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In Mafia Vita

Upper West Side


a part of In Mafia Vita, by Korrye.

Not second best, and still yet influential especially for the Mafia.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Upper West Side, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Several of the Genovese front businesses are based in the Upper West Side - namely a famous Italian restaurant by the name of Weinstein's, a 4* enterprise and primary front for weapons trafficking given the extensive basement store spaces and a tunnel system developed to conceal them over the years.
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Upper West Side

Not second best, and still yet influential especially for the Mafia.


Upper West Side is a part of Manhattan, New York.

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Character Portrait: Sienna Rose Character Portrait: Nate Hagen
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Sienna slipped in through the gilded double doors of the Blue Moon Jazz Club. She couldn't believe how it hadn't changed one single bit in a decade and a half. In fact she couldn't believe that it was still here at all!

She had walked, it had only been fifteen minutes away, like she had informed the doorman of her building who offered to get a Town Car or a Taxi for her. But she had refused. Sure, it was cold outside and she didn't have a coat but the brisk walk would do good to clear her mind, at least thats what Sienna had thought. It had actually done her little to no good.

The low base of the music thrummed through the smoky air. The club itself was quite small, intimate bathed in darkness streaked with scarlet reds and warm golds from the few spot lights above. It was hard to make out anyone's faces. Sienna took in the oh so familiar surroundings as she slowly made her way to the booth seat near the back that had always been hers. It was empty.

Sienna glided into the seat and watched the dancers moving to the slow Blues being sung and played on the small stage before them. Sienna smiled a little. She used to dance there . . . with Nate. He used to hate dancing but she could never understand why. He was a good dancer. Maybe it was because he was a man . . . or rather because he always presented the outer image of being such a solid macho sort of guy. But she knew better, on the inside, the side he never showed to anyone else . . . Nathaniel was completely different . . . or he was . . . She didn't know now. She didn't know anything about him or his life now. It was for the best.

“Ma'am can I get you anything?” Sienna a little taken by surprise pulled from her deep thoughts looked up at the pretty tight curled haired Waitress and attempted a smile.

“Umm, yes. I'll have a Scotch on the rocks with a twist.”

“Sure, can I get you anything else?” The girl asked.

“No thank you.” Sienna replied.

“I'll be right back.” The Waitress said moving away.

“Wait!” Sienna shouted as she grabbed the woman's arm “Keep them coming.” She added.

“Sure thing.” The girl answered with a knowing smile “Wanna forget tonight huh?”

“Try the past thirty four years.” Sienna's words sounded much more morose then she had ever meant them to.

Pushing back, Sienna relaxed into the leather lined cushions that lined the seating of the semicircular booth and thanked the Waitress as she placed a Snifter on the table in front of Sienna.

The liquid ran down her throat in a trail of fire heating her from the inside out. Placing the half filled glass back on the table. Sienna rested back again. One arm outstretched on the table, her index finger circling the rim of the Snifter as she stared into the amber fluid lost in her cerebrations once more.

She thought back to that time fourteen years ago when she'd asked Nate to choose. He chose . . . And Sienna never regretted the decision she had made. As much as she loved Nathaniel . . . She loved someone else more.

A mothers love was all encompassing. She never knew how instantly and deeply she could love someone until she had given birth to her Son and the Nurse had handed her the little red squishy wrapped bundle. The memory brought a smile and tear to her eyes, she'd never forget that day. She had cried so much just holding Landon. Guilt riding her, knowing all the things she couldn't give her baby boy. Knowing something was missing, that someone was missing that should have really been there. That didn't even know that the most precious thing in the world even existed . . .

And it would remain that way. It had been that very reason she had left in the first place. She would never allow her Son near violence or crime or even around anyone remotely involved in anything so heinous . . . Even if it was his own father.

And Sienna would do anything and everything in her power to protect her Son. She had done a good job raising him all these years by herself. She never had to worry about her darling thirteen year old, except for his obsession with extreme sports and a constant disregard for his own welfare, that constantly had Sienna fretting. However besides that he was the sweetest, most cheeky boy that could charm the socks of your feet.

He didn't need anyone except her. They would keep their distance from the Upper East Side and Landon would not so much as know that Nathaniel Hagen even existed. And neither would Nate know he had a Son. If she could help it, and she would damn well try her hardest, Nate wouldn't even see her.

Sienna leaned forward on the table and rubbed a thumb over the three lines inked into her left wrist. Her Son's name. The date of his birth and an inscription in French that wrapped around her slim wrist.

He was her Angel . . .


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Character Portrait: Sienna Rose Character Portrait: Nate Hagen
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Nerves still fluttered in the pit of her stomach as Sienna watched Nathaniel's face contort as he smiled and laughed at her comment. She couldn't believe those were the first words she spoke to him after fourteen years. She should be mortally embarrassed, but she felt nothing like that around him. She simply smiled, her eyes not leaving his face.

“Sorry to disappoint.” He replied, leaning forward and resting his forearms on the table as his eyes held her gaze “You look beautiful by the way . . . I didn't know you could get more beautiful . . .”

A fierce blush crept up Sienna's neck to her cheeks, made worse by the knowledge of the fact that every single word he said to her he meant. Everything he said to her was real. So much vulnerability held in that short statement. He was giving her apart of him that he gave to no one else. Which made it so much more unbearable because Sienna did not feel she deserved any thing so precious or important. Especially from Nathaniel of all people. She looked down unable to look Nate in the eyes, trying to compose herself.

“And I forgot how utterly irresistibly charming you can be when you want.” Sienna replied at length with a small smile, finally managing to look up, trying to keep the conversation light. The flush still bleaching the skin on her cheeks.

A short silence filled the space between them. Not awkward but simply companionable. They did not need to share words to understand each other.

A warm smile crept up Nate's lips eventually and suddenly his hand slid across the table and encased Sienna's. She gave a small start as if she had been shocked by the connection.

“Hey . . .” Nate said, refocusing her dazed attention on him once more “Remember how you used to teach me how to dance here? I could use another lesson, I may have gotten a bit rusty.”

“I . . .” Sienna trailed as her gaze shifted back to their clasped hands.

His calloused thumb rubbing a soft circle in the middle of her palm. She couldn't concentrate . . .

Wait. Had Nathaniel Hagen just asked her to dance?

That was an rarity in itself, Sienna marvelled but . . . she couldn't accept. She shouldn't. Dancing bred closeness and closeness led to intimacy and intimacy she could not afford . . . Not with Nathan. Not now, not ever . . .

She should just tell him she couldn't . . . that, that she had to leave. Yes, she should leave! It was the most logical thing to do because every moment she stayed here with him severely threatened her resolve.

“I,” Sienna began breathlessly as she looked up and across at Nathaniel.

His hand tightened over hers, and she couldn't seem to breath or get the words out.

“I.” She tried again but could not finish the sentence as she peered across at his face, seeing the expectation, the anticipation playing across his painfully handsome features.

Would it be wrong for one night? Sienna questioned herself. Even Cinderella had one night, so why couldn't she?!?

Because, if Sienna knew one thing for sure, then it was that this could never be. Nothing had changed. And when the night gave away to the day, then even this illusion would shatter just like the pumpkin at midnight . . . Yes, so I should just say no . . .

“I'd love to!”

Okay! So one night! Just One. Single. Night. Sienna vowed to herself . . . And then she would have to give him up, again . . . But not tonight . . . Sienna would live a lifetime in this night.

She longed to be back in his arms, no matter how much she denied it to herself or the world . . . The promise of what was coming warmed her skin in expectation.

Just one night couldn't be so wrong . . .

“And I don't remember anything about having to teach you anything.” She said with a smile and an arched brow trying to appear severe but failing completely “But I do remember having to stop from having my partner stolen by other women.”


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Katherine Pamela Dixon smiled appreciatively at the waitress as her order arrived. She'd always loved the comfortable feel of Europa, a little cafe that once upon a time, Sienna Rose had taken her to. The older woman had been babysitting, Katherine was bored, and Sienna had opted for a walk. It ended up being this amazing adventure to musuems and lunch was held in Europa. It was one of the reasons why Katherine decided to ask Sienna to join her here.

How long had it been since she last saw her babysitter/friend? Katherine honestly could not remember and it was a shame because Sienna had been a big part of her life. The woman was a mentor to the child and after she stopped coming to New York, she had genuinely missed Sienna. So, she was here and waiting to see her old friend and become close again. And get information, she mentally added but instantly felt bad about it. Katherine honestly cared about seeing Sienna, but she also knew that it was Sienna and Sienna had connections - connections Katherine needed.

You can reconnect and get info at the same time, right?

Sighing, Katherine was just about to reach for her cafe au lait when her cell buzzed in her purse. She reached in and grabbed it only to frown deeply, trepidation filling her as she realized who was calling. Her father. Honor thy father and thy mother became Katherine's mental chant as she counted to ten slowly in her head before answering the phone. Nothing good ever came from her father's phone calls and Katherine knew that all too well.

"Daddy," she answered with a bright smile, trying to feed off of the positive energy in the atmosphere surrounding her. But slowly and surely, the smile began to wane and Katherine was once again frowning. Before long, tears began to form in her eyes as her father continued to speak viciously in the phone and Katherine shut her eyes for a moment before speaking. "Just stop!"

Her shout made a few heads shoot up and Katherine shot them all apologetic glances, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear. She hated when her father called. Unless he was discussing politics or informing her of her mother's desires to visit, all he truly had to say was how much he loathed her decisions. Nevermind that she graduated at the top of her classes, nevermind that she interned at the White House two summers in a row, and nevermind that Katherine was making almost as much as him with a small inheritance from her grandparents. Everything she was doing was wrong and Katherine needed to know that. If hitting her hadn't been enough, constant verbal abuse should suffice.

"I have tried..." Katherine started shakily, gripping the phone tightly in her hands. "I have tried my hardest to make you proud of show you my potential. And each time, you tear me down as if I weren't even your child. And I forgive you...I forgive you time and time again...because...b-because I love you. I've always loved you - even when you weren't there. And I justified you not being there and accepted your absence because you made up for it. But the second I go against your wishes, I'm suddenly the one being vilified? Really?

"So, I'm done." Her voice was much sharper now, the tears drying a little. Luckily, her eyeliner was waterproof and was holding up brilliantly. "I'm done trying to explain myself to you and talk things out. If you want to continue to berate me, then I can't do anything other than prove you wrong. So, watch me, Father. Watch prove you wrong. And when I'm done and you still can't see me for who I am - if you still cannot accept me, then so be it." Katherine squared her shoulders and the cold, emotionless expression on her face would've chilled her father if her words already hadn't. "You're already losing your wife. Continue to piss me off, you'll be losing your daughter and we all know how much image means to you."

With that said, Katherine pressed the end button on her screen and put the phone on the table swiftly, eyeing it with sadness. For once, she hung up on him and not the other way around. And she should have been proud of herself. But...she wasn't. Despite everything she just said, she'd pick up if he called and she'd listen to his ranting all over again. Why? Because he was her Daddy and Katherine had always been Daddy's little girl.

Tousling her curls when she ran her fingers through her hair, Katherine picked up her cup and sipped the hot coffee, sighing at the steamed milk. Sweet, vanilla bliss filled her mouth before sliding down her throat, the cinnamon powder she asked to be added on top leaving the memory of a biting spice on her tongue. Warmth filled her belly and for a moment, Katherine allowed herself to be relaxed. Besides, she had a job to do and stressing over her father was not something she needed to be doing right now. Her mind should be concentrated on being Rebecca Pierce right now, not the overly-stressed out Katherine Dixon with familial issues. So, Katherine set her cup down and glanced at her watch in anticipation, swiping away any traces of tears. Sienna Rose should be here soon.


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Leonora Adams

She liked jazz. Well, no, she appreciated jazz. It was one of the finer things in life but not something to be enjoyed, to revel in, like the explosion of taste from the first sip of a full-bodied red, or the glee of shrieking on a rollercoaster. No, jazz was something to think about, to mull, to nod your head to. There was an act to enjoying jazz. A detachment. Truth be told, it was boring.

They played blues here most nights, despite the name, but Maurice Steijn preferred jazz. He was Dutch, so surprise surprise. He was a soccer coach, in America for scouting or some training conference or other. She knew a bit about soccer, from her father, but Mr Steijn didn't seem to want to talk, and she soon dropped the matter, settling instead into the role of ornament. The soccer coach was only 39, not long out of his playing days, and carried his still-athletic frame with confidence. Having sex with him later would be a physical pleasure, if not necessarily emotionally fulfilling.

She stretched out a lithe arm for her glass of wine; her silver bangles chimed together and Mr Steijn looked round, appearing to notice her for the first time. His eyes grazed along her exposed neck, over the tops of her breasts in her low-cut black dress. He smiled at her hungrily, then turned back to face the stage again. A man who liked to savour his pleasures, she decided.

Still, his disinterest gave her time to ponder a few things that were on her mind.

First, her apartment. She'd been trying to ignore it, but Staten Island was really too far away from campus, and from Manhattan. A two-hour commute each way ate up too much time from an already crammed schedule. It had been all she could afford under the budget she'd made out for her freshman year, and she loved the rough-and-tumble nature of the area, but now she was earning a bit more, and so could afford to live somewhere a bit more convenient to both her lives. Soon, but not yet...

Second, internships. In the second semester, everyone on her course was meant to talk some slimeball corporate HR manager into bestowing the dubious privilege on internship upon them: early starts, late finishes, thankless copying and coffee runs, and unavoidable sexual harassment. She hadn't given it any thought; passing a law firm on the way to the Blue Moon had reminded her. What was it called? Something Kass?

A firm hand crept over her thigh, down to her knee and under her dress. While she'd drifted away on her own thoughts, Mr Steijn had turned to her and found her less than attentive. This was his way of getting her attention. He leaned in, smiling wolfishly, and nipped her neck with sharp, white teeth. She swallowed and shivered, then smiled shyly at him through her long lashes. The visible signs of her arousal were only partly an act; that lupine grin had reminded her of the third thing on her mind: the predatory glare of Lincoln Genovese and, more specifically, the man from whom he had inherited such animal magnetism - his father, Jonathon Genovese.

Her reverie was broken as she was pulled to her feet. 'Come, Lea, we go to hotel now.' She sashayed across the club in Mr Steijn's wake, a familiar warm tingle spreading below her waist.