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Charlee Shae Genovese

Don't cross me.. My father's the big man in charge & you don

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a character in “In Mafia Vita”, as played by UCTigerette

So begins...

Charlee Shae Genovese's Story

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FBI Headquarters

Murdock stared at Jess's various certificates on the wall as he tried to think of how to deal with the intimidating man who stood in front of him. "I understand your concern for Agent Garcia. She understands the importance of staying out of Jonathon Genovese's way and getting out as soon as possible. Agent Garcia is also, shall we say, well capable of handling herself." Murdock smiled to himself as he remembered the time she had punched a reporter in the face because he was getting in her way on the way to a crime scene. Everyone in the area had somehow managed to be looking the other way, or so they told the reporter. They had all preferred Jess to that asshole. That was long before her liaison days. "We would contact her, but it's too risky. We have people monitoring the situation in the mansion, and if anything starts to go wrong, she can get out." A message beeped on the computer. He stepped behind the desk and opened it up, frowning.

Genovese Mansion

Jess's tray now appeared to be empty. She had only managed to speak to one of her agents, and it appeared her fortune cookie idea hadn't worked. She made her way back to the kitchen. As she turned into the kitchen, her phone vibrated. She dumped the tray and stepped outside, pulling the phone from the pocket in her skirt. There was a message from Theo.

Get out ASAP. I'm not comfortable with this. Get out.

She trusted Theo's advice. She hadn't a clue as to how he knew what the situation was in the mansion, but it was obviously important. She managed to slip back through the kitchen without being assaulted with another duty. There was one last thing she had to do, though. Kole needed to know. He had assured her he would be there, and she hadn't heard from her other agent. She held her shoes in her hands, knowing she couldn't be stealthy with the heels. She listened for voices as she passed each room. She didn't get halfway down the hall before her phone vibrated. She snatched it from her pocket in an attempt to try and shut it up. Luckily the soft fabric of the skirt pocket muffled it a little, hopefully enough to avoid detection. She opened up the message and read it. Now it was Murdock warning her to get out. She guessed Theo had probably contacted him too. They probably both had a point. Jonathon Genovese could emerge from any of these offices at any point, and she didn't really want to face him without any back-up. Especially because, without doubt, he'd have several of his gorillas with guns with him. And if she was killed, it really wouldn't be good for the team. She stealthily made her way down the hall, slipping her shoes back on before she re-entered the main hall.

She pulled off her glasses and let down her hair. There. She felt more like herself now. The sooner that she got home and washed out this damned hair dye, the better. Her car was parked a few streets away and she unlocked it, sliding into the seat gratefully. She pulled out a disposable phone from the glove box and dialed out Kole's number. As she had hoped, it was turned off and went straight to voicemail.

"Kole. It's Jess. Call me at the office the minute you're free. The minute it's safe enough for you to call me, do so."

She then dialed out another number.

"Special Agent Murdock."

"Murdock, it's me. I got a message from You-Know-Who telling me to get out. I managed to talk to Mick, but it was too risky for me to try and talk to Kole. I left a message on his phone to call me ASAP. I'll be back at the office in a few. I need to go home and change first."

A few minutes later, Jess strode into the office, dressed in a more comfortable outfit. One of the desk workers jumped to his feet. "Special Agent Garcia! There was a man here demanding to see you, called..." She held up a hand as she passed his desk. "Special Agent Luke Hitch, I know. Back to work, Aaron. He's not going to hurt you for not telling him where I was." She reassured him as she headed for her office. She took a deep breath as she opened the door.

A tall, imposing man was standing in the middle of the floor. Murdock was standing behind her desk. She held out a hand to the newcomer. "Special Agent Luke Hitch, I presume. I'm Jess Garcia." She looked over at the man standing behind her desk. "It's okay, Murdock. You can go now." The other man nodded as he left, and Jess took her seat behind the desk, trying to resist the temptation to put her boots on the desk. It wasn't a habit she usually had, but after the heels and the skirt and everything, she felt like she needed to chill. But boots on the desk would appear extremely inappropriate in front of a new co-worker.


He turned to Shae when what she had said registered. "And in response to your question, I don't enjoy myself in social situations. I enjoy myself in my room fixing robots with my headphones in." Although he was using his headphones less and less after what had happened to Theo. He didn't like the thought of not being able to hear gunshots. If anything happened to his family, he didn't want to be the last to know. He didn't know if he could help, seeing as he'd be more likely to hit one of them as opposed to their assailant if he had a gun. He really needed to build a robot to compensate for that. Would mounting a machine gun on a remote control robot be too drastic? Yeah, probably.

He was lost in his plans until Shae spoke again. "So, who's the broad?" Dylan grinned at his brother. "Yeah. Where'd you find this one?" He joked. He did enjoy winding his siblings up.

The setting changes from genovese-mansion to Manhattan, New York

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#, as written by Korrye

Victoria didn’t need Jonathon to tell her that he needed him, especially after his physical displays of rapture. Finally. Still, it was consoling and she tucked her chin into her neck and nodded at his words, feeling his hands brush across the strong line of her jaw, lightly pressuring her to look back up into his face. It wasn’t often she saw this Jonathon, her Jonah. There was a glisten to his eyes and a subtle smooth quality to his motions that was far more fluid. He was at ease and not thinking of anything else but them. It made her exhale deeply. Holding her eyes closed again for a moment, she let herself drift into the recollections of several months ago, how right before Theodore had been found out to be such a filthy rat child, Jonah’s brother and Tony had sat her down and confessed that they believed him to be a cheater. Ever since the distance her husband had kept with her, since the incident, since the pressure from law enforcement had been ramped up, her mind had circled viciously back to the accusations. Victoria trusted his brother, she had trusted Tony. But now it seemed…malicious. When she looked through low lids at her husband again, she knew it was a lie.

But then why say it? Why would his own brother tell her that he was cheating?

She asked about Anthony then. She knew that Jonathon would not let her in on that scene, no matter how much she wanted to violate the man, to make him feel the way she felt. Jonathon would not be as swift as he normally was and that justified her stepping aside. She didn’t want to look at the man either. Never again. He had looked so betrayed at her when she’d run away and that stung. How could he have ever thought…? her mind trailed. Jonah turned back to his own inquisition.

“Why?” he asked her lowly, though his tone was not at all accusing. “Because your brother and him told me that you were cheating two months ago. The more I think over it, he’s been trying to turn me against you Jonah, and perhaps your sibling as well. He might have information about people trying to hurt us from within,” she replied lowly, wincing as she thought about the second Genovese brother, currently out of the country and on business in France.

She had wanted to lighten the mood then, turning back to her comments about their rougher bouts of making up. That made him grin and Victoria felt her heart flutter at the sight of her husband so amused. He kissed her and she tried to hold it, but he stepped away to collect his pants and briefs, all hastily discarded at her feet.

“You’re right. You need a new dress though,” Jonah commented. She snorted. “Yes well, it’s not like I have a short supply. I’ll get one of the seamstress’ at the fashion house to fix it. Shouldn’t be that hard,” she replied with a smirk, moving away from the wall to step out of the black silk and jersey, leaving herself in only her underwear for a moment before she stepped towards a small closet beside his desk, collecting a housecoat reserved for days when Jonah spent hours on end in his office without seeing visitors. Slipping it over her shoulders, she turned back to him, letting him hold her cheek in his hand. Victoria smiled, feeling her cheeks dimple as her lips were spread like a Cheshire’s grin.

“It’s generally been too long,” Jonah added. Victoria hummed her agreement, chuckling at he moved to kiss her on the nose. It was a gesture that took her back to when they had first started seeing each other and how playful his affection used to be. Before everything got serious and his father was shot and I was nearly killed and we had children… They had never had the phase like most newlyweds to simply be together without the mundane concerns of babies, family, and serious careers. Victoria had never thought she had needed it until the past few months.

“I’ve missed it… I’ve missed you. Missed us; you and I,” Jonah confessed. “Then quit shoving me out and making me force my way back in,” Victoria teased him, raising an eyebrow as she moved to slide her hands along the sides of his bare and chiseled torso, allowing her thumbs to follow the ridges of his abdominal muscles before she pulled back and slid her fingers up so gently along his sides to tickle him – from hard to soft in a split second, the epitome of who and what she was.

“I think it’s time to get these ridiculous people out of our home,” she concluded, smiling so that her teeth showed.

* * *
Morning After the Gala

The morning light filtered through the curtains of their bedroom, slicing across the floor and onto the mattress, illuminating her frame and the wild splay of red hair behind her. The evening had been cut short for all intents and purposes. While the social aspect of the evening had been set to go into the early morning, Victoria had decided to call it a night early. Her staff had been informed as much and she had retired to her room early and a bath with soft music and lavender to try and relax her mind while Jonathon left with his associates to take care of the business that was Anthony. When she’d gone to bed he still hadn’t been home and now as she rolled over, she wondered if he would be there. They had made up? She was due to have breakfast with Lydia, a quick text having confirmed that. Kole was also in the house still, having spent the night. He had plans to take Dylan and his dog to Central Park for the morning, a thought that made her smile. She missed having her adoptive son around to do those things for her, and with Dylan. He had still looked troubled however. She hadn’t had time to ask Jonathon why that was. For all that she smiled as she pulled herself from bed and moved to the wide and luxurious ensuite bathroom, her mind was wound up in concerns for her children – as it was most mornings given that she had essentially four children to worry about. Her husband would have a morning gym session undoubtedly and today she didn’t want to join him. Let him get out the aggression. Let him talk to Linc and Rome and the boys.

Getting herself ready was a quick routine. Victoria left her hair in a soft tumble of curls over her left shoulder, washed her face and put on fresh makeup before doning a yellow sleeveless shirt and dark skinny jeans. She would be doing errands later and wanted the mobility of pants for once. As she took the stairs to the kitchen to see to preparing breakfast for herself and her guest, the house was quiet. The extra staff were gone, with only two maids cleaning, and Pierre present. The security personnel were outside and out of sight. She didn’t like them in the house lately. They made her paranoid. Nate assured her they were to be trusted, all contracted former military personnel. Still, she didn’t like that she needed so many guards. The silence she welcomed instead, wanting nothing but a quiet breakfast with a close friend and perhaps the glimpse of her children or her husband before she had to leave for the fashion house and business management issues – things she was taking on in the interim until they had hired someone to replace Tony.