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Carter Adams

"You want some?"

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a character in “In Mafia Vita”, as played by IAmAlien



The Lead Drug Trafficker


Full Name:| Jack Carter Adams
Nicknames:| Carter to almost everyone, J.C to his costumers
Age:| 28
Gender:| Male
Orientation:| Heterosexual (straight)
Originally From:| Canada
Currently Living:| Center New York
Occupation:| Organization Job: Runs Drug Trades
Other Job: Janitor and chemistry tutor at high school - so he can do two jobs at once

Likes:| His job, girl strippers, drugs, money, guns, cars, bosses daughter
Dislikes:| Little kids, oblivious people, dumb asses, guy strippers, the police, people who don't work for what they want, when his dealers can't make a sale
Fears:| Heights, the police, losing his clients
Secrets:| Deals drugs to the bosses daughter. Actually enjoys poetry and music

Hobbies:| Writes poems and music, hangs out at home alone and does nothing on week-end days
Talents:| Drug making, shooting
Deficits:| Hand to hand combat,
Weapons:| Carter usually carries a two hand guns at a time, but he has a few. HK 45, LNP 45 USG Bitone, Colt 38 Super Gold Cup Elite, Springfield XDM, and his favorite Wilson Spec Ops 9

Personality:| Carter is a bit of a wild card sometimes. To him, his work is his life. On the outside, Crater is tough and rough. Like he can't be broke. He'll flip out and ferrous when someone tries to give him some bad drugs to sell. But on the inside Carter is just sad and actually a little disappointed in what he does. Selling drugs to young people. So he drinks to get his mind off that and put on his I-Don't-Care-Who-Buys demeanor. Carter pretty much has a short temper on things that have to do with his sales. If someone was to mess up a sale, he'd be on their ass like a parents belt to their own son after then said the "F-word".
To be honest, Carter isn't really a people's person. He believes almost everyone in this world are dumb asses who just don't understand. That's quit true to some extent considering Carters smartness to chemistry. Carters a genius at that stuff, which is half of the reason why he makes most of his own drugs to sell, and use of course. But like every great genius, Carter has some issues. He has mostly people issues. Not really much of a talker, more of an observer, I would say. But he's resourceful.

History:| Carter grew up in a rather rough family. His mother left him and his baby brother when he was 15, his brother was only 1. So, their father had to care for them and, let me tell ya', he wasn't the best father to have. He neglected Carter and his brother and didn't care what they did. So, Carter got into drugs and alcohol. What did Jack, Carter's father, do about that? Nothing. He just said that he expects Carter to overdose someday. Carter then moved to New York when he turned 18 and went to college to study chemistry. When he was 21, he convinced his grandma on his mothers side to take in his little brother, Marty, who was then 7.

Carter had took up drinking and started selling and using drugs in college. He made most of the drugs he sold by himself in a studio apartment that he lived in, and still lives in. He made sure they were of best quality. That's when the money started rolling in. He knew other drug trade masters were going to be on his tail. So he bought a few handguns that were easy enough to conceal in a pocket or tucked in his pants. He always carried, and still carries, two at a time. When he was 22, he meant the Mob Boss. Carter was a little nervous at first, thinking he's in big trouble, but then there was the deal with being in his business as the lead drug trafficker. So, Carter excepted the deal and now runs the drug trade for the family, making every sale worth wild, even if that means dealing to the bosses daughter.

Miscellaneous:| Carter has two babies. His Citroen Survolt and his Pitbull, Tuck, who Carter rescued from the shelter and believes he was a former dog fighting dog considering one of his ears is torn. Carter also has multiple scars on his hands, arms, and faces from various hand fights throughout his life.
Carter, though he had a rough family life, was always a genius in chemistry in high school. That's how he got into drugs in the first place when his chemistry teacher explained that chemistry could be used to make drugs to help people and make drugs people sell on streets.

So begins...

Carter Adams's Story

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Dang.. Add me to that list. Haha.

The setting changes from manhattan-new-york to Genovese Mansion

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Hours before the Genovese gala was set to begin, Charlee had made her escape from the mansion. The excuse of a spa day was given to Pierre, the butler, in case anyone questioned her whereabouts. In truth, Shae just wanted to spend some time to herself and while the spa was the intended destination, she wouldn't be there the entire day. An art auction was to be held at her house that very night, but Shae could care less. Her attendance was request, as usual, and the young girl didn't dare disappoint her mother in front of the very people she aimed to please, but Shae wished she could forego the entire experience - just this very one. Usually she was up to working a party, flirting, and conversing with those she'd just met and the ones she'd known her entire life, but today Shae felt sluggish, even dull almost.

The spa had done wonders for taking Shae's mind off the events that were to take place. A full facial, massage, manicure, and pedicure were ordered. The labor of the work taking hours alone. Shae relished and relaxed as she was doted upon at the shop. The spot was a regular source of comfort - one Shae most commonly chose to indulge in alone and after hours of preparation, she almost felt well enough to venture back to the mansion. Just two more stops.

An appointment at the salon both she and her mother preferred was made two days ago, though the owners would have fit either of the Genovese women in if they had just walked through the doors. It was a luxury that Shae was accustomed to and took for granted. Things often just fell into her lap and she didn't think twice about those who bent over backwards to please her and her family.Today, she wanted just a simple blowout done to her long, red strands. For the past few weeks a change of pace had been considered, a haircut, a new style, maybe even a new color, but Shae had also changed her mind at the last second choosing to keep her red locks that fell mid-back. Plus, Shae knew that her her color complimented the dress Shae had spent hours picking out. Yes, a simple blowout would work best for the occasion.

Small talk was made with her regular hairdresser, Sandy, but Shae, as always, kept the intimate details of her life to herself. Most people opened up to their stylist, engaging at gossip at the very least, but Shae kept the conversations light and often asked about Sandy's life rather than steer the conversation towards herself. With her family and life, Shae couldn't afford to put her trust into just anyone and even now she realized it.

The blowout only took a half hour. Shae paid, left a rather generous tip, and was on her way. Her last stop before home was a little out of the way and Shae constantly checked to see whether she spotted anyone who might recognize her or her father. She couldn't have anyone reporting these actions back to Jonah and people were quick to divulge her secrets.

A rundown looking house sat on the corner of 85th street. Everyone in the area knew the house. It was a place to score. Shae felt more than uncomfortable having to buy her ecstasy from this particular place, but she didn't have the time or place to wait for a response from Carter, her father's lead drug trafficker, should she call him. Plus, Shae would be more inclined to do other things with Carter than to simply buy drugs and she couldn't risk ruining her hair. Victoria would kill her if she showed up late to the gala and looked less than presentable. So, gathering every ounce of courage she had, Shae parked her black Mercedes-Benz, locked it, and walked anxiously up to the bright red door. She knocked three quick wraps and took a step back. The door, chain still locked, cracked ever so slightly. "Uhm, J.C. sent me." Shae lied, though she knew using his name would help the transaction go a lot smoother. The door closed in her face. Shae, more than confused, turned to walk back down the steps and to her car. She'd only just turned when she heard the door open once more and was welcomed in by a lean, built brunette.

He quickly asked what she needed and she didn't waste time in telling him, cash in hand ready to make the deal. The two quickly traded merchandise and Shae was on her way, ecstasy in pocket. Just making the deal had given her a thrill almost causing Shae to forget why she'd wanted the E to begin with. In haste, Shae pulled away from the house and in the direction of her Upper East Side estate knowing her mother would be expecting her to be there.

The drive from where she was to the Genovese mansion took the better part of a half hour, but soon enough Shae was puling up the driveway, around back, and into her parking spot in the garage. Her hair and makeup may have been done, but Shae still needed to pull herself into the dress and slip her feet into the golden heels she'd selected for the evening. Realizing she'd spent way too much time out and about, Shae rushed to her room and prettied herself up. With luck, she managed to avoid her mother until she was fully ready for the evening. One quick and final look in her bedroom mirror told Shae that she was cleared to make her appearance at the party as she knew that quests had probably started arriving.

Her entrance was anything but grand. Unnoticeable would probably be more fitting. Shae pranced down the stairs, a facade of happiness painted on her face. Her bright red lipstick complimenting her hair and dress, making her look even more attractive - way too mature for a seventeen year old. She waved to some of her mother's 'friends' and smiled to those of her father before grabbing a glass of champagne from a server. Victoria would disapprove, as would Jonah, but Shae didn't mind their disapproving eyes or nagging. They wouldn't make a scene in front of their many guests, so Shae wouldn't face her consequences until much later and by then she would care even less than she did at the moment.

Knowing that at all times at least one pair of eyes would be on her should she stay in the room, Shae slipped off to the kitchen for some privacy just as she slipped one white pill under her tongue. There. That should help with tonight. She told herself before returning to the grand room and socializing with their guests. Dylan stood alone and Shae thought best to make conversation with someone she at least cared about. And she cared about Dylan more than any other person on the planet.

"Hey, little brother." she addressed him. "Anything interesting to cure my boredom?" She asked lightly.

The setting changes from genovese-mansion to Manhattan, New York

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#, as written by Mela
Jonathon Genovese

Jonah remained only to let Victoria speak, his gaze on the finger she was poking at him with. Once she was done menstruating, Jonah calmly but firmly took her wrist and removed her hand from his chest, before he, just as calmly, but with a cold gaze still, said “Victoria, do not start a scene.” His eyes flared up at that, a sliver of fire, his temper showing her to stop now else regret it. He really did not feel like dealing with her theatrics tonight. He would not tolerate her taking this route; he would have no social suicide tonight, and that was what the two of them arguing in the middle of this event, would be. “And I had every right. I don’t give a fuck who she is; don’t you dare go against me on this,” he said more quietly, for her ears only. Then he curtly gave her a nod and was off.

As he texted and walked, Jonah thought things over. Mostly him and Vicky. They had been slipping more and more apart lately, and where her defiance usually turned him on, it now irritated him instead. He didn’t know why, and he hated having to do this to his wife. He hated the fact that he wasn’t himself at the moment, and his intense focus on the business was pulling him away from his children too. Once in the private, quiet corridors upstairs, Jonah sighed, rubbing his neck. He loved Victoria; would do anything for her, but he would not draw her deeper into the business right now. He didn’t like the thought of her exposed and taking an obvious part in the business right now, because if he went down… then she would go down with him. And where would that leave their children?

Where would that leave his youngest son, who although bright, was far from ready to be by himself in the real world? What would happen to Charlee, who was already so very lost, Jonah had no idea how to help her? Ever since her pregnancy, Jonah had had people tracing her every move, so he knew more about her activities than a father would ever like to. He just wasn’t sure whether to tell Vicky or not. He’d told her about the abortion once it was done, but he had told her not to mention it to their daughter. Charlee had been plenty freaked as it was.

And then they had Lincoln. Their oldest kid, who although dyslexic was able to fight his way through college; how would he fare? Probably better than the others, but Linc would drop out of college. Jonah didn’t doubt that. His son was a fighter and he would devote all of his time to trying to help his siblings, while also wanting to keep some sliver of the business going. Jonah shook his head thinking about it. No. He couldn’t have Victoria anywhere near the line of fire anymore. The threat was too great. He knew she hated him for reducing her to what she called a trophy wife, but what else was he to do? Jonathon Genovese was out of options, and everything seemed to be falling apart at the seams.

He would simply have to take the time to explain all of his thought to his wife. The real problem here was their lack of communication. He barely had time to sit down and talk to her, but he was going to tonight. He didn’t care what needed his attention, or who was in trouble Tonight Jonah was going to be a husband to his wife, and he was going to make this deal with Sienna up to her. He didn’t yet know how, but he’d figure something out. Currently it was most important to at least explain everything to her, because obviously she was frustrated with his choices. He didn’t blame her – he really didn’t. He just wished she could understand him.

When the crime boss finally entered the library once more, his gaze landed on Tony, having strayed to Nate only briefly. “You know what’s quite amusing?” Jonah said calmly, his eyes inexpressive, but somehow cold regardless. “The fact that although you know how much I despise tardiness, you amazingly still manage to pull one every time. One more time, Rizzo, and you’re out.” Everyone knew that when Jonathon fired someone he took everything. So to Rizzo, that would mean losing every last cent he had earned while working for Jonah, which would, in essence, leave him broke as fuck. With that comment, Jonah looked up to see his other associates entering the library.

He regarded them with an inexpressive mien, a single nod being their welcome. Then he jumped right to it. “Follow me,” he said, his voice calm as he led his associates through his office and into the room behind it: the conference room. The long table had plenty of space for all of them, and Jonah seated himself at the end, letting Nate take his place on his right; his at all times. Once everyone was seated, Jonah’s calm gaze seemed to gaze into the soul of every person present as it roamed the room. Only after this, did the man in charge speak. “I realize many of you have questions, and I assume most of you are rather nervous regarding this raid the other day. This is exactly the reasons I have called this meeting. The authorities are on our tails, and they seem to be closing in. I will deal with that.” Somehow, he thought to himself.

Then he finally leaned forward and began the actual meeting. He took all questions, answered them, reassuring his associates. He kept everything tight, but in the end they would all feel like everything was solved and all their doubts had been assuaged, when in reality, all Jonah had did was play with the words a little. He had to, because his job was not to tell them the truth; his job was to keep them in line and to make sure there was no panic. His job, in essence, was to keep them working steadily, feeling safe as meat in a house of vegetarians.

Once the meeting finished, Jonah dismissed them all, but remained seated himself, knowing he had to tell Nate about Sienna. He hated that he had to; hated that the bitch was back in the first place, because odds were she would only mess his best friend up further. But then, he would rather Nathaniel found out from him than from some magazine of blubbering socialite who had “seen it all”. He sighed as the last one closed the door behind him, leaving Nathan and Jonah alone. Then he put his gaze on the man he loved as a brother. For what seemed like the first time in days, Jonah let the crime boss go entirely, his face of cold indifference, turning to that of a friend. A true friend. The man Jonah was at heart.

“Nate, I need to tell you something,” he began, “and when I do, I want you to remain calm. No rushing out on me or the party. I need you here tonight, okay? Too many people for me to feel comfortable having my kids here without you.” He looked at Nate seriously. His best friend knew better than anyone the toll the previous kidnapping of his children had taken on Jonah, and how paranoid it had made him. Jonah might be in possession of security by the dozen at this event, but he trusted no one more than Nate when it came to keeping his children safe. If Nate ran off like Jonah feared he would, then the crime boss would probably have a nervous breakdown of some sort. He also really didn’t want Nate around Sienna. But that was his own choice; his own life. All Jonah could do was… remove Sienna. Which he would. Soon. Quietly.