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Lindsay Finch

"When life gives you lemonade, add vodka." ~SMALL WIP~

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a character in “In Violet Blues”, as played by xLevesquex


Lindsay Finch
|| Lindsay Marie Finch || 21 || June 16th || Heteroromantic/Bisexual || #FA58F4 ||


  • Flirting
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine (mainly coffee)
  • Studying history
  • Partying and dancing
  • Stories
  • Reading minds
  • Clothes and makeup
  • Shopping
  • Watching old movies
  • Most food
  • Religion
  • Being told what to do (especially by her dad)
  • Hearing awful thoughts
  • Her father
  • Not being dressed up
  • Her job
  • Being kept in the dark
  • Routine
  • Being at home for too long
  • Her father
  • Anything bad happening to Rosalie
  • Settling down
Height and Weight
5' 7" and 114lbs.
Everyday Appearance
On a normal day, Lindsay keeps her hair down and styles it either by curling it, waving it or straightening it. She likes wearing clothes that are in style or are very fancy and switches up her style a lot. When in public, she almost always wears tight clothing. So, tight jeans and leggings are her normal go to for pants and for tops, she switches between tight t-shirts, long sleeved shirts and things like that. To ensure that she's still stylish, she likes decorating herself in accessories and jewelry as well. Lindasy often wears long earrings or hoops (the only other piercing on her body is belly button) and many dangling bracelets around her wrists. If she isn't wearing one of her scarves, she'll decorate her neck with necklaces. Lindsay loves wearing makeup and won't be caught in public without it, so she always has makeup on too. Finally, she almost always wears something on her feet that has a heel.

Romantic Interest
|| Blunt || Cunning || Manipulative || Independent || Addicted || Flirtatious || Sassy || Pessimistic || Charming || Confident || Elegant || Affectionate || Sensual || Picky || Protective ||

Throughout her life, Lindsay has made it her ultimate goal to go against anything her father says. Even from a very young age, Lindsay would scream and throw fits under the care of her father and be the complete opposite when around her mother. The reason for this is because no matter what lies her father told Lindsay and the rest of her family, she always knew what was really on his mind; being telepathic and all, that sort of thing has never been too uncommon for her. When she was very young and couldn't control her powers, she'd get horrible painful migraines when she went out in public because the voices of everyone would overwhelm her. She'd even get headaches if too many people were in her room at once. Although she tried warning her mother without really telling her about the ability she posses, her mother continued to stay with the crazy man. That's why she hated her younger sister Rosalie for the first five years of the girls' life; she didn't understand why her mother would want to make an abomination with that man. However, after their mother died, she realized that Rosalie was really a blessing in disguise and the young girl reminded her of her deceased mother, so she grew to love her.

After her mother's death, Lindsay started acting out like crazy. The reason behind this was because she hated her father (obviously) but there was another reason that she's never shared with anyone, not even her siblings. At her mother's funeral, through all the voices and the awful headache she had, her father's hateful voice was the loudest. "She deserved it. After what she's done, that woman is surely going to hell." This thought horrified her to no end and only fueled a stronger hatred for the poor excuse of a man. Although Lindsay never really found out anything further than that, she still suspects to this day that their father played a big part in her death. To rebel, she'd wreck havoc in classrooms, scream in public and knock over tables in church. Most adults in the town secretly hated Lindsay for how "satanic" she acted but the younger generations all thought it was hilarious, since she'd only do it if it was to spite her dad.

Her brave and careless behavior gained her friends and popularity in school and this continued up until high school. However, in high school, she was exposed to a whole new world of pot, cigarettes and alcohol. The girl dabbled with other drugs in her freshman year, but after a horrible acid trip, she dropped that and stuck to the easy things. She'd often purposely come home reeking of marijuana to piss off her father and simply laugh about it in his face while secretly fearing the terribly violent thoughts he always had about her. He'd always lecture her about how a woman should spend most of her time in the house, serving the men and other traditional views. However, again, she'd go out of her way to spite him and would wear revealing clothing, stay out five minutes past curfew and never stay in the house.

While Lindsay had been hit by him before (more times than she would admit) for acting out, the first time she really got a beating from him was when she was fifteen. During this time, her younger sister had run away from home and she knew it was because of her father. Lindsay was worried sick and angry at her father, because she knew he was the reason that Rosie ran away. So, she had snuck a girl in, not for sleepover purposing. More for fucking purposes. She knew it was risky, but figured they'd just argue for a bit and he'd storm off and pray. However, that was not the case when he walked in her room uninvited. He grabbed the other girl by her wrist and threw her to the floor; to which the girl quickly gathered all her clothes and bolted, leaving Lindsay alone with her insanely religious father who just caught her committing a terrible sin. He had grabbed Lindsay by her throat and smashed her head up against the wall. Honestly, the poor teenager thought she was going to die from lack of oxygen and he probably would've killed her from either brain damage or suffocation if her older brother Mason hadn't come in and rescued her. She still doesn't know to this day how he got the feral man off her, but a few minutes later when all the black spots had cleared from her vision, her breathing returned to normal and the ringing in her ears stopped, she was in her bed with Mason sitting at her side. Mason brought her to the hospital to get much needed stitches at the back of her head and told the doctors some lie on how she got the injury.

After that incident, her headaches came back a lot more frequently and she had a lot less control over her power. Lindsay started to seriously fear her father and while she still did things to purposely make him mad, she stuck to little things like leaving the house a mess and not showing up to church. When the preacher realized that he could control Lindsay with severe violence, he started getting more physical with her. It didn't stop her, but she started hating her life more than she ever had before. She turned to drinking and found herself losing the urge to eat anymore, making her very skinny. Lindsay started choosing alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine over food and that bad habit has stuck since her teenage years. For about a year, she'd often stay in her room instead of going out as often as she did before. Of course, she still enjoyed partying and whatnot, but her depression often prevented her from leaving the house and would choose to hang out with her siblings over her friends. One night, Lindsay found the courage to bring herself to a party. This decision proved to be a bad one.

At 3am, she was sneaking in and her father just happened to be getting water from the kitchen at that exact moment. A sinking feeling appeared in her chest and she knew something horrible was about to happen and they started viciously screaming at each other. Honestly, the last thing she wanted to do was wake up Rosie but she was screaming loudly almost as a cry for help, to Mason. Last time she was getting beat, he came to her rescue and she wanted the same thing that time as well. Lindsay was terrified of her father, she knew he was capable of murder. She just knew. Instead of her hero coming down the stairs, little Rosie came in between them and before she knew it, he had done to her what he did to her two years ago. He didn't quite slam her head against the wall several times, but it was still just as bad in her eyes. This shocked Lindsay, because he hadn't ever hurt Rosalie much before. Actually, she couldn't recall the last time he had done anything to physically hurt her. A sudden burst of courage arose in Lindsay and she shoved him back, screaming in his face and pointing into his chest. Just as he was about to get physical with her too, her hero finally came in between the two. She knew that Mason would solve this problem, so she grabbed Rosalie as fast as she could and ran upstairs with her. The two sisters locked themselves in Rosalie's room and wound up talking all night. After hours of deep talks, for the first time, Lindsay revealed that she had telepathic abilities and Rose admitted that she suspected that she was a half-species.

Despite fearing her father, Lindsay never moved out of the house after she graduated because she had vowed to her sister that she'd stay until she graduated as well. Lindsay also didn't want to leave Mason so soon, since she looked up to him so much. So, Lindsay got a job as a bartender in the local bar and worked a second job as a waitress in a 50's styled diner. Despite her working so much, she refused to pay rent and only bought things for herself, friends and siblings. Her father often got angry at this, but there was no way to get her to pay unless he stole her money; which was also impossible to achieve, as her money was all locked away in the bank that he didn't have the combination for. Lindsay still loved partying, but most of her friends left as soon as they graduated and the ones who did stay were heavily addicted to drugs or just jobless losers that she didn't want to hang with. So, she just worked her ass off and made a bunch of money for when she finally escapes. However, her willingness to work hard was put on pause when her hero was murdered.

The gruesome scene was described to her and it put her life entirely on pause for one month. She quit both jobs and stayed in the house all the time, unless she went out to get booze and smokes. At that point, the only thing keeping her alive was Rosie. At the funeral, she got one of her headaches again from all the thoughts of the people around her but similar to her mother's funeral, one angry, hateful voice stood out the most. Her father. "He deserved it. After what he's done, that boy is surely going to hell." The same thought he had at her mother's funeral. That day, she threw up and ended up leaving the funeral early. She went back to her house and made the decision to go back to work and promised herself that as soon as she could, she'd get her and her sister out of that horrible place and they'd be financially stable. Her anger drove her towards her goal and she begged for both jobs back, thankfully getting what she wanted.
~She's an alcoholic in denial
~There's a scar on the back of her head from her father's abuse
~Lindsay has depression


So begins...

Lindsay Finch's Story


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#, as written by Airy






People tend to talk in a little town; your personal business can never be truly personal until you learn the precise art of hiding one’s skeletons in the closet. If your house is invested with mice, then by god, you can count on the community of Violet Blues taking it as a personal attack on every single inhabitant. You can't even get a divorce without the townsfolk choosing definitive sides and the church trying to condemn you to eternal damnation for not staying with a man or woman who already treats you like you’re in hell. If your lucky, sometimes people tend to ignore the obvious and stay in their oblivious little superlative bubbles of southern small town perfectionism, but that’s only with darker more uncomfortable matters to which people would rather not have their names associated.

Of course, if your name is linked with those dark things, no one has an issue in discussing it to your face or to others more truthfully opinionated thereafter.

Sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. I can’t imagine what your family is going through right now, especially considering you were the one who discovered the god awful mess.” Rosalie, as gracefully and with only a slight tightness to her tone interjected before Patty Jackson could spiel on even more uncomfortably, saying, “thank you for your condolences, I’ll pass them along to Lindsay and my father.” This was, of course, a lie. She knew Lindsay might just brush it off having heard enough apologies, and Rosalie wasn’t quite sure her father would even take the time of day to listen to her relay the message. Rose herself didn’t necessarily care for all the apologies and casserole dished foods she acquired within the last month since her brother had passed. There was no need for apologies. Mason was murdered, and unless the people who offered these repeated apologies were his killer, she didn’t particularly think there was a reason or need for the countless atonements. Rose finally thought the relentless pitying looks and comments had stopped, but Patty had only just come back from a long work vacation a few days back and the news was fresh to her. Patty’s husband Jim patted his wife tenderly on the hand, as if trying to console his wife. Truthfully, Rose knew Patty would be more ailed at the news of the affair her husband had when she was gone then the murder of Mason. The affair wasn’t well known news in Violet Blue’s yet, but it would only be a matter of time.

Jim softly shook his head in prig disbelief as he murmured to Patty, “found him right there, splayed across the altar table. It was a vampire you know." Rose stifled a small smile, ignoring the 'splayed acorss the table' comment. Clearing her throat slightly, she stated as happily and normal as she could manage, “We don't know if it was a vampire, I don't beleive it was. Let me get both of you some more coffee," Rose turned promptly on her heel to go help to other customers she had to serve in the final hour of her shift at Davie’s Bar and Grill, a poor rendition of a 50’s style diner. Truthfully, the theme was only executed in the odd colors and furniture, as well as the mismatched vintage server’s uniforms, but that was because it had only recently come into a new owner. All Davie had done since acquiring the bar after his mother passed a year back was renaming it, changing the menu, and doing some mismatched repairs that worked to counteract the 50’s theme. He always says that once he has the money he will change it up into a more modern version of a diner, but until then, Rose is stuck wearing the old fashion pink uniform with a white apron tied around the waist, while Davie stood behind the bar sticking out like a sore thumb due to his seemingly endless supply of cowboy hats and flannel shirts.

Rose stopped once on her way to grab the coffee pot, but that was only because a man at a table who she’d never seen before had stopped her in order to grab something as well -- her ass. Rose didn’t have the time or patience to listen to the man utter his crude comment, as instead she instinctively and extremely quickly pried his hand away and twisted it in her own crude way behind his back. She did it rather suddenly and with a surprising amount of strength, so the shock and the squeal of pain the man let out was obvious. Rose didn’t like causing scenes, most especially when there were children in the diner, so in haste without letting go of her painful grip, she laughed as sheepishly as she could manage and said out loud, “oh dear, I am so sorry you spilled coffee on your lap!” She was very discreet in hiding the painful strain she was putting on his twisted arm. To anyone who might see past her, they would safely assume she had a friendly hand on his back. Leaning further in, she whispered in the man’s ear low enough that no one would be able to hear it, “now let me go get you the check, I fear you may have to leave to put ice on your injury,” her tone sickeningly sweet. The man struggled a bit in order to release his arm, but with every tug and pull it would only cause him more pain. Instead, he gave a hard look toward Davie, challenging him to help him as he was the customer, but Davie made a notable point of turning his face away, whistling a little tune as he did.

Rose finally dropped his hand and without so much as a second glance, went on her way to get a coffee pot and the mans check.

As she approached the Jackson’s table once more, she overheard Jim state rather hushed and bitterly, “I really hope Pastor Finch has replaced that altar table, It’d be disgusting – Oh, thank you Rose.” Rose simply poured the coffee, giving the married couple no signs to let them know she overheard their previous comment. She went to turn away, but suddenly Patty reached out to grab her arm, asking abruptly, “Rosie, would you mind looking after Charlotte tomorrow at seven? It’s another date night.” Rose brightened a little at that notion. Charlotte was their seven-year-old daughter, one of the many kids she baby sat. She much proffered her company then her parents. “Of course, I’d love to. I haven’t seen her since you and her went on that trip, It’ll be nice.

After dropping the check off at the clearly disgruntled, yet a little petrified man, Rose took off the waist apron and handed it to Davie. It was nine at night and her shift was finally through. Making her way into the back kitchen, saying friendly hello’s to the cook and his assistant, she went into Davie’s office to slip over the pink uniform an overly large cardigan, which previously was owned by her brother. She also grabbed her bag. Now she simply had to wait for Lindsay, before reluctantly going to her house that she wouldn’t exactly call her home.


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Lindsay Finch

Lindsay cursed under her raspy voice and sniffled as she went through a box of things in her deceased brother's room. After he died, Lindsay often found herself in Mason's room going through his things and imagining where he would've gone in life. She liked to think that one day, he'd get out of this shit town and find somewhere better for him than Violet Blues. It had always seemed to her like he was daddy's little slave and absolutely hated that he was so calm and obedient towards their father. When she became more angry than sad, the young woman realized that it was time to leave his room.

Lindsay set his box down on the floor and got up off his bed, sniffling and wiping away the tears on her damp face. As soon as she exited the room, she slammed his door and made her way down the hall to her own room to reapply any smeared makeup before she went out to get her sister from after her shift. When she sat down in front of her vanity and looked at her reflection, she found that her makeup was surprisingly in place and only had to touch up her mascara. After this, she grabbed her black leather coat and left her bedroom.

A last minute decision was made to not take the truck when she saw her father walk through the door, as she wanted to get out as soon as possible. He made quick eye contact with her before looking away to close the door and take off his coat. Lindsay simply slid past him and left through the front door, not saying a word more to him.

So exhausted.

This thought came from her father's mind and she heard it just before shutting the door behind her, causing her to scoff.
Yeah, I'm sure you're just pooped, you old fuck.
She muttered as she made her way down the porch steps and into the cool night. Lindsay checked her phone for the time as she walked and it read 8:52pm, meaning she had enough time to get to the "diner". It wasn't so much a diner anymore, but Lindsay had been used to calling it that for her entire life so she stuck with it. It normally took Lindsay about ten minutes, so she'd be barely late.

While Lindsay walked, she liked to read the mind of passer-by's but the streets were more populated in the day time. Even then, a lot of people were making the choice to either stay inside or drive after her brother died, since everyone seemed to think it was a vampire or a pack of vampires. And everyone knows that vampires are at their peak in the night. Lindsay simply rolled her eyes at this thought and huffed a loose strand of hair out of her face. Of course the racist, old assholes of Violet Blues blame everything on something they don't even understand. Sure, it isn't crazy at all to assume that his cause of death was a vampire, all the blood had been drained from his body. However, Lindsay knew better and she knew that her dad wasn't as innocent as everyone thought he was. Finally, some young couple walked by holding hands and she decided to read their minds.

I don't think I've met this girl yet, she's probably real nice!

Is that... Lindsay Finch? Oh, I totally boned her in high school. Hey, didn't her brother bite the dust?

Lindsay couldn't help but snort in laughter and actually recognized the guy. Calvin Boyer, he's two years older than Lindsay and she could tell that they were both going to stop and talk to her, so she played along.
Calvin, good to see you again! I thought you left Violet after you graduated?

Yeah, but my fiancee and I decided to move back. How have you been?

Lindsay chuckled bitterly.
Oh, just fantastic. This your fiancee?
The blonde nodded cheerfully and flashed off her ring.
How cute. Hey, blondie? Calvin likes it when the girl's in control, so do it in cowgirl and you'll be set for life.
With that being said, Lindsay marched right through their locked hands and continued on with her hands in her pockets.
Hope you have a great marriage!
She inhaled and exhaled strongly with a smile on her face. Nothing made her happier than taking out her emotions on hopeless people.

Lindsay finally arrived at the diner, minutes after 9 'o' clock and immediately made her way to the kitchen in the back.
Well, hello there, handsome.
Lindsay saluted Davie as she walked past him, earning her a swat and rolled eyes. She laughed it off and pushed open the kitchen doors.
Hey boys, where's Rose at?
Without looking up from his food, a cook replied with:

Davie's office, waitin' for you.

Thanks, pal.
Lindsay patted the man's back as she walked by him and towards Davie's office. She knocked lightly before walking in and seeing her sister.
Let's go, Rosie, I don't want my clothes to smell like grease and mid-life crisis.
Lindsay was clearly poking fun at the middle-aged chef who one day suddenly quit his job as a bank teller, partied all of his money away and wound up working at the diner to survive. Mean jokes and insults weren't uncommon with Lindsay Finch, especially when she was in pain.


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#, as written by Airy






Rosie sat in the single wheeled office chair behind Davie’s desk, swivelling back and forth distractedly as she stared up at the ceiling. She would go out and wait for Lindsay behind the bar with Davie like she had most night shifts, but in all honesty, she just didn’t want to be bothered by anymore pitying glances her way from the Jacksons’ or else she might very well reconsider babysitting Charlotte so she could avoid the five minutes of company she’d have to endure tomorrow before they left on their date. It was like she’d reached her daily limit, which was shocking even to her.

Bringing her legs up to her chest, she wrapped her arms around them and let her head rest on her knees. The cardigan she wore still had the lingering scent of her brother, and it made her feel more nauseated than comforted. The idea that his body was lying dead in the ground while the cardigan he once wore breathed more of his life than he did was too revolting and unfair to her. Still, she wouldn’t cease to wear the cardigan. It was the single thing she wanted from him before his father gutted the house of any of his things that hadn’t already been snatched up. The cardigan wasn’t anything of great value -- she was fairly certain he bought it for five bucks at a thrift store, however, it had carried sentimental memories. In any good memory Rose remembered of Mason, he wore the very same cardigan. Whenever Rose had been under particular stress and in need of comforting, he’d wrap it around her like some sort of blanket and it always gave her the odd feeling of protection and security. She knew it was stupid to think that way as it was a silly notion brought upon by memories, but nonetheless, it made her feel like he was still around. That was an even more idiotic notion than the one before.

Rose lifted her head as she heard the door click open and the familiar voice of her sister filled the small office. Rosie gave her a bright smile before standing up and walking over to her, commenting in a slightly scolding tone, “Lindsay, you should be nicer.” Giving her a small playful poke on the side, a small smile crept up on her face as she added, “one day when you're older, you’ll party away your money and have to move in with me to survive.

As she walked into the kitchen, she heard the chef stifle a laugh in the form of a cough at Rosie’s comment to her sister before he composed himself and looked up at the two sisters, a boxed container in each of his hand. “Here’s for the lack of lunch you ate today Rosie,” he stated, passing her the presumed greasy food in the box. Opening the lid, the smell of the very rare burger made her smile wider. She had skipped lunch, but it was simply because the diner had an odd flurry of people coming and she didn't have time to escape. “You know just how I like it, thanks Daniel.” The cook just nodded his head with a smile, before passing the other container to Lindsay. “You should eat as well. God knows you both don’t feed yourselves properly.” Patting the cook on the arm, Rosie thanked him once again before moving herself out of the kitchen.

Going over to Davie, he gave her the nights tips she was owed and she shoved the cash in her bag, intending to go over just how much she’d made later. “You guys be careful walking home,” he commented, his eyes resting on Rose then shifting over to Lindsay. Rosie rolled her eyes, before teasingly saying, “I think Lindsay could scare off a bear, we’re good.” He rolled his eyes mimicking Rosie's previous action, but she could see he was trying his damned hardest to suppress the smirk quirking up the corners of his lips. Turning to walk out the door, she caught the movement of Patty and Jim Jackson getting out of their booths and aiming towards Lindsay and herself. Wanting to get away from any more emotionless babble about Mason, she gave her sister a knowing look before exiting out of the diner, hoping Lindsay would follow.

As she stepped out into the fresh air, the air that surrounded her carried a warm breeze that made everything feel peaceful. She’d always loved the summer. Yes, winter was pretty too, but the cold always bothered her a little more then the heat. Turning around the face her sister, she began walking backwards, the container of food still clasped in her hands. “Can we go sit somewhere or walk around for a bit before we go home?” she questioned curiously. She was still a little drained and she knew if she had to face her father he would just make her feel even more sickeningly worse. “I want talk to you about something.” It wasn’t anything serious, but it was something Rosie and Lindsay had discussed on multiple occasions.

Rosie was turning eighteen very very soon, and despite hoping to start college in the fall, she desperately wanted to save her money to be able to move out to afford a place with Lindsay somewhere far away from their father. As soon as she was a legal adult, there was no stopping them. Rose had barley spent a dime of the money she’d earned working her job, and she’d kept quite a bit stashed away. It’d be enough she thought to get them they’re own place, even if it was a crappy little one-bedroom apartment. Hell, Rose would sleep on the floor to get out of Violet Blues.

Turning back around, she continued walking side by side with Lindsay.


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Lindsay Finch
Lindsay pretended to put thought into her sister's words and shrugged with a
, all while deciding she'd continue to be a dick. The sudden poke jumped her into action and with Rose's teasing words, she returned a sharp poke at the small of her back, her fingers lingering on the strangely suspicious fabric of her cardigan.
If only I had normal people left in this town to party with, I could get started right now.
Lindsay found it less funny when she heard "grease and mid-life crisis" try to smoothly laugh at her and had to contain her eyes before they rolled off of her head.

While Lindsay didn't exactly dislike the man, he often treated her nicely, but since there was little to nothing wrong with this guy (seriously, he didn't even have any fucked up thoughts) she just continued to pessimistically judge him on his past, even if he learned from his mistakes. Lindsay smiled guiltily at him, knowing just how much shit she gave him mentally and behind his back to her sister, especially in her time of hard-ship when she was most horrible to people. She graciously accepted the gross, grease pillow with cow stuck in between it and gave him a silent thank you with a nod and her eyes. The thing with Lindsay is that most food really turned off her taste buds and a burger was one of them. While she always graciously accepted them from Daniel, she'd leave them in the fridge for Rose or her dad later on.

While following behind Rosie, Lindsay finally recognized who the cardigan belonged to and bit down on her bottom lip to stop it from shaking. She missed her brother so much and missing her brother always reminded her of the last time she was in mourning, when her beloved mother died. Although it was only at this time in her life, she had her mind set on despising Rosalie, she still felt jealous that her little sister seemed a little closer to her mother than Lindsay herself was. However, she wondered if that was because she was always more independent than her precious mother wanted her to be. That's one of the reason's why Lindsay liked being around Mason so much, he understands (or understood) that she was wild and free and didn't like relying on anyone, and Mason somehow knew exactly how to work with her tough personality. So does Rosie, which she's thankful for.

Lindsay was too busy looking at the cardigan on her little sister's shoulders to react to the bear comment but as they walked away from Davie, it registered in her mind and she grinned at the comment. While walking towards the door, she got a look from Rose that said "let's get out of here" and she used her ability to pinpoint which asshole Rosie was trying to avoid, then heard the familiar annoying thoughts about Mason that came from both Jacksons and had to hold herself back from running out the door. Lindsay personally didn't understand why her baby sister still babysat for those two, they were annoying as hell. Lindsay used to babysit for them as well, a good eight years ago but when they discovered from other townies that she was a "bad kid", they immediately came up with some garbage excuse as to why they didn't need her services anymore. But Lindsay didn't care, she never did. Who needs anyone in Violet Blues anyways.

For a few moments, they walked in silence before Lindsay's sister broke said silence with a question and Lindsay nodded as she pulled out a pack of cigarettes from her pocket.
Yeah, not like I'm in any hurry to get back to that shit hole.
Lindsay stated with a bitter chuckle with the a cigarette between her lips as she packed away the rest of the cancer sticks. She stopped mid-lighting her smoke when Rosie stated that they needed to talk and got worried, she wasn't quite sure why, but her worries were subsided when Rosie's thoughts were about moving from Violet Blues. Lindsay knew that her sister probably wouldn't appreciate that she was reading her thoughts, so she continued lighting her cigarette, inhaled and said
Yeah, what's on your mind, Rosie?
Lindsay grinned at her ironic wording.


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Image"I shall not see the shadows, I shall not feel the rain;
xx.xxxI shall not hear the nightingale sing on, as if in pain:
xx.xxxAnd dreaming through the twilight that doth not rise
xx.xxxnor set, haply I may remember, and haply may forget."
xx.xxxxxxx - Christina Georgina Rossetti ;; #e31616

Mattias was fully prepared for a verbal lashing, the door closed on his face, or a quick punch to his face - and was fully prepared to state his case - and it was because of thoughts that he didn’t expect a spiteful, ”You motherfucker,” followed in quick succession with a hug. He dropped his brief case in order to wrap his arms around his younger sibling and murmured a quiet, “I’m sorry.”

They let go of each other, and as Alexander went to collect himself Mattias could only watch. He noted that his brother was still five inches taller than him, and his face had a certain gauntness to it that made Mattias weary. Last he had heard from him, Alexander had quit killing others to sustain his own life and began stealing. It wasn’t the best solution, but it was one that made Mattias slightly less guilty.

“I’ve missed you too,” he smiled and pushed his glasses further up his face, ”And I’m here to ask for your help.” Matters ignored the other questions to get straight to the point, and silently berated himself for doing so.

Remembering he had dropped his briefcase he had a motion to pick it up and brushed the dirt off its leather exterior. Inside were files about the murder of Mason Finch, and Mattias was hoping his brother would help him on the case. It was not that he needed his brother’s help, but he wanted to spend time with him. Although, if pressed to admit it he would rather lie.

“The investigation unit sent me here to solve the murder of a boy named Mason Finch.” he did think to include the supernatural part, but everything was semantics to Mattias. “Have you ever heard of him?” It was a question Mattias was ninety percent sure of he knew that answer to, but decided to ask regardless. In the small town of Violet Blues nothing ever escaped anyone.

A small beep made itself known to the pair and before Alexander could either deny or accept his request Mattias grabbed his arm, shut the door to the house, and pulled them both down the overgrown path. ‘Damnit, if it hadn’t been for that girl and the cabs earlier.’ They were now late, and he hadn’t even had time to explain more to his brother about the case.

Their uncle Al’s house - now Alexander’s - was on the outskirts of the city and Mattias would have taken a cab, but oddly enough whenever he had asked them to drive out they promptly told him no. He even tried to pay extra, but to no avail. It made him curious what was out there - aside from his brother.

Mattias made them both run until they reached the first shop of the city where he purposely made a large huff of exhaustion. He wasn’t really tired, but he needed to put up an act of normalcy. People were always watching, even when one thinks they’re not.

“We’re going to Davie’s Bar and Grill,” he finally said knowing his brother had a question or two about the whole ordeal. “There are two sisters, and one of them works there; her shift ended fifteen minutes ago.” Matters did not bother giving an explanation as to why he knew the younger sister’s schedule, but pointedly looked at his briefcase instead. “She’s one of the side suspects.”

It was not likely that either sister had anything to do with the murder, however he could not rule out the possibility. Years of being a detective made him wise to innocent facades.

They reached the diner just as two females walked out, and with a quick glance to his brother signaled his intention. Keeping a safe distance the brothers followed the sisters as they conversed and Mattias made a mental note about every little action they did.

Watching suspects without them knowing was one of the most pure ways to analyze a person. It is when they feel the most free, and true to themselves. Even when they’re hiding something there is less restraint than when talking in an interrogation. It was only natural, and Mattias wanted to observe them as quickly as possible before rumor of his arrival spread; for then they would all be put on edge and he would not truly see them for who they are.

He could only wish his brother had the same thought process as him and would not yell out something absurdly stupid like, “Hey, you’re the Finch sisters correct?” No, they would be too ridiculous even for him.


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"I've missed you too," Mattias smiled and adjusted his glasses. Without answering any of the questions Alex had pent up for so long, Matt pulled up his briefcase he dropped. "I'm here to ask you for help. The investigation unit sent me here to solve the murder of a boy named Mason Finch. Have you ever heard of him?" A beep alerted the both of them, and Alexander was suddenly dragged out by Mattias into the real world. Alex had the tempting urge to pull away and stop them on the path back to town, just to ask every single question he could, again. Maybe it'd get him to answer. Maybe it wasn't the right decision, either. So Alex receded into running next to his brother.

"We’re going to Davie’s Bar and Grill. There are two sisters, and one of them works there; her shift ended fifteen minutes ago. She’s one of the side suspects." Matt explained, after letting out a huff, as if he were tired. Alexander was unsure of whether he could actually be tired, or not. As far as he knew, Alex had never been tired from physical exertion. It wasn't as if it mattered anyways, because everyone around him knew Alex was a vampire. The little amount of people who lived near the outskirts of town were staring, specifically at Alex. There were a few occasional glances at Mattias, as to ask why he was hanging around the vampire.

Davie's Bar and Grill was an old place. It smelled strongly of cheap coffee and greasy bread, but the dusty exterior with the words painted in a semi circle on the window reminded Alex of all the years ago he came to the town. The building used to be a barbershop, but that didn't stop new people from moving in when it was out of business and turning it into a grill. The owner was new, but he still changed the name of it to his own.

Two girls walked out, talking to each other. Alex assumed that they were the sisters they were supposed to be following, as Mattias indicated them with a pointed glance. The brothers began following behind, with silent footsteps. Alexander had only ever seen the deceased, Mason Finch, in passing. The girls, he had seen plenty of times. He knew for a fact that they were close to each other. The cardigan the younger one wore smelled very slightly like her brother's. It had been washed several times, Alex recognized it from the few times he'd seen Mason.

The few people whose smells he could not recognized had moved in within the past year. Alex recognized it all. Who had been sleeping with whom, who had been eating garlic for breakfast (the garlic thing is a myth, but he still hated the smell of peoples' breaths after they ate garlic), and if it was recent, who was hugging whom.

"So," breathed Alex, leaning closer to Matt to whisper in his ear, "as a random pedestrian... you wanna tell me what you've been up to all this time? It's not uncommon for people to talk about what they've done in the past." Personally, Alex wanted to fuck it all up for his brother, and start flirting with the two girls. Again, he was tempted to. But he smiled at his brother, and continued to silently follow them.

But as suspects? Both of them had to be innocent. They were close knit siblings. All three of them. There was rarely a day that one of the siblings had lacked the smell of the two other siblings, from hugging each other good-bye, off to work or school. Alex also admired them as the few people who never glanced a second time at him. None of them personally knew him, but Alex was personally very happy at the strange acceptance he was receiving.

Of course, he didn't quite care enough to talk or get close to them, but as a person who had always been living his life as a pariah, it was nice to live in a town for a while and not get second glanced at. Eventually, everyone figures out that a vampire isn't normal. Basic things, like eating and sleeping. They don't have to have jobs, and if they do they're really trying hard to blend in. It starts as a rumor, but eventually gets either confirmed or denied. If it's denied, people still don't stop talking and they stare as if it had been confirmed. But nothing like that has happened yet, nor are there too many vampires floating around town anymore after the murder. None of them wanted to get lynched by mob mentality, if it ever got to that point.

After having followed for a sufficient amount of minuets (in Alex's opinion), Alex said out loud, tapping on one of the girl's shoulders, "Excuse me, I know I haven't been too close to your family," he hoped it'd catch their attention, "or that I even know you personally, but as a person who's lived a pretty long life I'd like to extend my condolences to you and your family-"

Apparently it wasn't only their attention he caught. Everyone who had heard the confession turned around to stare at the vampire with eyes full of spite. Nobody liked vampires.

"Get out of here," he could hear people from across the street mutter.

Alex blatantly ignored it, knowing the older sister's weakness for alcohol (she reeked of it), "If it's of any help, I'd like to offer you two drinks. Or lunch. Or anything, actually."