Winston Chance

"In this world its not faith that saves us but defiance."

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In this world its not faith that saves us but defiance.

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Full Name: Winston Albert Chance
Nicknames:Win, Al, Chance
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthdate: April 2 1994
Birthplace: Arlee, Montana
Breed: Human
Status: Student

First Impressions

Build: Tall, slim, wiry, toned
Hair Color: Sandy blond, lighter almost white during the summer.
Eye Color:Pale blue gray
Scars or Markings: Has two large tattoos, one of a dragon on his side then one of a phoenix from hip to hip.
Brief Written Description: Winston is tall and wiry, causing many people to think he is weak when in reality he is almost scary strong. If anyone really paid attention to his swinging, rapid steps, the would see the finely toned muscles bunch and tense under his clothes as he moved. His skin, though tan from years of being outside, still holds on to a pale milky toned that makes many believe he spends most of his time indoors. Though you and fresh faced there is something rugged about the way he dresses that gives him a hard edge. Leather jackets that fit his frame perfectly, tattered and well worn dark wash jeans, plain tees in black, dark red, gray or white. Maybe the rugged edge comes from how he slouches his shoulders, or the way his hair is brushed away from his face by just his hand and water. Maybe its just simple the look of danger in his eye but no matter what it is, its there and it tugs on the girls of the schools heartstrings. He doesnt actually talk all that much so his voice is thick and rough from ill use but, its just another part of his appeal.

Digging A Little Deeper


Quirks and Faults
When Winston feels any strong emotion he has a tendency to run his hand through his hair, look down and to kick the ground with his right foot. The only difference between this action for each emotion is weather or not his hands and jaw clench, if they do he is either mad or fighting back tears. He also chews of tooth picks and straws, all the time. He actually looks incomplete if he isnt munching on something. He has a tendency to do first, think later which he is working on but so far he has barley mastered to count to ten thing and still often forgets.

+Dark Colors

-Drunk People
-Ice Cream
-The Ocean
-Abusive Men
-Annoying or Fake Girl/Women

Winston either wants to become a pilot, so he can all over the world and see things few others have ever seen. Or he wants to be the CEO of his own software company. He knows that with how he enjoys slacking off in class both dreams may never come true but both flying and technology (especially hacking) are really interesting to him and he wants to learn more and later hopefully make a career out of it.

Winston fears becoming like his biological father who was an alcoholic and was abusive. He might like parties but he has never touched a drop of alcohol and its the main reason he doesnt fight as often as he wants. He never wants to lay a hand on a woman or child outside of a loving touch but he is still worried he will end up like his father because according to his mother, his father was a very good man.

He also fears that he will die early, the men in his life have all died early, from his fathers drunk driving accident when he was thirty five, to his best friend who died of a brain tumor at sixteen. He knows that it is unlikely but still he worries about it more then he should. he is scared of death and especially of not being to see at least on of his dreams through.

Loyalty, it is probably the best thing about him and what makes him so strong. Not only is he loyal to those around him he demands it back, he is a natural born leader and people naturally come to him for help and could never see turning on him.

Has been trained to survive in the wild, basically he can track food, find shelter, is able to make weaponsh and just survive. Many people dont see this as a strength but alot of the concepts can transition to helping him where ever he is.

Winston is cocky, he doesnt take well to having to listen to someone else even if he knows that the person telling him what to do is right. He is more likely to do it his way and get hurt or fail then to listen to someone. He thinks that no matter what he does it is right, even when its wrong.

He is also very kind, he wont kick a person when their down which has come back to hurt him in the past because he gave them the benefit of the doubt. Though people dont turn on him once loyal some people just dont like him because of how he is. These are the people he trys to give second chances who hen turn around and hurt him again.

Under My Skin

|Cocky, Ladies Man, Scared, Kind, Natural Leader|

Winston has been called a cocky bastard because of the fact that he appears to think he is the best thing ever, he knows he isnt and in reality he is a scared little kid with anger issues. He hides it well though, he pulls off the arrogant ladies man thing off well and it makes it easy for him to make friends or enemies. He is a natural born leader, people flock toward him and he loves the attention. He isnt very religious and often trys to distance himself from those that are because it makes him feel uncomfortable, mostly because of his past. He is almost to kind too people, helping those who have hurt him in some way. Winston doesnt believe that pushing people away or punishing them for their crimes will fix anything, he believes that you have to show them kindness until they stop hurting you because they can only hurt you for so long before they realize that your not really hurt. His kindness, some say, goes against his cocky personality but somehow it is completely natural on him. It doesnt seem odd, if anything it seems odd when he lashes out. Which he does, when he lashes out it is random, and eruptive. Like a volcano, it happens, the mess lasts awhile, and after awhile it is over and just a memory and everything appears fine until the next time someone really pushes him past his limit.

After his sophomore year he seemed to calm down, mostly because he started to take the advice his therapist was giving him seriously. Count to ten, take deep breaths, walk away, change his rage into pity that they thought to try and make him angry. It has helped alot but it hasnt truly helped, it has simply given the person who has caused him to get angry time to realize it and run. Many people say that he is a player, a bad boy in away, he doesnt pay attention to what people say though because he doesnt really care. He is just who he is, kind, cocky, a flirty ladies man, a scared kid hiding far in his own mind, and a natural leader who for whatever reason can always do the right thing when other people are involved.

Diving Into The Past



Winston was born to Kyle and Lilac Chance, it was a home birth in their tiny two bedroom cabin in the back woods of Arlee, Montana. It was good for a couple years, Winston was raised by his loving mother and his distant father but life was good. Until his father started drinking, at first it didnt change much. Winston was left at home with his mother alot, they played games and baked cookies and his father just didnt come home some nights. Steadily it got worse though, his father would come home black out drunk and pass out or yell at his mother. It grew as time went on, it became a daily thing that his father would beat him and his mother. When he was ten years old he stood up to his father for the first time, throwing a vase at his head. Winston had to go to the hospital, two fractured ribs and a broken arm, the second time he was twelve this time he called the cops before fighting his father. He broke his fathers nose and his father ran off, crashing off a bridge and into the river below.

When Winston was fourteen he meet Mickey Sanders, they grew close in a short amount of time because the resemblance in their pasts with their fathers. Two years was all they had together though because when Mickey was sixteen he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. He only lived for six months after it was found. Having two people he cared about die so close together mentally scarred Winston to the point he jumped or flinched at any noise because he thought he was going to die. Soon that fear turned to anger and anything that scared him he would hit and lash out at. His mother tried her best to help him but she knew, between the abuse and the deaths all she could do was be there for him.

He started to seeing a therapist right before the end of his Junior year of highschool, and he was transferred into Magix Academy to get him away from his past. So far it has appeared to help, but he is still afraid of becoming his father. Winston has heard his mother talk about his father, about before Winston was born and he cant help but feel like the reason his father became the way he was was his fault because the man his mother describes isnt the man he knew. She describes a man who would bring her flowers, one who left his city life for her country bumpkin one, a man who doted on her and who spent days perfecting Winstons nursery for her. He knows that it isnt his fault, which scares him even more because who knows when he might just snap like the man who gave him half his genes?

How often do you get online?:1-3 times a day.
How often can I expect you to be able to post?: At least once a day.
Password Pt.1
"Your one odd duck."

Password Pt.2
"I was told there was going to be strippers and food."

So begins...

Winston Chance's Story

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Roza listened to Winston mumble and she smiled. At least they could agree on one thing, Sachael was much too shy to act on any of his feelings for Ellie. "Why? What do you see?" Winston asked and Roza cocked her head, analyzing the auras.

"It is strange...their auras seem to respond rather well to each other. Almost as if they were meant to be connected," she says thoughtfully. She hadn't yet mastered the art of determining what the colors meant, but she knew enough to tell that when two auras reached out to caress each other, it generally meant something.

She heard the bell ring and silently laughed when Winston asked if she wanted to go to class. "No, I do not have any intention of attending History today. I was just thinking about Aneal--that Guardian Angel? I do not know if it was a good idea to agree to those extra training sessions," she says. Again, she bites her lip, but quickly stops when she feels a spark of energy from Sachael behind her. She gasps quietly as she sees Sachael kiss Ellie gently, then deepen it confidently. She giggles and hides her eyes, not wanted to infringe on their moment. "I guess we were both wrong..."

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Ellie was just looking out over the trees, when she heard a slight whisper from the boy beside her. Before she could turn, however, she felt his fingers on her skin, and almost jumped out of her own. Jolts of energy rocketed through her and the knots in her stomach intensified as he moved in closer and closer and their lips met.

Ellie was surprised that he had done so, but didn't mind it at all. In fact, it felt perfect, like everything was clicking into place. She closed her eyes and she placed one hand on his shoulder and one on his arm that had sneaked up around her neck. She could feel his fingers in her hair, she could smell the sweet scent that lingered around him, and she thought: This is what perfection was supposed to feel like.

Eventually, after what didn't even seem like enough to Ellie, Sach pulled away, much to Ellie's disappointment. The butterflies returned, except they brought with them an energy that kept Ellie buzzing. She wanted to do it again. Sach calling her name brought her to her attention once again, and she breathed again, having forgotten to for a few moments. "Sach...When can we do that again?" She asked him quietly.


Winston listened closely to Roza as she described their auras. Winston was incredibly interested in Roza's powers, for some reason, but he thought they were incredibly cool to have. Winston always wished he could see what Roza saw, as he felt maybe he could help support her a little more, and maybe even his other friends. He sighed a little, before looking up from Roza's shoulder, and out across the trees.

Winston listened carefully to Roza's worries and woes, and smiled. "Roza, I think it's a brilliant idea to go. She could teach you a lot about yourself and what you can do." He tried to reassure her, not sure if his words were what she needed.

Roza then gasped and turned, and curious, Winston did the same. He averted his eyes quickly when he realized his best friend had kissed his crush. He'd have to congratulate him later. It was quite a feat for his quiet best friend, and Winston was proud of him for it. He had been worried about Sach for a little while now, about how sad he always seemed, but he was glad that he and Ellie were sharing an intimate moment. Perhaps it would help his best friend.

"Mmm... Good on you, Sach." Winston muttered so only Roza could hear. He didn't want to interrupt their moment together.

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"Sach...When can we do that again?" the girl beside him said quietly. He turned to face her once more, staring into her eyes, getting lost in them once again. He brushed a few strands of auburn hair out of her face and tucked them behind her ear. Then, he leaned in again and kissed her softly on the lips. A short kiss, but one that felt magical all the same. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that.." He gave her an awkward side smile that was accompanied by a slight chuckle.

Sachael covered his mouth with the back of his wrist and burst into laughter, tears forming at the outer corners of his eyes. "I'm sorry, Ells. I don't know why I'm laughing.. I guess because I've never really ever just gone for anything before.. You brought it out of me though.." As his laughter subsided, he stared at Ellie, his fingers finding the hair behind her neck again.

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Roza laughed quietly as Winston mumbled against her hair. She leaned forward, letting her toes dangle off the roof while not giving herself too much leverage that she would fall forward. "It is interesting, no? Watching our shy friend put his heart out there. It makes you want to try, does it not? Maybe there is a human down there calling your name, good looking," Roza laughed.

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Ellie melted just a little bit in Sach's arms when he fulfilled her wish of kissing again. She was practically glowing with happiness - her cheeks were bright pink, her eyes were sparkling. She didn't need Roza's help to figure out how she felt anymore. She knew exactly what her diagnosis would be. And she felt better than she could ever remember.

"Why are you apologizing? It's good to hear you laugh and, well, be happy." She smiled at him, shrugging slightly. She liked the feel of his fingers on her neck, and she draped her arms behind his neck, tracing patterns on his back with her fingertips. "I'm glad to see you happy." She confirmed, before adjusting herself so that her head was on his shoulder.

She felt safe in his arms, and she could feel the exhaustion tugging at her eyelids. Elline didn't want to fall asleep, but she found herself slipping into a more and more drowsy state. She wouldn't sleep for more than 5 minutes, she never could when napping, and so found herself drifting off.

For once, Elline didn't have a nightmare, for the first time in 11 years.


Winston raised an eyebrow, before stepping forwards and sitting beside Roza, his knees up by his chest. "Well, Miss Belikova, I must agree with the interesting part, and the proud part. I must have taught him some things." He joked to himself, not really expecting a laugh, but it was intended as banter anyhow. "But I don't agree with the human part, sexy lady." He sneaked a glance at her quickly, before looking back down at his lap, and placing his arm around the back of her, but so it still rested on the roof, although it was still close enough to touch.