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In Mafia Vita

Genovese Mansion


a part of In Mafia Vita, by Korrye.

Upper East Side, Manhattan

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The Genovese acquired a magnificently restored townhouse in the heart of the Upper East Side shortly after Jonathon graduated from Yale and returned to the city with his wife and three young children. The house has an estimated value of close to $40 million USD, has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, a working elevator, Jonathon's home office, an expansive kitchen and game room above all else. The mansion's elaborate decor was tailored to the couple's love of renaissance architecture though through the years several rooms, especially the kids', have taken on a more modern feel.
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Genovese Mansion

Upper East Side, Manhattan


Genovese Mansion is a part of Manhattan, New York.

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Adrianna Scott [2] "I like to think my heart's as pretty as my face, and my face is really pretty..."

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#, as written by Mela

Jonah’s gaze was thoughtfully on the gun rack on the wall behind his second in command as he waited for a silent message to be delivered, and for Kole to dump whatever had him fidgeting, on Jonah’s already overly burdened shoulders. It took no noticeable time for Nate to give an almost indistinguishable nod of his head, and with that, Jonah felt a small level of relieve. For a second there he thought his son had been discovered. He turned his gaze back onto Kole, once more the cold businessman by all appearances, his eyes unreadable as they watched the man bringing news.

The immediate hesitation after only Kole’s first word, however, brought all that worry right back. Had Nate judged the situation properly, Kole only overreacting, or was his best friend at fault here? Lately Jonah hadn’t been quite sure what was going on with Nathaniel, but something was definitely gnawing at the male. Jonathon knew the other man well enough to tell as much, even if Nate denied it when Jonah inquired. The crime boss’ eyes remained intensely trained on the young man he considered a son.

His next words froze Jonah in his seat. Fuck. On the outside, no difference could be seen on his face, but his insides were recoiling at the news. This brought his son into so much danger, Jonah briefly wondered if maybe Vicky had been right that Kole wasn’t ready to be sent into the field like that. Had his own father experienced this sort of anxiety when Jonah himself had entered the business? No, probably not. Jonah had been part of the family business himself since he was a kid. Besides, his father had been a different character than Jonah himself. Less driven, yet colder – more hardened by what he had seen, and unable to let go of it to be there for his family even mentally.

Jonah placed an elbow on his desk, resting his chin between a couple of fingers of the upraised hand, leaning forwards only a little. Had he been with most others, he would’ve remained rigid, but he had no particular image to uphold with the two men in the room. He raised both of his eyebrows, relieve, yet also a weird sense of reservation, coursing through him when Kole informed him that he had killed the handler in question. Relieve because part of him knew that meant at least the most urgent action in this case had already been done, but at the same time, reservations… because, well, the fatherly side to Jonah knew this event was tearing his son apart on the inside.

Jonah himself could hardly remember his feelings during his first kill. He had been 11 years old when someone had snuck into their house, aiming to abduct Jonah to use against his father. The man hadn’t counted on Jonah himself keeping a gun under his pillow, so when he had tried to grab the young boy, shots had been fired. Right through the guy’s torso. Of course the house buzzed with activity with that sound, but the problem had been taken care of. By an 11 year old. See, he remembered the details clearly, and the look on the man’s face: shock. But Jonah had forgotten his initial feelings.

He gave a slight nod of his head to indicate he’d heard and dealt with the news, after which, Kole continued. He wasn’t surprised to hear that Kole had been thorough and done as Nate and himself had told him to, but he was rather pleased, in a morbid sort of way. Glad the man was out of the way, but again, he couldn’t help but think of the psychological effects of his. Kole was a good kid; he always had been. He wasn’t meant to be in this life, and Jonah knew it, but it was too late to pull him out now. That would only seem suspicious.

Jonah’s eyes flicked briefly to the manila folder soon slid his way and as they reverted back to Kole, the older male took it in his hands, opening it while listening to Kole’s other words. He paid no attention to the blood; it was nothing all that new to him. Again, Jonah was completely expressionless. At least while his son spoke of the specifics regarding the business. He had just taken out the papers given to him when Kole’s last sentence was spoken. Jonah paused immediately, looking over the papers at the speaker. He carefully and meticulously put the papers back on his desk.

Then, Jonah sighed, his eyes showing that glint of fatherly worry and compassion. For once in a very long time, Jonah was unsure of what to do, although it didn't actually show. Kole’s birth father had been a shitty one in every way possible. The man had not even had a sliver of loyalty towards the men he worked for in the crime world, and as for his woman and child, Daniel Merideros had been negligent at best. Then he’d died in Kole’s arms when the guy had been a mere teenager. The man had been the victim of a drive by, and although Jonah sympathized with the pain of losing one’s father, actually having him die in your arms… he still couldn’t bring himself to care that the man had died.

Kole had ended up in a better place ultimately, and Jonah had nothing nice to say of men who downright mistreated their families. However, as it was, his son was clearly having a whole lot of problems with this, and as such, Jonah rose from his seat – a motion that automatically made everyone else in the office rise as well. Then he took smooth strides, bringing him to his son. Jonah was only a little taller than the 24 year old, but his stance was much prouder and much straighter – much more controlled. As such, Jonah places a hand on Kole’s shoulder, looking into his eyes as he spoke.

“You did well, Kole. You managed this situation where many men would’ve panicked, and you have nothing to feel guilty about; he would have taken you down without a second thought. I know this must be difficult for you, and I understand that you feel the way you do, but he’s not worth it. Think of what would have happened had you not done what you did. Any one of us would have done the same thing.” He sighed then, pausing as he glanced at Nate out of the corner of his eye, before his eyes became all the more serious, on Kole once more, with his next words. “Your father was not your fault, Kole. There was nothing you could’ve done to help him, and you need to know that.”

This… was a sort of peptalk. Jonah was letting his more paternal side show, although it was difficult in this situation because his interests were so scattered. He hated that Kole had had to do what he’d done, because he could see the toll it was taking on him so very clearly; see the pain and guilt in his eyes. Yet, again, he needed to make Kole realize he had done the right thing, because he had. It had been his only choice aside from going down, and maybe accidentally taking Jonah with him. Or at least partly.

Of course Jonah secretly wished the kid had merely called him or Nate to help him out, so that he wouldn’t have gotten himself in that deeply. Time had obviously been of the essence, however, and the patriarch understood as much. That didn’t mean he had to like it, though.

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"And... She's back," Lydia confirmed, her voice filled with triumph and relief as the long, constant bleep of the heart rate monitor was replaced by intermittent bleeping, indicating a heartbeat. She took her hands of the patient’s chest where, only moments ago, they’d been rhythmically pressing down on it in an attempt to restart her heart. The muscles in her arms immediately relaxed as they fell back to her sides and her laboured breathing from the exertion of keeping someone alive evened out.

The girl lying out on the bed was just nine years old, the age Lydia’s brother had been when he’d died, she thought bitterly. Her long, blonde hair fanned out around her heart shaped face and wires wound their way under the sheets to various places where they disappeared under her pale skin. Machines sounded around her as they monitored everything from the child’s heart rate to the oxygen level in her blood. Messy, quickly dressed bandaged criss-crossed her chest and her tiny wrist was bent at an angle, in serious need of a cast. The girl had been in a serious car crash with her child-minder. The adult had died upon impact but the little girl was saved by being in the backseat of the car. She’d been rushed into the ER where Lydia and her team had been working tirelessly on her for the last ten minutes, until, thirty seconds ago, the girl had crashed. But they’d managed to stabilise her, meaning Lydia was fairly confident about her chances of survival. Now she needed to be taken up to the ICU for more tests to make certain she wouldn’t need surgery. But, as Lydia was about to issue the order, she felt a hand on her arm.

“Dr Arden,” Lydia turned at the sound of her name, being met by the face of her boss, Dr Jacobs, “Your shift ended twenty minutes ago. What are you still doing here?”

“I just had some things to finish off… I’ve just got to get this girl up to-“ she was cut off.

“I’ll make sure the girl makes it up to ICU safely. You go home,” Dr Jacobs told her.

Lydia glanced at her watch, aware she was meant to be at the Genovese’s Gala in just forty minutes, a prospect which was looking fairly unlikely at the moment.

“It’s fine, really,” Lydia reassured, but once more she was cut off, “I just have a few more things to-“

“Go,” Dr Jacobs told her firmly. “Hospital policy says you should’ve been off this site twenty minutes ago.” Lydia liked Dr Jacobs. They had an understanding between the two of them. She would be able to continue flitting off when she was required by the Genovese family, and he would turn a blind eye, as long as she continued to work hard and continue saving lives under his leadership.

Lydia finally nodded. “But the patient needs ten milligrams Actilyse and fifteen milligrams of-“

“-propafenone, I know,” Dr Jacobs finished for her.

Lydia flashed him a grateful smile, before leaving the girl in his capable hands and making her way along the corridor to the office she shared with others on the same pay grade as her. Here, she hung up her white coat and collected her bag before making her way towards the exit. As she followed the long hospital corridors, Lydia stopped outside room five hundred and twenty-seven before pushing open the door tentatively. Mr Myers was sat up in his bed doing something with his phone.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, her voice a little lower than if she were talking to an ordinary patient. Because, in actual fact, Mr Myers was a man sent by the Genovese’s, requesting he was hidden within the system. He had a bullet to his abdomen that, although serious at first, he was recovering from well now. She had a feeling it was from a drugs trafficking operation gone wrong, but she didn’t know for certain. That was the whole point of her job. She didn’t ask questions, she just did as she was told and saved lives.

She exchanged a few words with Mr Myers before checking his stats and leaving the room. Finally, at half past seven she had left the hospital. The drive home wasn’t far, but with the current New York traffic she found herself stationary more than actually moving. Lydia was always late, to everything. It was a terrible habit of hers that she wished she could do something about, but never seemed to be able to overcome, no matter how hard she tried. Eventually, she reached her house.

Quickly, Lydia showered and blow-dried her hair out before styling it neatly into a low bun, slightly to the left of her head. She chose out a blue dress that she’d bought for the event last week and slipped into the tight, shiny blue material that clung to her curvy figure. Though they could barely be seen under the length of the dress, her heels were a dark coral pink, to match the jewels set into her large earrings. She reapplied all her makeup naturally, and once certain it was good enough, she left.

The journey to the Genovese’s wasn’t much quicker than the journey from the hospital to home, but she wasn’t too late, thankfully. That was one of the good things Lydia found about living in New York, at least it was fashionable to be late here.

“Name, please?” one of the bouncers enquired as she reached the door of the Genovese’s mansion.

“Dr Lydia Arden,” Lydia told them, unfazed by the security. She knew how worried Victoria had become recently about protecting her family, especially her children. This was only to be expected.

The bouncer stepped to the side to let her in. “Have a nice evening, Dr Arden,” he said politely.

“Thank you,” Lydia smiled, entering the house.

She attended plenty of Victoria’s parties, and so, was familiar with the faces that usually frequented them. Mostly it was socialites and the influential rich. But, despite how much Lydia saw of these people, she never felt entirely comfortable in their presence. She was aware they looked down on her, mainly because she actually worked for a living, and of course, because she wasn’t on the arm of a wealthy husband.

As she entered the large room where the main party had begun, Lydia spotted Dylan and Charlee standing together. Charlee had said something to him, and Lydia flashed them both a friendly smile. She was particularly fond of the Genovese children. She’d been present at each of their births and throughout their childhoods. Every time they’d got sick, she’d been there to prescribe them antibiotics, if required, or just to promise them they’d feel better soon. She’d even performed Charlee’s abortion for her, a memory of the children Lydia didn’t hold with quite so much affection. In a way, her familiarity with the children helped her with the fact that she didn’t, and now probably never would, have any children of her own.

Across the room, Lydia saw Victoria, stood talking to… Lydia looked again, not quite believing what she saw. Sienna Rose? She hadn’t been around for… Years. Crossing the room, Lydia went to let Victoria know she’d arrived.

“Victoria,” she greeted her with a smile, kissing her on the cheek, the familiarity of the friendship easily evident. Then, Lydia looked at Sienna. “I apologise for interrupting,” she told her, her apology genuine. “Sienna,” she greeted the other woman with a less familiar smile. They’d never been close, but she was one of the few others who had been around the family as long as Lydia had, and she was still pleased to see her, if a little surprised.

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Nate Hagen have nothing to feel guilty about...

Jonah's words rung in Nathan's mind the tolls of a church bell at a funeral. Nothing to feel guilty about? Nate couldn't be quite sure he agreed. Would he had done the same thing in Kole's position? Of course, but to believe that there was nothing to feel guilty about was a lie. Nathan's jaw tensed as his mind turned inward. "The hell are we doing? What the hell have we become... What have I allowed us to become?" Nate scolded himself within the confines of his own mind. The grim realization that Kole may very well be well on his way to follow in Nate's path shook the man to the core and caused him to be revolted at himself. He licked his lips as if he'd tasted something foul before getting to his feet.

It was only then that he realized that Jonah was now standing at Kole's side, his hand on his shoulder in compassion. The duality of their lives baffled Nathan at times but it was moments like these that helped him to retain his sanity. In the same breath that he commended the young man for murdering a man for only doing his job Jonah showed a compassion to his inner turmoil that was admirable. The sight served as a candle in the darkness and chased away the shadows creeping into Nathan's psyche, even if only for the moment.

Hagen checked his watch impatiently as he realized, one of his least favorite people was late for the meeting as usual.

"Any idea where the fuck Tony is?"

Nathan asked, his distaste for the greasy casino hound evident in his harsh words.

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Rebecca "Revy" Vendetti

Brown eyes glanced around to take in the scenery. The mansion was clean and kept, clearly having a lot of work put into keeping it that way. There were various people walking around. Some talking, some admiring the house, and some were just there. Revy was one of the people who were just there, standing to the side, her eyebrows forming a frown as she tried to find a stronger drink she could drink. Before coming in she had already smoked three cigarettes yet her nerves were still on edge. She wasn't the type for that kind of elegant environment. No, Revy was far from elegant. It didn't help that there was so much security. Revy already knew that her client was the one who contracted them but she still didn't trust them. The thing that had annoyed her the most through the night was that they had listed her with her real name and after a few times of angry snaps that Rendetti was here, she had to grumble her real name to the obnoxious bodyguard.

She wanted to get the meeting over already. Honestly, she didn't even see the point in them. There were a lot of things that happened recently that had made things... tense, in a perfect sense, so the up tightness didn't surprise her. Yet she wasn't the type for gatherings like these. Revy would rather just have one of the mafia's lowly men transfer the request and she would have it done in a matter of days. It was a short transaction that way and Revy wouldn't have to be around people she wasn't comfortable with, much less talk to them. Her eyes looked around, studying faces carefully while keeping her guard up. It was a habit of hers to be so paranoid, thinking there was an enemy around her at all times. Most people would call her crazy but she settles it with she would rather be prepared than caught off guard. It had worked various times as well. Any thing that made the sensitive alarms in her head go off was always enough to take action. These actions usually resulted in keeping the undercover pigs and those who weren't loyal away from her and her business.

Revy began muttering in Spanish under her breath as she made her way through the Genovese mansion. Her words consisted of various curses and a mild rant of how she could be at home sleeping at the moment. The authorities had been on her tail a lot recently, always monitoring at least some of her men and keeping check of their movements. Luckily for them, Revy and various people in her business caught on really quickly and easily avoided their eyes and ears. It was the fact that they had to keep rerouting or changing their schedule that upset the woman. She preferred her process to go as quick as possible, with not complications or problems through out it. Yet all the trouble had caused her more of her time, which meant less sleep and time for herself.

Drinking her second glass of champagne, Revy let out a frustrated sigh. She really did wish that there was something stronger to drink. Her heels clicked against the floor as she made her way to a servant. She really hated dressing up with a passion. Setting the empty glass on the tray and getting a replacement, she forced herself to speak a language other than her native.

"Go see if you can get me something stronger to drink, will you?"

It came out more as a demand than a question.

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Shae threw one arm around her little brother's shoulders. "Me? Miss a chance to dress up? Never." she told him, voice dripping with sarcasm. The ecstasy hadn't kicked in yet and Shae wanted nothing more than to blow the party and hide in her room. One look across the room at their mother and Shae knew it would be impossible to do such a thing. "Why aren't you enjoying yourself?" Shae asked Dylan. She could understand why he wouldn't be though. He was far too young and protected to be a part of the family business, and Shae prayed that even as he grew up he'd never be exposed to anything of the sorts. She'd only been four when she and her siblings had been kidnapped and she vaguely remembered the details herself. In Shae's opinion, Dylan shouldn't have to grow up facing things like that and she would do almost anything to make sure he didn't. Dylan and Shae were probably the youngest ones in attendance, which certainly could put a damper on things. There was only Jonah's business associates and older men and women to schmooze. Add everything up and it equaled an evening of certain boredom.

Caught in conversation with her brother, Shae barely noticed Dr. Arden flash a smile in their direction. Nonetheless, Shae returned it and continued socializing. Before Dylan had the opportunity to answer, Lincoln walked up. "Did I miss anything?" he asked his younger siblings. Charlee let Dylan take the reins and while he answered about spilled champagne, her mind wondered and her body relaxed. Shae wasn't sure if it was the beginning effects of the E or if it was Linc's presence. Whenever he was around, she'd always felt more relaxed - protected. She knew that her brother would never let a single thing happen to her as long as he could help it. He had been the one to keep both she and Dylan calm during their kidnapping. If there was one person she trusted on this earth, it would have to be Lincoln.

After Dylan had finished talking, Shae took it as an opportunity to question her brother about his date tonight. "So, who's the broad?" she asked, her tone defensive and weary. Shae was always concerned when Lincoln had a new girl on his arm. Her brother could handle himself in his love affairs, obviously, but the first girl to break his heart would get a not-so-nice visit from one Charlee Shae Genovese.

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FBI Headquarters

Murdock stared at Jess's various certificates on the wall as he tried to think of how to deal with the intimidating man who stood in front of him. "I understand your concern for Agent Garcia. She understands the importance of staying out of Jonathon Genovese's way and getting out as soon as possible. Agent Garcia is also, shall we say, well capable of handling herself." Murdock smiled to himself as he remembered the time she had punched a reporter in the face because he was getting in her way on the way to a crime scene. Everyone in the area had somehow managed to be looking the other way, or so they told the reporter. They had all preferred Jess to that asshole. That was long before her liaison days. "We would contact her, but it's too risky. We have people monitoring the situation in the mansion, and if anything starts to go wrong, she can get out." A message beeped on the computer. He stepped behind the desk and opened it up, frowning.

Genovese Mansion

Jess's tray now appeared to be empty. She had only managed to speak to one of her agents, and it appeared her fortune cookie idea hadn't worked. She made her way back to the kitchen. As she turned into the kitchen, her phone vibrated. She dumped the tray and stepped outside, pulling the phone from the pocket in her skirt. There was a message from Theo.

Get out ASAP. I'm not comfortable with this. Get out.

She trusted Theo's advice. She hadn't a clue as to how he knew what the situation was in the mansion, but it was obviously important. She managed to slip back through the kitchen without being assaulted with another duty. There was one last thing she had to do, though. Kole needed to know. He had assured her he would be there, and she hadn't heard from her other agent. She held her shoes in her hands, knowing she couldn't be stealthy with the heels. She listened for voices as she passed each room. She didn't get halfway down the hall before her phone vibrated. She snatched it from her pocket in an attempt to try and shut it up. Luckily the soft fabric of the skirt pocket muffled it a little, hopefully enough to avoid detection. She opened up the message and read it. Now it was Murdock warning her to get out. She guessed Theo had probably contacted him too. They probably both had a point. Jonathon Genovese could emerge from any of these offices at any point, and she didn't really want to face him without any back-up. Especially because, without doubt, he'd have several of his gorillas with guns with him. And if she was killed, it really wouldn't be good for the team. She stealthily made her way down the hall, slipping her shoes back on before she re-entered the main hall.

She pulled off her glasses and let down her hair. There. She felt more like herself now. The sooner that she got home and washed out this damned hair dye, the better. Her car was parked a few streets away and she unlocked it, sliding into the seat gratefully. She pulled out a disposable phone from the glove box and dialed out Kole's number. As she had hoped, it was turned off and went straight to voicemail.

"Kole. It's Jess. Call me at the office the minute you're free. The minute it's safe enough for you to call me, do so."

She then dialed out another number.

"Special Agent Murdock."

"Murdock, it's me. I got a message from You-Know-Who telling me to get out. I managed to talk to Mick, but it was too risky for me to try and talk to Kole. I left a message on his phone to call me ASAP. I'll be back at the office in a few. I need to go home and change first."

A few minutes later, Jess strode into the office, dressed in a more comfortable outfit. One of the desk workers jumped to his feet. "Special Agent Garcia! There was a man here demanding to see you, called..." She held up a hand as she passed his desk. "Special Agent Luke Hitch, I know. Back to work, Aaron. He's not going to hurt you for not telling him where I was." She reassured him as she headed for her office. She took a deep breath as she opened the door.

A tall, imposing man was standing in the middle of the floor. Murdock was standing behind her desk. She held out a hand to the newcomer. "Special Agent Luke Hitch, I presume. I'm Jess Garcia." She looked over at the man standing behind her desk. "It's okay, Murdock. You can go now." The other man nodded as he left, and Jess took her seat behind the desk, trying to resist the temptation to put her boots on the desk. It wasn't a habit she usually had, but after the heels and the skirt and everything, she felt like she needed to chill. But boots on the desk would appear extremely inappropriate in front of a new co-worker.


He turned to Shae when what she had said registered. "And in response to your question, I don't enjoy myself in social situations. I enjoy myself in my room fixing robots with my headphones in." Although he was using his headphones less and less after what had happened to Theo. He didn't like the thought of not being able to hear gunshots. If anything happened to his family, he didn't want to be the last to know. He didn't know if he could help, seeing as he'd be more likely to hit one of them as opposed to their assailant if he had a gun. He really needed to build a robot to compensate for that. Would mounting a machine gun on a remote control robot be too drastic? Yeah, probably.

He was lost in his plans until Shae spoke again. "So, who's the broad?" Dylan grinned at his brother. "Yeah. Where'd you find this one?" He joked. He did enjoy winding his siblings up.

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Lincoln always knew he'd miss Shae and Dylan when he moved out of the mansion but he didn't know how much until this moment. Whenever Linc was around them, he always feels relaxed. And at the same time, his eyes scanned the crowd for anything suspicious. He remembered the kidnapping clearly and now that he's old enough, he vowed to protect his family. Dylan mention about champagne glasses flooding the kitchen and he can almost imagine his mother. Barking orders like a military general in her high heels. Poor staff. They probably cowered in fear.

"So, who's the broad?" Shae asked.

"Yeah. Where'd you find this one?" Dylan chimed in.

"No one you know." He chuckled. Candy was an intern at ESPN. She covered his fencing match and after the interview he asked her out. He'd been banging her since. Of course, he's not the kiss and tell type and that's just too much information. He also found out that his father is the country manager for a big liquor and tobacco conglomerate. He spotted Candy and the blond bombshell gave her a wink. Man, he'll be having some sweet Candy tonight.

"Dylan, can you change the background to black and the letters to white? " Linc said as he handed Dylan his iPhone. "I'm just trying out something so I don't overly strain my eyes." He added. In truth, its better for his dyslexia. He accidentally discovered it when he read the police decal on the side of the cop car. He was driving and he happen to at his side. His brain immediately identified the letters.

"Poppet, your dress has a conservative front and an obscene behind." He said in disapproval as he studied her blue dress. His big brother protective instincts kicking into gear. "And no champagne for you. You're underage remember? " Lincoln plucked the flute glass out of her hands and handed it to a passing waiter.

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#, as written by Korrye

“So help me God,” Victoria prayed silently, watching Sienna touch her arm gingerly to reassure her. Contact had never been a way of doing that. Still, she didn’t shrug away from the woman, knowing she meant well enough. Breathing deeply, Victoria prepared to step forward into the cordoned off dining area to walk through all of the installations before they opened the room up for browsing. Then Sienna’s phone rang and whatever semblance of a smile she held disappeared in an instant. Her eyes glared at the mobile device while Sienna took out an iPhone from her clutch.

“I'm sorry,” she apologized. “I just need to check this, might be something to do with the pieces up for Auction.” Victoria clenched her jaw, forcing herself to sigh again to try and feel less high strung. Could they not have one thing, just one bloody thing, go right this evening? she thought in frustration. She pulled away from Sienna, watching the brunette scroll through a text but not stepping forward to read it herself. She trusted it was related to the evening. If it wasn’t…she didn’t even want to think bout what she would do.

“We have a solution for your Statue problem,” Sienna announced. “The problem I don’t even know about?” Victoria asked, having only heard that a statue seemed to be missing it’s male appendage.

“Mrs. Stanford, who had the accident with Eric Winter's Statue. Well her daughter has offered to purchase it out of Auction. A gesture of good will have you. She's offered to buy it for one hundred thousand dollars. In my opinion Victoria, I think you should accept because honestly although it's the only piece by the Artist here tonight, Eric Winter's work is not what people want any longer. And you probably won't get nowhere as near as much as Mrs Stanford's daughter is offering. You'll be luck to get sixty thousand for it and seeing as it is for charity it would make sense for you to get the best asking price for it, especially now that it's damaged,” Sienna elaborated.

The explanation made the family matriarch purse her lips. She put her left hand on her hip while her right hand moved to pinch the bridge of her nose. She didn’t need to know about this. It seemed like some idiotic detail the party planner could have handled. Hell, Sienna could have left and dealt with it. It was clear that they would get the money from it. That was what mattered. So long as it was out of the room she would be happy. The mocking wouldn’t ensue that she had somehow damaged a one of a kind piece, that her staff were stealing it or whatever the hell else high end socialites wanted to say about her. Sienna took her silence gravely and the brunette prattled on about additional options. Victoria closed her eyes, feeling punished that she had this woman in front of her, forcing her to deal with something so…mundane.

“Of course, the decision is completely up to you,” Sienna concluded, waiting for a moment. Victoria tapped her foot, hearing the rhythm and feeling more present. She dropped her hand and looked at the MET director, her former friend, exasperated at that moment. “Just make her pay for it and take it and get it out. Now. Please. Before anyone sees it. And get rid of Heidi.”

It was at that moment that the two of them were joined by a third. Victoria turned to see a friendly face – Lydia Arden. The family’s doctor and her close friend since arriving in New York smiled.

“Victoria,” Lydia greeted. Victoria smiled weakly at her firned, turning from Sienna and accepting the doctor’s European style kiss on the cheek for a greeting. She had never understood it and she hugged her friend instead. “Thank God, a friend without a problem for me to deal with,” she whispered to Lydia, smiling and huffing out a breath. The tension fled from her shoulders.

“I apologise for interrupting,” Lydia added. “We just finished dealing with a crisis. No harm done,” Victoria shrugged.

“Sienna,” Lydia nodded towards the brunette. They were all familiar with one another, though Victoria was sure that the doctor was just as surprised to see the brunette as much as she was.

“Sienna love, I will leave you to do what needs to be done. No time for a walk through. I trust you to handle any other…issues if they arise. It’s better if I don’t know about these things unless it’s dire,” Victoria said gently, ushering her friend to remedying the statue incident as nicely as she could. “I don’t want to snap on you. I don’t want any of us to snap. You and the MET have done such a lovely job so far.”

For a moment she paused, sipping her champagne. “Do you want me to tell Nathaniel that you’re here?” she added.


Engrossed in his explanation, Kole did not register Jonathon’s reaction until he finished his words. The informant looked up at his adoptive father wearily. He froze the moment Jonah rose to stand, walking around the monolithic desk. Kole stared at the intricate designs carved into the dark wood, his hands twisting in his lap now, his elbows balanced on his knees while he hunched forward. When Jonah approached him then he hastily moved to stand. He lacked the fluidity of the crime boss, fumbling with his jacket before looking up at Jonathon fully. He looked only at him for an instant before averting his gaze to the side. Looking behind him then, Kole noted that even Nathanial was now standing.

Jonathon extended a hand to his shoulder, a move reassuring to many but to Kole it felt like an added weight to his mind. Jonah’s hand was powerful, gripping him and commanding attention. The informant looked at his adoptive father then, fighting to stare into his cold eyes. He couldn’t help but wonder how the man was so ruthless. Kole knew that he would never go back on what he did, that it had been right. It was all justified in his mind only his entire body seemed repulsed by what he had done. His logic was sound. He had acted the way he had to. Moreover he had wanted to do it. It was right to save them, to protect his family and himself. Yet he felt conflicted. It reminded him of a passage in Harry Potter, describing how death shattered the soul. He had never believed in such things until now, when some part of him that he couldn’t describe was in agony.

“You did well, Kole. You managed this situation where many men would’ve panicked, and you have nothing to feel guilty about; he would have taken you down without a second thought. I know this must be difficult for you, and I understand that you feel the way you do, but he’s not worth it. Think of what would have happened had you not done what you did. Any one of us would have done the same thing,” Jonathon commended him. “I know I shouldn’t feel guilty. I know that I did the right thing. I wouldn’t go back on it. But it’s just there in my head. It never leaves me, just like he never leaves me,” Kole replied, swallowing and narrowing his eyes. He was beginning to feel wrong for feeling guilty.

“Your father was not your fault, Kole. There was nothing you could’ve done to help him, and you need to know that,” Jonah countered. “I know that. I hate him. But he’s the only other dead body that I’ve seen die.”

Death was such a funny thing to watch.

"Any idea where the fuck Tony is?" Nate suddenly asked, his language bitter and breaking the tension. Kole stepped back and ran a hand through his hair again, sighing and looking up at the ceiling of the ornate office before sliding back the cuff of his suit jacket to check his watch – a black granite Fossil and gift from Jonathon himself. “I have to be out there now,” Kole noted. “If I’m not Mom will hang me.” The way he spoke about Victoria was gentle and amused. She had only ever briefly been Mrs. Genovese or Victoria to him. She had pushed him to call her Mom as his birth mother had never been that close to him. Initially she had commented that he could call her Mama, her southern accent breaking through. That had been too much and he’d instead referred to her as Mom. “We can talk more tonight? They expect me to stay over,” he asked, referring to his unit and assorted personnel permission for him to stay the night. “They’ll want something, even if it’s small,” he added, knowing that with his position so tenuous he would need to bring some bit of information that the agency could act on. They were hungry to hit the business hard with the failed raid.

“If you want anyone to run into unexpected trouble with the law, you know what to tell me. Also, there’s a new agent within the unit. He’s a nasty one Jonah. You’ll want to read up on him. Lucas Hitch.”

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#, as written by Mela

“I know that. I hate him. But he’s the only other dead body that I’ve seen die.” Kole said, and Jonah sighed, at a loss as his hand fell from his son’s shoulder. He had nothing more to say. This was something Kole needed to sort through and deal with alone, because no one could help him. The patriarch only hoped his adoptive son was up for it… hoped so very badly that he’d pull through. That he was strong enough, or rather… cold enough. The ability to kill was not what defined strength in a man to Jonah, although many be think so of him. What defined strength was being able to pull through in spite of all odds being against you. Strength was balancing the dark sides of life and still finding room to let in the light. If you could do that, you were among the strongest of men… or women for that matter.

“I know,” Jonah finally noted quietly, letting his mask of coldness fade for brief moments with his son as he then continued, “Just promise me you will face this, Kole. Do not shut it out; do not try to ignore it. It will only come back and tear you apart later.” With that, Jonah sent the briefest of looks in Nate’s direction, but it was so quick there was no way to tell whether that was what he’d actually done, as he looked back at his son. Before the crime boss had a chance to say anymore, Nate’s voice rang out, and Jonah couldn’t stop himself from smiling wryly at the tone. The two of them shared a very distinct dislike for the casino manager, but he made money. Lots of money, and Jonah was not going to throw away a good investment unless he had very good cause to. Then his mask was back up suddenly.

In response to Nate’s words, Jonah checked his phone, frowning at the time. Was it really eight already? And Tony had yet to arrive? He glanced up at his second in command, placing the phone back in his pocket, almost too calmly. “Not here yet, as usual,” he said coolly. Rendetti, Mr. Mick Carter, and Miss Kalista Ross seemed to be the only ones who still had the ability to arrive on time. He and Nate would have to have a little… talk… with the rest of his associates. Jonah paused, his gaze landing on Kole once more when he began speaking, noting that he had to go… and that he needed something to take back to the unit. He listened quietly to all of it, nodding once when he had finished speaking.

Before he could reply, however, knocking sounded, and he took out his phone briefly, wanting to see if it was Tony like he’d requested, or not. Sure enough, the money maker had decided to show. Well, he would be let it whenever it damn well pleased the boss. And so, Jonah ignored him for now, putting his phone away and replying to his son. “I’ll be sure to look into it. Both the information and the hitch.” Jonah picked up the thank-you envelope from his desk and handed it to his son, more or less putting it into his hand for him. “Put it in the guest room’s safe for the evening, just in case.” He ordered casually. “And take the alternative way out.” Jonah had other ways to get out of his office than through the library. One of them was through the conference room, which led to a smaller hallway, which led to his and Vicky’s bedroom.

It wasn’t something he would usually allow, but he didn’t need Tony to get any interesting ideas about Kole, even if the cops did think he was spying on the Genovese for him. No reason to tempt fate. So he put the papers Kole had give him away and then opened the door for Kole, not bothering to see him through it before he moved towards the other door, noting behind him, “Nate, make sure he gets out of here, then make sure to keep Rizzo here while I speak with my dear wife. He’s at the door.” Then Jonah was out of the office, in the sitting room, and then in the library, to which he opened the door, facing Tony with a deadly cold look in his eyes.

“You’re late,” he merely stated, his tone dangerously calm. “I trust you will not be so next time I give you direct orders.” Then he opened the door wider. “Get inside.” Jonathon was clearly not pleased, and Rizzo would feel that soon enough. After the meeting, he would deal with those who had decided to be late. He gave the guy a coldly calculating look before he made his way downstairs, quick to distinguish his wife’s voice. Wait, had she just said Sienna? He would have frowned if he had been a male more expressive. Instead, Jonathon’s eyes merely hardened and he sped up, not even pausing to greet the people who were eagerly trying to talk to him. He didn’t stop until he was beside his wife, facing the other two ladies. Indeed. Sienna Rose. And Nate didn’t know she was there? Good.

Jonah cleared his throat to make his presence known, inclining his head quietly in Doctor Arden’s direction. A show of respect and a greeting all in one, but for her benefit, he added, “good evening, Doctor.” Then his gaze fell on Sienna, beyond ice cold, but he said nothing to her, instead he leaned in to whisper in his wife’s ear. “I will be starting the meeting in a couple of minutes. Make sure everyone’s busy, hm?” Then he straightened entirely, eyes once more on Sienna, anger seething in him. “Ah, and dear, would you please get this… woman… out of my house before I do it myself? Do not tell him anything.” He noted, taking one dangerously threatening step towards Sienna, his eyes almost murderous.

Then he leaned in to whisper, his voice menacing, but low enough to only be heard by her. “You practically tore out my best friend’s heart when you left him, you little bitch. You have a lot of nerve showing your face in my house. Get the fuck out before you leave here in a less than pretty state.” Before she could even reply, Jonah was off, not caring one bit why she was there or what purpose she served. All he cared about was keeping her away from Nate. The man was cracking enough as it was; he didn’t need this little lady to come screw any more with his head. In fact, Jonah was going to make sure she got the hell out of Manhattan as soon as possible. She had caused Nate enough pain, and Jonah honestly didn’t take too kindly to that.

As he walked back up the stairs, heading back to his office, Jonah sent out the text to all of his associates, minus Tony. They would all know who the text was from, but it was completely untraceable.

To: All business associates

”Library. Now. Slip out unnoticed.”

From: Sender Unknown

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“Nate, make sure he gets out of here, then make sure to keep Rizzo here while I speak with my dear wife. He’s at the door.”

Hagen said not a word, none was needed. With a slight nod he ushered Kole out of the room. Once Kole was safely on his way Nathan made his way back to the library. It was there he found Anthony Rizzo, manager of one of the East Coast’s largest casino chains and one of Jonah's top money makers. Nathan's eyes hardened as they fell upon Rizzo. Always so smooth, so calm and playing it so cool it made Nate's stomach churn. That predatory gaze Rizzo adopted anytime there was a woman in the room. The lack of respect he had for Jonah and the friendship he was building with Victoria made Nate's blood burn. There wasn't a day that went by sometimes that Nate didn't think about strangling him.

Nathan stepped further into the room, his steps slow and steady like the footsteps of an executioner. He did not address Tony, he did not greet the man he hated. He merely walked past him as if he was stepping around a mess a dog might leave behind. Nate stopped at the small bar near the window and fixed himself a stiff drink. The ice cubes clinked ever so slightly in the glass of whiskey. Nate took a long drink, savoring the warming sensation as the alcohol ran down his throat. He slowly turned around and stared daggers into the back of Tony's head as his mind drifted off to a dark and bloody place where images of all the countless ways Hagen could kill Rizzo resided. Enjoying the visions Nate made his way back around the sofa Rizzo was currently lounging in to stand by the small coffee table as he looked down on Rizzo with a low boiling disgusted anger.

"Feel free to run late on Jonah's next meeting Tony. I'd love the chance to show you what your guts look like."

Not but a few seconds later Nate's phone went off with a text from a blocked number, indicative of a business message from Jonah.

To: All business associates

”Library. Now. Slip out unnoticed.”

From: Sender Unknown

Nathan's jaw tensed slightly in anticipation of the meeting and slid the Iphone back into his suit jacket pocket all the while keeping a watchful eye on Rizzo should he decide to wander around the estate.

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Sienna's panic when Victoria asked whether she wanted to let Nathaniel know she was here or not vanished as soon as Jonathon Genovese step next to his wife.

His cold stare was returned with an equally belligerent one from Sienna. Even after all these years just being in his presence made Sienna's skin crawl. His evil was too incomprehensible for normal words. The loathing she felt for this man was beyond palpable it was beyond all reason entirely.

Sienna watched with a cold gaze as Jonathon leaned into his wife and whispered something in her ear and then he turned back to her. His eyes as cold and void as ice. Whenever she looked into them, the only way she could describe them as was alack of a soul.

“Ah, and dear, would you please get this… woman… out of my house before I do it myself? Do not tell him anything.” Jonathon said to Victoria.

A sickly smile came over Sienna's lips.

Taking an intimidating step towards her, Jonathan came into her personal space threateningly, lips a breaths space away from her cheek and spoke in a low utterly cold and vicious whisper for her ears only . . .

“You practically tore out my best friend’s heart when you left him, you little bitch. You have a lot of nerve showing your face in my house. Get the fuck out before you leave here in a less than pretty state.”

Sienna did not flinch a single muscle as she stood there calmly and listened to his words. She almost laughed coldly in her face.

He knew absolutely nothing about what happened between Nathaniel and herself! How could she have broken Nathaniel's heart when he didn't want her in the first place? It was Nate who chose his so called 'family' over her, then how could she break something that was never in her possession to begin with? Sienna seethed angrily . . . But it was none of Jonathon's business! She did not need to explain herself to anyone! Especially not him!

She listened to his little speech patiently. She wasn't afraid of Jonathon Genovese like everyone else. For she knew what he truly was, which was nothing more then a two-bit thug in a designer suit.

Sienna followed his retreating figure with slitted eyes as he headed back up the stairs, until he was out of sight and then she turned back calmly to Victoria with a gentle smile as if that scene hadn't played out in front of Victoria's very eyes as Dr. Arden looked on with an astonished face. Sienna hadn't had a chance to return the woman's greeting but it didn't seem all that important now.

“Don't bother.” Sienna said to Victoria still smiling calmly “I know my way out of here very well.”

She stopped as Heidi who had also witnessed the scene with a gob-smacked face moved closer to Sienna like her personal back up.

“Can you let Mrs Standford's daughter know that the statue is theirs and have the Auctioneer deal with the details.”

“Done.” Heidi replied as she dialled a number on her phone and started making the notifications.

“Don't worry.” Sienna added turning to face Victoria again “Everything is set up and ready to go. Once the Auction is finished with the Auctioneer and his team will deal with all the delivery and payment details.” Sienna smiled genuinely at the woman as she place a hand over Victoria's clasped ones “Have a Goodnight.”

Sienna turned and walked away before Victoria could say anything. Sienna was calmer then she had expected to be.

“Okay! What just happened there?!” Heidi asked as she came into stride with Sienna who headed for the front door.

“I was just kicked out of the party.” Sienna said with a wicked smile.

“What?! Are you freaking kidding me?!” Heidi chocked out with a grin “Sienna, you are so bad!”

“You have no idea.” Sienna said lowly as she tried to push Jonathon Genovese's words out of her mind . . .

Nathaniel . . . Heartbroken . . . She did not believe it. It couldn't be true . . . Her mind flashing back to that night fourteen years ago when everything had changed between Nathaniel and herself . . . It had meant everything to her . . . She had lived on that memory for over a decade . . . But it couldn't have meant anything to Nathaniel . . . She had asked him to choose, to come with her and he had chose them with out so much as batting an eyelid.

Sienna had cried so many nights thinking about that until one day there were no more tears left . . . Just her incomplete life . . . And she stopped thinking about it . . . and she didn't want to remember it now either.

“Let's get out of here.” Sienna said to Heidi as they stepped out the front door as people were coming in and staring at her in shock and whispering Is that Sienna Rose? “I need a drink.”

“You know I'm always on board for that but what about Landon?” Heidi question as she followed Sienna out into the cool crisp night pushing people out of her way, as was Heidi's usual way to deal with people who got in her way.

“He's at my sisters.” Sienna replied simply trying to stay calm and not allow the memories of years ago take her over.

She really needed that drink.


“God no!” Sienna chocked out a small laugh “I wouldn't do that to the poor boy. He's at Lyndsey's.”

“Good! Because I was going to say.” Heidi said relief touching her voice as they walked passed the queued up people waiting to be admitted who stared at Sienna openly and then a rush of flashes beamed in Sienna's direction and a whole host of voices filled the air.

Sienna turned in the direction of the bright flashing lights . . . and there behind a barrier were masses of Paparazzi screaming at her.

Sienna! Sienna! Miss Rose! . . . This way, please! How does it feel to be back in New York after so many years away?” And so on they sang out.

Sienna turned to face the camera's smiling as she did so and posed for them.

“Wonderful, of course!” She replied, lying to their most forthcoming question.

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#, as written by Korrye

Kole felt Jonah pull away physically but that didn’t stop his adoptive father from trying to be reassuring. As he rambled his way through the last of his talking points, Jonathon’s points lingered. Face it. Head on. Like a game of chicken only you’re going to collide with it and you need to. It wasn’t the first time he had been told this. In fact, it was something both of the Genovese’s told him in a regular basis growing up. If I had a quarter for every time they told me that… Victoria had always been particularly keen to tell him the exact same thing: don’t try to not deal with something. It would only prove more painful in the future. Yet, hiding things and bottling up his emotions had been his way of life growing up. His birth parents had never wanted to know that he had a problem. They didn’t have the time of day for him in the first place. If he raised an issue he was locked in his room. Having grown up that way, Kole still lapsed into the habit. Now that he had been away from home so long he had been repressing so much of his unease. Now that he was curtly reminded by his adoptive parents not to do so it was like removing a cork from a very pressurized bottle.

“I’ll be sure to look into it. Both the information and the hitch,” Jonathon thanked him, before picking up the manila envelope filled with cash and forcing it into his hands. Kole looked down at it, feeling his stomach churn uncomfortably. Did Kalista always feel this way when she was paid to make a kill? It didn’t rest well with him. I feel like a mercenary. He swallowed the lump in his throat painfully. “Put it in the guest room’s safe for the evening, just in case,” Jonathon added. “And take the alternative way out.”

Kole bit his tongue and settled the envelope of cash into his inner jacket pocket. He looked up at Jonathon in the eyes, seeing that he was beyond their meeting then. His father opened the door and moved him through with nothing but a flick of his eyes. Kole paused as he stepped through. “I miss you,” he noted solemnly. Rarely was he so soft, but his father was someone he felt like he needed right now. The stress of the evening had Jonathon withdrawn and he didn’t like feeling so distanced from everyone he cared about. He watched Jonathon cross the room, ordering Nate to ensure that Kole was absent by the time he returned before exiting to speak with Victoria. No sooner had the crime boss departed for the main lobby of the mansion then did Nate step forward, gesturing for Kole to get a move on without so much as a word. Kole bit on his tongue as he slid through the secret hallway, emerging behind a discrete doorway within Victoria’s walk-in closet. He stepped into the couple’s elegant master suite, noting the strewn and wet gown on the floor. He frowned then, before proceeding to his former bedroom directly not wanting to linger in his parents’ private space.

His former bedroom felt sterile when he stepped inside. The furniture was the same, but any of his personal affects had been removed and the walls had been repainted a more neutral tone. It bothered him to feel like his family had almost moved on from him. It felt like overwhelming. Closing the door behind him, he moved to a familiar painting opposite of the desk he had used all through high school and college, a rendition of James Earle Fraser’s “End of Trail.” He had picked it himself with Victoria when she had unceremoniously dragged him to an art gallery one afternoon on business. He had felt connected with the native American depicted slumped over and worn out, his emaciated horse digging in its heels as if it was being pushed over a precipice. By what many asked? Civilization? Colonists? The determination of that horse had always drawn him to it. Kole liked to believe the Indian was ready to sit upright and engage in the hunt at any time. It made him feel like even at the end of a very hard fight, raw determination could be enough to push back. It was oddly motivating to see it again.

Gripping the frame, he pulled it off the wall to expose a small safe. He slid his thumb down a fingerprint scanner before inputting a six digit code. It read his combination and print, blinked twice and then unlocked. When he opened it, the safe was empty, making it a simple task to set the money inside, reset it, and hide it. He was glad to be done with the cash. It wasn’t like he needed it. Jonathon knew how uncomfortable he was in taking it. He had every mind to leave it there and “forget” it by accident. No sooner was it put away then did he leave the room.

Kole stepped into the hall, closing the door behind him lightly. He exhaled deeply then, smoothed his suit jacket, and then moved to the staircase. From the top of the lobby he gained a bird’s eye view of the guests. The hum of voices was quite audible and the crowd was thick as people proceeded from the mansion’s lobby to the dining hall and exhibit. Despite the din and clout of all the people, Kole was able to immediately spot both Victoria and Jonathon. His mother looked chique as always, while his father remained tense. Offside his three adoptive siblings conversed. He nodded towards them, not even caring if they saw him. He hurried himself down the steps then, finding himself nearly running into none other than Sienna Rose. He had only known her for an instant, with his arrival conflicting with her departure, but he knew her face and the sight of her surprised him. Kole watched her usher her way past him and he sent the woman a look over his shoulder as he approached Victoria. His mother lit up at the sight of him but no sooner was she looking at him then vehemently at his father. He had known things were tense but he was surprised by what he saw.


Sienna had no chance to speak. Victoria inhaled and found herself drowning in the scent of Jonathon’s cologne once more. She closed her eyes, feeling his tension and sharing it. Her frustration with her husband re-emerged. Having seen him not twenty minutes before was no where near enough time for her to let the incident go. Victoria looked at him from the corner of her eye, listening to him clear his throat. She stepped away from him, not reaching out to hold his hand in the slightest like she normally would. His coldness was severe and she immediately disapproved of his demeanor. It was warranted for his business but not for his guests. Lydia received a cold greeting and Victoria stared at the floor while he leaned towards her.

“I will be starting the meeting in a couple of minutes. Make sure everyone’s busy, hm?” he ordered. Victoria flared her nostrils and stepped away from him then, turning to look at him coldly with a severity she reserved for the moments when she was most frustrated with him. She moved to speak, but he beat her to it.

“Ah, and dear, would you please get this… woman… out of my house before I do it myself? Do not tell him anything,” Jonathon commanded sharply. “Now you wait a damn minute,” she hissed but that didn’t stop him. Her husband stepped forward and toward the curator and bitterly threatened the woman. Victoria wanted nothing than to grab his arm and to tear him away from the woman responsible for organizing her entire auction, for antagonizing someone she cared about. While she found herself in the middle of their quarrel, Sienna was first and foremost a friend. Whatever he said was enough to remove any trace of a smile Sienna had and Victoria felt her blood boil.

“Don't bother,” Sienna told Victoria bluntly and the family matriarch stepped back, offended for the brunette. “I know my way out of here very well.”

“Sienna!” Victoria called out, trying to reason with her, to get her attention and make her stay. The MET director marched two steps away however, meeting with Heidi and barking an order at her. The blond curtly took out her phone. Victoria was speechless, and she brought a hand to her hair as Sienna turned back to face her. “Don't worry,” Sienna explained. “Everything is set up and ready to go. Once the Auction is finished with the Auctioneer and his team will deal with all the delivery and payment details. Have a Goodnight.”

“Wait please,” Victoria begged, only to find her attention withdrawn. She turned to see Kole, walking into the fiasco. His presence only lightened her mood for a split second but his distraction had her turn away from the curator who then left without further notice. No sooner was that over then she turned to Jonathon, sticking a finger out into his chest and staring at him with a biting glare.

“You had no right to do that,” Victoria snapped, unafraid to tell her husband off. Perhaps she was the only one who didn’t fear the stone cold look he was exuding at the moment. She hated him right then and there. “I am not interfering with your business. Get out of mine. She is the MET curator. If she leaves, they all leave, and then this whole thing ends. I don’t care what she said.”

She wanted to cut at him, to show him how unhappy she was with this side of him. Victoria had never taken well to being bullied by him and tonight was no exception. “You have relegated me to this, now let me do my job,” she demanded curtly, staring at him before she pushed past Kole as he approached them, turning over her shoulder momentarily to look at Lydia. "I'm sorry, I will talk to you in a minute." Walking forward, Victoria extended a hand to her adopted son’s shoulder, lingering on it before she stormed past him and through the crowds after the MET director. She didn’t care if Jonathon called after her. She knew he wouldn’t apologize. She didn’t want him too because then it would be insincere. But he needed to know how upset she was.

Victoria marched through the throng, excusing her way through a dense group of people until she was able to push her way through the main entrance. The red head reached out to Sienna, who at that exact moment was answering a reporter’s question.

“Wonderful, of course!” the brunette chimed, exasperation lacing her words. “Sienna!” Victoria called out to her. “Sienna turn around, please. That was uncalled for. He knows it and he had no right to say so. Please come inside.” It was not like her to beg and her tone was far from pleading and more so instructive. Still, she looked at Sienna with warm eyes, a look she reserved when she was desperate or dealing with her children. "It will serve him right to have you there."

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Victoria pulled Lydia into a friendly hug, smiling weakly at her. Lydia took in the matriarch’s expression of tight-lipped concern. Clearly, things had not gone quite as smoothly as she had been hoping they would tonight. And Lydia had a feeling it was something to do with Sienna Rose’s presence.

Victoria’s next whispered words confirmed this, “Thank God, a friend without a problem for me to deal with.”

Lydia laughed softly at her friend and tilted her head slightly, giving her a small, sympathetic smile.

“We just finished dealing with a crisis. No harm done,” Victoria said in response to Lydia’s apology. She then turned back to the conversation with Sienna, strangely, Lydia noted, regarding Sienna’s role in tonight’s art auction. She referred to Sienna being here with the MET. She must have taken a job there when she returned, Lydia concluded. Evidently, though, this meant she was back for good, a fact that was certain not to go down well with everyone here tonight. Though Lydia had never played a large part in Sienna’s relationship with Nathaniel Hagen and her subsequent departure, following their split, she had been aware of the situation. She’d also had a few lengthy conversations with Victoria not long after Sienna had left, regarding what had happened.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jonathon Genovese appeared. Victoria’s reception of her husband was icy and she took a step away from him, where he’d come to stand at her side, a very clear show that something between them was not right.

The patriarch turned his attention towards Lydia, nodding slightly towards her in greeting. ”Good evening, Doctor.” The greeting was by no stretch of the imagination friendly, but, it was formal and respectful, which was more than Sienna was about to receive.

“Mr Genovese,” she returned the greeting with a smile. Although she was nowhere near as close to Jonathon as she was to Victoria, she was still very familiar with the man after years of service to his family. Usually, she probably would’ve addressed him simply as Jonathon, but under such a formal situation, and especially one as tense as this, she thought it best to remain impersonal. Besides, he was kind of her informal boss, so to speak. Which reminded her, she still needed to talk to Victoria about the people that had come through the hospital early that morning, following an explosion in a house near central park. Two people had come in dead, one the owner of the house, the other a young man who was walking his dog past the house when it happened. The pregnant girlfriend of the dog walker had been brought in too, clinging to life by a tendril. Lydia had been the attending doctor on her case. She’d worked tirelessly to save the woman, even more so after being told she was pregnant, but her injuries were too severe. She had burns from the explosion to most of her body and was bleeding onto her brain after being thrown back by the blast and hitting her head. Really, there was nothing Lydia or anyone else could’ve done to save her. Tomorrow, Lydia needed to write a report up for her death. The hospital were looking over the body of the homeowner and deciding, in their opinion, if they thought the death was an accident. Lydia had come to understand that any particularly violent death in this city was rarely an accident and that the Genovese’s or one of their associates was usually, in some way, related to the incident. She needed to find out from Victoria if these deaths had been their doing and whether Lydia needed to make certain they were ruled an accident, to cover the Genovese’s backs.

Jonathon then turned to his wife, leaning close to her he whispered something in her ear that Lydia couldn’t quite catch. But whatever it was certainly did not please Victoria. Her expression became colder and she took another step away from the man she was supposed to love.

Jonathon’s piercing blue eyes fell on Sienna with the cruellest gaze before announcing, ” Ah, and dear, would you please get this… woman… out of my house before I do it myself? Do not tell him anything.” He took a threatening step towards Sienna and Lydia, not for the first time in her life, was glad the mafia boss was fond enough of her never to take this tone with her.

Victoria was fuming. “Now you wait a damn minute,”

But Jonathon wasn’t done there. He took another step towards Sienna and told her quietly in the bitterest tone Lydia had heard him use in a long time, “You practically tore out my best friend’s heart when you left him, you little bitch. You have a lot of nerve showing your face in my house. Get the fuck out before you leave here in a less than pretty state.”

Lydia watched on, astonishment on her pretty features. That was low, even for Jonathon. Usually he had enough respect and courtesy to at least take someone to the side instead of throwing them out of a party in amongst the most affluent of New York. Public humiliation wasn’t usually Jonathon’s style; he preferred to hurt someone quickly, as opposed to making them suffer. If he was being this ruthless towards Sienna, he clearly had a point to prove and a deep hatred for the woman. Maybe there was more to the story than Lydia had originally thought?

“Don't bother. I know my way out of here very well,” Sienna told her, pre-empting Victoria’s response, who, meanwhile, looked murderous.

”Sienna!” Victoria called. Sienna ignored her protest and exchanged a few words with a blonde Lydia recognised from somewhere, but wasn’t familiar with. She presumed she was something to do with the art auction. Sienna then turned back to Victoria, explaining a few more details surrounding the MET’s involvement in tonight’s proceedings before wishing her a good night.

Victoria, again, tried to protest, but Sienna had already crossed the room to leave. Acknowledging this, the matriarch turned back to her husband, offering him a furious rant. And rightly so, Lydia thought to herself, not that she would be sharing that opinion in front of Jonathon. He’d been more than harsh to Sienna and had humiliated not only her, but Victoria too. His bullying behaviour, although characteristic of him in his career, should be kept for his enemies and not his wife.

Jonathon left and Victoria turned back to Lydia. ”I’m sorry. I will talk to you in a minute.” Lydia gave her an understanding nod as she watched the woman leave after Sienna.

Gazing across the room, Lydia watched the other guests. She must’ve been to a hundred of Victoria’s parties over the years, but she still never quite felt as if she fitted in. She was familiar with most of these society men and women who frequented these parties with their loose purse strings and socially-climbing agendas, yet they still looked down on her. Of course, Lydia could go and talk to some of them while she waited for Victoria to return, and she could watch them greet her with tight-lipped, false smiles. But as she looked out across the sea of opulent dresses and showy suits, the Genovese children caught her eye once more. Lincoln was with them now; Dylan was doing something with his phone and Lydia watched him hand it back to his brother with a triumphant smile.

But Lydia’s gaze caught on Charlee. Maybe it was just a trick of the light, or the way she turned her head, but Lydia, in her constant doctor’s mind-set, saw something a little…off about the girl. Her pupils looked dilated, and Lydia did a double take, wondering if it was just her imagination. Someone else without a medical background may not have noticed it, but Lydia was well attuned to a body’s natural response to stimulus, and Charlee’s eyes should not look like that. There were a number of elaborate medical conditions that could’ve caused that response, but Lydia came to a less innocent conclusion about the young girl. When the doctor had taken some of Charlee’s blood a month after the abortion, just to make sure all the hormones in her body had returned to where they should be, the results had come back not quite as Lydia had expected. There’d been traces of cocaine and Tramadol, a pain reliever, in Charlee’s blood. At first, the older woman considered telling Victoria, but Charlee was miserable enough as it was. She didn’t need her mother’s concern and harassment upsetting her more. So Lydia passed it off as a phase. The poor girl was, understandably, heartbroken over the abortion, but she wasn’t a bad girl, so to speak. Lydia was certain that, as soon as she came to terms with what had happened, she would get off the pills and return to normal. Recently, Lydia’s worries had been put to rest as she saw Charlee’s studies going well and her prospects of getting into a good university looked positive. But maybe she’d been wrong.

Lydia approached the children as they stood away from all the other adults in a little group together. Dylan looked wrapped up in something on his phone, and Lincoln had just got his own phone back.

“Hey Linc, Dylan,” she smiled at the two boys, but she didn’t expect a great deal of a response back. Besides, it was more Charlee she was interested in.

Close up, the doctor confirmed what she’d already suspected about her enlarged pupils and her eyes were ever so slightly glassy. Perhaps talking to the girl would gain her more of an insight, Lydia concluded. “Shae,” she smiled friendly at the girl with a certain familiarity that only knowing someone for the length of time Lydia had known Charlee for could bring. “How’s applying for colleges going then?” she enquired. Partly, she was interested in her life, but she was mostly trying to confirm her suspicions regarding Charlee’s possible drug habit.

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"Sienna!” Victoria called out to her. “Sienna turn around, please. That was uncalled for. He knows it and he had no right to say so. Please come inside . . . It will serve him right to have you there.” Victoria pleaded.

Placing a hand on Victoria's upper arm, Sienna moved the woman along to the sides, so the reports couldn't hear their conversation but the camera's still flashed. They were impossible to get away from.

"Victoria," Sienna sighed "I don't care nor did I come here to spite your husband and I don't want to cause trouble for you either. To be completely honest I didn't even want to come here tonight but it's my job and I'm a professional. Now that everything is taken care of I have no need to be here. Save yourself and me the trouble . . . Goodbye Victoria." Sienna smiled as she began to move away, ignoring the reports and photographers calling out to her.

“Thank you.” She said to the valet that opened and closed the car door behind her as Sienna slipped into the black town car, Heidi was already inside. “I think I'm just going to go home instead.” She said to the blonde.

I just knew you were going to say that.” Heidi smirked. “That's cool, these gowns are no good for Bar Hopping anyway. Friday night, you promised.”

“Friday night.” Sienna replied lost in thought as she watched the Upper East Side pass by.

It only took ten minutes to get to her place in a car and before she knew it they were pulled up in front of her building. The doorman to her building opened the door to the car.

“Good Evening Dr. Rose.” He greeted her as she stepped out the car.

“Good Evening to you too Jack.” Sienna smiled at him pleasantly and then she turned back to Heidi inside the car.

“So I'll see you at work tomorrow.” Heidi said as she looked up from the phone in her hand.

Urgh! Right work tomorrow?” Sienna scoffed. She loved her job working for the MET but she didn't feel like she could face it tomorrow.

“Why?” Heidi asked with a grin playing on her lips. “You going to call in sick? Because if you are so am I!”

“I'm tempted.” Sienna joked.

“No it will work out good.” Heidi said mischievously with a wink “We can say we were food poisoned at the Genovese's Gala.”

How scandalous!” Sienna laughed genuinely “Alright, I'll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye.” Heidi winked again as she pulled the door closed and rolled down the window.

“Bye. Thanks for cheering me up.” Sienna said moving away.

“Any time.” Heidi called out through the open window.

Sienna turned slightly and blew a kiss over her shoulder with a wave to her friend as the town car rolled away. She stopped suddenly a few feet away from the manned doors of her building and looked up to the top floor where her Terrace Penthouse was. It was dark . . .

Suddenly going back home wasn't so appealing. Landon wasn't there. It would be too quiet, too empty. She wasn't used to living like that. There was always some noise in her house when Landon was there . . .

Sienna didn't want to go home . . . She should have gone out with Heidi . . .

Sighing, Sienna ran a hand over her left upper arm only realizing then that she had forgotten her coat back at the Genovese's as the slitted long skirt of her strapless green gown fluttered in the light breeze as Sienna still stood there examining her options for the still young night.

She didn't want to sit at home going through a bottle of red wine alone and think about things that made her cry but she didn't want to be in the company of any one else either, Sienna thought with frustration . . .

She didn't know what she wanted . . .

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While Dylan was tinkering with his phone, he looked around the room. He saw Kole nodding towards their direction. He inclined his head in greeting. He’s wondering though, if it’s safe for his adoptive sibling to be seen at a Genovese event. He’s a spy for his father and that in itself is dangerous. Good thing all of them knew how to protect themselves. His father made sure of that.

"If you want to try out any other colours, just let me know. It's just a matter of changing... Never mind."

Looking back at Dylan, Linc took his iPhone and placed it back to his pocket. “Yeah, its all greek to me. I am so lucky to have a techie brother. I’ll bring my laptop over so you can change the settings as well.” He said grinning. His smart, brainy brother.... he could probably hack the Pentagon in his pajamas before he's finished with his first cup of coffee. Dylan’s phone buzzed, his brother’s brows furrowed while reading a text message. “ Problem?” he asked.

“Hey Linc, Dylan,”

Dr. Arden’s familiar voice greeted them. “Hello, Dr. Arden.” Lincoln greeted in return but the good doctor was more interested in her sister’s college application. The doctor seemed to be studying his sister’s face. Its not uncommon, since Dr. Arden was his sister's attending physician when she had her baby terminated.


He knew that tone very well. And it usually means someone’s behaving badly. Linc excused himself and walked towards the entrance.

“Sienna turn around, please. That was uncalled for. He knows it and he had no right to say so. Please come inside.”

He saw his mother and Dr. Rose talking heatedly. The latter moving closer, saying something but he couldn’t make out what it was. Dr. Rose then got inside her car and left. Linc stood beside his mother and said “Let’s get you inside mom, you might catch a cold.” He took her mother’s elbow in an attempt to usher her back inside. Whatever happened clearly got his mother upset. That damn woman is nothing but trouble.

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#, as written by Korrye

Her husbands rebuttal to her snide remarks echoed in her ears as she pleaded with Sienna not to leave. “Victoria, do not start a scene.” Well damn right she was causing one then for the first time in years. Her collected and cool demeanor was absent as she fought to get a grip on a night that she felt she had no control over. “And I had every right. I don’t give a fuck who she is; don’t you dare go against me on this,” Jonathon had snapped. And I don’t fucking care about you ordering me around. I don’t bend to your will this way. I will not lose on two battles today. With that she had added the remark that it would serve her husband right for her to be there. She knew of Jonathon’s animosity towards the woman who had left Nate in a depressed spiral for months after her sudden departure from the city. Victoria had always remained quiet on the subject. Jonathon didn’t know just how sudden her own departure from her old life had been and moreover how hard it had been on her to uproot herself from the only thing she knew. But it had been for the better. She had hated so many aspects of that life in Wyoming. She could to a degree understand Sienna’s discomfort. It was no secret that she hated Jonathon. Victoria didn’t like her for that but they understood things about each other. Leaving. Being uncomfortable with the life one led. She desperately wanted to talk to the woman but it was clearly not in her control to force the woman to stay her. Jonathon had done his job of playing the pitbull too well.

Sienna responded to Victoria quickly, turning and putting a hand on her shoulder solemnly. Victoria felt the gesture was done out of pity. For some reason when she looked at the MET Director, she thought the woman was looking at her with a sorry look, like she was sorry to leave her there with the people inside. I am breaking Victoria thought to herself bitterly. She stiffened as a slew of reporters somehow pushed their cameras through the wrought iron gates to snap pictures. She turned her cheek away from Sienna as they stepped offside behind the valet’s podium.

"Victoria," Sienna sighed, commanding the red head’s attention. The family matriarch looked coldly towards Sienna, knowing that tone and knowing what it reflected, what her answer would be before she replied. “I don't care nor did I come here to spite your husband and I don't want to cause trouble for you either. To be completely honest I didn't even want to come here tonight but it's my job and I'm a professional. Now that everything is taken care of I have no need to be here. Save yourself and me the trouble . . .” Sienna reasoned with her. Victoria shook her head. “No, wait, that's not what I meant...” she sputtered and she was about ready to offer her own rebuttle when Sienna began stepping down the wide staircase to the valet.

“Goodbye Victoria," Sienna smiled weakly before turning to the driver who had her car waiting and Heidi who stood offside. Victoria felt stabbed. She couldn’t explain it. It was like Jonathon had thrown a knife into her back and now Nathaniel’s former lover was twisting it cruelly. She was completely out of control as Sienna stepped into her car. It was at that point that a hand brushed over her bare left elbow, looping his arm into her own. Victoria blinked twice before looking to see that it was Lincoln, her eldest son.

“Let’s get you inside mom, you might catch a cold,” he prodded. Victoria inhaled suddenly, having held her breath all that time. It was staggered and painful to do. She was seething, so angry she wanted to scream. Now she was left to deal with people who hated her for an event that was a front for something far more important that she had been kicked out of it seemed – her husband’s business. Jonathon had done so much for her. All she gave him was an effort to repay the debt of him saving her from her former life. She would die for her husband, go to prison for him, anything. He seemed to fear that now for the first time in their marriage. All of this had come out of her offer to deal with Theodore, to torture him, to make him suffer, to learn what he knew. If she was imprisoned for it, she had said she didn’t care. Jonathon had however, and he’d barred her from doing anything related to the boy, going so far as to arrange a client dinner with buys for the fashion house that she couldn’t get out of the night he had chosen to confront him and subsequently allowed him to fall off the balcony of their summer property into the river.

She hated this distance between them and even as her son linked arms with her, she was bitter and cold. Victoria squeezed his hand and leaned into him subtly. “Thank-you,” she whispered gently, in a tone she reserved for her children. “It’s nice to have you home,” she added. She rarely saw Lincoln with his school hours at Cornell being what they were and how in and out they all were.

As they stepped back inside, Victoria didn’t know what to do. Her eyes scanned the crowds and she saw Dylan and Charlee standing with Lydia off to the side. For the most part all of their guests had been allowed into the gallery and auction room. Checking her watch, Victoria noted that it was just after 8 o’clock which meant that she had a speech to make. “Time for the auction sweetheart,” she told Linc. She withdraw her arm from her sons and moved to kiss his cheek gently. “I look forward to catching up.”

With that she slid away, following her staff and finding Kole waiting beside one of the MET helpers assigned to inform people on any pieces that a guest had questions about.

“Kole, darling. Time to make our bit,” she announced gently. Her adopted son took Lincoln’s former position, linking arms with her and walking into the dining hall which had been converted into a mock auction house. Guests had assembled and were chatting and drinking champagne with their numbered signs. As Victoria and Kole approached the front a waiter tapped a spoon to the side of a spare glass. By the time they reached a glass podium for the auctioneer the large crowd had fallen silent. Victoria stepped away to speak first, leaning forward to tap the microphone gently. Hearing it respond she smiled. It was time to put on a show. If she was now relegated to being a trophy wife she was going to be a damn good one.

* * *

“One million, four hundred and sixty four thousand dollars Mrs. Genovese, All raised for your charity. That was quite the speech and that was quite the auction,” the auctioneer announced. Victoria smiled and leaned in to squeeze Kole who had remained at the front of the room with her for the entirety of the event. She was nothing but pleased.

“I invite you all to eat dinner and to mingle for the rest of the evening,” Victoria announced, smiling as the room erupted into applause and several guests moved to leave the dining room while a number approached her, shaking her hand and thanking her for holding the event. She wanted nothing but to talk with Jonathon then and she absently wondered if his meeting had concluded on time.

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Kalista Ross

Kalista had slipped in and out of the meeting as she had planned: silent and unnoticed. She hadn't given too much of a crap about the raids. She was loyal, but if those loyalties were stretched far enough, they were sure to snap. Kalista was not about to go to prison for the Genovese family and, if it came down to it, she had people all over the place who were more than willing to get her a private jet out of New York, or perhaps, out of America.

Despite her indifference toward the situation, Kalista made sure to flick her eyes up to meet the boss’s as she left the meeting, wanting to see how he felt toward the situation. Kalista had been grinning throughout the meeting, loving the way that the boss twisted his words and made his own associates -some of whom had seen him do this a hundred times- believe his every word. Again.

In truth, Kalista had been trying to avoid the boss since he had sent her flying into a bookcase. She knew that as a former marine and a current assassin, she should not shy away from someone simply because he gave her a tap. It was a sign of weakness. However, it was not the fact that he had hit her because Kalista had always mused at getting into the boxing ring with the boss, but rather it was the fact that she could not fight back. Had she fought back and punched him square in the jaw like she had wanted to, there was no doubt that Mr. Genovese would have found a new assassin as quickly as he had found her. So instead, Kalista had made herself seem indifferent toward the situation and no one had noticed her dodging the boss. If anyone had, they were at least smart enough to avert Kalista’s gaze.

As she scrutinized the boss, Kalista could see that he was on edge about something that wasn't the raids. Perhaps, she thought, it was the family. Kalista quickly stopped herself from musing on the subject. She knew better than to meddle in family matters, especially when it came to the Genovese family.

Kalista stepped quietly out of the library, her heels making small clicking noises on the tile. As she walked along the rail, she peered down into the crowd. Clusters of rich art snobs shuffled along the floor. One group spoke heatedly about the art –which Kalista could see they knew nothing about- while another group had had one too many glasses of champagne and were laughing loudly about something or other. Kalista took a moment to chuckle at them before descending down the rest of the stairs.

Out of good manners and simply wanting to observe the various guests, Kalista decided that she would stay a while longer. Not really having many friends inside the business, Kalista reserved herself to walking through the throngs of people. In one mingling cluster, Kalista found herself pretending to be the young wife of a wealthy investor, while in another, Kalista had inherited millions from her father’s oil business. Kalista found herself sharing fake stories about her prosperity and while the group would laugh over her story, Kalista would be laughing at the fact that they had believed her.

As she hopped from group to group, Kalista made sure to keep an eye on the happenings with the business. She noticed the siblings standing to one end of the room, one seething Victoria Genovese being ushered back into the house by her son and then linking arms with her adoptive son, and a variety of other events going on. Kalista liked being in the business because it was one of the few things in life that always kept her guessing. The other associates, the family, and even the people she was assigned to kill were always interesting. As she thought of this, Kalista felt a bit of pride that she was no longer a freelance assassin and thief, but rather an ally to one of the most powerful families in the city. That not only gave Kalista recognition, it also gave her power within the world of thieves and hired guns.