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¶Choi Sol-Bi
Girl 5
Sol, Bi, or Mumble.
»Stage Name«
D.E.L.T.A. - Sub-Vocal and maknae.
Girl 3
Being a rather petite girl, Sol-Bi weighs hardly anything and only stands at 5'0". Her skin is incredibly soft and smooth, but very pale. With her skin being so pale, it's very easy to see when she blushing. Her lips are plumb and a dark pink. Her hands are pretty small and delicate also. Her eyes are the normal almond shaped eyes and the color of dark chocolate. She was born with bad eye sight, so she has to wear glasses, but she doesn't care. She looks cute with them on. Her hips are frail, but has a natural curve to them, so cocktail dresses look wonderful on her. She may be short, but her legs are pretty long and smooth. Her feet are pretty small too. Her clothing style is cute, cute, cute! Pink all the way. Both of her ears are pierced once. She loves accessories also.
Sol-Bi's personality is quite odd. She keeps to herself and would rather like to stay that way. She's usually silent unless spoken too. Her voice is usually quiet, but shaky, so she always sounds like she's stuttering. Depending on the situation, she's very awkward with conversations, not always being the talkative person. She pretty shy and afraid of things. She's often the victim of being bullied, she doesn't like it, but she always to afraid of speaking up. She's very easy to embarrass and or tease.
Sol-Bi was born to a quiet couple, parents who were rather reserved people and worked at home (whether it be through the phone or computer). Though, money wasn't really an issue. They lived in a nice home and she always had food to eat and clothes to wear. When she was in middle school, she couldn't deny the fact that her voice was cute and pretty sounding. Though, people said her voice either like a mouse or it was too squeaky, so she became embarrassed of her voice. So when she came to high school, she decided to just stay quiet unless told otherwise. She was threatened by Hwayoung to join D.E.L.T.A. because she wanted to have a four girl group. She join, to afraid to say anything.
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Marshmallow by IU


So begins...

Choi Sol-Bi's Story

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Kim Ko-Ra - Kim Kora

"...And as we said, Seungli High School is having the honor of holding the BE Family Entertainment Talent Showcase, which will be taking place one month from now. I'm sure those kids are practicing until that day. Now onto the weather..."

Kim Kora turned her TV off with a bright smile on her face. I can't wait either...

Ahn Junhi - Jun

The sound of an alarm clock going off was loud, but was turned off as a person slammed it to stop. Junhi slowly opened his eyes, the sunlight in his room was hurting them a lot. He blinked before rubbing the sleep out of them and grabbing for glasses on his night stand. He put them on as he threw his covers over his body, getting out of bed and heading to his bathroom. He quickly took a shower, wanting to get to school before Jin Ae got there. Thinking about Jin Ae made him depressed, knowing that she was going to be really upset when she sees his newly dyed and styled hair. He sighed as he got out of the shower, drying is body off and nicely wrapping it around his waist. He walked out of his bathroom back to his bedroom in which he opened his closet to take out his school uniform. He put on his uniform, making sure everything was in its right place before heading back to the bathroom.

"I hope she isn't too mad at me..." Junhi sighed once more as he dried his now sandy brown hair and brushing it neat. After styling it perfectly, he took off his thick glasses and put on just a hint of eyeliner before putting his glasses back on. He smiled rather sad into the mirror before deeming his appearance worthy enough for the whole school to see. By the time he got to the kitchen, his mother was quietly humming to herself as she was putting a small breakfast on the table. "Oh! Already ready for school? Eat something before you go,"she said with her melodic voice. He always loved his umma's voice, seeing as she was a singer so her voice had to be beautiful. "Thank you, umma." He prayed before politely grabbing some food onto his empty plate. He ate his breakfast rather quickly, wanting to get to school before he was late. "Thank you again, umma. The food was delicious. See you after school!" His mother smiled and waved as he ran out of the kitchen, grabbing his school bag. He put his shoes on before going out the door, leisurely jogging to school.

Walking into the school yard, Junhi looked around at the other student. Looking at everyone's new appearances, he felt even more nervous confronting Jin Ae. Where is she? I hope she isn't mad...

[OOC: The NPC's will be played by me, but they will not be roleplayed until the talent showcase comes up. And I shall post my other characters later. I have to go to bed.]

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Ahn Junhi - Jun

Junhi was still nervous as ever just wandering around for Jin Ae, but he didn't wait long because she was right next to him. He noticed her scratching behind her ear, knowing that she always did that when she was trying not to sound bitchy. Yep, she's mad. He gave her an awkward smile and immediately apologized. "I'm s-sorry..." He sighed as his palms were sweating. They were best friends, but even best friends have to fight once in a while, right? He knew they would always fight on who they liked better in Big Bang, but those were just playful bouts. This was a actual quarrel and one that made him nervous as hell. "It's just...t-this has been your dream for years! I-I thought if I told you...you would g-get mad...,"he continued to use his stutter, but since this cat was already out of the bag, he might as well stop using it. It was time to tell her...maybe. "But it seems that you are mad anyway..." He glance away a bit, not liking the aura that they were giving off since other students were kind of backing away from them and whispering to others. "...can we just forget about it and not fight?" Now the awkward glances that they were getting from the others were starting to get to him.

Then he heard music still coming from Jin Ae's headphones. He quickly gave her a smile before playfully nudging her. "And I thought you were a V.I.P.? Tsk tsk...guess I'll have to tell G-Dragon that you don't like him anymore..." He was only joking, knowing that she and even him liked to listen to other groups sometimes. Hopefully, that was good enough to distract her from the showcase for now. He cleared his throat, not used to actually talking at school without his stutter. He knew Jin Ae would catch on, but until then, his singing voice will be a secret.

Bang Heeyoung - Sun

Heeyoung yawned when she woke up, still tired from the late night phone call to her boyfriend. "Ahh...Woonie Oppa, I love you." She smiled, looking over at the picture of him on her nightstand before getting out of bed. She didn't do anything to her bed, it wasn't that messy, so she'll do it later. She hummed quietly as she got her school uniform out of her closet. She took a quick shower, admiring her now long, layered, golden blond hair. She loved the color of it even though her parents didn't know about. She was quite glad to know that her sister never told them, which was weird of her because she usually will tell. Shrugging her shoulders as she slipped her uniform on, she tied her blond hair up. She reached for the short, brown bob wig she had and put it on. With this, her parents will never know about her blond hair. She smiled once more as she applied light makeup to her face and walked out of the bathroom. Once she arrived to the kitchen for breakfast, her sister immediately walked out. Doesn't want to talk? Okay. She sat down to eat her food, chatting with her parents about school and things. She finished her food as Hwayoung yelled out to her about leaving. "Aish, I'm coming Hwayoung ah!"

Knowing that her sister didn't want to talk about the showcase, she decided to talk about the phone call from last night. She rambled on about her Woonie Oppa and how sweet he was. People have rumored that he isn't real or she is being used, but he is real. Hwayoung even met him before during a family dinner. Of course her parents loved him, he was smart and easy going. As she continued to talk on and on about her boyfriend, she ignored the other students who were talking about the showcase. She only rolled her eyes and kept talking. Next thing she knew, they were already at school.

"Oh, yeah. See ya." After waving half-heartily to her sister, she went her separate way. She immediately ran to the bathroom, taking the wig off and fixing her hair up. When it was perfect, she put her wig in her bag and walked out of the bathroom. She went looking for her best friend, knowing it wouldn't be that hard to find her. Seeing a familiar B1A4 accessory, she found her. "Hey, Sol-Bi ya! Did you miss me?" She chuckled as she hugged the adorably awkward girl. Even though they were a year apart, they were good friends.

Oh Xiumin - Xiu

"You idiot son! Get out of here!"

Xiumin ignored the yelling that was emitting from behind the bathroom door. He learned to just ignore the drunken yells, knowing that yelling back never solved anything. He was glad that he remembered to take a shower extra early to he could just work on his appearance for school. After meeting Sang-Hee, he actually started looking after his appearance. He continued to straighten his hair, wanting to look his best for school and for her. He just loves when he useful to Sang-Hee, especially when she compliments him or just anything. Finishing with the straightener, he applied just some foundation to make his face seem flawless without the cake on makeup. He dusted off his uniform, just to make sure nothing got on it before he walked out of the small bathroom, continued to ignore the yelling from his mother. His father was no where to be seen, so he happy for that. It meant that he would actually have time to eat something. He got into the kitchen and quickly made some toast before grabbing for his school bag and ran out the door with the toast in his mouth.

Practically running to school, he nibbled his toast before actually eating as he started to looking around for Sang-Hee. He noticed that the other students were starting to stare at him, like he was a new student or something. Though he ignored the stares like he does with the yelling, the students started to whisper. I change my appearance and now everyone starts paying attention to me? He sat down on one of the nearby benches and continued to eat tiny breakfast carefully so crumbs didn't get on his uniform. He still looked for Sang as she was still no where to be found. Usually she's here before me...Where is she? He finished his toast and wiped the crumbs off as he clasped his hands together, waiting quietly for his best friend to show up.

Choi Sol-Bi - Rose

"Sol-Bi...time for school..."

Sol-Bi awoke even if the frail voice calling her was too hard to hear. The socially awkward girl got out of her small bed and quickly ran to her bathroom, taking a rather long shower. She thought about things as she washed her hair. After getting out, she dried herself off and slowly put on her school uniform, leaving the jacket off and laying on the bathroom counter. She did her hair, braiding it and tying it with pink bow. She smiled cutely into the mirror, adding just a little bit of blush on her cheeks. She walked out of the bathroom, holding her jacket as she walked to the kitchen. Her parents already had a plate of pancakes on the table and a glass of milk. She ate her food in silence, knowing her parents were hard at work in the other room. She knew into took her parents some courage to make her breakfast, so she just finished her breakfast. After she was done, she put her dishes in the sink and got her school bag, smiling cutely at the Gongchan keychain she had on there.

She walked out of the small apartment and made her way to school. She daydreamed about many things on her walk, smiling at the thought of the talent showcase coming up. She frowned, remembering Hwayoung telling her join. Not telling, threatening. She shrugged the memory off, just thinking about being in the group, she'll get to spend more time with Heeyoung. She smiled brightly as she started to skip to school. When she got there, she noticed everyone's new looks and started to get a little nervous. She kept her appearance the same except with a trim at her last hair appointment. She was alone until she was hugged by a really familiar friend. "Ah! Sun unnie! Y-you scared me..." She smiled awkwardly as she returned the hug. It good to see a friend.

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