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Rebecca Vendetti

Judge if you want, we are all going to die and I intend to deserve it.

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a character in “In Mafia Vita”, as played by Malfunction


Rebecca "Revy" Vendetti

The Anarchist

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Full Name:| Rebecca Maria Vendetti
Nicknames:| People who have heard of Rebecca and her business mostly know her as Rendetti, the alias she uses a lot. She always introduces herself as Revy to the people she knows and there are rarely exceptions where she uses her actual name; not many people even know her first name unless they've done their research or she tells them herself.
Age:| 31
Gender:| Female
Orientation:| Heterosexual
Originally From:| East Harlem, Manhattan
Currently Living:| East Harlem, Manhattan
Occupation:| The Lead Weapons' Trafficker

Likes:| For one, Rebecca loves her culture. She prefers speaking Spanish and is often speaking it even if others don't understand it. The only times she speaks English is when she needs to and even when she does, she habitually goes back to speaking Spanish and often has to correct herself. She loves just about any time of food and usually is willing to try anything. Besides that, Rebecca also loves music and dancing but that passion is only reserved for Latin music like salsa, cumbia, durangese, etc. Also, even though she rarely does so, Rebecca loves laughing. Unfortunately for her, her situation rarely allows it. Rebecca likes to complete a job well and can't take failure on her part. She likes things going her way with no complications. Having obstacles in her way mean more work for her and she has grown far too tired to be patient with them.

There are also cigarettes; they have grown into a bad habit for Rebecca and she is quite addicted to the cancer sticks. She enjoys alcohol just as much, but the consequences that can come with getting drunk are too much for her to risk. For that reason, she sticks with cigarettes unless she feels like she deserves a good drink. There is also her vain love for money. After her business began making good money, she has grown a fear of going back to a street rat like she was before. Her business is all she has and if that goes down the drain, then so does she.

Above all, Rebecca loves guns. She was raised with them and hasn't stopping harboring an obsession about them ever since. If she doesn't have a gun on her or at least somewhere close by, she can be restless and unable to concentrate. Because of this, the times that Rebecca is without a gun are very, very rare.

Dislikes:| There are many things that Rebecca doesn't like. The hates speaking in English, opting for Spanish most of the time and only speaking it when needing it. It even gets to the point that she would rather have someone else around to translate what she's saying; because of that, some people believe that she can't speak English. She hates feeling helpless, depending on others, and doubting herself and her decisions; all of it is a sign of weakness in her head.

Rebecca cannot stand children. Again, her patience is small and they energy tires her a lot. There are various little things that get to her too, like loud noises, stubborn people, insects, when others cry, and various other things. She hates being out of her comfort zone. For example, even with the money that comes in through her work, she would rather live in the same house she grew up as a child despite the conditions of the neighborhood. Change means adjustment and adjustment means time that Rebecca doesn't want to waste.

She has grown a hatred for any kind of authorities over the years. It is biased, but she could care less. Any person who is even remotely related to them just makes her unable to even look at them without feeling her anger boiling up. She hates when things become complicated. Years of her work have made her patience very thin and she doesn't have mercy when there is a failure.

Fears:| Rebecca fears her death. As she grew up, the thing she had in mind the most was to survive. Everything she did was in order to guarantee her survival, and even know, her business exists because of goal. The need to live has been such a big part in her life that she has grown fear towards death. Because if she does, all that work would've been for nothing. Going back to poverty has been another fear of hers. Once she got comfortable with the fact that she now had more money coming in than going out, the thought of losing that comfort frightens her and has caused her to be ruthless when it comes to her business and she would do just about anything to continue to be where she is. Anything in her way is a liability. Rebecca also feels being betrayed, being caught off guard. She has become a very paranoid individual and always has the constant fear in the back of her head that something bad is going to happen.

Secrets:| Rebecca hides anything that she views as a weakness. She hides her feelings, her personal desires, and her fears. Another big secret that she has been coughing up blood lately, and is unsure of why: truth is that she has contracted a lung disease from all the smoking, but isn't aware of it yet. She believes that it should go away soon, so she hasn't done or told anyone about it.

Hobbies:| In her free time, Rebecca loves to watch soccer and has a bit of a passion for it. Not that she plays it, no she has little talent in any type of sport because of a thing called rules. She also has a passion for reading, going from books in Spanish to English many times. She rarely reads in public but whenever she finds herself alone, her nose will be inside in a book. Rebecca also has a habit of taking her guns apart, cleaning them, and putting them together a lot. It is something she does to clear her head more than anything.

Talents:| Rebecca has an incredible aim that can be used without a gun or with. She is really quick on her feet and simply a fast runner. She also knows how to fight from all the brawls she got into growing up but it is mostly because of experience. She doesn't have a lot of strength, but her endurance is something that she is proud of. She is a great liar as well, easily bluffing when she needs to.

Deficits:| Rebecca has trouble relating to others seeing as she lacks empathy. She can often act selfish and rude. She thinks of herself before others more than often and has little sense of compassion or kindness. There are little exceptions where she does something for someone else's good without her benefiting from it. She is self-centered in a way; not in a cocky way, but with her father's death, all she has had is herself and that's all that matters for her now. She also has terrible trust issues. She is paranoid, always ready for someone to betray her or something bad to happen.

Weapons:| Guns. Usually, Rebecca carries pistols with her so that they aren't that noticeable. This doesn't mean that those are the only guns she can use though. In the contrary, Rebecca has skills with a variety of machinery and always carries around a switchblade just in case.

Personality:| Rebecca is a very self reliant person who rarely puts her fate in another's hands. She is hostile and her short temper can be lit up by the smallest thing. She seems like a cold woman, someone of few words. On the contrary, though, Rebecca is a very passionate person who is very opinionated. It isn't until you speak to her that you notice this, though. Rebecca is also a very selfish person who puts herself above others most of the time. If she's not happy, no one's happy. Rebecca has no trouble being the bad guy and will step up to the role without hesitation. Though she can seem nonjudgmental, most of the time it's that her mindset is too narrow for anything she doesn't care or find useful. Rebecca is very independent and often doesn't trust others with completing tasks or keeping their side of a bargain. It doesn't mean she won't socialize with people, she just doesn't expects much from them. There are a couple of people who she trusts in a way but it's always to a certain point and she never stops being skeptical about them, always ready for them to make a mistake or betray her. She has grown very paranoid over the years. If she sees the same stranger for more than one time, she will have concluded that they are following her. There are no coincidences in her mind and her keen senses make her a very observant person.

When it comes to business, it is all she has in her mind. She is ruthless, ambitious, and very impatient. She wants things done her way, quick as possible and without a problem. Rebecca isn't afraid to slap someone when they step out line or harm them as a warning. She is willing to do just about anything to keep her position and there is little that can affect her strong-will when it comes to keeping the money coming. She is also very decisive in her work, thinking doubt as a weakness. Some of her flaws are that she can be forgetful of people's names and faces. In her line of work, she can come across a lot people, so after dealing with one she often pushes them to the back of her memory or forgets them entirely. The only people she remembers are those she works with, meets on a regular basis, or are just that of an important person.

Some people may say she lacks manners, but it is mostly because she has little interest in others, much less their opinions, which makes her be able to do or say whatever she wants without thinking of anyone else. That being said, she can control herself and knows her place when it comes to business. Although as controlled as she tries to be, she is hot-tempered and Rebecca can change her emotions with the snap of a finger. It can also be said that Rebecca is up-tight, having a frown on her face and snapping at people more than smiling or laughing. She has little to no sense of humor, like taking jokes too seriously or misunderstanding people's intentions.

History:| Rebecca comes from Afro Peruvian descent; her mother, Yamileth Vendetti, and her father, Felipe Vendetii, imigrated from Lima, Peru as a young couple to the United States and made East Harlem their home. It wasn't an easy life for them, they had little knowledge of English and the only jobs they could find didn't have the best pay. Felipe resorted to contacting his brother, Ricardo "Ricky" Vendetti, who had been living in Manhattan for a while now and had set up an illegal business of gun trafficking. Both brothers had been in the military in their home country and still had various helpful contacts. A few years passed until Yamileth got pregnant with Rebecca. By then, the Vendetti's were deep into the underground business of trafficking and Felipe has succumbed various times to the temptations that came along with the money; this included women. Even though Yamileth knew about the business her husband was in, she was oblivious to the cheating until around ten months after Rebecca had been born. The stress of being associated with the illegal activities and being a mother didn't help her reaction and when she found out her husband was being unfaithful, she left out of anger.

This was a change to Felipe, who knew nothing of taking care of a child. Surprisingly, he manged to pull it off in between all the drinking and sleeping around. It wasn't the best way to raise a child but he did what he could. There was little things that Felipe could teach her and the subject of guns was one. Before she could even hold a gun, Felipe introduced her to guns. She was around guns, heard guns, and touched guns. When she was three years old, she shot her first gun. She was raised with them and because of that, they have been a normal part in her life and being without them is simply strange to her. Her knowledge of guns and experience has developed over time. She was raised to be tough, to distrust people, to hate authorities. Most of who she is thanks to her father and the lifestyle he led. Because he wasn't the best parent, Rebecca became independent at an early age, and because of the lifestyle and people she was surrounded with, she became rough and extremely aggressive. She's been in and out of jail for minor misdemeanors and made most of her money by selling guns to the locals.

School was a waste of time. Rebecca was constantly causing trouble at school and would more than a lot times skip classes or just not show up. She ended up flunking two grades because of that and it ended up in her dropping out of high school in the end and focused on helping her father and uncle with the business. They limited what she was able to do but allowed her to tag along nevertheless. Her uncle Ricky decided to move out of New York and headed to California to grow his business over there. He left Felipe in charge of the operations of New York and East coast. Things ran smoothly and Rebecca having become her father's right-hand, she became more accustomed to the business. It wasn't until her father was killed by a lowly gang member who broke into the wrong house at the wrong time, and during the process, shot Felipe in the chest three times. They took him to the hospital but his death came the same night. Rebecca had been the one that lead a group of guys who worked closely under her brother and personally dealt with the killer and there was a hit list for all members of the gang the killer was in. It was the Rebecca's debut to becoming the leader of the business.

Young and restless, Rebecca wasn't the best leader at first and especially because of her gender, many doubted her position. It was because all of the pressure that she hardened and has become a ruthless leader as quickly as possibly. As ambitious as Rebecca was, the money she was getting and reception from the gangs wasn't enough. Because of that, Rebecca's business with the Genovese family was a thing she went for right away. The pay and the simply business relationship was perfect for Rebecca even if there was a danger with being associated with them. Lately, her shipment was given to the wrong people and many innocent people died. Rebecca didn't care about the incident, she had completed a job and she had received her pay — that was all that mattered to her. It seemed like the right-hand man of the family didn't share her feelings though, and after being confronted about it and warned, Rebecca has been more strict and demanding than ever before.

- Rebecca smokes a lot, usually cigarettes seeing as they are cheap and efficient when it comes to appeasing her. She has a weakness for cigars though.

So begins...

Rebecca Vendetti's Story

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#, as written by Korrye

Genovese Mansion
Victoria felt her anger surging. She hummed with frustration, her fingers clenching the edge of the kitchen counter top until her knuckles turned white. Clenching her teeth, she exhaled through her teeth and looked at the floor before glancing up at the cater waiter who had dropped a platter of sparkling champagne in taking a corner too sharply. The crystal flutes had shattered, covering a large expanse of the slate floor. On top of that, Victoria was in the middle of the mess and bits of glass now graced her feet, cutting her nylons and sticking to her gown. She had come in to check on their progress and she had been showered in both the glasses and their contents. “I’m so, sorry Mrs. Genovese…” the waiter apologized frantically. Victoria heard the fear dripping from her words. When she looked up at the girl she recognized that she was no older than her own daughter, though terrible cowed and far less stubborn. The girl gasped when Victoria leveled a gaze with her, flicking a hand out and sending a splash of champagne off of her fingertips and to the floor. “I’m fine,” she forced herself to say. If she didn't the poor girl might panic more and do something worse. The waiter looked about ready to burst into tears. Two thousand dollars worth of crystal now littered the floor and the champagne itself was soaking further into her evening gown. The emerald silk was ruined and still dripping. As she stepped forward slowly the glass crunched audibly beneath her Louboutin heels. Each step earned a wince from her staff. Once she was out of the initial pile of champagne flutes, Victoria hiked her dress up into her hands, rubbing the silk with her thumb only to earn herself a cut from a stray shard of crystal.

“Clean this up,” Victoria ordered. She turned to face her staff who merely looked back at her stunned. Their eyes glanced over her and they all remained still, looking at her with mixed expressions of surprise, fear and horror. “Now!” she barked, her voice cutting. A gasp followed and the hum of activity returned to them all. She sighed as she walked out of the kitchen, hearing the loud sniping of her head chef as he re-asserted control. Victoria frowned, closing her eyes as she proceeded to the main staircase, thankful that guests would not be arriving for another half hour. That said, some of their companions liked to arrive earlier, curious if there was ever disarray. She could not let them see any of this.

As she hurried herself up the stairs, she looked over her shoulder at the main entrance of their Manhattan townhouse, the sweeping steps polished to perfection. Two butlers stood at attention by the main doors to receive guests, while security remained outside the doors on the steps with the valet. Months ago, it would have only been one individual assigned to watch the entry of people into the mansion, the main gates and their security enough to prevent people from pulling stunts. For the evening, Jonathon had requested extra. His business associates would be meeting with him that evening and with everyone there on top of family friends it was sure to be a full house of interesting people. She hoped the additional security was enough.

Shaking her head, she ushered herself up to her bedroom, passing by the doors of her children’s rooms. She lingered, feeling herself soften as she neared Charlee’s door. Victoria paused and tried to listen. In hearing nothing she moved by, knowing that she had told them all to be back at the mansion on time and that it was possible that her daughter had gone to the salon to get herself prepared for the gala. As she continued on, she passed by her eldest son’s door. Lincoln had had class. It was a Monday after all. His semester had just started. Hopefully the accountant had paid his tuition. The thought made her add another note to her long mental list of things to check up on. Continuing on her way she passed Dylan’s door, evident given that it was the most papered over with signs and stickers. She knocked, trying to open it only to find it locked - as was usual.

“Half an hour sweet,” Victoria reminded him, disappointed that she couldn't actually tell him in person. “And you know how we feel about you locking your door.”

With that she moved beyond her children’s rooms, only pausing as she passed the last door on her left. Pushing it open, she could almost see Kole at his desk, hunched over some textbook and fighting himself to pay attention. It wasn’t hard to remember him looking up at her, smiling and sighing. Though he had been adopted into the family, she felt like she had lost a child when he had moved out. When Lincoln had moved into Cornell student residence it hadn’t quite been the same. He was still home on weekends, and evenings more often than not. With Kole gone, Victoria could go weeks without seeing him. Jonathon and Nate still had close contact but he felt remarkably absent from her. She would have to speak to him later about that, about coming to dinner more often or...something. Jonathon had assured her he was coming. Kole had cancelled a lot lately – something about his position becoming more tenuous. She had always thought it was a bad idea for him to go into the police academy. Maybe she should try to talk to him about that too? But that seemed difficult. She would be expected downstairs shortly and the business side of the evening would command her attention before the art auction would start – the front for their evening. Then there was the speech and a talk by Kole and then Nathaniel. Then the two leading men had a meeting with some movie star who had somehow weaseled her way into the event. Then there was dinner and ultimately no time alone with any of them. It was stressful just thinking about all that she needed to remember. She had to meet with the MET people downstairs too, right away, as they brought the works in that were for sale. All of this meant that she didn’t have time to get dressed again.

It all flooded her mind in short bursts, her thought process bringing her back to the fact that her dress was half soaked in champagne. As she stepped away from the guest room she sighed again, feeling the tension flood from her shoulders as she proceeded to her wing of the house. The master bedroom was behind a set of double doors. Victoria Her heels clicked across the hardwood floors as she moved towards her walk-in closet. Two steps into the room and she dropped the wet skirt of her dress and proceeded to unzip it only for it to get stuck and slightly beyond her reach between her shoulder blades. “This party will be the death of me,” she muttered angrily. While she knew she was overreacting, it felt better to say something. They had certainly faced worse.


Genovese Mansion
Kole Marinos was never early. Today was most certainly an anomaly. The twenty four year old walked up the length of the driveway, past the tall pillar columns that signaled the main entrance to the family stead. He could still remember being fifteen and arriving at the Genovese mansion for the first time. Like an excited dog he had practically had his head out the window, marveling at the gargantuan grandeur of the home. Years later, he recognized that it paled in comparison to the estates of many other upper east side dwellers – if anything the Genovese family as relatively subdued. Still, he could not deny that it impressed him. As he approached the tall double doors, he made eye contact with the three men clustered on the front steps. They all looked him over, the butler smiling while the security guards assessed the potential threat that he posed. It had been six weeks since he had last been at the mansion itself, enough time for Jonathon to hire new bouncers.

“Pierre,” Kole smiled at the butler. “Master Kole! How pleasant to see you again,” the valet replied, moving forward to hug him only to find his way barred by one of the security personnel. It was enough for Kole’s smile to falter. “Are you on the list?” he demanded, looking down at an iPhone in his hand and scrolling through a pre-approved list. “It’s Kole Marinos,” the butler said, aghast at the idea of one of the family being questioned. “It’s okay. I understand the precaution,” he smiled, watching as the security guard scrolled through the list, confirmed that he was in fact on it, and nodded him through. “Mr. Genovese wishes to see you in the library.”

“I was counting on that,” Kole nodded, moving beyond the threshold and into the impressive manor, pausing to adjust his suit. He pulled on his shirt collar, irritated by the starchy quality of the fabric. It felt constricting. The moment that he stepped into the manor little seemed different. Unlike his apartment in the Upper West Side, the Genovese mansion felt like home. The scents were familiar. The feel and touch of it felt far more normal. Yet he felt almost a stranger to it on his own. Immediately his hands went to the tie around his neck, loosening the knot so that he could undo it and pull it off. The staff standing offside watched him, amused as Kole appeared relieved when the fabric was stowed in his pocket. Undoing the top two buttons of his dress shirt, he finally felt freed.

With that dealt with, he proceeded knowingly through the halls of the mansion, hearing a loud chorus of voices coming from the kitchen as he moved toward the back end of the mansion. He was early by some twenty minutes for the first time…in ever. He approached the library cautiously but in hearing nothing he stepped inside, confronted with the sitting room attached to Jonathon’s office and no one else. He’d certainly never been first before. He just wondered who would be second, or whether he would have a moment along with Jonathon. Or even Nate. He needed to tell them about what he had been forced to do. He could still see it. Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw the fat headed pig who had managed to figure out who he was, the look in his eyes before he shot him and the spray of blood that had followed after he had been gunned down in his own home by Kole himself. The memory came with a shriek in his ears, leaving him uncomfortable and jumpy. He sat down on the couch facing the door for that reason, allowing himself to hold his head in his hands and to think about anything but that night - which unfortunately proved futile for the moment. He had even drawn concerned looks at the office that morning he had been so out of it.

It is currently 7:40pm on Monday January 7th 2013. An art auction and gala has been organized at the Genovese mansion in support of a charity called Homeward Bound which helps underprivileged youth in Manhattan have after school programs to be apart of, tutors and halfway houses. The business associates are to meet with Jonathon at 8:00pm. The auction will start shortly after, providing a cover for the meeting. Of course, afterward all associates are invited to enjoy the Gala with the other guests. The incident involving the old techie happened in late September but the hiring of the new techie has made it fresh in the minds of the family again. (I've put it four months ago so that he had time to recuperate) What's more, the FBI organized a raid on one of the family restaurants in the Upper West Side the day before. While the family was tipped off and nothing came of it, the family is tense regardless. In the aftermath an FBI handler was killed by informant Kole Marinos to prevent the knowledge of his position from being leaked.

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Rebecca "Revy" Vendetti

Brown eyes glanced around to take in the scenery. The mansion was clean and kept, clearly having a lot of work put into keeping it that way. There were various people walking around. Some talking, some admiring the house, and some were just there. Revy was one of the people who were just there, standing to the side, her eyebrows forming a frown as she tried to find a stronger drink she could drink. Before coming in she had already smoked three cigarettes yet her nerves were still on edge. She wasn't the type for that kind of elegant environment. No, Revy was far from elegant. It didn't help that there was so much security. Revy already knew that her client was the one who contracted them but she still didn't trust them. The thing that had annoyed her the most through the night was that they had listed her with her real name and after a few times of angry snaps that Rendetti was here, she had to grumble her real name to the obnoxious bodyguard.

She wanted to get the meeting over already. Honestly, she didn't even see the point in them. There were a lot of things that happened recently that had made things... tense, in a perfect sense, so the up tightness didn't surprise her. Yet she wasn't the type for gatherings like these. Revy would rather just have one of the mafia's lowly men transfer the request and she would have it done in a matter of days. It was a short transaction that way and Revy wouldn't have to be around people she wasn't comfortable with, much less talk to them. Her eyes looked around, studying faces carefully while keeping her guard up. It was a habit of hers to be so paranoid, thinking there was an enemy around her at all times. Most people would call her crazy but she settles it with she would rather be prepared than caught off guard. It had worked various times as well. Any thing that made the sensitive alarms in her head go off was always enough to take action. These actions usually resulted in keeping the undercover pigs and those who weren't loyal away from her and her business.

Revy began muttering in Spanish under her breath as she made her way through the Genovese mansion. Her words consisted of various curses and a mild rant of how she could be at home sleeping at the moment. The authorities had been on her tail a lot recently, always monitoring at least some of her men and keeping check of their movements. Luckily for them, Revy and various people in her business caught on really quickly and easily avoided their eyes and ears. It was the fact that they had to keep rerouting or changing their schedule that upset the woman. She preferred her process to go as quick as possible, with not complications or problems through out it. Yet all the trouble had caused her more of her time, which meant less sleep and time for herself.

Drinking her second glass of champagne, Revy let out a frustrated sigh. She really did wish that there was something stronger to drink. Her heels clicked against the floor as she made her way to a servant. She really hated dressing up with a passion. Setting the empty glass on the tray and getting a replacement, she forced herself to speak a language other than her native.

"Go see if you can get me something stronger to drink, will you?"

It came out more as a demand than a question.

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#, as written by Mela

“I know that. I hate him. But he’s the only other dead body that I’ve seen die.” Kole said, and Jonah sighed, at a loss as his hand fell from his son’s shoulder. He had nothing more to say. This was something Kole needed to sort through and deal with alone, because no one could help him. The patriarch only hoped his adoptive son was up for it… hoped so very badly that he’d pull through. That he was strong enough, or rather… cold enough. The ability to kill was not what defined strength in a man to Jonah, although many be think so of him. What defined strength was being able to pull through in spite of all odds being against you. Strength was balancing the dark sides of life and still finding room to let in the light. If you could do that, you were among the strongest of men… or women for that matter.

“I know,” Jonah finally noted quietly, letting his mask of coldness fade for brief moments with his son as he then continued, “Just promise me you will face this, Kole. Do not shut it out; do not try to ignore it. It will only come back and tear you apart later.” With that, Jonah sent the briefest of looks in Nate’s direction, but it was so quick there was no way to tell whether that was what he’d actually done, as he looked back at his son. Before the crime boss had a chance to say anymore, Nate’s voice rang out, and Jonah couldn’t stop himself from smiling wryly at the tone. The two of them shared a very distinct dislike for the casino manager, but he made money. Lots of money, and Jonah was not going to throw away a good investment unless he had very good cause to. Then his mask was back up suddenly.

In response to Nate’s words, Jonah checked his phone, frowning at the time. Was it really eight already? And Tony had yet to arrive? He glanced up at his second in command, placing the phone back in his pocket, almost too calmly. “Not here yet, as usual,” he said coolly. Rendetti, Mr. Mick Carter, and Miss Kalista Ross seemed to be the only ones who still had the ability to arrive on time. He and Nate would have to have a little… talk… with the rest of his associates. Jonah paused, his gaze landing on Kole once more when he began speaking, noting that he had to go… and that he needed something to take back to the unit. He listened quietly to all of it, nodding once when he had finished speaking.

Before he could reply, however, knocking sounded, and he took out his phone briefly, wanting to see if it was Tony like he’d requested, or not. Sure enough, the money maker had decided to show. Well, he would be let it whenever it damn well pleased the boss. And so, Jonah ignored him for now, putting his phone away and replying to his son. “I’ll be sure to look into it. Both the information and the hitch.” Jonah picked up the thank-you envelope from his desk and handed it to his son, more or less putting it into his hand for him. “Put it in the guest room’s safe for the evening, just in case.” He ordered casually. “And take the alternative way out.” Jonah had other ways to get out of his office than through the library. One of them was through the conference room, which led to a smaller hallway, which led to his and Vicky’s bedroom.

It wasn’t something he would usually allow, but he didn’t need Tony to get any interesting ideas about Kole, even if the cops did think he was spying on the Genovese for him. No reason to tempt fate. So he put the papers Kole had give him away and then opened the door for Kole, not bothering to see him through it before he moved towards the other door, noting behind him, “Nate, make sure he gets out of here, then make sure to keep Rizzo here while I speak with my dear wife. He’s at the door.” Then Jonah was out of the office, in the sitting room, and then in the library, to which he opened the door, facing Tony with a deadly cold look in his eyes.

“You’re late,” he merely stated, his tone dangerously calm. “I trust you will not be so next time I give you direct orders.” Then he opened the door wider. “Get inside.” Jonathon was clearly not pleased, and Rizzo would feel that soon enough. After the meeting, he would deal with those who had decided to be late. He gave the guy a coldly calculating look before he made his way downstairs, quick to distinguish his wife’s voice. Wait, had she just said Sienna? He would have frowned if he had been a male more expressive. Instead, Jonathon’s eyes merely hardened and he sped up, not even pausing to greet the people who were eagerly trying to talk to him. He didn’t stop until he was beside his wife, facing the other two ladies. Indeed. Sienna Rose. And Nate didn’t know she was there? Good.

Jonah cleared his throat to make his presence known, inclining his head quietly in Doctor Arden’s direction. A show of respect and a greeting all in one, but for her benefit, he added, “good evening, Doctor.” Then his gaze fell on Sienna, beyond ice cold, but he said nothing to her, instead he leaned in to whisper in his wife’s ear. “I will be starting the meeting in a couple of minutes. Make sure everyone’s busy, hm?” Then he straightened entirely, eyes once more on Sienna, anger seething in him. “Ah, and dear, would you please get this… woman… out of my house before I do it myself? Do not tell him anything.” He noted, taking one dangerously threatening step towards Sienna, his eyes almost murderous.

Then he leaned in to whisper, his voice menacing, but low enough to only be heard by her. “You practically tore out my best friend’s heart when you left him, you little bitch. You have a lot of nerve showing your face in my house. Get the fuck out before you leave here in a less than pretty state.” Before she could even reply, Jonah was off, not caring one bit why she was there or what purpose she served. All he cared about was keeping her away from Nate. The man was cracking enough as it was; he didn’t need this little lady to come screw any more with his head. In fact, Jonah was going to make sure she got the hell out of Manhattan as soon as possible. She had caused Nate enough pain, and Jonah honestly didn’t take too kindly to that.

As he walked back up the stairs, heading back to his office, Jonah sent out the text to all of his associates, minus Tony. They would all know who the text was from, but it was completely untraceable.

To: All business associates

”Library. Now. Slip out unnoticed.”

From: Sender Unknown

The setting changes from Genovese Mansion to Manhattan, New York

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#, as written by Mela
Jonathon Genovese

Jonah remained only to let Victoria speak, his gaze on the finger she was poking at him with. Once she was done menstruating, Jonah calmly but firmly took her wrist and removed her hand from his chest, before he, just as calmly, but with a cold gaze still, said “Victoria, do not start a scene.” His eyes flared up at that, a sliver of fire, his temper showing her to stop now else regret it. He really did not feel like dealing with her theatrics tonight. He would not tolerate her taking this route; he would have no social suicide tonight, and that was what the two of them arguing in the middle of this event, would be. “And I had every right. I don’t give a fuck who she is; don’t you dare go against me on this,” he said more quietly, for her ears only. Then he curtly gave her a nod and was off.

As he texted and walked, Jonah thought things over. Mostly him and Vicky. They had been slipping more and more apart lately, and where her defiance usually turned him on, it now irritated him instead. He didn’t know why, and he hated having to do this to his wife. He hated the fact that he wasn’t himself at the moment, and his intense focus on the business was pulling him away from his children too. Once in the private, quiet corridors upstairs, Jonah sighed, rubbing his neck. He loved Victoria; would do anything for her, but he would not draw her deeper into the business right now. He didn’t like the thought of her exposed and taking an obvious part in the business right now, because if he went down… then she would go down with him. And where would that leave their children?

Where would that leave his youngest son, who although bright, was far from ready to be by himself in the real world? What would happen to Charlee, who was already so very lost, Jonah had no idea how to help her? Ever since her pregnancy, Jonah had had people tracing her every move, so he knew more about her activities than a father would ever like to. He just wasn’t sure whether to tell Vicky or not. He’d told her about the abortion once it was done, but he had told her not to mention it to their daughter. Charlee had been plenty freaked as it was.

And then they had Lincoln. Their oldest kid, who although dyslexic was able to fight his way through college; how would he fare? Probably better than the others, but Linc would drop out of college. Jonah didn’t doubt that. His son was a fighter and he would devote all of his time to trying to help his siblings, while also wanting to keep some sliver of the business going. Jonah shook his head thinking about it. No. He couldn’t have Victoria anywhere near the line of fire anymore. The threat was too great. He knew she hated him for reducing her to what she called a trophy wife, but what else was he to do? Jonathon Genovese was out of options, and everything seemed to be falling apart at the seams.

He would simply have to take the time to explain all of his thought to his wife. The real problem here was their lack of communication. He barely had time to sit down and talk to her, but he was going to tonight. He didn’t care what needed his attention, or who was in trouble Tonight Jonah was going to be a husband to his wife, and he was going to make this deal with Sienna up to her. He didn’t yet know how, but he’d figure something out. Currently it was most important to at least explain everything to her, because obviously she was frustrated with his choices. He didn’t blame her – he really didn’t. He just wished she could understand him.

When the crime boss finally entered the library once more, his gaze landed on Tony, having strayed to Nate only briefly. “You know what’s quite amusing?” Jonah said calmly, his eyes inexpressive, but somehow cold regardless. “The fact that although you know how much I despise tardiness, you amazingly still manage to pull one every time. One more time, Rizzo, and you’re out.” Everyone knew that when Jonathon fired someone he took everything. So to Rizzo, that would mean losing every last cent he had earned while working for Jonah, which would, in essence, leave him broke as fuck. With that comment, Jonah looked up to see his other associates entering the library.

He regarded them with an inexpressive mien, a single nod being their welcome. Then he jumped right to it. “Follow me,” he said, his voice calm as he led his associates through his office and into the room behind it: the conference room. The long table had plenty of space for all of them, and Jonah seated himself at the end, letting Nate take his place on his right; his at all times. Once everyone was seated, Jonah’s calm gaze seemed to gaze into the soul of every person present as it roamed the room. Only after this, did the man in charge speak. “I realize many of you have questions, and I assume most of you are rather nervous regarding this raid the other day. This is exactly the reasons I have called this meeting. The authorities are on our tails, and they seem to be closing in. I will deal with that.” Somehow, he thought to himself.

Then he finally leaned forward and began the actual meeting. He took all questions, answered them, reassuring his associates. He kept everything tight, but in the end they would all feel like everything was solved and all their doubts had been assuaged, when in reality, all Jonah had did was play with the words a little. He had to, because his job was not to tell them the truth; his job was to keep them in line and to make sure there was no panic. His job, in essence, was to keep them working steadily, feeling safe as meat in a house of vegetarians.

Once the meeting finished, Jonah dismissed them all, but remained seated himself, knowing he had to tell Nate about Sienna. He hated that he had to; hated that the bitch was back in the first place, because odds were she would only mess his best friend up further. But then, he would rather Nathaniel found out from him than from some magazine of blubbering socialite who had “seen it all”. He sighed as the last one closed the door behind him, leaving Nathan and Jonah alone. Then he put his gaze on the man he loved as a brother. For what seemed like the first time in days, Jonah let the crime boss go entirely, his face of cold indifference, turning to that of a friend. A true friend. The man Jonah was at heart.

“Nate, I need to tell you something,” he began, “and when I do, I want you to remain calm. No rushing out on me or the party. I need you here tonight, okay? Too many people for me to feel comfortable having my kids here without you.” He looked at Nate seriously. His best friend knew better than anyone the toll the previous kidnapping of his children had taken on Jonah, and how paranoid it had made him. Jonah might be in possession of security by the dozen at this event, but he trusted no one more than Nate when it came to keeping his children safe. If Nate ran off like Jonah feared he would, then the crime boss would probably have a nervous breakdown of some sort. He also really didn’t want Nate around Sienna. But that was his own choice; his own life. All Jonah could do was… remove Sienna. Which he would. Soon. Quietly.