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a character in “In The Concrete Jungle”, as played by Collapse


New York, New York

This story focuses on the lives of the tenants living on the fifth floor of the apartment building at 304 W 14th Street, in Manhattan, New York. This particular building is located on the border of the West Village and Chelsea, and is approximately a fifteen minute walk from both Union Square Park and Washington Square Park. The building isn't the nicest, so at least once a month, you'll probably be knocking on the building manager's door about a leak, pest problem, or utility issue that you know will never be fixed, but considering it offers decent, livable apartments in one of the most expensive cities in the world, it's not a horrible place to live either. It's a walkup building, with no doorman or elevator service, though there is a keypad at the front door of the building as a puny security measure. Pets are not permitted in the building, and it does not offer any services such as a rooftop area, gym, or swimming pool. However, on the block and in the surrounding area are many restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, and schools.

The building has seven floors of apartments, with ten apartments per floor. The majority of them are single, one bedroom apartments, with a few studio apartments, and two and three bedroom apartments in the mix. Studios generally run around $1500 a month with a kitchenette/bedroom and bathroom per apartment. One bedrooms separate the bedroom from the kitchen/living room, and also have one bathroom, and run around $1800 per month. A two bedroom apartment, with two separate bedrooms, a kitchen and living area, and one bathroom will run you $3000 a month, and a three bedroom apartment, fitted with three separate bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and living space will cost approximately $5000 a month. The fifth floor consists of a mix of all four of these apartment types.

Apartment 5A:
Apartment 5A is a two bedroom apartment, being occupied by three males. They each moved into the apartment eight months ago, and did not know each other before connecting through a Craigslist adding and moving in. Since then, they've become good friends, but like most roommates, have their pet peeves about each other. (FC: Harvey Newtown Haydon) is (23-29) years old, works a shaky job, and more than occasionally has to lean on his roommates for help with his share of the rent for that month. It's not like either of the other two are millionaires, though. (FC: Daniel Sharman) is a college student, currently trying to finish his degree at NYU, while working part time. He's lucky that he has his parents to help support him through college, but he has no idea what he wants to do - or what he's going to do - when he graduates at the end of the year. (FC: Max Thieriot) is a different story. He always seems to have enough money on him... but no one really knows how. He's never been able to hold a real, stable job, and aside from rent money, he seems to spend every last penny he has on drugs and alcohol.

FC: Harvey Newtown Haydon | Age 23-29 | OPEN
FC: Daniel Sharman | Age 21-23 | OPEN
FC: Max Thieriot | Age 21-26 | OPEN


Apartment 5B:
Apartment 5B is a three bedroom apartment. The first of the three rooms is occupied by (FC: Alexandria Morgan). A lot of people don't know it, but she's a girl who comes from a rough upbringing. She ran away to New York City when she was only seventeen years old with dreams of becoming an actress. She got her wish... sort of, and has been starring in cheap, low budget porn films ever since. They don't pay as well as the roles she'd actually like to have, though, so on the side, she works as a waitress at a coffee shop across the street from the apartment building.

The second bedroom is occupied by (FC: Jhene Aiko) and (FC: Ariana Grande). They're not biological sisters but were raised together and think of each other as being the closest thing to family that either have ever had. After (FC: Jhene Aiko)'s father was sent to prison with (FC: Ariana Grande)'s mother a year ago, (FC: Jhene Aiko) assumed custody of (FC: Ariana Grande). With her father and his drug money gone, they were evicted from the house they were living in in Queens, and the sisters were homeless for a month before (FC: Jhene Aiko) resorted to prostitution. One of her clients happened to be the building manager, and between her favors to him and her other work, she's just barely scraping by to keep the two of them afloat.

The third bedroom is occupied by (FC: Keke Palmer).

FC: Alexandria Morgan | Age 21-29 | OPEN
FC: Jhene Aiko | Age 21-29 | Taken by Bandit
FC: Ariana Grande | Age 16-18 | Taken by Writer
FC: Keke Palmer | Age 21-29 | OPEN


Apartment 5C:
Apartment 5C is a three bedroom apartment. It was originally only occupied by (FC: Lindsay Ellingson) and (FC: Sean O'Donnell), a brother and sister pair who grew up on the Upper East Side with their father, after their mother passed away in the 9/11 attack. (FC: Sean O'Donnell) is currently a student at New York University, while (FC: Lindsay Ellingson) is currently living the life as a trust fund kid, not feeling the need to go to school or get a real job yet. In agreement with her father, she agreed to take a part time job and live in the apartment with her brother, since her father refused to buy her her own apartment in the Upper East Side like she wanted. Six months ago, (FC: Diego Barrueco), an old friend of hers, became homeless with his girlfriend (FC: Amber Heard) and (FC: Ash Stymest), and asked if they could use her and her brother's spare room for a few weeks. Six months later... and they're still living there, with one room being occupied by (FC: Lindsay Ellingson), the other by (FC: Diego Barrueco) and (FC: Amber Heard) and the last by (FC: Sean O'Donnell) and (FC: Ash Stymest).

FC: Lindsay Ellingson | Age 21-25 | OPEN
FC: Sean O'Donnell | Age 18-22 | OPEN
FC: Diego Barrueco | Age 24 | Taken by Collapse
FC: Amber Heard | Age 23 | Taken by BurningBridges
FC: Ash Stymest | Age 21+ | Taken by Cure

So begins...

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