Cassia Faith

"Don't screw around, get straight to the point"

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a character in “In Time Reborn”, as played by KatriannaValcore


Name: Cassia Faith
Sex: Female
Actual Age {Must be over 25 unless your the Youngling. then must be under 25}: 15
Look {Picture or Description}: Cassia has very short blue hair, almost boy short. She always wears a black and white baseball cap, she has a black leather jacket on that only goes to just below her breasts, underneath the jacket is a dark blue t-shirt with a black skull on it. She wears black trackpants and never wears shoes, only a pair of black socks.
Description {If theirs a picture, Describe any thing not on the screen}:
Social Status: {Poor, Rich, or Average} Average
Skills {Every character gets three main skill. Must be humanly possible, no God Modding}: Running, fighting, very good at hiding
How much time you have left at the start of the game {if you Chose to be a bad person and kill for time you may start with an extra 2 years}: 10 years
Secret Obsession: Red Wine

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Cassia Faith's Story