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Clover Lilaen

"Test me. I dare you."

0 · 218 views · located in Post-Apocalyptic Europe, 2158.

a character in “In The Ashes Of Man”, as played by Wynter


Name: Clover Lilaen
Age: 20
Race: Toskann
Built: Clover is short, and that includes in some, her stand raising to 5 foot 4. She's nor incredibly fat, excluding also incredibly skinny, but she's more thin then wide.

Proffesion and Speciality: Current position sitting at the Doctor/Medic of her group/society, she has quite liable knowledge in the medical category. Being a Toskann, her natural intellectuality in details helps her to see very clearly and specifically wounds, or whatever the given crisis is, and know almost immediately how to treat them. Without RegenX as a suppliable resource, which is easily accessible, she cant have the instant healing process some seek. But Clover has adapted to coping mechanisms, and she can permenately or temporarily, and efficiently, deal with problems thrown her way.
Specializing as a sabouteur; this Toskann can be helpful on the battle field, but only in solitary locations, and only as much as she is possibly capable. In a point-blank fight, though, she knows hardly much dealing with weapons.

Intelligence- 4
Agility- 2
Perception- 4
Resistance- 2

Appearance: Clover.
-Hair; Clover has light brownish-red hair, of which is very long, measuring down to her waist.
A ponytail is what she usually wears it in; a high one, because it allows her to be more agile while excluding hair flying everywhere. Not exactly perfectly straight, her hair is slightly, ever so slightly wavy/curly.
Light white is her skin color; ivory, if you wish. Though it is not pale-vapireish white, she is nothing to the sort of tanned, leaving her light-skinned.
Clover's eyes are yellow-green-gold, if that can describe it. The over-bearing, mother color subsiding to that of green makes up the majority of the tone, though the others, yellowish and gold, are still mixed in as evenly as allowable.

Clothing: Usual attire includes a black, or any color really, tank-top; it's easily moveable, and the lower section, pants, of her clothing are most commonly jeans, because again, their easily moveable and can be replaced slightly quicker, if needed.

Personality: Clover is not the shy type of female; she's not afraid to speak her opinions, nor approach someone in her group of which she doesn't know as well.
But, she also isn't stupid. If someone is obviously pissed off; she's not going to work at them just to anger them further.
Falling into the latter of either letting someone die, or saving them; she's compassionate, and will give what she can to people, of whom she is close with, to make sure they are alright. But she would never strip off everything she owned, valuables and all really, to help someone else. Clover will help, but she wont put herself in fatal danger to do so.
She's gotten this far alright; no need to screw it up.

Fears: Bugs. Insects. Of any kind at all; they are repulsive, disgusting, creepy, ugly, annoying little things.
Clover's second fear is being burnt alive/caught in a burning building, etc. It scares the hell out of her.

[Equipment Sack.]
-9MM , 45. calibre handgun.
-Week supply of rations.
-4 days worth of water.
-a blade.
-1 change of clothes. (shirt, pants, shoes.)

History: Clover was born. She lives. And, unpreventable, she will die.

So begins...

Clover Lilaen's Story