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In Pursuit of a Wanderer

In Pursuit of a Wanderer


A great war left the world shattered and torn to pieces, but humanity survived. A Wanderer travel this wasteland, and in his wake follows a piece of his past...

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In Pursuit of a Huntsman


Science had taken great leaps towards the human greatness which we all dream about. Robots, lasers and innovative non-polluting energy.
If not for the international hostilities it'd been the perfect world...
A country which name has been long lost was tired of relying on it's neighbours for the costly resource; Porallium. A material with a massive nuclear potential. Used in nearly every fission generator, found in cars, planes and even in some households! They needed the material more than nothing to stay an independent state. So they traded their honour away and made an unholy allied with the Coast Quartet. Four coastal nations with some of the most advanced missile systems in the world.
The chaos which ensued was terrible. More than 3 million people were eradicated when their allied armies marched upon the mountainous neighbours. Even more people were sent on the run westwards. Several ports were taken to ensure transport of the captured Porallium reserves. It seemed the onslaught would never end. Untill of course the Western Coalition halted their offensive with one of their own. Tanks and planes by the thousands were thrown onto the battlefield, supported by the cheap production means of the west.
The war came to a stalemate at the Covert Pass at the Ironridge Mountains in the centre of the continent. The armies of both sides were concentrated on either side of the mountain range, waiting for their chance to strike at their foes.
Today no one knows who was winning, but someone must've been pressed when the ABC arsenals were unleashed. Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons were shot from both sides, forever maiming the world.
The nuclear weapons turned the surface of the earth into a nightmarish realm, chemical bombs turned the land into a true wasteland, as the toxics seeped into the earth and left it fruitless and dead, but worst of all were the bio-bombs. Releasing airborne spores and bacteria which effectively eliminated the non-resistant species.
But that all happened 250 years ago. Much on the surface has changed since then. Not that anyone has started a catalogue over the new species. Most of the surviving humans were stoved away in bunkers, every bunker installed with a SPS, Self Provident System, meaning that water went through the same system thousands of times. Nutrients and food was grown in bioglobes, or stored in cans and vacuum packed boxes.
Most bunkers were located close to large cities, at most they were located 10 miles from the city's middle.
Most bunkers opened the 6th of December 18 years ago, when the state controlled Computer Central suddenly cut off. Left autonomously, the bunkers started opening. Thousands of pure humans rushed out into the dark Wastelands. Small tribes split off from the Bunker people who became known as Dwellers. The tribes travelled out, some settling in abandoned ruins and some living like nomads. Even though it seemed like a time of hope, it wasn't. Food was scarce on the surface, and most wildlife had mutated, developing into ferocious carnivores.


The boy Stern (Born Joshua) has just turned 16, reaching the age, where he in his society is seen as an adult. On his birthday he was given some artifacts which his father had chosen to leave him. With these artifacts was left a Virtual Map, a very valuable pre-war mechanic.
Seeing many locations on the map, he decides he'll find his father! A man known as Wanderer. And to do this, he plans on backtracking through the path his father took to the city, to find any kind of clues. With a 16 years headstart his father might have perished in the wasteland, but never the less he vows to find whatever is left of him.

Additional Information

I'm planning on having about 3 or 4 characters to accompany "Stern" on his journey through the wasteland. What I look for is skilled and highly literate roleplayer who aren't looking for hyperactive posting but after slow and high quality roleplay. I ask for this since I want to write this into a small book and upload it for free on some file sharing network.
Feel free to ask me what kinds of characters I'm the most interested in, or try and surprise/inspire me if you have an ingenious character concept of your own!

Character Skeleton
Code: Select all

[b]Looks / Character description:[/b]

[b]Clothing / Armor:[/b]
[b]Misc. Equipment:[/b]

[b]Skills/abilities:[/b] (The maximum cap is at 3, you can come up with them as you want, just make sure they're neither micro nor macro, they have to be of some use)

[b]Morality:[/b] [Chaotic/Neutral/Lawful][Evil/Neutral/Good] [[url=]Explanation[/url]]

[b][Story]:[/b] (Optional)

Toggle Rules

Please refrain from mentioning things from our "world" I'd like the setting to be as otherworldly as possible ^^

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Most recent OOC posts in In Pursuit of a Wanderer

Re: In Pursuit of a Wanderer

What! WHAT! Has there been any news? *Is still waiting*

Re: In Pursuit of a Wanderer

So.... um... how bout dem Brooklyn Dodgers?

Re: In Pursuit of a Wanderer

Hmm, figured I'll just use the Story section like a Codex. Ya know, add info whenever it's revealed and stuff. Also keep a journal of my character's misadventures. That aside, we're now waiting for you, Sir GM.

Re: In Pursuit of a Wanderer

I can live with a 14-year-old. I put the limit at 10 though, since no person would let a 10 year old kid follow them into the wastes.

About Lionel, then I think he'll be the perfect "Tech-whizz" for the group ^^

I can just redesign Joshua a little, so he can fill in what I want him to :D

Re: In Pursuit of a Wanderer

Oh, mine! Kill mi-No, no. That would be a bad thing, though his curiosity and debatable kleptomania may be troublesome... Curiosity killed the cat, right?

Well, yeah. I did. Byte made more sense to me than a name I completely forgot how I made it in the first place. That, and it rolls right off your tongue, no?

But easy rolling names aside, the fact that you said 'stay away from ten-year olds'. My character's a bloody fourteen year old brat. Too young? Or... so-so? Otherwise I'll make 'm a year or two older. Would be a shame though, because it would lack childish behaviour as comic relief. Terrible, terrible comic relief.

'Bout skills... I could enforce the whole computer-whizz on Lionel. I mean, he already has a natural knowledge of those things, maybe make it something he learned early on? Or was just interested in? Other than that, you'd need to look elsewhere for your insane alchemist junkie. "I'm sorry NarrowEye, your chemist is in another castle."

Nothing else further. I need to make a brief summary of Lionel's misadventures of course.

I can already tell this would be interesting. Now if you'll excuse me, I must return to the Byte Cave. [Insert old-school batman song here.]

Re: In Pursuit of a Wanderer

Also, on a side-note! I've read through the submitted characters (3 of them at the moment) and it seems that we have some nice enough folks for this!
If I'm really as lucky as I might just think I am, then I'll be able to start this any day soon! Which would be just fantastic!

I've also made up my mind as to which character will die :l
Jokes... I'd never consider that <.<

But if no others find this too interesting then we'll start in no time!

Re: In Pursuit of a Wanderer

Why Archlkan old chum!
Seems you've changed your online name since I last saw you!

Skills are supposed to be guidelines as to the role your character can play.
If for example you're a junkie and you've chosen chemistry, then I don't think you'd be doing scientific chemistry or medical chemistry, but the kind of chemistry where you make common household goods into drugs. Your skills won't mean that you can't do anything else, it's just what makes your character so special or what defines it's interests.
I'm interested in a Computer whizz, a chemistry specialist and a wild-card. Wild-card means anything that might or might not be useful :P

Also, yes. I did let Fallout inspire me, since I found New Vegas in my old Gamer Box and thought I'd take a run against House again :P
I won't steal their entire storyline though, I've got my own storyline figured out already. Their game builds on the fact that you're only a pair of days behind you father, here we're talking about 16 years >_<
The book will be more distinguished from the Fallout story as a whole, what I've written here is kinda sketchy.

Age limits are within the normal spectrum of a human, though I'd appreciate if you keep away from 10-year-olds and old geezers.

Pictures matter little to me. Anime and real life pictures alike are good to me. As long as you have a little description text too ._.

Re: In Pursuit of a Wanderer

I can already say that it wouldn't matter. I don't believe Narrow is picky, never has been. (Or did that change when I wasn't looking?)

Whatever floats your boat. Or character, in this case. It isn't specified anywhere, nor does the sheet ask for an image. So.. take your pick.

Re: In Pursuit of a Wanderer

Are the characters going to have real life picture or no?

Re: In Pursuit of a Wanderer

For whatever reason, I am reminded of Fallout 3. You know, the whole find your father/pure humans in sealed bunkers scenario. And let us not forget the whole nuclear war turning the entire world into a wasteland. Is there a chance we will encounter raiders? Do we have to revive a water purification system? Err... I'm rambling.

Anyway, I'm interested as well, but I'd like some insight on what 'skills' would be appropriate (Useful.) for this story. not that I have some ideas of my own, but some guidelines on what you'll actually need would be most appreciated.

Your old pal Archlkan (Not that I'd blame you for forgetting me or anything.)

EDIT: Another question. Is there a given age limit to the characters? Well, given the fact that Stern is sixteen, I'd say no, but my character would probably be a tad younger... Heh.

Re: In Pursuit of a Wanderer

I really like this Rp and will be posting a character sometime today or tommarow

In Pursuit of a Wanderer

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