In the eye of the Devil

In the eye of the Devil


Children, children gather round, for you are about to participate in the most extravagant happening since the apocalypse of 2114!

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The year is 2312, our post-apocalyptic world is very much a large, raving, glowing night club.

From the sirens that paint their bodies with radio-active, glowing sludge and seduce young men into their beds to kill them, to the illusive vampires who hide in the shadows of alleyways. But most importantly there is Saint Andrew, or for short, Saint An, you know like Satan? Come on, kid you gotta keep up with me or you'll never survive on these streets. Saint Andrew is our 'president', but between you and I he's more like a dictator, and the only ones who live in wealth or anywhere that isn't a box or a dumpster are his "children". So in Lehman's terms, the vampires, demons, sirens, and kiss-asses. Furthermore, stay away from Saint Andrew, or you'll regret not hiding from him.

Now, there's only one city that humans can still inhabit. City 10291, aka The Projects, and rumor has it, the Originals called it New York.

The Originals are the people that lived on earth before the apocalypse. The few humans that are left are called, Livers, they are the pure of heart, the intelligent, or people like me who were just in the right place at the right time.

You still paying attention, because what I'm about to tell you can save your life. Never, and I mean NEVER, enter another species territory without being invited. It's just not done ,unless you want to be killed, in which case feel free to bounce your happy, living, sun-loving self into a vampire's pent house or alley. If death is not your wish, stick with your own species. If you're a liver, stay with the livers, if you're one of the mutated 'children' of Satan keep your yucky, cold, stinky, mean self far far far away from us.

Oh, and then there are always the poor souls with mercury poisoning, or who received a wee bit too much radiation when the sun exploded. Those people, well they can go both ways, they can either have gained some amazing power, or went completely bonkers.

In short, the only way you'll survive here is to either be one of the mutated, a kiss-up, or hold tightly to the few of us humans that are left....

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