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Jonathon Genovese

"Cold isn't the same as heartless, is it?"

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a character in “In Mafia Vita”, as played by Mela


Jonathon Genovese

The Genovese Patriarch

"Cross me once, and you won't even live to regret it."


Full Name:| Jonathon Joseph Genovese
Nicknames:| "Just call me boss." To close friends and family, Jonathon tends to go by Jonah. Within the organization in general, he's always Mr. Genovese, boss, chief, or another equivalent, but people tend to give him the most creative of names behind his back, foolishly believing he doesn't know about them.
Age:| "My age is none of your concern." Thirty-eight
Gender:| "You must be kidding me." Male
Orientation:| "... Don't test my patience." Heterosexual by far
Originally From:| "Manhattan, of course. I'm a true Genovese. We are manhattans through and through."
Currently Living:| "Don't pretend you don't already know." Upper East Side
Occupation:| "Now you're merely insulting me." Jonah is the boss of all the bosses, the man in charge, the head of the game...

~~ Firearms
~~ Successful business enterprises
~~ Being in control
~~ Money & Power
~~ Being respected or feared
~~ Guavas
~~ Strong espresso
~~ The sound of his children laughing
~~ Finding time for his family
~~ His reputation in New York
~~ Rising with the sun
~~ Classical music & films
~~ Spanish
~~ Having people in his debt
~~ Winning
~~ Fine wine
~~ Confident, fierce women
~~ Loyalty
~~ Showing off his wealth

~~ Law enforcement of any kind
~~ Betrayal
~~ Empty threats
~~ People who don't turn word to action
~~ Whiners
~~ Disrespect & Disobedience
~~ French
~~ His wife's suspicions
~~ Losing money and generally losing
~~ Being too busy to find time for his family
~~ Lack of Control
~~ Getting up too late
~~ His people making mistakes
~~ Being ill
~~ Stupid questions

Fears:| "Nothing as far as you will ever know."
~~ His job being the reason something bad happens to a member of his family.
~~ Losing the power he and his family have.
~~ Dying from illness. Jonah would much rather die on the job, standing tall, taking a bullet, than spending his last years in bed, controlled by an illness.

Secrets:| "Who, Me? Secrets? I'm the patriarch of a powerful mafia family, you fucking twat. I won't be telling you shit."
~~ Jonah's been hiding the fact that he has indeed cheated on his wife in the past, but now he considers it old news as it was so long ago. He knows his wife, however, and she probably wouldn't think the same way.
~~ The woman he cheated on his wife with, became pregnant. He forced her into abortion, in spite of the fact that she didn't wish to rid herself of the baby.
~~ Jonah secretly doubts the death of the techie. He never believes anything without proof, and a body was never found.
~~ He's got spies watching his wife currently as he doesn't like her being so close to the casino manager. He knows it's an invasion of her privacy, but he doesn't care.

Talents:| "I'm growing weary of these stupid questions."
If you ask Jonah, his talents are widespread, and they more or less are, but only within the particular set of skills he needs or more so has taken an interest in. For one, he plays the piano very well, but only ever classical pieces. He finds the music relaxing and it clears his mind, enabling him to think intensely as his fingers fly over the black and white keys.

Secondly, Jonah is a wizard with a gun or riffle in hand. Having grown up in the mobster environment, his father was adamant about teaching him to shoot at a young age, and so, as Jonathon grew up, he never missed. He hasn't missed a shot since he was a teenager, and though he rarely does the shooting himself, he always keeps the skill trained and ready, spending time at the range. But even then, it's job-related as he does it to better protect himself and his family, should it be needed.

Thirdly, Jonathon runs an empire. He controls a city. The man is a natural at anything business-related and he runs things with cool and unrelenting determination. He studied business and economy with a minor in law at college and he graduated with honors. It's almost as if he was genetically engineered for the job he has.

Fourthly, he has been taught how to read people. He's no expert, but years have proved this skill to be very useful, and so it has also been honed and mastered with experience. He's good at first impressions, and though he will sometimes hire someone with doubt in mind, he merely keeps an extra good eye on them. He does, however, screw up, which bothers him greatly; Jonathon hates losing, and does he consider it a game in many ways. This has also caused him to be an excellent poker player.

Lastly, the Genovese patriarch is trained. He was taught to fight, again due to his father, at a young age, and again, Jonathon proved a natural. Or more so, since he started so early, his brain was more open to knowledge as children's often are. This is again a talent he maintains. Due to being in perfect shape and in control of his body, the male has always found sports easy. Tennis, badminton, golf, archery... you name it, and he's good at it - not perfect, nor a professional, but Jonathon never does anything half, so he's never just average either. Rather, if he's not good at it, it's probably because he hasn't ever bothered trying.


Deficits:| "I have none, obviously."
... or so he'd like to think. The thing is, deficiencies are not things Jonathon ponders, because, honestly, why should he? He would much rather simply focus on his talents. However, like all other humans, Jonathon is not perfect. Firstly, he cannot cook. He's one of those people who would be able to screw up boiling pasta. That's how bad it is. Probably this is because he never took an interest; he never bothered learning it. Then again, he may just be really bad at it. That will probably never be ultimately answered, because he'd never bother even trying to learn. Why should he? He has money to go to restaurants, he has a private cook, and a lovely wife.

Secondly, Jonah's temper has proved itself a weakness at times, because he loses his cool when he loses his patience, and that's never good for a business man. He has torn apart prospective deals, killed future business partners and the likes, but it is rare. However, to piss Jonathon off, one should always be very far away, because when the fire's lit, it doesn't care who it kills in its path.

Thirdly, the mafia boss has his biggest weakness in his family. He would do anything for them, and that, for a man of his position, with his amount of enemies, is dangerous indeed. They can easily be used against him through a kidnapping or the like, because they're his soft spot; his only soft spot. However, one should think thoroughly before attempting anything, because to go after Jonathon's family, is to acquire a very powerful, vengeful and pissed of enemy, and he will make you beg for death.

Lastly, he never liked swimming. That isn't to say that he can't swim, but he's not the best at it. He wouldn't be able to explain to you why he doesn't like it, it's just fact. His lack of interest in the water sport made sure he never pursued the skill, and so he's actually no better than a 10 year old child. Of course he merely stays out of the water, so the amount of people who know of it is incredibly small. His parents, who are both dead, of course and his second in command, along with his wife, know/knew.


Weapons:| "Why, I carry a wooden sword. No. Honestly, what do you think I carry?"
Jonah always carries a colt .45, a browning hi-power, CZ 75, or a Glock 17. He's a sucker for the classics, though, but he's had to face the fact that your old S&W guns just didn't cut it anymore - he's got a whole wall of them though, just for decoration in his office but of course they're not loaded. For more intense purposes, Jonah usually goes for the AK-47 or the AR-15. In general, one could say the male prefers firearms to other weapons, but he's always carrying a knife or two, in case he gets into closer combat; he is in no way a fair fighter.

Personality:| "If you don't know me, it's most likely because I don't want you to."
Many things can be said of Jonathon Genovese, and honestly most of the rumors are true. They say he kills without remorse - true. They say he runs his business and his house hold with an iron fist - true. They say he will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals - also true. All in all, Jonathon is a man to be feared. Cold, unrelenting and fierce, the Genovese patriarch is never kidding around. He never exudes sympathy nor a sense of mercy, in fact, you can beg for your life all you want, and all the reaction his man will show you, is a set of cold eyes as he gives the order to have you killed. Well, either that, or pulls the trigger himself.

He isn't necessarily cruel at heart; Jonathon rarely makes people suffer, but would rather grant them a quick death. Mostly, however, this is for the sake of efficiency, and not out of any humane feelings. He is always deadly efficient. And that's exactly the thing: Jonah is deadly, but calm, which is usually an odd contrast. He is not easily fooled, being a man of high intelligence and cunning, and he exacts vengeance on anyone who tries to. However, the man is patient... as long as you don't try this patience. If you do, you'll see a whole other side to Mr. Genovese, and you will not like it. This is when he can certainly become cruel.

Jonah is greedy, materialistic, power-hungry and many other things, but most of the time this is hidden behind a mask of cool indifference, and it's entirely unnerving to most. He craves control. He always has, and he always will, in every way. Control of his children, control of his wife, control of his business... well, honestly, he would feel best if he could control everything, but he's learned to live with the fact that some things are out of his hands. He is the ultimate leader in all things, and he always comes out on top. Why? Well, it's simple: He doesn't give up until he is. Simply letting things be, or letting go of matters, is not in his nature. He never forgets a favor, but likewise he never forgets a betrayal either.

With his family, which he considers his second in command part of, Jonathon is at his mildest. He loves his wife and children, and will stop at nothing to secure their safety. The man is a loyal, honest friend to have, firm, yet loving father, and a devoted although oftentimes distant husband. Even though he has cheated on his wife in the past, he made a promise to himself never to betray his wife like that again once he became the leader of his family's business. And he's kept that promise.

The mafia boss possesses a set of morals which he will never sway from, one revolving around prostitution. There are certain things Jonathon won't touch, and that is one of them. He doesn't like sluts, and that's what whores usually are. He cannot respect a woman who doesn't respect herself, and as such he has no need for the business. He may be in on drugs and the like, but prostitution is a line he won't cross. That, and human trafficking. The latter is the lowest of lows, and Jonathon won't ever lower himself enough to so much as look at the business. Screw the money, there are things of higher importance, like his integrity.


History:| "Read one of the many newspaper articles on me and my family. I don't see a reason for me to repeat myself."
Jonathon Genovese was the first son of mafia boss, Taylor Genovese, and his wife Patricia. The two had been at the top of New York, the whole city in their pockets. They were the most powerful couple to walk the prestigious streets of 5th Avenue, and now they had a beautiful baby boy. Patricia, like Vicky (Jonah's wife), had wanted to keep her son out of the life, but the former patriarch was quick to make other decisions. As his empire grew, he couldn't bear the thought of it all just falling apart after his death or retirement. Not after all his hard work. And so, his son soon became his heir.

As such, Taylor made sure Jonathon was properly taught in all the things he would need, starting at a very early age; guns, shooting, martial arts, business and the likes, and Jonah proved a clever student. It didn't take long for it to be made clear that Jonah had been born to the job, even if he got a younger brother at the age of six. It never took attention off of Jonathon. After all, he was the progeny, the oldest, the promising one. He was always his father's favorite, even if his mother tried to make up for the neglect of the younger sibling.

In time, as Jonah grew older, his role in the business became bigger and bigger, responsibilities growing, except then he got into Yale, and his mother finally took a step, deciding that her son needed room to study and focus on it, and so as Jonathon studied business and economy, adding a minor in law, his ties to the organization were temporarily broken. Of course, right before, Vicky had gotten pregnant, and given birth to a boy, which had also set a wedding into motion, so as Jonathon was off to college, he brought wife and child with him.

The next five years of Jonah's life were difficult. As he studied, he also had to bounce life as a father, and being away from the business wasn't easy to him either. During his last year at Yale, Vicky gave birth to a baby girl, and things got all the more complicated. This led to the hiring of a Nanny, who became very useful as another boy was born a year later. But at a family event years later, the Nanny was supposed to bring the children. They, however, didn't show, and as panicky waves ran high, his entire family present, Jonathon received a call from a stranger. He was informed that if he ever wanted to see his children again, he was to let his father's business die with the old man.

Jonah, panicked and unsure of what to do with this, turned to his father, confused, the phone still at his ear as he asked "what is that supposed to mean?" Was he to only see his children once his father died? However, he only just caught the man's eyes, the two exchanging a look which Jonathon will never forget, when a bullet planted itself right in his temple and he fell to the ground. A sniper had gotten him from the roof of a nearby building, and Jonathon, well, he never found out what his father had wanted to tell him. Jonah immediately hung up.

Long story short, Jonathon turned the entire state inside-out, searching every corner of every alley, his demeanor cold and determined. He knew his children would not be killed as long as they were useful, and well, he was driven by revenge and a bristling anger he had never before known. In the end, he found his children. The nanny had been killed. And well, as for the kidnappers, their lasts sounds were gurgled screams as they drowned in their own blood, his coldly burning eyes their last sights.

Following this bittersweet ending, the man ruthlessly took over his father's entire corporation, throwing himself into the world he had gained a reputation in since his graduation from Yale. It didn't take long for Jonathon to gain the fear and respect his father had held before him, except he didn't stop there. Oh no, Jonathon expanded, wanting more power, more respect, more fear, more money, the fear of something similar happening again haunting him to this day. This is his insurance; minimizing the amount of people who would have anything to gain from such a thing, by making every big concern dependent on his.

So far it's worked, but the memories of the fear, the paranoia and the panic still ride him like a mare.


Miscellaneous:| "This conversation ends here. I suggest you get the fuck out."
  • To this day, Jonathon keeps security around his three children at all times.
  • The mafia boss is always driving the fanciest of cars, considering it a way of showing off his wealth and thereby power. That, or he's being driven in the limo by his private chauffeur.
  • He's always wearing tailored designer suits - again, a way of showing off. Besides, he likes dressing smart.
  • Jonah's got a lot of international business contacts, so he tends to travel some, leaving his family for days at a time. Sometimes more.


So begins...

Jonathon Genovese's Story

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#, as written by Korrye

Genovese Mansion
Victoria felt her anger surging. She hummed with frustration, her fingers clenching the edge of the kitchen counter top until her knuckles turned white. Clenching her teeth, she exhaled through her teeth and looked at the floor before glancing up at the cater waiter who had dropped a platter of sparkling champagne in taking a corner too sharply. The crystal flutes had shattered, covering a large expanse of the slate floor. On top of that, Victoria was in the middle of the mess and bits of glass now graced her feet, cutting her nylons and sticking to her gown. She had come in to check on their progress and she had been showered in both the glasses and their contents. “I’m so, sorry Mrs. Genovese…” the waiter apologized frantically. Victoria heard the fear dripping from her words. When she looked up at the girl she recognized that she was no older than her own daughter, though terrible cowed and far less stubborn. The girl gasped when Victoria leveled a gaze with her, flicking a hand out and sending a splash of champagne off of her fingertips and to the floor. “I’m fine,” she forced herself to say. If she didn't the poor girl might panic more and do something worse. The waiter looked about ready to burst into tears. Two thousand dollars worth of crystal now littered the floor and the champagne itself was soaking further into her evening gown. The emerald silk was ruined and still dripping. As she stepped forward slowly the glass crunched audibly beneath her Louboutin heels. Each step earned a wince from her staff. Once she was out of the initial pile of champagne flutes, Victoria hiked her dress up into her hands, rubbing the silk with her thumb only to earn herself a cut from a stray shard of crystal.

“Clean this up,” Victoria ordered. She turned to face her staff who merely looked back at her stunned. Their eyes glanced over her and they all remained still, looking at her with mixed expressions of surprise, fear and horror. “Now!” she barked, her voice cutting. A gasp followed and the hum of activity returned to them all. She sighed as she walked out of the kitchen, hearing the loud sniping of her head chef as he re-asserted control. Victoria frowned, closing her eyes as she proceeded to the main staircase, thankful that guests would not be arriving for another half hour. That said, some of their companions liked to arrive earlier, curious if there was ever disarray. She could not let them see any of this.

As she hurried herself up the stairs, she looked over her shoulder at the main entrance of their Manhattan townhouse, the sweeping steps polished to perfection. Two butlers stood at attention by the main doors to receive guests, while security remained outside the doors on the steps with the valet. Months ago, it would have only been one individual assigned to watch the entry of people into the mansion, the main gates and their security enough to prevent people from pulling stunts. For the evening, Jonathon had requested extra. His business associates would be meeting with him that evening and with everyone there on top of family friends it was sure to be a full house of interesting people. She hoped the additional security was enough.

Shaking her head, she ushered herself up to her bedroom, passing by the doors of her children’s rooms. She lingered, feeling herself soften as she neared Charlee’s door. Victoria paused and tried to listen. In hearing nothing she moved by, knowing that she had told them all to be back at the mansion on time and that it was possible that her daughter had gone to the salon to get herself prepared for the gala. As she continued on, she passed by her eldest son’s door. Lincoln had had class. It was a Monday after all. His semester had just started. Hopefully the accountant had paid his tuition. The thought made her add another note to her long mental list of things to check up on. Continuing on her way she passed Dylan’s door, evident given that it was the most papered over with signs and stickers. She knocked, trying to open it only to find it locked - as was usual.

“Half an hour sweet,” Victoria reminded him, disappointed that she couldn't actually tell him in person. “And you know how we feel about you locking your door.”

With that she moved beyond her children’s rooms, only pausing as she passed the last door on her left. Pushing it open, she could almost see Kole at his desk, hunched over some textbook and fighting himself to pay attention. It wasn’t hard to remember him looking up at her, smiling and sighing. Though he had been adopted into the family, she felt like she had lost a child when he had moved out. When Lincoln had moved into Cornell student residence it hadn’t quite been the same. He was still home on weekends, and evenings more often than not. With Kole gone, Victoria could go weeks without seeing him. Jonathon and Nate still had close contact but he felt remarkably absent from her. She would have to speak to him later about that, about coming to dinner more often or...something. Jonathon had assured her he was coming. Kole had cancelled a lot lately – something about his position becoming more tenuous. She had always thought it was a bad idea for him to go into the police academy. Maybe she should try to talk to him about that too? But that seemed difficult. She would be expected downstairs shortly and the business side of the evening would command her attention before the art auction would start – the front for their evening. Then there was the speech and a talk by Kole and then Nathaniel. Then the two leading men had a meeting with some movie star who had somehow weaseled her way into the event. Then there was dinner and ultimately no time alone with any of them. It was stressful just thinking about all that she needed to remember. She had to meet with the MET people downstairs too, right away, as they brought the works in that were for sale. All of this meant that she didn’t have time to get dressed again.

It all flooded her mind in short bursts, her thought process bringing her back to the fact that her dress was half soaked in champagne. As she stepped away from the guest room she sighed again, feeling the tension flood from her shoulders as she proceeded to her wing of the house. The master bedroom was behind a set of double doors. Victoria Her heels clicked across the hardwood floors as she moved towards her walk-in closet. Two steps into the room and she dropped the wet skirt of her dress and proceeded to unzip it only for it to get stuck and slightly beyond her reach between her shoulder blades. “This party will be the death of me,” she muttered angrily. While she knew she was overreacting, it felt better to say something. They had certainly faced worse.


Genovese Mansion
Kole Marinos was never early. Today was most certainly an anomaly. The twenty four year old walked up the length of the driveway, past the tall pillar columns that signaled the main entrance to the family stead. He could still remember being fifteen and arriving at the Genovese mansion for the first time. Like an excited dog he had practically had his head out the window, marveling at the gargantuan grandeur of the home. Years later, he recognized that it paled in comparison to the estates of many other upper east side dwellers – if anything the Genovese family as relatively subdued. Still, he could not deny that it impressed him. As he approached the tall double doors, he made eye contact with the three men clustered on the front steps. They all looked him over, the butler smiling while the security guards assessed the potential threat that he posed. It had been six weeks since he had last been at the mansion itself, enough time for Jonathon to hire new bouncers.

“Pierre,” Kole smiled at the butler. “Master Kole! How pleasant to see you again,” the valet replied, moving forward to hug him only to find his way barred by one of the security personnel. It was enough for Kole’s smile to falter. “Are you on the list?” he demanded, looking down at an iPhone in his hand and scrolling through a pre-approved list. “It’s Kole Marinos,” the butler said, aghast at the idea of one of the family being questioned. “It’s okay. I understand the precaution,” he smiled, watching as the security guard scrolled through the list, confirmed that he was in fact on it, and nodded him through. “Mr. Genovese wishes to see you in the library.”

“I was counting on that,” Kole nodded, moving beyond the threshold and into the impressive manor, pausing to adjust his suit. He pulled on his shirt collar, irritated by the starchy quality of the fabric. It felt constricting. The moment that he stepped into the manor little seemed different. Unlike his apartment in the Upper West Side, the Genovese mansion felt like home. The scents were familiar. The feel and touch of it felt far more normal. Yet he felt almost a stranger to it on his own. Immediately his hands went to the tie around his neck, loosening the knot so that he could undo it and pull it off. The staff standing offside watched him, amused as Kole appeared relieved when the fabric was stowed in his pocket. Undoing the top two buttons of his dress shirt, he finally felt freed.

With that dealt with, he proceeded knowingly through the halls of the mansion, hearing a loud chorus of voices coming from the kitchen as he moved toward the back end of the mansion. He was early by some twenty minutes for the first time…in ever. He approached the library cautiously but in hearing nothing he stepped inside, confronted with the sitting room attached to Jonathon’s office and no one else. He’d certainly never been first before. He just wondered who would be second, or whether he would have a moment along with Jonathon. Or even Nate. He needed to tell them about what he had been forced to do. He could still see it. Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw the fat headed pig who had managed to figure out who he was, the look in his eyes before he shot him and the spray of blood that had followed after he had been gunned down in his own home by Kole himself. The memory came with a shriek in his ears, leaving him uncomfortable and jumpy. He sat down on the couch facing the door for that reason, allowing himself to hold his head in his hands and to think about anything but that night - which unfortunately proved futile for the moment. He had even drawn concerned looks at the office that morning he had been so out of it.

It is currently 7:40pm on Monday January 7th 2013. An art auction and gala has been organized at the Genovese mansion in support of a charity called Homeward Bound which helps underprivileged youth in Manhattan have after school programs to be apart of, tutors and halfway houses. The business associates are to meet with Jonathon at 8:00pm. The auction will start shortly after, providing a cover for the meeting. Of course, afterward all associates are invited to enjoy the Gala with the other guests. The incident involving the old techie happened in late September but the hiring of the new techie has made it fresh in the minds of the family again. (I've put it four months ago so that he had time to recuperate) What's more, the FBI organized a raid on one of the family restaurants in the Upper West Side the day before. While the family was tipped off and nothing came of it, the family is tense regardless. In the aftermath an FBI handler was killed by informant Kole Marinos to prevent the knowledge of his position from being leaked.

The setting changes from Genovese Mansion to Manhattan, New York

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#, as written by Mela
Oops... my bad. xD

The setting changes from Manhattan, New York to Genovese Mansion

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Victoria Genovese Character Portrait: Anthony "Tony" Rizzo Character Portrait: Jonathon Genovese Character Portrait: Nate Hagen Character Portrait: Adrianna Scott
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#, as written by Mela

”Of course, Mr. Genovese. I checked and re-checked everything myself. No one without an invitation will get into this party.” The head of security reassured his inquiring boss, who looked at him skeptically. His eyes were hard and cold; the eyes of a man who would not tolerate even a single mistake. They were unnerving to say the least, and even the hardened head of security knew that to screw up was to die. This crime boss never fooled around with anything regarding the safety of his family. That much was known to anyone in the business who had even half a brain. In the end, once the head of security had lowered his gaze, clearing his throat while awaiting a reply, Jonathon gave a single nod in recognition. “I sincerely hope you’re right,” he noted coolly before leaving to make his way inside.

The pair had been in the garden of the mansion, and while Jonah walked inside, crossing through the main hall, the head of security went to once again stress the importance of this job to his men. The Genovese patriarch was nervous to say the least, not that it could be seen in any way. In fact, the male appeared calm, cool and collected as ever. This was his family, however, and he never liked to bring work home with him like this because it brought potential danger right to their doorstep, but desperate times called for desperate measures. He sighed to himself, shaking his head. Things were more than a little intense at current.

However, as Jonah passed the kitchen, his attention was drawn there instead – towards the noise and the nervously shouting chef. He raised an eyebrow to see the furious flurry of activity in there when he poked his head in. It looked like his wife had cracked the whip. The thought made him chuckle as he proceeded by walking upstairs. It was frankly one of the things he had always loved about Vicky; she made others more effective, and God knew Jonah adored efficiency. She was a force to be reckoned with and Jonah valued the challenge; he always had.

The patriarch entered his office not long after, scratching his chin in thought as the door slid closed behind him. The office was attached to the conference room, which was actually more-considered part of the office, in which he would soon be hosting a meeting. Everyone would be there; Rizzo too. Jonah almost groaned out loud at the thought, but refrained. Although he was alone, Jonah made it his business to remain more or less cool and calm on the outside at all times. Why? Well, it was simple: it unnerved people. Jonah was either entirely calm to others, or he was a whirlwind of fury, but not a lot of people ever really lived to tell the tale those times.

The tall man walked briskly to his desk, unlocking one of the many drawers, and from there, Jonah drew out a pile of papers, which he took into the conference room. He placed them before his own seat at the end of the table, and as he turned, took in himself in the large end mirror. He had no idea why it was there, if he had to be honest; it served no purpose, but the architect had told him it would make the room seem bigger, or whatever. He hadn’t really cared. At the sight, though, Jonah realized a single thing – one his wife would kill him for: he had forgotten to put on his tie. He let out a gust of air from between his lips, exasperated. It wasn’t like he had a lot of time to play with here.

In the end though, not putting it on wasn’t worth the pointed looks Vicky would be sending him all evening, so he exited the conference room and directed his walk towards the master bedroom, mentally going over all of the things he, and Nate too, needed to do this evening. Talk to Kole, host a meeting, and talk to some air-head actress – wait, why were they doing that again? He pulled on his jacket, arranging it perfectly before making his way into the bedroom, but he stopped briefly when he heard Vicky mumbling something about the party and death. He walked a little closer and spotted her standing at the edge of her walk-in closet, her dress half open. Hadn’t he seen her fully dressed just before?

Jonah cleared his throat, chuckling a little when he walked closer and saw the look on her face and the stains on her dress. Obviously something had gone down. He gently wrapped his arms around her from behind and pulled her close before placing a kiss on her bared shoulder. Jonah breathed in his wife’s sweet scent murmuring in her ear, “need some help, darling?” while he let the breath back out. He missed being near her. Most of the time lately he’d spend all night in his office, often falling asleep leaning over the desk, so they hardly even spent nights together. And if he wasn’t in his home office, he was at the city office, meeting up with the city’s more night-active criminal socialite.

So to some extent, Jonah understood her suspicions when it came to his fidelity, but it bothered him that she refused to believe him, when he told her he was not cheating on her… and that she was instead inching closer to Rizzo. He would know if anything happened though. His spies were on her at all times when she was out of the house, and they switched, so it was never the same person twice in a row. They were professionals, and he trusted them not to screw up. He also trusted Vicky. He did. See, she wasn’t the one he was worried about.

Rizzo was.

He continuously put his hands on her, whispered in her ear, and ah, the way he looked at her. It was enough to set Jonah’s blood on fire, but he had yet to find a proper replacement for the man, so for now he kept quiet about his awareness regarding the other man’s interest in his boss’ wife. Besides, to Jonah’s knowledge, Rizzo had yet to make the final move. Good thing too, because he would be dead as soon as he did. No mere casino manager was irreplaceable in Jonah’s business.

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#, as written by Korrye

Genovese Mansion
Victoria heard the doors shift and she inhaled sharply. The scent of her husband’s cologne made her very aware of who had come in behind her. She didn’t even bother to turn around. Instead she continued to try and stretch her arms over her shoulders, struggling with her zipper. Jonathon came right over to her, slipping his arms around her waist, kissing her left shoulder where the dress sleeve had been pushed away in her haste. The subtle scratch of his stubble made her gasp, and she leaned back into him. Where his hands touched her felt became heated. Her entire body reacted to him little differently than when she had been fifteen and first met him. It was electric as he drew his nose along the hollow of her neck.

“Need some help, darling?” he whispered, sighing as he did so. The hum of his voice tickled her and she tensed and leaned her head towards his. “Yes,” she admitted, her hands dropping to remain over his. Victoria interlaced her fingers with his, looking at the sight of their wedding rings so close, how they still matched and how despite the many years they had been married and his desires to buy her something more elaborate, they were still simple white gold bands. She swayed against him from a moment, savoring his proximity. She knew that Jonathon was likely thinking the same thing. “I need more of this,” she whispered, a raw quality coming over her voice. It was so unlike the authoritative tone she had taken with the staff or even the motherly chiding she had directed towards Dylan just moments before. She was exposed and letting him see that side of her. Only with Jonathon could she be so comfortable as she was.

Then again there was Tony. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t thinking about the casino manager. Just last night when the news of the impending raid had reached them from Kole he had been with her, talking with her over a glass of wine and white chocolate covered strawberries. She swallowed at the memory of that, of their conversation running up to when she had returned home. His touch on her hand was so smooth, unlike Jonathon’s calloused hands. Hard hands. Hands she loved. She always wanted Jonathon to touch her, to be with her, to whisper sweet nothings in her ear but he so rarely did now. Then to who? And what was she to do? She craved him and when she didn’t have him Tony had been there. And he would be there tonight, the idea making her excited and yet concerned.

“A cater waiter decided to drop a tray of champagne in front of me,” she frowned, explaining the remnants of glass on her dress and of course the reason that it was dripping wet. Her hands were beginning to grow sticky and she smirked, chuckling to herself as she pulled her hands from his only to urge him to hold her tighter.

“I would be happy if the two of us just stayed up here,” Victoria commented, turning in his arms to face him. She leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips, allowing herself to linger less than an inch away from his face. “I really don’t feel like dealing with people today,” she added, knowing he would get that comment too. She was after all, far happier amongst few people than in a crowd. “I trust that I won’t be alone this evening, that I can have hours by your side, even in the meeting and the auction and the dinner?” she asked him, tilting her head to the side, hoping he wouldn’t bar her from the meeting. It was her business after all and she did have things to report. “I don’t want Kole addressing the entire meeting. I feel like there are pythons in the grass,” she commented, referring to the knowledge that there were police moles in their midst – they just didn’t know who. Her motherly concerns were evident in the way she finished her sentence, her smile faltering until she wrapped her arms around him, clasping them behind his back and feeling him. Wanting him. Only once again neither of them had no time for that.

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The setting changes from Manhattan, New York to Genovese Mansion

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Nate Hagen

The roar of Hagen's Lamborghini Murciélago drowned out the noise and commotion going on in the exterior of the Genovese mansion. Gala attendees and art aficionados of every variety lined the steps, waiting to being admitted entrance to the lavish party. The steel grey Lamborghini turned heads as it whipped passed waiting cars to the very front of the line of cars. There were a few murmurs of who could be in the expensive vehicle but as the drivers side door opened with a clean hiss all could see who had finally arrived. He stepped out in a one of a kind hand tailored suit imported from Italy.

Nathaniel Hagan, loyal friend and second in command to Jonahthon Genovese adjusted the shirt beneath his jet black suit jacket by gently tugging on his cuff links with practiced ease. His jaw tensed casually as his eyes critically scanned the placement of his sleeve before he rose his gaze once more. He made his way up the stairs past the waiting guests, barely glancing in their direction. He reached the front of the line quickly and tossed his keys to a valet without a word. The valet rushed off to park Nate's car as the adopted brother of Jonahthon turned his attention to the bodyguards checking people in at the door.

"Any problems?"

"No sir, everything's going smoothly."

The bodyguard responded to the man with the sharp precision of a military man. Per Nate's suggestion they'd beefed up security not just in number lately but in quality, no more Brooklyn goons and thugs from Harlem. Ex Navy Seals, Rangers and Blackwater Mercs were the new face of the Genovese security detail all due to Nate's unwillingness to leave the safety of the family in the hands of anyone but the best.

"I'm the first person you call if that changes, we clear?"

"Yes sir."

Nate gave the guard a firm nod before walking past him into the house. The first thing he noticed was the absence of Pierre, the elderly caretaker of the house and Genovese family for years. He must have been off entertaining one of the society hags that showed up to gorge themselves on the wealth of patrons at the gala. Nate hated all of this to be honest. The rich socialites grinning as they gossip in the shadows. The over abundance of opinionated elitists who will fill the mansion tonight with their assumptions and unneeded opinions. The real problem was the security threat. All these strange faces, too easy for someone to slip in as a guest or server with a mind to do some harm to the family. Nate and Jonah had spent weeks prepping the security for the event. Nearly everything had been taken into account before this thing had been scheduled. If something did happen that was what Nate was there for, as always to stand between the Genovese and whoever dared threaten them.

Nathan had two other duties tonight one he was considerably less enthused about. The only worth while one out of the two was a meeting with Jonah and some of the other business associates the family had including Kole. Nate had been looking forward to seeing Kole back in the mansion. Nate had planned to have a beer with the guy and see how he was fairing under guise of dutiful member of the boys in blue. Kole was a brave man, braver than he even gave himself credit for. Not many would've agreed to take on something like that but Kole did without a second thought. It was selflessness like that that helped Nate sleep at night when he worried how the Genovese would fair if he died.

The other was an interview Jonah had agreed the two men would attend with a starlet whose only defining quality was the size of her chest. Nate had never seen any of Adrianna Scott's movies, come to think of it Nate couldn't remember the last time he'd gone to the movies at all.

Putting his minds wandering aside Nate made his way through the entrance hall and the ornate staircase to the library to meet with Jonah. Who he found however was the youngest member of the Genovese brood and the other stray like himself the Genovese had taken in.

"Hey there Dylan, Kole. You boys don't clean up half bad."

Nate said warmly as he came to stand just behind Dylan.

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#, as written by Mela

”Hmm,” Jonah murmured when she told him that she did indeed need help, but she lowered her hands to lay on his, and so, Jonah didn’t move from the embrace. He moved his lips to kiss the side of her neck, just below her ear and nuzzled his nose against her earlobe. He nodded slightly when his wife informed him that she needed more of the two of them like this and he sighed, drawing her closer if possible. “I know,” he whispered, “so do I.” He adored being near her like this, feeling her body reacting ever so willingly to the slightest of his touches. He and Vicky had always managed to maintain a healthy level of, well, sex, in their marriage, but lately Jonah just hadn’t had the time for tenderness like that. Maybe that was why he was so tense all the time.

At Vicky’s explanation of her current state, the patriarch couldn’t stop himself from chuckling. Being with Vicky like this was relaxing to him; it allowed him to just let go and be the man he was, instead of hiding that man behind a mask of cold indifference. Sometimes it was just so tiring to keep it up, so although he always managed regardless, letting go for a little bit was a relieve. This was why he not only wanted, but needed, his family. Needed his wife. How could she ever think he would leave her? He simply didn’t see it. He loved her, craved her… needed her. No other woman would ever have his complete and utter trust and devotion. Why couldn’t she see that? Even after so long, she would doubt him. It simply stayed beyond his comprehension.

“That explains the busy kitchen,” Jonah commented playfully, “good thing you decided to buy enough champagne to leave half the army more than a little tipsy.” It was a little jibe in reality. Jonah had often teased Vicky about her obsessive need for perfection with these things. Jonah himself wasn’t a fan – nor was he a fan of the whole socialite-thing his wife had generally gotten into. He supposed it couldn’t have been avoided though… even if he would’ve liked it to. She always bought too much, though – food too. It was quite funny how these events were so… superficial, considering the actual intent of them. Charity. Few truthfully viewed it as such, however.

Jonah smiled at his redhead when she told him she would rather stay in their bedroom all evening than be social, all the while turning in his arms. The man couldn’t stop himself from pulling his wife even closer as she kissed him, and he looked down at her, their eyes meeting like they’d hardly had time to lately. As he looked at her, he first moved her zipper up, then smoothly ran it all the way down to her bum. The dress loosened, enabling her to get it off. It was the simplest of things Jonah missed about her. “You never really feel like dealing with people on this scale,” he noted, smiling as he bent down to kiss her bottom lip before resting his forehead on hers.

He groaned and closed his eyes when she mentioned the meeting, however. “Vicky,” he sighed, exasperated with her as he looked at her once more, “I can’t have you there – not this time. And you can’t leave the guests. You know that.” He moved one hand to cup her cheek, looking into her eyes with love and adoration, but also worry. He was practically drowning in it. “I promise you I will be there for you all evening afterwards, and I will try my best to make it to bed with you later, but the meeting is a no. Too much danger.” He kissed her nose and nodded as she commented on Kole, her arms coming to wrap around him. “I know,” he reassured her, “and he won’t. I specifically instructed the doormen to tell him I wanted to meet with him in the library beforehand.”

He kissed her softly then and untangled himself from her, in spite of the fact that he would’ve much rather stayed in her arms. “On that note, I have to go,” he told her, an apologetic look in his eyes. “And so do you. The guests should be arriving soon.” He moved to the bed, picking up his tie on the way out. He quickly, and with practiced hands, put it on perfectly as he walked. It took him mere second and a he took a final look in the hallway mirror, he felt content enough. As always, Jonah was in a tailored suit. This one was black, and so was the fine shirt beneath it. His tie was a dark silver grey and that was the entirety of “colour” added to the night’s outfit. He looked dark, serious, and expensive. Good.

Checking his phone, Jonah found himself notified of Kole’s arrival, soon followed by that of Nate. Perfect. He nodded to himself and moved towards the library, checking for the gun on his back, confident to feel it exactly where he wanted it. He put on the usual mask of cold calm almost instantly. Jonah had ordered the security detail to notify him of a string of people upon arrival. Specifically all of his business associates. Soon, the male reached the library and as he made it inside, he was surprised by the complete emptiness. He frowned, taking out his phone instantly. The male followed this action by pressing his number three speed dial – Nate – and he moved the phone to his ear.

Once it was picked up, he didn’t wait for a second. “If you’re with Kole, would you gentlemen please escort yourselves to the library? The others should be arriving soon and I want to talk to him beforehand.” He hung up instantly then, irritation making his tone rather demanding. It wasn’t really a question - it was an order, but Nate would know that. Jonah hated being kept waiting. There was nothing worse to him. It was as inefficient as anything got, and as such, feeling rather impatient, the crime boss paced the pristine floors of the expensive library. He didn't have all night, after all.

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Dang.. Add me to that list. Haha.

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Hours before the Genovese gala was set to begin, Charlee had made her escape from the mansion. The excuse of a spa day was given to Pierre, the butler, in case anyone questioned her whereabouts. In truth, Shae just wanted to spend some time to herself and while the spa was the intended destination, she wouldn't be there the entire day. An art auction was to be held at her house that very night, but Shae could care less. Her attendance was request, as usual, and the young girl didn't dare disappoint her mother in front of the very people she aimed to please, but Shae wished she could forego the entire experience - just this very one. Usually she was up to working a party, flirting, and conversing with those she'd just met and the ones she'd known her entire life, but today Shae felt sluggish, even dull almost.

The spa had done wonders for taking Shae's mind off the events that were to take place. A full facial, massage, manicure, and pedicure were ordered. The labor of the work taking hours alone. Shae relished and relaxed as she was doted upon at the shop. The spot was a regular source of comfort - one Shae most commonly chose to indulge in alone and after hours of preparation, she almost felt well enough to venture back to the mansion. Just two more stops.

An appointment at the salon both she and her mother preferred was made two days ago, though the owners would have fit either of the Genovese women in if they had just walked through the doors. It was a luxury that Shae was accustomed to and took for granted. Things often just fell into her lap and she didn't think twice about those who bent over backwards to please her and her family.Today, she wanted just a simple blowout done to her long, red strands. For the past few weeks a change of pace had been considered, a haircut, a new style, maybe even a new color, but Shae had also changed her mind at the last second choosing to keep her red locks that fell mid-back. Plus, Shae knew that her her color complimented the dress Shae had spent hours picking out. Yes, a simple blowout would work best for the occasion.

Small talk was made with her regular hairdresser, Sandy, but Shae, as always, kept the intimate details of her life to herself. Most people opened up to their stylist, engaging at gossip at the very least, but Shae kept the conversations light and often asked about Sandy's life rather than steer the conversation towards herself. With her family and life, Shae couldn't afford to put her trust into just anyone and even now she realized it.

The blowout only took a half hour. Shae paid, left a rather generous tip, and was on her way. Her last stop before home was a little out of the way and Shae constantly checked to see whether she spotted anyone who might recognize her or her father. She couldn't have anyone reporting these actions back to Jonah and people were quick to divulge her secrets.

A rundown looking house sat on the corner of 85th street. Everyone in the area knew the house. It was a place to score. Shae felt more than uncomfortable having to buy her ecstasy from this particular place, but she didn't have the time or place to wait for a response from Carter, her father's lead drug trafficker, should she call him. Plus, Shae would be more inclined to do other things with Carter than to simply buy drugs and she couldn't risk ruining her hair. Victoria would kill her if she showed up late to the gala and looked less than presentable. So, gathering every ounce of courage she had, Shae parked her black Mercedes-Benz, locked it, and walked anxiously up to the bright red door. She knocked three quick wraps and took a step back. The door, chain still locked, cracked ever so slightly. "Uhm, J.C. sent me." Shae lied, though she knew using his name would help the transaction go a lot smoother. The door closed in her face. Shae, more than confused, turned to walk back down the steps and to her car. She'd only just turned when she heard the door open once more and was welcomed in by a lean, built brunette.

He quickly asked what she needed and she didn't waste time in telling him, cash in hand ready to make the deal. The two quickly traded merchandise and Shae was on her way, ecstasy in pocket. Just making the deal had given her a thrill almost causing Shae to forget why she'd wanted the E to begin with. In haste, Shae pulled away from the house and in the direction of her Upper East Side estate knowing her mother would be expecting her to be there.

The drive from where she was to the Genovese mansion took the better part of a half hour, but soon enough Shae was puling up the driveway, around back, and into her parking spot in the garage. Her hair and makeup may have been done, but Shae still needed to pull herself into the dress and slip her feet into the golden heels she'd selected for the evening. Realizing she'd spent way too much time out and about, Shae rushed to her room and prettied herself up. With luck, she managed to avoid her mother until she was fully ready for the evening. One quick and final look in her bedroom mirror told Shae that she was cleared to make her appearance at the party as she knew that quests had probably started arriving.

Her entrance was anything but grand. Unnoticeable would probably be more fitting. Shae pranced down the stairs, a facade of happiness painted on her face. Her bright red lipstick complimenting her hair and dress, making her look even more attractive - way too mature for a seventeen year old. She waved to some of her mother's 'friends' and smiled to those of her father before grabbing a glass of champagne from a server. Victoria would disapprove, as would Jonah, but Shae didn't mind their disapproving eyes or nagging. They wouldn't make a scene in front of their many guests, so Shae wouldn't face her consequences until much later and by then she would care even less than she did at the moment.

Knowing that at all times at least one pair of eyes would be on her should she stay in the room, Shae slipped off to the kitchen for some privacy just as she slipped one white pill under her tongue. There. That should help with tonight. She told herself before returning to the grand room and socializing with their guests. Dylan stood alone and Shae thought best to make conversation with someone she at least cared about. And she cared about Dylan more than any other person on the planet.

"Hey, little brother." she addressed him. "Anything interesting to cure my boredom?" She asked lightly.

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Nate Hagen

The adoptive brother of Jonahthon Genovese took everything relayed to him in complete silence. His dark eyes locked on Marinos as he spoke. Nate's jaw tightened as he listened to the hesitation before the explanation, the rush of information during and the regret after. He could see it in Kole's eyes, his face even his posture. He was revolted with himself, afraid yet resolved that what he did was for the right reason. He knows he did the right thing and was yet confused as to why he felt this way. The realization that one of Nate's greatest fears might just come to light struck him like a cold knife in the spine that twisted in his flesh and made him feel empty.

Nathan reached out a hand and squeezed the younger man's shoulder in warmth and brother hood. He locked eyes with Kole hoping to impress upon him the gravity of his words.

"Hey, hey look at me Kole. You did did good."

Nate was disgusted with himself in that moment. He was nurturing the same behavior that created the monster that he was today in Kole but what else was he supposed to do? What other course of action could Kole had taken? The answer was none but it didn't help the pit in Nathan's stomach.

"You did what you had to do, we can't ask any more of you little brother. You took care of the body, you didn't leave anything behind pointing to you or the family. I'm...proud of Kole. You're handling this like a man, that's admirable. It's not easy, the first time but it helps knowing that what you did protected your family. It protected Dylan and Charlee, Lincoln and Victoria, and it protected Jonah."

Nate let his words sink in for a moment before giving Kole a nod of approval and puling his hand away. He reached for his beer and as if alerted by the conversation involving him Nate's phone rang with Jonah's name displaying across the screen. He picked up and was greeted by a terse, demanding voice.

“If you’re with Kole, would you gentlemen please escort yourselves to the library? The others should be arriving soon and I want to talk to him beforehand.”

Nate pocketed his phone after Jonah hung up and threw a thumb at the door.

"C'mon, the boss is waiting for us."

He said before taking a long swig of his beer and heading for the house with Kole close behind.

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Crap.... I guess we're all doing it.

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Kalista Ross

Stepping out of her red Mustang, Kalista made sure to conceal to pistol at her thigh as well as the switch blade on her other thigh. In retrospect, wearing this beautiful dress was not been the greatest of ideas when she had a pistol with her, but the dress needed to be worn somewhere and this gathering seemed like the perfect place. Furthermore, Kalista had been in a good mood that day and wearing the gorgeous dress was representation of that.

As Kalista stepped out of the car, her black heels clicked slightly on the pavement. She looked around at the waiting cars with a look of indifference before leaning down to check her makeup in the side mirror. Seeing everything in order, Kalista stood up as tall as she could. She was a petite woman standing at only about five feet and the heels only added about two or three inches. However, since the entire Ross line had been very short, Kalista’s father had always told her that standing up straight, keeping your head up, and being proud of your height made people look past the fact that you were a shrimp. Lord knows where Kalista would have been had her father not told her that. Perhaps the only reason people had respect for Kalista was because of her pride and her ability to stand up to men twice her size.

Kalista stepped up to the waiting valet and placed the key in his hands. She stepped closer to the man, leaning over to him with a smile on her face and whispered into his ear, “If I see the slightest scratch on this car, you’ll be gone before anyone can miss you.” At first, the looked incredulously at Kalista, and finally, perhaps realizing the family that he was working for, realized that she was completely serious and went wide-eyed. The man nodded hastily and hurried around the car to the driver’s seat.
Kalista chuckled, as she watched the valet drive the car away cautiously; once looking behind him only to see Kalista’s eyes staring daggers at him. When the car was out of sight, Kalista ve one last chuckle and stepped up to the front door of the Genovese mansion. The bouncer stopped her and looked down at her for a moment with curiosity before a large smile became plastered on his face.

Kalista squinted up at him, crossed her arms in front of her, and tapped her foot impatiently. “Is there a reason you’re grinning like an idiot?”

The bouncer let out a rather loud laugh. “Ya haven’t changed a bit have ya, Skin.”

Kalista was normally able to keep every one of her emotions off her face; however, she couldn’t keep the small look of shock off her face as the man used her military nickname. Kalista scrutinized his face for a moment before she broke out in a grin as well. “Squint?” She asked, only just recognizing the man she hadn’t seen in years.

The man, “Squint”, didn’t say anything, but pulled Kalista in for a tight hug. Kalista laughed joyfully, something she hadn’t done in a long time. She returned the tight hug and then pulled back, smiling at the large man. “I didn’t know you were a bouncer for the family.”

Squint raised a single eyebrow at Kalista and gave her a fake half smile. “I bet you ten bucks I know what you’re doing for this family,” he said in a tone that told Kalista that he disapproved of her chosen occupation. Moreover than the other men Kalista had met overseas, Squint had always been the most protective and, even though he was smiling, she knew that he really did not approve.

Kalista’s smile faltered for a moment, but she plastered it back on her face quickly. However, Squint gave her a look that told her he had seen to quick look of dismay. Kalista sighed and dropped the façade. “Look, Squint, I ain’t proud of what I do, but I’m good at it and it pays the bills.” Suddenly, Kalista felt small. She had not felt this vulnerable in years and it didn’t feel good. Feeling emensly uncomfortable, Kalista stood up tall once more and put on her mask of indifference.

Squint looked like he wanted to argue with her, but seeing the already impatient line behind Kalista, he decided against it. He gave a heavy sigh, knowing better than to argue with Kalista. Instead, he nodded to her, quickly checked the phone in his hand to make sure she was on the list, and pulled her into another hug. He told her to find him if she ever wanted to have catch up, but knew that the attempt to rekindle their friendship would most likely be in vain.

With that, Kalista cast one last smile over her shoulder at Squint as she made her way through the doors to the mansion. She wished that she had kept in touch with the men she had fought with. The only time she ever seemed to be truly happy was around them. However, after becoming an assassin and a thief, Kalista knew that none of them would look at her in the same big-brother way that they had before. Kalista gave a short sigh of dismay at the thought, but quickly put back the mask of indifference over her features.

Kalista took a glass of champagne from a woman whom she knew that she recognized. She looked suspiciously after the woman, making a note to keep an eye on her, but otherwise walked on further into the mansion. Kalista didn’t show it, but she felt uncomfortable among them. She has always hated crowds. She loved sitting back and people watching, but being inside the crowd made her antsy. Especially a crowd such as this one; one full of snobby, malicious, rich people who were willing to do anything for their status. Kalista knew for a fact that many people thought the exact same thing about her and perhaps they were correct, but no one would ever be stupid enough to tell Kalista that. She gave a small into her champagne glass as she thought of this.

Kalista looked around at the crowd of people observing a work of art. Nearly every single one of them was feigning interest very well, and a few were pretending to understand the “meaning” behind the artwork. Kalista sighed to herself thinking about the fact that she should be acting more sociable, but the fact of the matter was that she would rather be at home at the moment. Maybe stealing something from one of these men would make me feel better, Kalista thought sarcastically.

Working for a crime boss had its perks and it also had its downsides. For example, being paid handsomely for jobs and coming to events such as this one were both perks; however, a downside was having no room for mistakes. Although, being as cocky as she was, Kalista knew that she had never made a mistake. Everyone thought that letting the drug dealer go had been a mistake, but Kalista knew that someone in the family had to be suspicious of her “slip-up”, seeing as she never made a mistake that big. Kalista frowned slightly to herself as she thought of her nephew. What if he had decided to show up at this event and finally exact revenge on the Genovese family? What if this was the night that Kalista would have to decide between killing the last standing member of her family, or most likely being taken out herself?

Kalista shook the frown from her face. What is wrong with me? I’m letting these strangers see my true emotions, Kalista thought to herself and she made her way through a throng of guests.

She noticed Dylan and Shae speaking and made a mental note of where they were. If her nephew, or anyone dangerous for that matter, decided to show up, Kalista wanted to keep them safe. Kalista’s job was not specifically to check up on the family, but she had always known that it was implied. She was supposed to take out anyone or anything that threatened the family, but that meant that she had to keep an eye on them to know who was threatening them. Besides, ever since the boss had basically saved her from herself when she had come back from combat, Kalista was eternally in debt to him. She would protect his family whether it was part of her job or not.

Kalista stood stiffly at on one wall for several moments before realizing that she must look quite strange with her elegant dress on as well as the stance of a bodyguard. Kalista forcibly loosened her muscles and made herself to look personable. She put on a slight smile and leaned slightly on one leg, making herself look as if she was a guest simply enjoying the night rather than an assassin who was only there because she had been summoned for a meeting with the boss.

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#, as written by Korrye

All Victoria wanted to do was close her eyes and let Jonathon pull her from her dress and take her on the bed. No moment had been too short when they were younger, especially when she was stressed and he was as tense as he was. Being with one another had been a known type of release. She was all wound up from being touched by him in an instant, her skin feeling ignited wherever he touched her. She arched her back into his chest, trying to push him to do more.

“I need more of this.”
“I know,” he whispered, “So do I.”

His words were ignited her adrenaline. At once her heart was racing and she gripped his hands tighter. He chuckled at her situation and his hearty laugh made her smile at her own predicament.

“That explains the busy kitchen,” Jonah commented playfully, “Good thing you decided to buy enough champagne to leave half the army more than a little tipsy.”

“I didn’t order anything new for this event. I had enough left over from New Years,” she murmured, an innocent quality coming over her voice. She fluttered her lashes slightly, knowing that Jonathon didn’t appreciate the social life she had come to possess. It didn’t suit her in the least, but they lived in a city where if you declined the invites of the wealthy you were a pariah. The parties, the galas, the auctions, the benefits – all of them were a façade. She had been taught by Jonathon’s own family how to put on a show and she did, so that their true business could be concealed and the money looked like it was going to higher causes. She was more uncomfortable than he was in the context of any large socialite event. The words of the guests were always like knives, finding every little error in her appearance or flaws in her decorating or food. If Victoria had her way she would never host such things. She was far from a people person – especially when it came to people form the Upper East Side. But it fell to her like a duty, on top of being a mother and loyal wife to her family.

“I would be happy if the two of us just stayed up here,” she had told him, turning in his arms to face him. Victoria connected with his eyes, staring into his face and seeing in warm toward her, the cool steely gaze of the crime boss waning. He slipping his hand from the small of her back to the troublesome zipper, pulling it back to the top before expertly unzipping it to just above her rear. She shifted, shimmying her shoulders and letting it slide off her torso, the chiffon and silk gliding off her skin before pooling at her hips and then falling to the floor. She stood before him in nothing but a slip and her lingerie. “I really don’t feel like dealing with people today.”

“You never really feel like dealing with people on this scale,” Jonathon teased her in return. That made her roll her eyes and he smiled, leaning in to kiss her himself. She moved to kiss him back but he was brief before leaning his forehead to hers. She held him tightly, hearing him groan as she added a comment about the meeting, slipping a business jab in the middle of passions, a method she had been using since she was a teenager. With his guard down he often confided in her. No sooner had the words left her mouth did the wall he held between them lately come back up. “I trust that I won’t be alone this evening, that I can have hours by your side, even in the meeting and the auction and the dinner?” she had asked.

“Vicky,” Jonathon sighed. The very tone of her voice had her mood change in an instant. She pulled back from him, tense again, her eyes narrowing on him sharply, her smile fading back to a frown. “I can’t have you there – not this time. And you can’t leave the guests. You know that,” he explained. Victoria held her tongue between her teeth. Why the separation? Why ever since that idiotic boy was found out has he kept me out of the business meetings? I could have broken him. I could have found out everything he knew,” she seethed in thought. Now was not a time to pick a fight, however. As Jonathon moved to hold her cheek in his hand she pulled away, knowing that action by itself was enough to pain him and tell him how she felt. No one orders me around like he does and I listen. Why?

“I promise you I will be there for you all evening afterwards, and I will try my best to make it to bed with you later, but the meeting is a no. Too much danger,” he concluded. The decision had been made in his mind. She didn’t want to accept it. She knew all of the people who would be in that room. She wanted to be able to sit and watch them all, to see if any of them squirmed while they lied. They had traitors in their midst and all of a sudden he didn’t want her in on any of it. I can defend myself. I have before and I will again. She remained silent as he leaned forward, kissing her on the nose. That made her close her eyes and bring forth the one situation she wanted to ensure went her way. “I don’t want Kole addressing the entire meeting. I feel like there are pythons in the grass.”

“I know,” Jonathon reassured her, “and he won’t. I specifically instructed the doormen to tell him I wanted to meet with him in the library beforehand.”

With that she nodded, turning her face from him to look at the floor. He pulled his hands from hers and pulled away entirely. Where he had held her was suddenly cold. “On that note, I have to go,” he said simply. Victoria clenched her teeth and sighed, knowing very well they could be late, knowing very well that they needed to say things that weren’t being said. She didn’t want to yell at him and storm out however so she bottled it in, feeling her tension rise and her heart race not because of him or some passionate feeling but because of stress. “And so do you. The guests should be arriving soon,” he added. “I will see you down there,” she replied lowly, watching him with narrowed eyes as he went to collect the tie she had selected for him earlier from the bed. That explained his sudden appearance upstairs. The silver suited him given that he had a business meeting, otherwise she would have picked a fight and told him to match her dress. It was in a lot of ways a good thing that she hadn’t since she was changing. Still, it disheartened her to think that he had come up and by coincidence found her struggling with the zipper. Six months ago he would have followed her upstairs just for the heck of it. What is happening to us?

As he left she exhaled deeply, feeling the pressure of the room decrease with his exit. “I love you too,” she whispered unhappily, knowing that he had left without saying it again. Ever since September he had been that absent and withdrawn from her. Their marriage had always been filled with those parting words. They had never left one another without saying it until the Fall. It hurt her that he was that far from her. He felt so distant and her body was hungry for her husband whom she only seemed to see in brief glimpses.

Victoria moved to the bathroom, grabbing a hand towel and wetting it to wipe her arms and legs of any residual champagne. She pulled off her slip and proceeded to her closet, selecting a new dress. It was meant for their anniversary dinner in a few weeks but she didn’t care. She had nothing else to choose from and if he wasn’t going to indulge her desires for him or an in on the business then she would remain a temptation beyond his reach for the rest of the evening. Fortunate for her the zipper was also on the side and accessible to her. Victoria selected a strand of pearls to wear and then checked her hair which she left loose and on her shoulders. Her makeup was fresh and natural.

Once she was sure that she was put together properly she checked her watch. It was close to show time. Proceeding from her room she paused again by each of the children’s doors, finding that Dylan’s was empty and open which told her that her youngest son was already downstairs. Content that at least someone humored her, Victoria proceeded downstairs. At the head of the lobby she looked down from the banister, the chorus of voices growing. The doors were beginning to be swarmed by guests coming through and a waiter stood with champagne, handing a glass to each patron upon their arrival. It was as she asked but the waiter herself seemed unfamiliar and yet a face that she had seen before. Pursing her lips she was ready to approach her party planner, a petite woman wandering through the crowds headset and all, when she noticed a crew of working men standing off side with MET logos on their jackets. With that she proceeded downstairs, avoiding the chaos of the main doors though smiling at anyone who noticed her moving beyond them.

The MET people were offside, and closer to them were two women with their backs turned to her, the pair laughing. Victoria felt incredibly severe as she approached them, far from willing to share in their humor. She approached them both, knowing one but not the other. Heidi had been a liaison of hers with the MET’s board of directors and she stood next to the brunette whose back was turned to her. Heidi herself was someone’s assistant who had been given the task of dealing with the event. Victoria didn’t like her and upon her approach it showed.

“Yes,” the brunette laughed. “This is exactly why I got into this business . . . to retrieve stolen statue penis's.”

“Pardon?” Victoria scoffed, folding her arms around her chest as she turned to look the woman in the face. At once her tension faded though. “Sienna?” she asked then, reaching her hands out to check that she was real. “Sienna Rose…it’s been so long…” she trailed. “It’s so good to see you.”

And with that sentiment she was genuine. The only other woman who had been close to a man at the top of this organization was the woman before her. “What are you doing here?” she asked, confused. No one had told her that she was coming. Moreover she hadn't had a chance to tell Nathaniel that she was coming.

“Heidi, please for the love of God make sure that everything is set up properly. People are arriving and they’ll have time to look at everything in the dining room before we start,” she added crudely, directing her comments bitterly to the blond whom she deemed to be intruding on her moment.


"Hey,” Nate pried at him. Kole felt lost in his own thoughts. The blood. The cold stare. The blank look of dead eyes. It was consuming. “Hey look at me Kole. You did good,” Nate praised him. The sound of his mentor’s voice had him turn to look at him in the eyes, nodding but not quite believing it. Everyone has always told me that there’s no going back from killing. Now I know why.

“You did good," Nate repeated. “It doesn’t feel that way…I mean it does and yet it doesn’t,” Kole mused, moving to rub at his nose which was growing colder. He shifted so that his hands were crossed tightly across his chest. He sighed and his breath was so hot that it showed in a cloud.

"You did what you had to do, we can't ask any more of you little brother. You took care of the body, you didn't leave anything behind pointing to you or the family. I'm...proud of Kole. You're handling this like a man, that's admirable. It's not easy, the first time but it helps knowing that what you did protected your family. It protected Dylan and Charlee, Lincoln and Victoria, and it protected Jonah,” Nathanial continued, his compliments sincere. Kole rubbed at his forehead. In some ways he was surprised that he had been on the job for years and had never killed someone. But this was different – he had planned that murder in the time he had. While he had made the decision to act on his own suddenly and carried it out beautiful it scared him that it came so naturally. He had graduated through crimes and had now committed the worst. But the man had been a threat? “It’s hard to justify,” Kole admitted. “I can and yet I can’t. I don’t know why. I knew I would have to do this at some point, but I never expected to be hit by it so hard.”

Nate’s phone began to ring then and Kole shifted to look at his friend directly, watching him open the voice and hearing the cold words of his adoptive father on the other end. He knew immediately that Jonathon had likely come into his office and been unhappy to find it empty. He shivered, and tensed his shoulders and Nate gestured towards the door, adding, "C'mon, the boss is waiting for us."

Kole paused, watching Nate elegantly move across the balcony and into the house. He held open the door for him and Kole moved then to step back inside, the warmth something that he was incredibly grateful for. He shivered again and exhaled deeply, following the second in command back to the library.

As they re-entered the room connecting with Jonathon’s office, Kole immediately laid eyes on the man he considered far more of a Dad than his own father. “Jonathon,” he greeted, his concern and moral dilemmas disappearing momentarily. “Sorry for the delay. I was here, I needed to talk to Nate first. A lot has happened,” Kole explained, knowing that any sort of pause in the evening’s proceedings and any delay in his talking and then joining the social gala was problematic. He could feel the tension Jonathon carried just by looking at him. It was the same as Nate. Both seemed uneasy to him. Meetings at the house were rare – if they ever happened it was one of his associates, not all of them at once. Today was certainly an oddity. “Just tell me first that you got word in time yesterday,” Kole asked, referring to his tip about the FBI raid the day before. He ran a hand through his short hair, the stress just coming off him then. Around Jonathon he had never been able to hide anything. Now that he had spoken to Nate he did feel some relief but still, the man in charge of everything was before him and Jonah was still as intimidating as the first day that he had met him.

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#, as written by Mela

Jonah was working himself into a very impatient, irritated mood as he waited for his second in command to arrive with his adopted son. They were certainly taking their sweet time, and this was not the day to test the man’s patience. Of all days, this was actually the very last one should try such a thing. He didn’t like the plans for the evening, but he also knew he needed to be so many places at once, and the only way to make sure he could do that, was to host the meeting in his home. The mere thought made his nerves vibrate, his muscles tense. He looked towards the door to the sitting room, behind which, one would find his office.

He looked at his watch, taking in a deep breath. He was supposed to begin a meeting in mere 10 minutes. Or rather, he had not given anyone a specific time. He had only told them all to be at the manor 7:55 at the latest. At 8 they would all receive a text saying the exact same, simple, yet completely understandable thing: ”Library. Now. Slip out unnoticed.” Place, time, and caution. Key words to Jonathon in almost all ways. He did manage to check his phone another time, trying to at least use the time well. It seemed Miss Ross and Miss Siqueira had arrived.

In response to this, Jonah tapped a quick text to the new techie: ”All set up, I hope? I’m counting on you to keep overall eyes and ears on this party. Do not disappoint, Miss Siqueira.” There, that should have her set for the evening. He sincerely hoped she wouldn’t let anything slip. Dylan had recommended her, and Jonah had interviewed her himself. She was more than competent; he just hoped she could handle this job. She was rather young, after all. Of course he didn’t expect her to be allknowing, but having all conversations and the like recorded and sent directly to his computer, was a great idea. All he really meant by his text was that he hoped she had installed all of the necessary cameras. He certainly paid her enough.

The boss had remained unreadable and coldly indifferent on the outside, except to anyone who knew that Jonah only ever paced when he was very irritated, and very impatient. He stopped immediately when he heard foodsteps outside the grand doors, and he stood still, rigid as he watched the entrance to the library, eyes cold. As he spotted Nate coming inside, he didn’t move. Just stood and watched as Kole joined him. This rather got to him.

Not that Kole had been talking to Nate, but the fact that the young man had apparently thought it appropriate not to be the place requested at the time requested. Jonathon did not run business like that. If Kole hadn’t been family, the patriarch would’ve been furious. As it was, he was only mildly irritated at the show of disrespect. However, as Kole spoke, Jonathon almost felt himself soften the way he would around his other children as well. However, he refused to show that weakness right now, and so he stood still, hands still clasped behind him.

Following that act, he stiffly nodded at Kole in greeting, and raised an eyebrow at the comment about him needing to talk to Nate first. With that, Jonah looked the kid over, taking note of every little gesture, every little wavering of his gaze, and every little movement of his nose. Nothing went past Jonathon as his gaze seemed to look right through Kole, and it didn’t take him long to deduct that something was definitely off. His son seemed almost guilty of something. What had happened then? And why wasn’t he already spilling the beans?

Jonathon sighed when Kole instead spoke of the raid from the day before. He cleared his throat, relaxing his stance as he finally let the irritation ebb out. The way Kole’s eyes kept darting, and the way his stature was slightly off, made Jonah forgive the previous insolence. Only with his children did this happen. Well, them, and Nate, along with Vicky. Basically… those closest to him. With everyone else, Jonah would remain cold and removed.

He nodded, gesturing towards his office before walking there himself, holding the door open for his two companions only to close and lock it behind them. He seated himself behind his desk, not bothering to ask the others to take seats. They would – they’d been in there plenty of times both of them. Only once that was done, did the man speak, having been eerily quiet up until now.
“I did. We got everything out. The place was perfectly presentable by the time the they showed up.” He said, finally smiling at his son, a look of approval in his eyes as he got out an envelope with ten thousand bucks in it, sliding it towards the man in question. It was a bonus for a job well done, or, the Jonathon version of a thank you to someone he paid.

The second he had done this, Jonah leveled a more serious set of eyes on his adoptive son. “Now,” he began, “why don’t you tell me what’s happened? It’s clearly got you uneasy.” He glanced at Nate, his eyes silently asking him whether it was very bad or just bad. Over the years the two has learned to interpret silent looks and signals in each other. It was very useful at all times really. Like now, when Jonah wanted to know the status of something in advance. He was sure his second in command had already been let in on the news. No one else was ever really able to figure out what the pair was communicating, which was also more than a little useful.

The setting changes from Genovese Mansion to Manhattan, New York

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The setting changes from Manhattan, New York to Genovese Mansion

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Nate Hagen

Jonathon Genovese, Patriarch of the Genovese family and the big man on the totem pole. The head of easily one of the largest criminal organizations on the eastern sea board and it was his kindness that turned Nathan Hagen from an orphan into a brother all in one fateful night. Jonah stood there in a suit black as night with only the silver of his expensive tie to break up the gloom of his ensemble like the moon in a dark sky. His gaze was icy and hard as diamonds but it was not out of malice yet out an assertive determination that Nate had grown to respect and admire about the man. Most merely saw him as overly critical, brutal and temperamental but when you gave as much of yourself into something the way Jonah did you were entitled to get angry when things didn't go the way they were supposed to.

The raid on the restaurant in the Upper West Side had everyone on edge, Jonah especially. If it wasn't for the quick and decisive actions of Kole they might have lost more than a few hours of business and some plates of chicken tetrazzini. Nate was dispatched with a small team to clean out the restaurant of anything incriminating long before the feds showed up after Jonahthon got the tip. The FBI achieved nothing more than ruining a few dinners and wasting their time. Despite the apparent win in the Genovese column the fact that they had come so close spoke volumes to those with enough sense to see the writing on the wall.

Their legitimate businesses were carefully covered up to ensure that on the outside they appeared to be nothing more than what they seemed. No detective or special agent should have figured anything out on their end which meant they were getting intel from somewhere else. The death of their techie rat was in order to ensure things like this didn't happen. Kinlan had been killed in late September, took a little dive off the balcony. This raid happened yesterday, which meant Theodore Kinlan wasn't their only source of of intel. Which meant their was still a snake in the grass and Nathan would flush them out, one way or another.


Kole said as the two men entered his office.

“Sorry for the delay. I was here, I needed to talk to Nate first. A lot has happened, Just tell me first that you got word in time yesterday.”

Marinos continued as Jonah led the two men into his office and locked the door behind them. Nate said stayed silent for the most part as he took his seat at the edge of the room. Positioned next to one of the many bookshelves lining the walls it was directly beside Jonah's desk and a common place for Nathan to take up position. It put him in a good defensive position near Jonah, beneath the seat was a sawed off shotgun as always.

“I did. We got everything out. The place was perfectly presentable by the time the they showed up.”

Jonahthon finally spoke, his tone significantly less harsh then what Kole or even Nate had expected. Jonah always had a way of softening, even if it was slightly, around his children. Adopted or not Kole was Jonah's son and received the same understanding Lincoln, Charlee and Dylan got. One could say what they wanted about Jonahthon Genovese's business practices but no one could contest that he was a loving father. A fact that made Nathan proud to be at his side. Jonah slid an thick envelope across the table towards Kole, his payment and his thank you. By the size of the envelope it was one hell of a thank you.

"Jonah had sent me to take care of everything long before the dinner guests arrived."

Nate said, reaffirming Jonah's words. Referring to the feds by any other term than federal agents was a habit Nate had picked up long ago. A fear of wire tapping and prying ears put mafia men on the defensive nearly all the time. Causing them to rarely describe things completely clearly. Instead of being told to kill someone, Nate would often be told to take care or deal with someone. When the man giving the order was feeling particularly eloquent one could often times be told to do things that sounded odd or even mundane like get someone fitted for a new coat in reference to a wooden coat as in a coffin.

Even in the security of their own home these habits were picked up by everyone in the life, Nate and Jonah were no exception but these two went a step further. So tight was their bond words rarely had to even be said, Nate could pick up on what his brother needed and had it taken care of with flawless precision. Their connection was one of the reasons the Genovese rarely had serious legal troubles since they did not often make mistakes.

“Now, why don’t you tell me what’s happened? It’s clearly got you uneasy.”

Jonah said as leveled his gaze with that of his son. Nathan Hagen sat in his usual seat, his eyes on his brothers wondering if Kole was going to tell Jonah himself about what happened with the cop or if he was going to have Nate do it. He couldn't blame the man if he opted for the latter, not many men liked to deliver Jonathon Genovese bad news. Despite the fact that the threat had already been dealt with Kole's true identity had been discovered. If it could happen once it could happen again which meant the man would have to keep his head on a swivel from now on and be even more careful then he was before.

Jonah had sent the slightest of glances Nate's way. To anyone else it would have appeared as nothing more than a cursory look, something someone did out of reflex. To Nathan he knew full well what that look meant. Jonah wanted a heads up. He wanted to know the size of the pile Kole was about to drop in his lap. Nate brought his hand to his chin and mouth as he rested his elbow on the arm of the chair, his jaw tensed for the slightest of moments as his gaze flicked to Kole as if to gauge the young man's transgression. In a fraction of a second his eyes were back on Jonah's and an approving nod of his head could be seen as if Nate was silently telling Jonah that no lasting damage was done by what Kole was about to tell him. His mistake, while severe had already been taken care of after all.

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#, as written by Korrye

Victoria tilted her chin upward and immediate sent a seething glare at the blond MET assistant the instant she sensed the woman was about to talk back to her. It was a look she had long perfected, a mock up of something she had seen her own father do for years. It got everything done. It was hard to explain other than the fact that Victoria literally forced her will on someone. Sienna seemed to sense her dissatisfaction with the woman. No one would be paid to stand around this evening. Even the MET people would be working once everything was set up. Heidi was expected to ensure that everything was in it’s rightful place before flowing through the crowds, giving information to people who had questions. Victoria had ensured that while she was dressed nice the woman was to have her ID tag. People often wanted to know more than just the list price of a piece. They had many donated works and a half dozen pulled from Victoria and Jonathon’s own collection. It was essential that the auction run smoothly. If she wasn’t allowed in on the meeting, then she damn well was going to make sure that the cover was going to be flawless. And it would be or there were be hell to pay and her hell was a lot more retributive than her husband’s cold shot in the middle of the night.

“Heidi, please,” Sienna chided her friend. “I really need that Statue out of that room right now. Please.”

The blond looked from Victoria to Sienna, unsure at first and judging her actions. Victoria did not relent on her stare, watching as she weighed her options before conceding. Thank God.

“Right away . . . Doctor Rose,” Heidi said begrudgingly before stalking off into the dining area and ballroom that had been turned into a miniature gallery and auction house for the evening. Victoria licked her lips and watched as the woman walked, not removing her gaze from her back until she was out of sight. Glancing over at Sienna then, she smiled warmly in return to the woman’s gentle expression.

“I'm really sorry about Heidi,” she apologized. “Don’t fret about her. She’s had a grudge against me since I went to the MET with the event proposal and she was saddled with me,” Victoria smiled, sighing deeply and warming to the presence of a familiar, friendly and understanding face. She knows how hard this is. She may not have been here for over a decade but she knows.

It was obvious they were friends of some sort. It made her uncomfortable to think that Sienna was friendly with Heidi’s crowd. It was a group of people that continued to reject her, no matter how hard she tried or how long she worked towards it. She was an outsider – her family was too – but she hated them all. They did not know hardship. None of them. Judgment was a hard thing to take when the people judging had no idea what sort of life she led. There were still a great deal of people within their regular social crowd who thought Victoria was a gold-digger. Many people knew she was from Wyoming and that was where it came from. The rumors had daunted her initially but as she had become accustomed to New York, they in turn became compliments. She had enough presence for them to care and worry about her. They also were all at her event which said something. If they really didn’t like her or respect her they wouldn’t even come.

“It's good to see you too!” Sienna beamed, moving to hug her gently andV Victoria reciprocated, her movement genuine. “It has been a long time, a really long time but you invited me!”

“What do you mean? I checked the guest list…” Victoria said, her eyes narrowed. Jonathon would throw a fit if she got in on a whim. Familiar faces even weren’t allowed unless they were approved. The staff would know. They should know.

Before her thoughts could spiral even more out of control her questions were answered. “I'm here with the MET. I'm leading your Auction. Oh and there's something I should really discuss with you too first.” Sienna smiled “It's nothing too horrendous . . . Just a small problem, I promise!”

“Well she referred to you as Doctor Rose. So I’m assuming you went back to school then? And now you’re working for the MET?” Victoria asked, as if to clarify with the woman just what she was doing. Victoria clasped her hands together as she thought through what the woman had said. “What is this problem? From what you’ve said, I’m thinking one of the statues was vandalized?” she asked, exasperation taking her tone. “Please tell me that everything else is okay.” She was desperately trying to hide the concern she felt growing not only for her husband but for the gala itself. It was the same deep welling concern that had made her lash out on the catering staff. She didn’t want to know about mistakes. She wanted them fixed as quickly as possible instead.

“Let’s do a walk through, before everyone else arrives,” she sighed, biting her tongue. “I’m sorry to be all business Sienna. We will talk when things get running."


Jonathon was searing and yet steely. The mans’ resolve was more than enough to make Kole uncomfortable. He had learned through the years not to squirm. Fidgeting had only ever served to make Jonathon more irritable. He could tell that the tight timeline of the evening had Jonathon concerned on top of the fears of having his business convene within the mansion. He didn’t want to throw a hitch into things. He had been early for once only he hadn’t wanted to wait to say something. But that was no saving grace when they had been absent. Why Nate had chosen for them to go outside he didn’t know. For then, however, he was there and that was all that mattered. He could deal with Jonathon’s icy demeanor and the daggers for eyes he possessed due to his stress and concern. And it was just that to Kole. He knew what it meant when the man looked at his did. To a stranger Jonathon looked ready to kill someone but to Kole the man looked concerned for the safety of his family. It was an odd look to have but he appreciated it. He wanted to hug him, to relax, to be at ease but it was too contentious. For the first time in six weeks he was seeing his adoptive father in person but there was no joy in it for now. Just business.

Jonathon raised an eyebrow at his comment and Kole ran a hand through his hair, wanting to just transfer the images he continued to see in his head to the man in front of him so that he would understand in an instant. Kole swallowed, his chest feeling tighter as mild anxiety kicked in, stress over what Jonathon would think, what he would say. For all he knew how to read about Jonathon, Kole still couldn’t predict what he would do. It depended on his mood and who he had just seen before hand which was relatively masked for the moment and unknown.

Dutifully he followed Jonathon into his office, keeping his head low and his arms cross across his chest tightly. He felt chilled from standing outside still and now that he was tense and unnerved again he was uncomfortable. He had sat in Jonathon’s office many times, even fooled around in there once or twice two with a few weapons. But it was always a tense room with a bold aura that spoke of business and seriousness. It was the same when he stepped in and took a seat across from Jonathon’s desk, balancing his elbows on his knees and hunching forward to hold his head in his hands and rub his temples.

“I did. We got everything out. The place was perfectly presentable by the time the they showed up,” Jonathon finally answered. That was a relief to him. Kole exhaled deeply and turned his cheek to Jonah momentarily, glancing up at Nate who stood in his regular spot next to a bookshelf to Jonathon’s right. "Jonah had sent me to take care of everything long before the dinner guests arrived,” Nate added and Kole nodded, reassured by that fact, knowing that if he had been late with the tip he would have been given a lecture on his importance, on how he needed to come through, how he had screwed them over. “That’s good,” he murmured, more to himself than to either of the other two in the room. Kole looked back up at Jonathon, having up until then looked away from him for the most point.

“Now, why don’t you tell me what’s happened? It’s clearly got you uneasy,” Jonathon asked clearly. Kole averted his gaze the moment his adoptive father looked over at his second command. He knew the look, how he would look at his brother with nothing but a glance and take away from it a swath of information. It still baffled him how well they could read each other – and how poorly Jonathon was connected to his blood brother.

“I…” he started, only to pause and knit his eyebrows. He exhaled and shifted then so that he was reclining into his seat. Kole tilted his head back and brought his hands to his eyes. “I was found out. When I sent you the tip, some handler had somehow been following me and my calls. I noticed that he had logged onto my computer somehow and I watched him leave to get files. I tapped into his email and found out his address through the information. I prepared and I waited and as soon as he came in…I killed him.”

Kole paused then, just as he had with Nate. He held his tongue between his teeth, evaluating his words, running over what he had just said in his head. “I used the burner gun you gave me. I have it. I took the files he had on him. I dragged him into the basement, blew the gas line, made sure the body and any remnants that he had been shot were close to be incinerated, and it was done…clean.”

At that he opened his suit jacket and pulled a manila envelope from his inner pocket, sliding it across Jonathon’s desk beside the thick stack of money he had been offered. Blood spatter speckled the folder and his fingers twitched when he saw it.

“He knew exactly what I had been doing. Somehow he knew a few of our code words, there's a list in there. He knew right away that I had tipped you off about the raid but he apparently didn’t have a chance to tell his people. I checked through everything of his and he hadn’t told anyone. I’m safe, for now anyways,” he concluded. “I needed to say something to Nate. I laid low last night. I thought about coming straight here but I knew it wouldn't make sense. They know I'm here tonight. It's just always there. I close my eyes and I see him and then when it's not him...I see my father.”

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What do you mean? I checked the guest list . . .” Victoria's eyes narrowed as she contemplated Sienna's words.

Obviously she hadn't been the first choice of guests to their Gala. It gave Sienna an internal chuckle. She was sure Jonathon Genovese would have a violent outburst if he knew Sienna was invited.

She had known the man her whole life and often times the tension between them was created because Sienna was not afraid to let him know clearly what she thought of him and his business.

If there was anything close to hate Sienna could feel then that was what she felt for Jonathon Genovese. Dislike was too much of a weak word to describe the all-engulfing anger that she felt towards the man. As far as she was concerned it was all his fault . . .

Sienna pushed the bitter thought away before she could finish the end of that sentence and smiled at Victoria as she answered the woman's wandering thoughts.

“I'm here with the MET. I'm leading your Auction. Oh and there's something I should really discuss with you too first . . . It's not too horrendous . . . Just a small problem, I promise!”

“Well she referred to you as Doctor Rose. So I'm assuming you went back to school then? And now you're working for the MET?” Victoria questioned with more interest then Sienna wished to discuss.

“Umm, yes.” She said trying to side step the first question. “I er finished school.”

Sienna had been half way through her second year at Columbia when she had just up and left . . . or at least that's what people must have felt she had done, when in actual fact there was so much more then that to it.

If she had stayed, Sienna knew she would have become more bitter then she had already felt at that time. Everything had been so up in the air. Things had been changing for the worse. Power had been changing hands with the Genovese's . . . Nathaniel was becoming more involved with the business. Her relationship with him had changed . . . She wanted out and to get away from it all . . . for both of them. But he had made his choice and she had made hers . . . All she had to do was look at her son to know she had made the right and best decision she could by him.

She had to start all over again when she enrolled in University after having Landon and it had been a hell of a lot of hard work, having a baby and trying to study at the same time. But she had worked hard for years and did it.

“Yes. I'm with the MET now.” Sienna continued “I've only been there for three weeks actually, so it's all been a bit of a mess. The person who held my position before me unfortunately died suddenly so figuring everything out that he had going on has been keeping me so busy and then the Auction too. But hopefully things should start calming down soon.”

In fact, she had started work, straight the next day after her flight to New York landed. It had all happened so quick. The job offer, packing, working with a Realtor over the phone and email to find a place on the Upper West Side and then finally coming back. It had been non-stop, even now and Landon had not been too happy either. Why were they flying over France and England and he couldn't stop to stay a few days with his old friends? He had sulked all the way through the long flights.

Sienna still felt incredibly guilty about that but there had been no time. And Landon had come round in time as she knew he would as the sight of New York brought back his natural enthusiasm to life . . . but that did not stop the compunction she still felt dragging the poor boy from place to place since he was ten. She would just have to make it up to him. Only that would ease her conscious.

“What is this problem?” Victoria questioned grabbing Sienna's attention again “From what you've said, I'm thinking one of the Statues was vandalized? . . . Please tell me that everything else is okay.”

Victoria tried to hide it but Sienna could sense the other woman's uneasiness about the whole event and her stress levels rising. Sienna smiled softly as she placed a gentle hand on Victoria's arm.

“Look,” She said “Take a deep breath and relax, you're doing fine.” Sienna smiled “And don't worry about the Statue, sure some vital things are broken,” She tried not to laugh “ but it's just a slight problem and I'm working on a solution as we speak.”

“Let's do a walk through, before everyone else arrives.” Victoria sighed “I'm sorry to be all business Sienna. We will talk when things get running.”

“That's perfectly fine. I completely understand.” Sienna replied actually relieved.

Business she could do. Talking, on the other hand, especially about herself and her life was something she did not like to discuss at all. And she just knew that as more people arrived and recognised her, she would be dodging questions left and right. One less person to talk on personal matters with made all the difference to Sienna. So she intended to stick to business with Victoria and when that was done . . . She would stick to the sides and avoid all human contact as was possible, until she could take her leave and slip out.

“The-” Sienna's iPhone beeped. “I'm sorry,” She said to Victoria “I just need to check this, might be something to do with the pieces up for Auction.”

Pulling her phone out of her clutch . . . And it was. It was a text from Heidi. Sienna grinned as she looked back to Victoria.

“We have a solution for your Statue problem.” She said to the woman with glee. If only everything else in her life could be fixed so easily “Mrs Stanford, who had the accident with Eric Winter's Statue. Well her daughter has offered to purchase it out of Auction. A gesture of good will have you. She's offered to buy it for one hundred thousand dollars. In my opinion Victoria, I think you should accept because honestly although it's the only piece by the Artist here tonight, Eric Winter's work is not what people want any longer. And you probably won't get nowhere as near as much as Mrs Stanford's daughter is offering. You'll be luck to get sixty thousand for it and seeing as it is for charity it would make sense for you to get the best asking price for it, especially now that it's damaged.”

Sienna paused to think about it a moment as she tapped a finger against her lips.

“Although, if you don't want to do that . . . What we can do is put a reserve on the item say for about eighty thousand dollars and make it clear that the piece is damaged but that the Stanford's are willing to pay for the repairs which won't be more then a few thousand and of course we'll have that done through the people who do it for the MET. So with the reserve, if the bidding doesn't reach eighty thousand then it won't be sold and then you can accept the Stanford's generous offer but if it does go over the reserve then you won't loose that much . . . or if you're lucky and the people are feeling generous,” Sienna wasn't holding her breath “then you might make more.” She finished optimistically with a lift of her bare shoulders. “Of course, the decision is completely up to you.”

Sienna had given her opinion to the best of her knowledge, it was up to the Patron now . . . Everything else was perfectly set and ready to go . . .

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#, as written by Mela

Jonah’s gaze was thoughtfully on the gun rack on the wall behind his second in command as he waited for a silent message to be delivered, and for Kole to dump whatever had him fidgeting, on Jonah’s already overly burdened shoulders. It took no noticeable time for Nate to give an almost indistinguishable nod of his head, and with that, Jonah felt a small level of relieve. For a second there he thought his son had been discovered. He turned his gaze back onto Kole, once more the cold businessman by all appearances, his eyes unreadable as they watched the man bringing news.

The immediate hesitation after only Kole’s first word, however, brought all that worry right back. Had Nate judged the situation properly, Kole only overreacting, or was his best friend at fault here? Lately Jonah hadn’t been quite sure what was going on with Nathaniel, but something was definitely gnawing at the male. Jonathon knew the other man well enough to tell as much, even if Nate denied it when Jonah inquired. The crime boss’ eyes remained intensely trained on the young man he considered a son.

His next words froze Jonah in his seat. Fuck. On the outside, no difference could be seen on his face, but his insides were recoiling at the news. This brought his son into so much danger, Jonah briefly wondered if maybe Vicky had been right that Kole wasn’t ready to be sent into the field like that. Had his own father experienced this sort of anxiety when Jonah himself had entered the business? No, probably not. Jonah had been part of the family business himself since he was a kid. Besides, his father had been a different character than Jonah himself. Less driven, yet colder – more hardened by what he had seen, and unable to let go of it to be there for his family even mentally.

Jonah placed an elbow on his desk, resting his chin between a couple of fingers of the upraised hand, leaning forwards only a little. Had he been with most others, he would’ve remained rigid, but he had no particular image to uphold with the two men in the room. He raised both of his eyebrows, relieve, yet also a weird sense of reservation, coursing through him when Kole informed him that he had killed the handler in question. Relieve because part of him knew that meant at least the most urgent action in this case had already been done, but at the same time, reservations… because, well, the fatherly side to Jonah knew this event was tearing his son apart on the inside.

Jonah himself could hardly remember his feelings during his first kill. He had been 11 years old when someone had snuck into their house, aiming to abduct Jonah to use against his father. The man hadn’t counted on Jonah himself keeping a gun under his pillow, so when he had tried to grab the young boy, shots had been fired. Right through the guy’s torso. Of course the house buzzed with activity with that sound, but the problem had been taken care of. By an 11 year old. See, he remembered the details clearly, and the look on the man’s face: shock. But Jonah had forgotten his initial feelings.

He gave a slight nod of his head to indicate he’d heard and dealt with the news, after which, Kole continued. He wasn’t surprised to hear that Kole had been thorough and done as Nate and himself had told him to, but he was rather pleased, in a morbid sort of way. Glad the man was out of the way, but again, he couldn’t help but think of the psychological effects of his. Kole was a good kid; he always had been. He wasn’t meant to be in this life, and Jonah knew it, but it was too late to pull him out now. That would only seem suspicious.

Jonah’s eyes flicked briefly to the manila folder soon slid his way and as they reverted back to Kole, the older male took it in his hands, opening it while listening to Kole’s other words. He paid no attention to the blood; it was nothing all that new to him. Again, Jonah was completely expressionless. At least while his son spoke of the specifics regarding the business. He had just taken out the papers given to him when Kole’s last sentence was spoken. Jonah paused immediately, looking over the papers at the speaker. He carefully and meticulously put the papers back on his desk.

Then, Jonah sighed, his eyes showing that glint of fatherly worry and compassion. For once in a very long time, Jonah was unsure of what to do, although it didn't actually show. Kole’s birth father had been a shitty one in every way possible. The man had not even had a sliver of loyalty towards the men he worked for in the crime world, and as for his woman and child, Daniel Merideros had been negligent at best. Then he’d died in Kole’s arms when the guy had been a mere teenager. The man had been the victim of a drive by, and although Jonah sympathized with the pain of losing one’s father, actually having him die in your arms… he still couldn’t bring himself to care that the man had died.

Kole had ended up in a better place ultimately, and Jonah had nothing nice to say of men who downright mistreated their families. However, as it was, his son was clearly having a whole lot of problems with this, and as such, Jonah rose from his seat – a motion that automatically made everyone else in the office rise as well. Then he took smooth strides, bringing him to his son. Jonah was only a little taller than the 24 year old, but his stance was much prouder and much straighter – much more controlled. As such, Jonah places a hand on Kole’s shoulder, looking into his eyes as he spoke.

“You did well, Kole. You managed this situation where many men would’ve panicked, and you have nothing to feel guilty about; he would have taken you down without a second thought. I know this must be difficult for you, and I understand that you feel the way you do, but he’s not worth it. Think of what would have happened had you not done what you did. Any one of us would have done the same thing.” He sighed then, pausing as he glanced at Nate out of the corner of his eye, before his eyes became all the more serious, on Kole once more, with his next words. “Your father was not your fault, Kole. There was nothing you could’ve done to help him, and you need to know that.”

This… was a sort of peptalk. Jonah was letting his more paternal side show, although it was difficult in this situation because his interests were so scattered. He hated that Kole had had to do what he’d done, because he could see the toll it was taking on him so very clearly; see the pain and guilt in his eyes. Yet, again, he needed to make Kole realize he had done the right thing, because he had. It had been his only choice aside from going down, and maybe accidentally taking Jonah with him. Or at least partly.

Of course Jonah secretly wished the kid had merely called him or Nate to help him out, so that he wouldn’t have gotten himself in that deeply. Time had obviously been of the essence, however, and the patriarch understood as much. That didn’t mean he had to like it, though.

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Nate Hagen have nothing to feel guilty about...

Jonah's words rung in Nathan's mind the tolls of a church bell at a funeral. Nothing to feel guilty about? Nate couldn't be quite sure he agreed. Would he had done the same thing in Kole's position? Of course, but to believe that there was nothing to feel guilty about was a lie. Nathan's jaw tensed as his mind turned inward. "The hell are we doing? What the hell have we become... What have I allowed us to become?" Nate scolded himself within the confines of his own mind. The grim realization that Kole may very well be well on his way to follow in Nate's path shook the man to the core and caused him to be revolted at himself. He licked his lips as if he'd tasted something foul before getting to his feet.

It was only then that he realized that Jonah was now standing at Kole's side, his hand on his shoulder in compassion. The duality of their lives baffled Nathan at times but it was moments like these that helped him to retain his sanity. In the same breath that he commended the young man for murdering a man for only doing his job Jonah showed a compassion to his inner turmoil that was admirable. The sight served as a candle in the darkness and chased away the shadows creeping into Nathan's psyche, even if only for the moment.

Hagen checked his watch impatiently as he realized, one of his least favorite people was late for the meeting as usual.

"Any idea where the fuck Tony is?"

Nathan asked, his distaste for the greasy casino hound evident in his harsh words.

The setting changes from Genovese Mansion to Manhattan, New York

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Anthony Rizzo

If asked what he thought about managing one of Manhattan's most successful casinos, Anthony Rizzo would reply positively in most cases. As long as he kept things running and made sure there was a profit rolling in, he didn't have much to worry about. He could play his fill of casino games until dawn, he could brush elbows with the city's elite, and he could try to pretend, for just a brief moment that he owned the casino. Of course, it wasn't true. He'd faced that fact years ago when Jonathon had threatened him and his father. What else was a man to do in such a situation? So, though many men would have killed for a position like Tony's, there were some things he couldn't stand about it. Namely, the lack of respect he got from the patriarch...and the fact that he never seemed to wake up on time for anything.

The manager's eyes shot open sometime after noon, blinking rapidly to adjust to the sudden change in light. He laid there spread-eagle for a few heartbeats to regain his senses. In a few seconds, he had deducted he was in his bedroom, sprawled out on the bed for God knew what reason. Still contemplating this, he slowly sat up and winced as a sharp, throbbing pain shot through his skull. Tony winced, drawing his knees toward his chest as he let out a soft gasp of surprise. He couldn't stand headaches of any kind, not that most people did enjoy them. On the other hand, he should have been used to them by now with the amount of time he spent either at the casino or in a bar, drinking away one sorrow after the other. Anthony yawned and, for a second, his head felt a bit better, only for it to pound again when he released his breath.

"Damn it..." he growled, swinging his bare legs off of the bed before slowly standing up and stretching his arms over his head. By then, his deep, brown eyes had finally adjusted to the dim lighting of his bedroom and he gazed upon the clock. Tony's stomach seemed to do a quick somersault as he read the numbers 7:10 on the digital screen. His mouth gaped open slightly in surprise and then he clamped it shut and let out a loud groan of annoyance.

"Shit, shit, shit..." he muttered, running a hand through his messy hair. He had definately set an alarm for at least one o'clock in the afternoon. He could have sworn he did! Normally, he would have spent a few moments trying to argue with Nature over the fact that he did indeed set his alarm, but he knew there was no point in crying over spilt milk; he had less than an hour to get ready to go to the Genovese's. Oh, Jonah was going to be pissed...and he didn't even want to think about Victoria's response. He hurried toward the bathroom, his bare feet hitting the cold tile and causing a few shutters to run through his body. Tony grappled with the stubborn medicine cabinet before it flung open and he was able to grab a bottle of Asprin, which he opened up and poured out into the cap, taking a few in his hand and swallowing them without a care. In all honesty, he thought, what is the point of measuring out the "suggested amount"? A few more can't hurt a person. Removing his boxers, which were the only article of clothing he wore, Tony stepped into his shower and turned on the water, lowering it to nearly freezing temperatures in hopes of waking himself up.

Panting softly still from racing around his home to get ready, Anthony finally brought his car to a halt and grabbed his phone, which he shoved into his pocket. He hurried up to the door and then rolled his eyes upon seeing the security guards. It appeared Jonah had hired a few more tough men to hide behind. He scoffed ever so slightly and shoved his hands into the navy blue pockets of his dress pants, clutching his phone tightly in his hand.

"Name, please?" asked one of the bouncers, looking up at Tony and raising an eyebrow slightly as if to prompt a response.

"Anthony Rizzo," he replied matter of factly, pressing his tongue against the inside of his cheek as he looked up at the much taller and more muscular man. By then, there was literally no one else outside, they had all entered a while ago. He was probably the last one to arrive which bugged him slightly. Then again, he anticipated, in a bizarre way, Jonah's reaction to his tardiness.

"Go in, sir," the security guard said gruffly, moving aside to let Anthony in who gave an obviously forced and bitterly-sweet smile at the guard. He was surprised they still had to make sure he really was being truthful; after all, he was at the Genovese household quite often, compared to most of the guests attending. As he looked around, his brown eyes took in the surroundings and he yearned to just skip this meeting Jonah was calling and simply grab a glass of champagne and wander around, admiring the artwork and maybe even purchasing some for his home. But, he had business to attend to and started toward Jonathon's study, following a familar path. Along the way, he encountered a servant carrying a tray of champagne as he walked by. Well, his boss wouldn't mind if he had a quick drink, right? Tony's hand slid out of his pocket as he grabbed a thin flute and held it against his lips briefly, sipping some of the light gold liquid.

Outside of the study now, he removed his other hand from his pocket and pounded his knuckles against the door before stepping back to allow the door to open. Suddenly, his earlier expression of serenity disappeared and he found himself wondering if Jonah actually would be mad. That wouldn't be good, in that case. He'd seen enough of "angry Jonah" to know he never wanted to see it again. Though he hated the man with a burning passion, he also feared the patriarch and loved to steer clear of him. He found it just a bit hard to steer clear of the man who was hiring him, though. Besides, one had to give some to get some. So, he waited and rocked back and forth on his heels, afraid he'd be yelled at for just entering without being allowed to.

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Rebecca "Revy" Vendetti

Brown eyes glanced around to take in the scenery. The mansion was clean and kept, clearly having a lot of work put into keeping it that way. There were various people walking around. Some talking, some admiring the house, and some were just there. Revy was one of the people who were just there, standing to the side, her eyebrows forming a frown as she tried to find a stronger drink she could drink. Before coming in she had already smoked three cigarettes yet her nerves were still on edge. She wasn't the type for that kind of elegant environment. No, Revy was far from elegant. It didn't help that there was so much security. Revy already knew that her client was the one who contracted them but she still didn't trust them. The thing that had annoyed her the most through the night was that they had listed her with her real name and after a few times of angry snaps that Rendetti was here, she had to grumble her real name to the obnoxious bodyguard.

She wanted to get the meeting over already. Honestly, she didn't even see the point in them. There were a lot of things that happened recently that had made things... tense, in a perfect sense, so the up tightness didn't surprise her. Yet she wasn't the type for gatherings like these. Revy would rather just have one of the mafia's lowly men transfer the request and she would have it done in a matter of days. It was a short transaction that way and Revy wouldn't have to be around people she wasn't comfortable with, much less talk to them. Her eyes looked around, studying faces carefully while keeping her guard up. It was a habit of hers to be so paranoid, thinking there was an enemy around her at all times. Most people would call her crazy but she settles it with she would rather be prepared than caught off guard. It had worked various times as well. Any thing that made the sensitive alarms in her head go off was always enough to take action. These actions usually resulted in keeping the undercover pigs and those who weren't loyal away from her and her business.

Revy began muttering in Spanish under her breath as she made her way through the Genovese mansion. Her words consisted of various curses and a mild rant of how she could be at home sleeping at the moment. The authorities had been on her tail a lot recently, always monitoring at least some of her men and keeping check of their movements. Luckily for them, Revy and various people in her business caught on really quickly and easily avoided their eyes and ears. It was the fact that they had to keep rerouting or changing their schedule that upset the woman. She preferred her process to go as quick as possible, with not complications or problems through out it. Yet all the trouble had caused her more of her time, which meant less sleep and time for herself.

Drinking her second glass of champagne, Revy let out a frustrated sigh. She really did wish that there was something stronger to drink. Her heels clicked against the floor as she made her way to a servant. She really hated dressing up with a passion. Setting the empty glass on the tray and getting a replacement, she forced herself to speak a language other than her native.

"Go see if you can get me something stronger to drink, will you?"

It came out more as a demand than a question.

The setting changes from Genovese Mansion to Manhattan, New York

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"Agent Hitch? I'm Agent Murdock. I work with Agent Garcia. She asked me to inform you of her whereabouts at this present moment in time. Please, step into her office. It's possibly the most secure room in the office. She's at the Genovese gala. I assure you, she is armed and disguised to prevent recognition. I saw her disguise myself, it should be sufficient. She also has contact with us through a headset and hidden microphone. It connects wirelessly to a microphone. We are aiming to get her out as soon as possible."

HItch turned to look at Agent Murdock. He arched an eyebrow, displeasure playing across the man's hard features. When he finished his explanation Hitch spoke to his men while never taking his eyes off Murdock.

"Take five ladies."

Luke ordered as he made his way after Murdock into Garcia's office. The room had a professional yet lived in appearance. A few papers were strewn about the desk, pointing towards the liaison busy work life. On the wall across from her large oaken desk were several framed accolades, a testament to her hard work ethic and academic proficiency. Murdock made his way toward the desk to casually sit on the edge of the large desk.

"You can have a seat."

Murdock said politely. Agent Hitch stepped into the center of the room, just behind the two leanther chairs seated in front of Garcia's desk where Murdock had just offered him a seat and adressed the agent as he completely ignored the offer.

"So you're telling me that your department chief is undercover in The Genovese mansion solo on an unsanctioned OP and what you tell me is that you're aiming to get her out soon?"

Agent Hitch was no pleased, not pleased at all. Not only was his new partner mia but she's had took it upon herself to infilitrate the enemy stronghold for what reasons only known to her without say so from the bureau.Hitch eyeballed murdock as he took a step towards him, his patience running dangerously thin.

"You wanna move up the time table on that evac Agent? You've been working this case no doubt longer than I have but you seem to have forgotten who you're dealing with. Let me tell you about just whose house your boss is sneaking around in by herself. Jonathon Genovese is a known murderer and mafia king pin. Blood, bullets, torture, thats this guys style. This is the same man that nearly killed a 22 year old kid who your office had sent as an informant. The same man that I'd be willing to bet my truck that was responsible for the recent death of FBI handler Frank Karpathy and then covered it up to look like an explosion. Now I don't care what she's doing in that house because whatever it is it's off the books which means its inadmissible in court. If we can't use it to take down Genovese it's not worth the risk so I suggest you get her out of there before I do. I'm not having anymore federal officers getting killed becuase of this asshole."

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#, as written by Korrye

Theodore Kinlan. The name was clear and boldly printed on the face of his fake ID. The driver’s license from New Hampshire had an outdated photo of him on it, his hair shorter and better kept. He looked happy, smiling to the point that the photographer had allowed him to. It felt like he was looking at a stranger. When he dropped the ID onto the glass top of his desk, the former Genovese techie looked up into a mirror hung on the wall opposite him. His cheeks were sallow and his complexion pale. His eyes were dark, evidence of his recent bout of insomnia. His lips were cracked and his hair was longer. He swallowed then, sighing and turning to his computers, the dual set of monitors up and running. His phone remained face up in front of him, next to the old ID. He knew that Jessica had decided to go undercover into the mansion, something he had been particularly against. She had been to see him the day before, pleased that he was walking unassisted. His physiotherapist had cleared him. He was finally healthy. He could breath without an inhaler. When he had washed up on shore he had had water in his lungs. Three of his ribs were broken, as was his right elbow and left ankle. He had stress fractures in his shins and in two vertebrae. His neck had been torqued and he’d had a severe concussion. How he was alive he didn’t know. No sooner were all the screws in his broken joints and everything else set had he lapse into a violent case of pneumonia. He had been hidden far away from the city all together since the day he had been found. The CIA had in fact been the one to air lift him out. There was no documentation within the FBI that he was alive. Whenever he contacted Jessica his messages self destructed and re-routed themselves endlessly. He was off the map so far as any of them were concerned.

Tonight was the first night that he was back at it. He plied at his keyboard for a moment before setting into hacking, his fingers rushing through the keystrokes at a rapid fire pace. A minute later and he was within the Genovese’s internet provider’s servers. He routed his connection through to the mansion, finding himself at a brutal fire wall within their security channels. He needed eyes within the mansion. He needed to be able to warn Jessica if someone appeared to recognize her or follow her. He checked his phone again then. Quickly then he started again, initiating a program to hack through the firewall. It started and rolls of code automatically scrolled through the window before disappearing and suddenly he was in.

Leaning forward, Theo initiated every camera he had access to. Phones went live, and with two strokes he disabled any sensor light that would show a user their own technology was being used against him. Any phone or laptop using the house’s man network became a camera for him and thirty windows popped up. He transferred them to a second screen, glancing over them before maximizing one in particular. Dylan’s bedroom.

Theo sighed, moving his hand to the mouse while his left tapped in a control algorithm, allowing him to shift the camera mounted on top of Dylan’s monitor. As he peered down he saw the robot that the youth had been working on for months. It was nearly complete, the primary circuit board exposed to his line of sight.

For a moment he paused, looking down at his phone again. Minimizing the window he scanned the others, frowning when he saw no sign of Jessica through any of the possible camera options.

He pulled up his email then, knowing she had her phone with her.

“Gone to eat?” he tapped in, sending it immediately after knowing that the program would cover his tracks. Jessica would know that he wasn't actually asking her about food, but where she was. Then he opened a second window and hesitantly he tapped in Dylan’s email.

“Message from a friend,” he typed first. He knew that the youngest Genovese would likely try to find the source of the email, or worse put someone else knowledgeable about IP address tracking on the task. “Secret,” he added then before concluding, “double check your primary power source on bot. Tell me what you find.”

It was a trust exercise. Nothing dramatic but it was about something Dylan cared about.