Really shouldn't have expected anything more.

"Yes, Uncle Charlie is helping me," Mason answered, almost missing his father's inquiry. Agitation was very much clear in his voice and at some point, Mason didn't care if his roommate - whoever that was - heard. It wasn't like privacy was going to be much anyway; it never was in double rooms. "Yeah, I checked my account. Thanks." At least, that was something Mason could always count on. Money. As sad as it was, that was the one thing his father provided without fail. After a few more moments of meaningless and awkward chatter, Mason bid his father adieu and pretty much threw his phone on the bed. Sighing once more, he layed back and sprawled out, staring at the ceiling.

This was going to be a long year.


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When she walks onto campus, armed with her suitcases, Carmen is reminded of one of the downsides of living on the other side of the United States, and of the fact that plane tickets are frightfully expensive; while many of her peers are seen off by their parents, she is struggling to hold as many bags as she possibly can, having insisted to the taxi driver that she could get it all in one trip. She can, of course, but it requires some shifty stacking on a rolling suitcase, and her walking in such a way that looks suspiciously like a waddle- hardly suiting for an upperclassman in the dancing department. Then again, even when she is walking gracefully, the girl tends to be making expressive hand gestures and strange faces that distract from any natural elegance that she might have. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why, unlike her brother, she pursues more modern dance styles in favor of classical ballet. She takes the class for it, of course, but she hardly aims to be a Prima Ballerina, and anyone who knows her would likely laugh at the very concept. They'd probably say that she's too goofy to ever pass as the Odette sort of girl.

Despite her unfortunate luggage situation, Carmen seems to be keeping herself in a rather good mood. Why wouldn't she? Her first year as an upperclassman, coming back to school to see friends that she hasn't seen in months- she's been anticipating this since her first week home. Not that Carmen didn't enjoy visiting home over the summer, of course. Her younger brother, Will, had just graduated from fifth grade, and had spent the entire summer gushing about how fantastic he was going to be in middle school- the insecurities had yet to his him, and she was thankful for this. The young woman doesn't have the chance to visit home as often as she'd like, even though financial aid does make tuition less of a burden on her family, so she always cherishes the long break with her family. Still, her little apartment in the Bronx is a far cry from the deluxe facilities at Melrose, and she's itching to get on the studio floor. After dropping off her things, of course. In a normal room. I'm the only Junior in the dance department that's in a regular room, she realizes, but keeps her mood up. After all, at least her roommate is Kassandra- that should make for an excellent year.

Carmen makes it to the dorms before her ringtone goes off, the classic Batman theme blaring from her phone, distracting her from her journey to find her actual room. Instinctively, the young woman reaches towards her pocket, forgetting the bag under her arm, which then falls and hits her toe. It isn't too heavy of a bag, but it's enough to hurt, and have Carmen jump onto one foot, as if to relieve a marginal amount of pressure from her stubbed toe. "Ouch! Yikes," the girl resists the urge to pull off her vans and inspect for damage, instead leaning against the wall for a moment and looking at a text from Nina, asking if she's on campus yet.

To: Nina
First floor of the dorm building- you wouldn't happen to have a sudden urge to help me with my bags? Or bring down a bandaid?

She sends the text and then carefully pokes her toe, only to flinch at the little shock of pain. It's not broken or anything, but she sorely hopes that the lessons won't include being on point for the next day or two.


"I can carry that," Theo insists, taking a slightly heavier bag away from his grandfather, who had gone with him to move in for his second year at Melrose Academy. He's been doing this for the entire walk to the dorm building- until, eventually, his grandfather was carrying nothing but a viola case and a cup of coffee. He'd protested the first few times, reminding Theodore that he's old, not crippled, but eventually gave in, so that his curly-haired grandson ended up carrying most of the bags. There aren't very many of them, anyway. Theo is far from fashionable, and only owns a few articles of clothing. In fact, out of the three suitcases he's brought for the entire year, only the smallest has regular clothing in it. He also carries a hanger with a tux on it, but that is reserved for concerts. His other bag is all CDs and Notebooks, along with his laptop. Thus, he is well prepared for the year. If he needs school supplies, he can always purchase them over the course of the year, and he's otherwise perfectly fine.

The Roberts duo turns a corner, the walls familiar to Theo, of course, though his first days here had been something of a blur- a mix of dreaminess and morbidness, as he switched between excitement and certainty that he would find himself to be an utter failure here. At first, he had come to believe this- all of the other music department students seemed to play five or six instruments. Most were double, or even triple, threats, and could certainly outperform Theo on the viola any day. Eventually, he had found his own talents, though, providing a security blanket of sorts. He was, at least in his department or year, one of the best musical composers. Perhaps he hadn't been playing Mozart at three years old, but the young man has a gift for creating his own pieces- most often for the piano and cello. Vain though it may seem, Theo had been glad to be slightly better than the others at something, at least.

He and his grandfather continue on to his dorm room in silence- the elder Mr. Roberts has always been more a man of actions than words, really. He stops about halfway to the room and looks at Theo, who stops a few seconds later, upon realizing that his grandfather is no longer walking beside him. "Erm. Yes?" He asks quickly- his words are always a bit quicker than they ought to be.

"This is as far as I go, then. You don't need your grandfather walking you into your room, now," Mr. Roberts says evenly, though having been raised by him, Theo knows that he is about to cry, or look less composed, and would like to return to the car before doing so. He reaches an arm around his grandfather in a half sort of hug, before nodding. "Right. I'll see you for the Holidays," Theo says, taking his viola away from his grandfather. The two sort of nod, and then go separate ways. To the untrained eye, it seemed a very unsentimental, and downright chill, affair.

Moments later, Theo is opening the door to his room, a slight task given his full hands, and spots a fellow student already lying on one of the beds. "Hey, you must be Ma-" Theo begins, before hearing a familiar voice yelp in pain just a bit down the hallway. He leans out the door to see Carmen leaning against the wall at the end of the hallway, leaning against the corner and holding her toe- completely exaggerating the situation.

"Hey, Carmen! Are you alright?" he calls out. Without waiting for an answer, he goes into the room and drops his stuff on the bed, ignoring any response she might have given for a different priority- introductions.

"Theodore Roberts- you can call me Theo," he introduces himself to Mason.


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Not too long after her text was sent, Nina heard her Katy Perry ringtone alert her that Carmen responded. Smirking, she read it only for that same smirk to form into a frown. What in God's name had happened? Luckily for Carmen, Mirella decided to give Nina an extra pack of bandaids out of precaution and made Nina promise to keep it in her little bag. With that in mind, she headed towards the dorms to find her friend.

It didn't take long. Carmen was leaning against the wall and Nina hurried over the the blonde, kneeling quickly. She registered that there was some male voice that called Car's name, but she wasn't paying any real attention. She frowned at Carmen.

"Seriously, sweetie? What did you do?"


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Kassandra Kingsley

Kassandra had spent most of her summer, in Sweden, which is her home land. She spent a lot of time, talking to her friends from there and getting in touch with her old roots, eventually she had a private investigator that helped her get reconnected with her biological family, she wanted to meet them for so long, but unfortunately, her mother had passed away, before she had the chance to meet her. Her father on the other hand was a sweet old man, who had apologized over and over again, for leaving her, and letting her go to another family. Soon she had met her older brother, Flynn, who had been happy to meet her, and they started to all talk more and get used to each other. She spent most of her time trying to get reconnected with them, and to have them feel like a family.

She finally came back to where her heart belonged, which was the academy that she was new to just the last year before. She was always ahead in her studies though, and she was in her senior year this year, it was rather exciting for her to know she would be up high. She knew though that she was only getting a regular room, despite being a senior and it was one of those things all seniors were supposed to get, so she was a little disappointed on not getting one but when she found out that she'd get to room with Carmen things got better. It wouldn't be a bad year at lest.

Kass had her two travel suit cases, with her and other luggage that her brother was actually with her to help. He decided to come back to America with her, which she was excited about, he wanted to see what it was like and wanted to go for adventure. She was happy to have his help, They walked a bit and talked and made jokes with each other. "So what exactly do you do here again?" He asked her and she rolled her eyes, "You haven't been able to tell from the keyboard you're carrying on your back for me?" She asked smiling at him. A few guys had waved at Kass and she waved to them all, and said hi to the odd person here and there while she was walking to her room.

She opened the door and she put her stuff down. Kassandra, was a perfectionist and she had to get her things organized and settled now, there was nothing else she wanted to do for now. Kass, soon hugged her brother before he left and she was left to set her stuff up. She got her light purple bed sheets and started to add her own touch to them, and soon hung up her collages of pictures of her and all her friends from home and from here, and she organized all her drawers, and set up her desk space, as well as her keyboard. Kass was so excited for this year, and then she remembered her friends, Nina and Carmen. Carmen and Nina both being dancers, always seemed closer though, considering, Kass was a musician, and lacked any ability to dance.

Soon Kass walked out into the common dorm area and she saw Carmen and Nina, but there was also Theo there as well, she smiled and then realized stuff had been going on over there, meanwhile she thought, it'd be good of her to go over there and talk to them, she also knew right now wouldn't be the time to play catch up. K.P then started to walk the other way with a skip in her step and she cheerily went down the hall. She was so excited to get back into music, she also had a ton of new songs she had been in the works of that she wanted to iron out more and get her teachers' thoughts on, because it mattered a lot to her.

Kassandra was soon started to hum a cheerful tune as she walked around in the common dorm area, wondering if she was going to run into anyone else she knew, it was a possibility, she knew a lot of people, and they knew her. Soon she bumped into one guy. "Oh sorry." She said kindly and tried to walk away but felt a hand on her wrist. "Can I help you?" She asked cheery like, and the guy had a grimace on his face. "Come on, Kassandra, you don't remember me?" He asked her and raised his eyebrows. She soon sighed and then nodded her head. "I do, hard to forget faces of people I meet." She said with a smile on her face, thinking maybe he would let her go soon. "You're kinda hurting my wrist, but not a big deal." She said softly to him, and he looked at her for a few more moments. "I'm sorry, where are my manners?" he said in a strained voice as he tightened his grip a bit more and she winced. Then the pressure released and he let go, "See you later Kingsley." He mumbled and continued walking.

Kass too a breath in, she hadn't realized she hadn't stopped breathing, and soon she continued to advance in making her rounds in the common area for the dorms.


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Nina laughed at Carmen lightly. Leave it to Car to try to crack jokes when she was hurt. It was one of the reasons why Nina loved the blonde so much. No matter how serious the situation, Carmen always brought light and in a world where darkness lay in every corner, it was refreshing. What wasn't refreshing was seeing the blonde on the floor and in pain.

"Oh, the rejection! How can I ever go on," Nina exclaimed dramatically, feigning a look of utter devastation. Well, it was as much devastation as she could muster. It was no secret that Nina wasn't the best of actresses; she could hardly lie very well. She chuckled at her own little performance, shaking her head as she took in her friend's injury.

Luckily, Carmen hadn't injured herself too badly. It was common for anyone to drop something heavy on their toes; Nina did so last week. However, as a dancer, it was life-threatening. Any one injury could lead them to have to go to the hospital. Hospital trips led to extended vacations from dancing. She didn't even need to go into detail about how much one could suffer from not dancing for an extended period of time. Nina frowned as Carmen explained that she dropped her suitcase because she answered Nina's text.

"Wait next time, please," Nina begged and applied the bandage to the girl's toe. The bruising should go down in the next few days, but it wouldn't be wise to do anything extreme. "I do not need to be the reason why we don't have you in class. You know I can't go a day in Mr. Berry's class without you. And no, I don't think we're doing point so soon. He'll probably just figure out where we are after the summer and give us at least this week to get ourselves together." Nina winked good-naturedly and helped Carmen put back on her sock and shoe, telling Carmen to also wear sandals or something if she could. Anything would be better than the closed-toe shoes that would put more pressure on the toe.

With that settled, Nina helped her friend stand, allowing the blonde to lean all of her weight on her.

"Just lead the way," Nina said. She picked up one of Carmen's heavier items and then another one, hopefully alleviating all of the pressure so that the girl could limp her way to her room. She felt her phone buzz in her back pocket and opted to wait until they got to Carmen's room to answer. It was most likely Belinda. Just as she was about to ask Carmen again, she turned and saw a pout on the blonde's face. "What?"

"You and Cassie are sharing a suite without me? I'm hurt. And not just physically." Nina giggled.

"What are you complaining for? You and I both know you'll just be in the suite with us every single day! Whose rooms were you in back-and-forth last year?" Nina decided to remind her, arching an eyebrow. She and Carmen both knew the answer to that. Despite not being close to Cassie, she understood that Carmen was both of their friends. Perhaps being in a suite together would bring Nina closer to the other junior. After all, it was her mission this year to make more friends.


Just as his roommate entered the room, the boy was back in the hallway and Mason sat up for that moment, trying to peer out the door to see who he was talking to. He heard two familiar voices, one in particular one that left him smiling. Nina. It had been fun spending a little time with her earlier this summer. He actually was supposed to text her when he got back on campus. However, knowing the older brunette female, she was probably too busy greeting all of her friends.

In his musing, Mason almost missed it when Theo spoke to him.

"Theodore Roberts- you can call me Theo." The guy introduced himself and Mason smiled in response, hopefully conveying enough warmth towards his new roommate. His last roommate was his former best friend and that didn't end too well. If Mason could recall, the guy turned out to be gay and that was just another story that Mason didn't want to delve into. It wasn't as if Mason actually had a problem with being friends with a gay or a bisexual, but things became awkward. How do you react when your best friend makes moves on you? While you guys were roommates!

Yeah, weird.

"Mason Lockwood," Mason replied, deciding then to start unpacking some of his things. "Is your friend alright out there?"


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Clara leaned her head against the glass window of her taxi as it sped through the streets of L.A. She watched the blur of people and cars as they passed them by. Her thoughts were taken back to home, and suddenly she wanted to go back. She had loved in New York City her entire life, and she felt at home among the prodigious skyscrapers, the bustling people, and the noise. She rhythmically tapped her fingers on the seat to the beat of the music blasting though her headphones.

Clara was worn out from the long flight she took to get from New York to California, two places on opposite sides of the country. On top of that, she had to catch a taxi to the academy, which piled on another hour and a half of travel. Her eyes caught sight of a building coming into view, and Clara visibly perked up. It was the academy. All feelings of homesickness dispersed, and were replaced by excitement. She was reminded that this was her second home.

The taxi driver pulled up to the front of the school and blandly helped her out with her bags. After being paid, he promptly took his leave, not even looking back. Clara slung her three duffel bags onto her shoulder and pulled her suitcase behind her as she headed towards the entrance. Lugging her bags was quite an ordeal, namely because the bags kept sliding off her shoulder, and the suitcase insisted on getting stuck in every crack. Finally, she made it to the front lobby, and was greeted with the sight of Nina, Theo, and Carmen. She smiled delightedly, and was about to approach them, but held back. She didn't want to risk it, since her luggage was so heavy. She would have time to talk after she unpacked.

Clara found her room rather quickly, and opened the door. When she stepped inside, someone was already there, lounging on a bed and scribbling in a book. She wasn't anyone Clara recognized. Maybe she was a freshman? "Hey," she greeted with a smile, before dumping her bags onto the unoccupied bed. "You must be my roommate. I'm Clara."


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Carmen can't help but grin, even through the continuing ache in her toe, clearly satisfied with having made Nina laugh. She always seems to be the goofy sort, trying to make other people laugh and willingly breaking tensions through jokes made at her own expense. Given how relaxed she comes across as being, it is shocking to those who do not know her well how much she works. The young woman has some natural gift in dance, of course, but her skill is otherwise entirely earned through working her feet down to the bone, and spending long nights working on this twirl or that leap. She isn't a perfectionist, as Nina is, but the girl has her own steely work ethic that aids her in keeping up with the dancers who seem to have an unfair portion of natural talent. Still, she laughs and grins at her friends response to the jest.

"You'll simply have to get over me, I'm afraid. It will be difficult, but I have faith in you," the blonde encourages her friend, nodding sagely, though her smile cannot be restrained, breaking through her poor attempt at an expression of seriousness. While Nina examines her injury, Carmen looks over the hallway again, as though expecting someone to suddenly jump in and do something spontaneous and amusing. At this school, such a thing isn't as far-fetched as it may seem. Musicians practice in the lunchroom, one can hear opera in the bathroom stalls, and dancers bend and contort as they carry on perfectly mundane conversations outside of class. This is perhaps one of Carmen's favorite things about this school: it's variety and general atmosphere. While it may have a fiercely competitive air about it, Melrose also has this intoxicating factor about it, for every student is passionate about what they do, and are gifted in their respective fields, as well.

Carmen raises her eyebrows at Nina's reassurance, but ends up smiling anyway. The young woman is a smiler, as far as expressions go. If she's nervous or frightened, Carmen will smile. Happy or excited? Smiles for that. Miserable? An unconvincing little smile for that. This smile, however, is genuine. "Nope. Definitely blaming you if Mr. Berry scolds me," she promises, returning Nina's wink after listening to her fellow dancer's instructions about preserving her toe.

As Nina reminds her of how often Carmen had been in Cassie and Nina's rooms last year, she finds herself smiling guiltily, knowing it to be true. To be fair, Cassie had gaming consoles in her room- Carmen was not so lucky. "Fair enough. Follow me," Carmen concedes, limping a bit over to her room, which was at the end of a hallway in the dorm. Clearly, Kassandra had already dropped off her stuff, but the girl herself is long gone.

Carmen drops her stuff on her bed and immediately opens one of the bags, which is full of rolled up and mistreated comic books and graphic novels. The guilty smile returns when she sees the state of her precious books, before turning back towards Nina, standing in front of the bag to hide it from sight. "I could eat a stegosaurus- have you had lunch yet?"


"Mason Lockwood," Theo's new roommate responds with a smile that seems friendly enough, leading Theo to decide that he seems like an alright sort of person. He does notice a bit of an accent in Mason's words, which makes him think of his Grandfather, who has already left the campus by now. Both of his Grandparents had moved to the US from England, after all, though time had degraded their accent into something which came and go depending on the words and how quickly the two were speaking. Obviously, Theo never adopted such an accent from his guardians, but of course, people tend to mimic the sound of their peers rather than their parents, so this is to be expected. Thoughts returning to his new roommate, Theo nods in acknowledgement to the fellow.

When he asks about the injured party sitting outside, Theo just chuckles, glancing back towards the door. "Carmen? She's probably just exaggerating it, honestly," he explains to Mason, justifying his own nonchalance about her yelp in pain. Given experience, he's likely not wrong. Like many others, his friend exaggerates the small pains, and denies the existence of the big ones. Perhaps he does this himself, but it really depends more on his mood than anything else, should he dwell on it enough to consider such a thing.

"Besides, sounds like someone's already gone to her aid," he adds, hearing Carmen's voice speaking to another familiar one, though the voices eventually fade, walking away, most likely.

Taking cue from Mason, Theo begins to unpack his own stuff, though it is a small amount, of course. He puts priority on his music and instruments, placing the sheet music in the first drawer of his bedside table, and setting his instruments to the side, away from any danger, as gently as one might an infant. Having carefully done this, he begins to thoughtlessly throw clothing into whichever drawers will fit them on his side. Only a concert tuxedo is spared from this, hung up in the closet, the only thing he puts in there to take up space. "What department are you in, then? Not music," Theo inquires, turning back towards Mason.


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Nina chuckled at Carmen as they sat the girl's things in her room.

Not even sure how that would fit in your mouth, sweetie," Nina replied and pulled out her phone. A small squeal escaped from her mouth as she recalled that Belinda was, in fact, her suite mate. She hurriedly responded to her best friend's text.

Heading to the caf with Carmen. Come :)

With the text sent, Nina turned all of her attention back to the blonde before her, flipping some of her hair over her shoulder. While she adored having her hair longer now and was ever grateful for not being that bald, sickly child she remembered looking at it in the mirror, it could get annoying. Nina almost had the right mind to tie it back into one of her chignons, but refrained from doing so. She was wearing the headband for a reason.

"I invited Belle for lunch," she told Carmen, hooking her arm with the blonde. One, because the girl would need to refrain from putting too much pressure on her toe. Secondly and probably the bigger reason, because she missed Carmen. Talking on the phone and occasionally Skyping was one thing; seeing the girl in the flesh and being able to just be in her presence was something entirely different. "Come on, I actually want a burger right now."


"Carmen? She's probably just exaggerating it, honestly." Mason chuckled to himself. He remembered Carmen. She was friends with Nina and well, the bubbly blonde was cute. Mason knew nothing would come out of it and actually hadn't thought about her all summer. Then again, the girl from Pasadena was pretty mind-blowing. Anyway, he could recall Carmen's tendency to over-exaggerate. He presumed that Theo and Carmen were close. Actually, now that the thought crossed his mind, he recalled seeing them every now and then.

While putting away his clothes that required being hung up, Mason overheard Theo saying that Carmen was probably getting help and his earlier assumption that Nina was outside was confirmed. He almost abandoned the conversation with his new roommate to confront the brunette, but heard her voice slowly fading away down the hall. I'll text her later.

"What department are you in, then? Not music." Mason shook his head, pulling out one of his leather jackets and hanging it up in the closet.

"Theater," he replied shortly. After a beat, he smirked at Theo before plastering one of his most determined and passionate expressions, a fist clenched in front of him. "Alas, you're stuck with one of the many thespians roaming the hall, beguiling young damsels and slaying the monstrous demons we call teachers." It only took a second for Mason to go back to being himself and he chuckled at his own show. "No, seriously. Just an actor. I do that a lot. Forgive me."


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Carmen glances down at her phone once more, while Nina places some of the bags she had picked upon on the bed. It's a reply from Cassie, as she had expected it to be. Looking at her friend's prediction, Carmen begins smiling once more, her almost-dimples revealing themselves as they always do. Cassie clearly knows her well- she had been thinking of going for an animated movie tonight, maybe Batman: Under the Red Hood. Not wanting to be too predictable, though, she quickly begins making other plans for what movie they should watch. One of the new Marvel films? DC? Can't be Batman, now, and to be honest, she hadn't been a huge fan of the new Superman movie. Maybe something older? Or just a few episodes of the hilariously bad live-action series from the 80s? Well, she still has a few hours to decide, luckily. The options are too multiple and tempting for the girl to be expected to make a decision quite yet, really. "We're going to be watching movies at your suite tonight," Carmen informs Nina cheerfully, responding tot he message as she does so.

To: Cassie
Me? Batman movie? What would give you that idea? I dropped a bag on my toe ^_^; Going to the cafe with Nina- meet us there?

She stands up, and raises an eyebrow when Nina admits to inviting Belle to join them for food. "There goes our romantic meal, huh? Well, I invited Cassie, so I guess that makes your whole suite- plus me," thus, this ends up being a good opportunity for both Nina and Carmen to better acquaint themselves with other people- Carmen doesn't really know Belinda very well, and Nina doesn't seem to hang out with Cassie much.

Carmen playfully nudges her shoulder against Nina when the latter loops her arm with the former's. "Going to be my human crutch? You are too good for me, Miss Lovell," she says cheerfully, though she does mean it. Nina has been an excellent friend to her ever since she joined this school. The girl helped her through some serious, health-endangering rough spots, and that means a lot to Carmen. At Nina's words, Carmen's eyes twinkle, as though she's been waiting for her to say that.

"Then I guess we should get Mooving," she responds back, the pun coming a bit too eagerly, making it clear that she's overly pleased with herself for coming up with it. Even though the joke is rather terrible, the girl continues to smile at her own joke for the entire walk to the cafe, only getting over her own satisfaction with the joke when they find a table.

"I'll save the table if you go and get the food- anything is fine," Carmen tells Nina.


Theo falls back onto his bed after putting away most of his things, immediately pleased to find that it isn't too hard or soft- his last mattress had been as hard as a rock, and the young man had often opted to sleep on the couch, or use layers of blanketing in order to cushion it a bit. Honestly, he's a bit tired at the moment, and quickly begins to zone out, thinking of all varieties of half-sensical things when Mason responds to a question he'd already, only a moment or two later, forgotten asking. The minute he answers, Theo raises his eyebrows, wondering what it will be like rooming with a kid who is part of the department known for being a bit on the manipulative side. I'm in a poor position to be judging people for being a bit darker. Besides, the music department has its share of puppeteers as well, Theo reminds himself, realizing his instinctive judgement.

Of course, Mason's decision to launch into a dramatic description of his department, the sort rivaling Jessie and Jame's monologue, does prompt a half-smirk in Theo's expression. Because of the answer's initial brevity, the following bit came as slightly more unexpected than it should have. "Beguiling young damsels and slaying demons?" he repeats, even after Mason's apology, his smirk becoming more of a smile at this point.

"Glad I don't have a younger sister walking the halls with such apparent gods lurking about," he jests, standing back up and glancing over at his now empty bags, which lie open on the floor.

"Well, at least you won't sing at night. I'm a musician, but eventually having a singer for a roommate can be a bit of a pain," the comment is rather absentminded, for Theo is already distracted before he even finishes the thought. At the moment, he's honestly feeling the onset of a familiar craving. Since it's the beginning of returning day, he doubts anyone will be lurking about his favorite smoking spot. The habit began as a response to stress, and though it remained due to his tendency to easily become addicted, it also serves as an alleviation for boredom of any sort. Not to say that Mason is dull, quite the contrary, but he can feel a headache coming on, having not had a smoke all day.

"Well, now that we've been properly introduced, I'll be stepping out. Hoping for a good year," he says with another nod of the head, before discreetly slipping a lighter and pack of cigarettes into his jacket pocket and heading on out, leaving Mason to his own devices while he goes to a spot just behind the dorms, where a clump of trees and bushes obscure anyone leaning against them from view. Taking a drag, he begins to experience a lessening of the pressure in his skull.


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[I'm just going to go ahead and post, I guess, since I guess Diva is busy, maybe?]

Once more, Carmen receives a message from her phone, making the girl wonder why she keeps putting it back in her pocket. She has to angle herself slightly to pull out her phone, but is rewarded with a message from Kass, who had apparently seen Carmen overreacting to her toestubbing incident in the hallways. The blonde smiles at the text, though she wonders why Kass would be worried about bothering her. They are friends, after all, so there is no real need for such concerns. Well, not in Carmen's mind, anyway, but she's always bordered on the sort of overly friendly that can either be endearing or a bit on the annoying side, depending on the personality of whoever it is that she's speaking with, or trying to get to speak.

To: Kass
You're never a bother, Kass :-) Everything is under control, thanks to my favorite Nurse Nina. We're in the cafeteria right now, actually- where are you?

The girl is admittedly pleased to find that everyone has arrived by now, or at least almost everyone, given that she hasn't received any word from Lucas, Lexus, or Clara. Scratch that, I saw Clara in the hallway. Where has she gone off to? I guess her room, Carmen corrects her train of thought, but it has gotten her thinking on those whom she has yet to see. Maybe the former two haven't arrived yet? She decides to send out a text to them, as well as Clara.

TO: Lexus, Luca
Are you on campus yet?

To: Clara
Saw you in the hallway- who is your roommate? Feel like coming down to the cafe?

She nearly makes the mistake of putting her phone away for the second time, but it buzzes before she can do such a thing, and so the girl checks and sees that it is a text from Cassie. She begins to type out a response, likely a very lame one, but stops halfway through the task when she sees Cassie walking towards them.

"And good afternoon to you," Carmen responds, making a bit of a face as she does it, the sort where her nose scrunches up and her mouth puckers, as though she's just eaten a lemon or something sour. There is no actual meaning behind the face, as is the case with many of her various expressions. She just likes making faces- probably due to playing with her younger brother, who is a big fan of funny faces, especially Carmen's. She occasionally forgets that not everyone is so enthusiastic about them, though they have made some people crack a smile during lessons, at the very least.


Theo flicks some ash off of his cigarettes, and leaves it dangling between his fingers while he pulls out his phone, suddenly craving social interaction. Of course, an excellent solution would be to return to his dorm and continue talking to his new roommate, Mason. And, more likely than not, he will end up doing that in a few moments. Still, he also wants to see if one of his friends is in the area yet. Besides Carmen, that is, because she seems to be currently occupied with other things, or had been a few moments ago.

To: Clara, Marley
Hey- how's it going? On campus yet?

He doesn't know that Clara is, as he hasn't seen her, and there is no evidence as to whether Marley has arrived back at the school quite yet. Thus, he has only to wait. That is, until he hears the familiar voice of one of the teachers, and immediately drops his cigarette onto the pavement, digging into it with his shoe before making his way back to his dorm. Bathroom first, actually, so he can get rid of the cigarette scent with a good amount of handsoap, and a few breath mints. Then, the dorm.


"And, I'm back. So, what part of England are you from? Based on the accent, I mean. My grandparents are from the UK, as well," he says, making half-decent conversation, likely. There may be a slight lingering scent of cigarettes on him, but he's gained a few tricks for hiding it, besides just mints and scented soaps, so its unlikely. Or so he hopes, anyway.