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Lydia Houston

"They're people too... Right?"

0 · 171 views · located in The Kingdom of Luno

a character in “In The Kingdom of Luno”, as played by Just Sayin'


Full Name- Lydia Zhade(Pronounced like 'Jade') Houston
Nickname- No one has ever given Lydia a nickname before, besides her father; he called her "Lyddy," that is before he passed two years back. She likes to give nicknames though, but does so rarely due to the fact that she gets attached to someone way too easily that way.
Gender- Female
Age- Twenty-one; and she has an upcoming birthday in a few weeks.
Role- Master Five
Who's Your Captive?- TBD
Love Interest?-
Personality- Lydia is a very, very outspoken woman. She's always been under the control of her mother, and has hardly any room to think for herself. Don't be fooled, however, she is highly opinionated, but has learned over the years to keep any snide comments to herself; they do her no good. She is an intelligent girl as well. When she is not caring for her ill mother she is off in the study, burying her nose in a good book, or having a quill in hand. Lydia likes the times she can actually venture out on her own, she is a grown woman, after all. In her free time from her home, which is usually in the late hours of the night, she likes being outside, nosing around the forest; most of the time looking for something to get into. Those time do not last long before she must get back to the house, which is more like a prison in her case.
Lydia Houston knows her place in society, that's for sure. She's a "lady" and she should act so in public.. She should never speak unless spoken to.. And bite her tongue at all costs. Always be polite to men, nod in agreement if you cannot think of anything nice to say, always smile.. This is what her mother taught her. But does she listen to these ridiculous rules? No, no not really.. Lydia has been able to really hide her sarcastic nature around the opposite sex. She finds them amusing, and most definitely annoying. How they walk around with their head held high, thinking they're invincible. Pompus. That's what Lydia calls them.. To their face. Can you imagine the shock? The horror that had etched itself upon her mother's face? Lyddy found it absolutely delicious.. That is, until she was slapped across the face by a rough, worn hand. She has never called a man an awful man again, not to their face that is, naturally.
Have you ever seen a real competitve woman? Well, if you haven't seen Ms. Houston then you probably have not! Lydia is an extremely competitive person. She hates being out done. Once their was a "neighbor" that lived down the street that had the biggest crop garden imaginable. She would not have it. Lydia sent all day, from the early morning hours till dusk out in the families crop garden, plowing, planting, and so on. She's stubborn. Once she sets her mind to something it will get done. It's just her way of things; a trait she picked up from her father. She also got her humor from her dad as well. Lydia loves a good laugh.. If you can get a mere giggle from the girl she'll be a loyal friend for life.. More revealed through-out the role play. Sorry it's a bit sketchy..
Likes- 1. Fruits; when Lydia was a kid she use to eat strawberries all day. Her mother said she feared the girl would turn into one herself!
2. The Night Sky; that's one her favorite things to do when she is allowed out of the house at night. She loves to gaze at the stars, and even count them. She's counted up to three hundred before, that is until she got confused and frustrated.
3. Rain; especially springtime showers. Lydia loves to walk around in the rain, it just makes her feel good, feel alive..
4. Animals; she's always had a thing for animals, her favorite being a dog. Not too long ago she brought in a stray, a Great Dane. She named him Pablo, and he's been a part of the family ever since, even against her mother's wishes.
5. Archery; before her mother fell ill(the illness unknown), Lydia liked to go out in the backyard, where a large elm tree sits, and practice her archery. It's a skill her father taught her, and she has to admit.. She's got quite an aim.
6. Writing and Reading; these are something Lydia has enjoyed for a long time now, it seems, ever since her early teen years when she got a private tutor. She's always had a passion for writing, and as for reading.. She likes being carried off to a different time and place. She likes reading poetry too, finding it beautiful; she writes her own poems as well.
7. Painting; it's something she picked up from late childhood on. At first, of course, it was big mashes of blobs and slop, nothing able to be recognized. Then it went to poor attempts of painting a horse. Now, however, Lydia is proud of her paintings, and so is her controlling mother. She likes to paint people and scenary, whatever catches her eye and intrigues her.
Dislikes- 1. Being Controlled; Lydia has been controlled since the day she could walk and talk. She's been told how to think, feel, and converse. Now, being a woman of twenty-one years old, she's sick of it!
2. Anger; she hates being yelled at for doing something wrong, scolded. It's another reason why she hardly ever takes a step out of line. Dear Lydia is a little too sensitive, crumbling when mother gets mad at her.
3. The Part Of The Day When It's Extremely Hot; Lydia likes the summer time, because she adores swimming. Yet, when she was younger there was one incident where she stayed outside for too long out in the heat.. And passed out. Ever since that day she's been afraid of passing out once more. Silly, maybe, but she is..
4. Being Looked Down Upon Because She Is A Woman; this is probably the quickest way to enrage Lydia and get a rise out of her. She hates men who think they're better, and would rather spit in their face than anything else. In her eyes anything men can do a woman can do better.
5. Snakes; when she was little she picked up one thinking it was a worm. Biiggg mistake.. It bit her! Thank God it was just a garden snake, and was tiny. None the less, all snakes make her skin crawl now.
Your Thoughts on Lycans?- Lydia has never had a reason to hate lycans, but she surely does not understand them. They.. Pique her interest to say the least. It's interesting, how a being that looks so human can same their mentality with an.. An animal. However, Lydia Houston loves animals, especially dogs, and wolves are apart of the canine family. Lycans, she has to admit, they make her nervous. All that power..
Everytime she thinks of Tohopka her skin crawls. She's heard awful stories about the years when he was in power, it seemed to be a dark time for human kind. Yet, when she sees the lycans being treated badly she wonders if humans aren't just as bad.. Of course, she would never say anything aloud about the matter. Lycans are lycans.. It has been that way for years now. Lydia wonders if it will ever change..
You can imagine her surprise when she was told she was to buy one...
Appearance is Description- Lydia Houston stands at 5'6" with a slender, curvy build. She's not petite, nor large, she is fit and all together healthy. Her skin is gently tanned from the time she has spent outside, with very few scars. One that is the most visible resides on the right side of her lightly curved jawline. She received this as a child, running about outside where she tripped, her chin meeting a jagged rock harshly. The girl is clumsy. Her hair is long, due to the fact that she refuses to get anything done with it besides a trim here or there, and hangs promptly at her waist. Instead of the standard curls or leaving it simply straight it flows in a cascade of blonde, natural waves. That hair of her's is thick as well, being so she wears it in a french braid more than half the time. Her eyes are one of her most striking feature. I say this because many do not have these types of eyes. When she was younger she hated the "attention," the gawking, but now she simply over-looks it. Lydia has two different colored eyes. Her left eye is a pale, mint green, and her right eye is dark blue, like the depths of an angry see. Due to this, Lyddy has a problem with eye contact. Wouldn't you?
Bio.- I'll add this soon, and let everyone know when in OOC. =)
Theme Song- Secrets-One Republic
Other- Loyalties Broken
Lydia never wanted to get in the whole Lycan/Human mess, and planned on keeping her nose out of it. By this, she was not going to "buy" a lycan, nor bring up the subject to a soul. However, when her mother found out she was going out into the woods late at night, she forced Lyddy to go to the sale and "get a dog." Lydia pleaded with her mother, told her that Pablo was enough. But noo.. Mrs.Houston would not take "that load of garbage" for an answer. She knew that she was sick and going to pass soon, and wanted to make sure her daughter was safe.

So begins...

Lydia Houston's Story