Avallon Anne Goldwin

"This whole place has gone to hell.."

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Avallon Anne Goldwin

"Call me short and it will be the last thing you ever do."



Throwing Blades
Hidden daggers
Bow and Arrow



"Duh do you not have eyes? I'm clearly no guy."

19 | 5'1"


Delirious [Dih-leer-ee-uhs]
1. Affected with or characteristic of delirium.
2. Wild with excitement and enthusiasm

"In simple terms I'm just too crazy to handle."
Ava is the kind of girl that laughs at the most random moments, has times were she's hyper one second and extremely depressed the next moment. She always finds some way to turn things into a mean of entertainment. Ava has always been the kind of girl that strangers called immature while her friends called her spontaneous.

Ava's bubbly side has an opposite though. Avallon is paranoid schizophrenic and is nearly always fighting off the rash voices inside her head. Along with her schizophrenia she also suffers from insomnia which effects her mood most times causing her to seem lifeless, drained, and extremely aggitated.

Physical Description

|Eye Color|
Avalon's eyes are a light jade color, yet in certain lights they seem to be a bright ocean blue.

|Hair Color|
Ava has long straight violet hair that falls just below her waist. Her bangs are unruly and always seem to fall into her face.

Avalon has always had a very slim frame. The girl just barely breaks a hundred pounds and, at first glance seems so thin she could snap in half.
Don't let this fool you though, because Ava's body composition is almost pure muscle.

|Skin Tone|
Avallon has a milky white skin tone with a pretty shimmering appearance to it. No matter how hard she tries the only way she can get a tan is if it's one of the cheep spray on tans, but this doesn't bother her.

|Distinct Markings|
Avalon sports several different piercings and tattoos.


Avallon was born into a rich family with one twin sister named Nyx. Her mother was a world famous actress and her father was a successful C.E.O Unfortunatly for her, the two of them were always gone. Never giving her and her sister the loving attention a mother and father should. Instead, the two of them a nanny to care for them, but the problem with this was that the nannies were always changing. She'd have one nanny for a few years, grow attached, and then she'd be fired or quit. Avallon could have anything in the world but the one thing she wanted. Attention.
At twelve, her mother was murdered and the family was thrown into an emotional period of grief and pain. On top of it, the press was all over the family, allowing them no privacy what-so-ever. Stories were made up about her mothers death, claiming that the beautiful young actress had been involved with drugs and gangs. While none of them were true, they practically destroyed the Goldwin family's reputation and her father was crushed. He lost his job within the year and was forced to stay home.

The first two years after her mothers death were hard. Nyx and her sister had to practically drag her father out the door every morning to his new job as a waiter. But finally the two girls and their father were getting time together and growing closer. He had been a wonderful hunter before their mothers death, and taught them everything he knew. Two months after the twins had turned fourteen, her father fell ill, and, without their former money, they were unable to pay medical bills. He died within the year, leaving poor Nyx Goldwin and her sister alone. In his will, Mr. Goldwin left her his hunting equipment and his wedding ring. Her sister got their mothers wedding ring and half of the equipment.

After a speedy funeral, Avallon and her twin were forced into the foster care program and separated violently, tossed from family to family. Never belonging anywhere.

While Nyx found homes easily Avallon stayed more in group housing systems due to her constant fighting. Finally she was put into a home and no matter how hard she tried to get out of this family they would not let her go. In her eyes they were controlling her so she acted out. She had gotten involved in gangs and drugs, the exact things that tore their family reputation to shreds. In the end she was nearly killed by a gunshot during a gang fight. After the shooting she found another way to rebel against her foster parents. She became everything they despised. And the family had been feuding up until her parents were killed by the infections.

So begins...

Avallon Anne Goldwin's Story