Salvador Ibáñez

to kill the pack you have to become part of it.

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age twenty-three | role gilded | alliance the rebellion


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father ulisses - mother xoara - sister marelaine - ex lover rosa de la torre

The Ibáñez young men and women have a long history of being chosen as Gilded. The family primarily resides in rundown suburbs by the western coast of the United States, sustaining itself from its restaurant business, enough to keep them living under a roof. Unlike most people in his family, Salvador's parents refused to allow Arcadia to take their son away, not after their firstborn daughter was ripped from their arms as soon as she turned eighteen. Instead, they pretended to have lost Salvador during childbirth and didn't register him into the system. Salvador grew up hearing the stories of the monstrous things done to children and youths who became Gilded-- of how they never saw their family again and the tortures they endured.

For years, Salvador lived in the safety of his home, working in the restaurant's kitchen and unable to leave the house except for once a year. During that very special day, he watched the night sky light up with the colors and sounds of fireworks, celebrating the day when the Republic was created. To him, it was like watching the sky on a sunny day. For some time, the memory of that yearly night was enough to keep him dreaming for the rest of the year.

As with every person, there came a point in Salvador's life when he began to see his parent's protective actions as incarcerating and began to sneak out of the house. At first, his fear of the unknown roads brought him back home after a couple of blocks, but soon, he wandered farther and farther away from home. He learned how to navigate the streets without being seen and enjoyed watching the starry night sky from low-hanging roofs. One day, he saw a sight he would never forget.

She was beautiful and just as invisible under the cover of the night as he was. She was a couple of years older with golden curls and ebony eyes. Her name was Rosa and, like him, she had lived her whole life hidden and scared. They began to meet every night, exploring the streets and their skins until they could navigate them with closed eyes.

It was Rosa who taught Salvador almost everything he knows about the Republic and the Gilded System and, most importantly, the Rebellion. As he began to learn everything, he felt seeds of anger grow within him. It was a feeling he had not known before. He began to hate the system like never before but, more importantly, he hated the feeling of impotence as he watched his parents mourn his lost sister and live in fear of making the smallest mistake that could have him caught.

When Salvador asked Rosa to take him to her leader, she refused at first. A couple of months passed before Rosa finally led him to Her. She had no name and no one had ever seen her face, but she was the wise leader they all worshipped. Salvador too fell into the spell and began to conduct small missions for her, mostly consisting of fetching supplies since he was still brand new. One day, Rosa told him that she had been given her final mission: become a Gilded. Horrified, Salvador tried to change her mind. They loathed the system-- why leave when they could have everything they wanted here, together? Rosa told him that she always knew he wasn't as loyal to the Rebellion as he proclaimed; to be sent into true enemy territory was the greatest honor. It meant ripping apart the wolf pack from the inside.

The couple spent their last night together and the following day, Salvador came clean about his involvement with her and the Rebellion for the last couple of years, hoping to find support in his parents. Hearing of their son's outings, Salvador's parents became angered, feeling that their son had been ungrateful for all the sacrifices they had made to keep him safe and telling him how his sister didn't have the same privilege.

That day, Salvador left the house and never went back. He went in search of Her and asked to be put into the Gilded system. She smiled behind her mask and trained him for the next couple of months, always reminding him that the Rebellion would be grateful for his contribution. On his last day, Salvador visited his parents. He promised them that he would bring Marelaine and Rosa back and that he would make sure that they would never have to fear the system again. That was the last day Salvador saw his parents.

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patient - avenging - brave - romantic - asocial

Growing up alone save the company of his parents, with no external forces to disrupt his day, Salvador grew to be a very non-confrontational and quiet child. His days were not market by time like normal people but rather by the jobs required around the kitchen. He learned how to wait for the dough to rise and for the stew to cook a much as he learned how to deal with the busy hours of breakfast and lunch. For all of it, patience was required and Salvador learned soon enough the importance of it. He was patient with himself as he navigated the streets at night, he was patient when learning everything that Rosa had to teach him, and he is patience as he works from Arcadia to bring down the System as he slowly and very carefully infiltrates his knowledge into servants and other Gilded.

Salvador is a romantic; it could be seen in the way his eyes lit up everytime Rosa caressed his cheek and sung to him in his ear. It can be seen in the way he sacrificed his life to see her again one day. It can be seen in the way he craves touch and touches with both a firmness and gentleness, despite hating his never-ending craving for love.

During the many social functions he must attend, Salvador often stays by his master's side. He knows that most in Arcadia are not to be trusted and patiently waits, watching and examining, as he searches for allies. Aside from using it as a source of information, Salvador dreads social functions. He spent his whole life in the company of one or two people at most and socialization leaves him worn out.

The fast pace, the alcohol, the lust and desire, the acting and betrayal-- everything that makes up Arcadia disgusts him. Sometimes, Salvador questions whether he made the right choice to risk it all with the hope of bringing down a system that is so corrupted and integral to the current society. It is his thirst for justice and love that drives him forward.


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