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Riley Bunting

"They hell is going on with me?"

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a character in “In Your Mind”, as played by Ahim



Preferred Name: Riley Or Ray

"Any of these are good, I'm chill with either.

Gender: Female

"Pretty Sure, I'm a girl if you can't tell.."

Age: 20

"I know I may look younger but, it's true"

Position At Work: Desk Worker

"Not the most fun job but I like it.

Physical Appearance:
Riley stands at 5'9, long flowing black hair. She usually wears nice clothes to work, she can't stand being uncomfortable there and those clothes are her comfortable ones. She has Brown eye's, no body art. She has contacts but has glasses for the night time. Riley usually where's sneakers or boots depending on her mood. He wears two bracelets and on necklace to work everyday. One ring which her grams gave her before she had passed away.

Riley is the kind of person you find working on her laptop in a coffee shop with a warm sweater on with sweat pants, boots and a coffee. She's very laid back and chill with anyone and everyone. She loves music and in her free time she plays piano and guitar even sings a little here and there. She's a loving person and tends to help those in need before herself, she feels helping other before yourself can result in a healthier life style and better health. She Isn't the kind of person to pass by someone on the street who looks down or even poor. She'd take them for something to eat and get them a hotel room and check in on them every once in a while.

Mental State:
Riley's mental state is very calm and controlled

+Comfy clothes/furniture

-Loud noises
-Lots of work
-Cold rooms
-Bitter people

Life Outside The Office:

Ray's family includes her older brother, a mother and a father. Many of her grandparents have already died and has caused her great pain from her losses but she pushes on in better hopes

Ray has many friends those to which she still talks to consists of maybe four good friends. Her girlfriend(s) Jamie, Rose, Ashley, And Callie Her guy friends consists of one his name would be Jason.

Her past before working at the office would be an attempt at an art career which failed, also as a waitress. She couldn't find the one job she liked the most until she came to work at the office. Her family as been very supportive with everything that's has been going on in her life with all the unexpected family deaths and her trying to keep up a good rep at the office and everything.

Her relationships are pretty slim she only dated one boy in high school for about 5 mouths and came to realize that she didn't really love him, it was just a high school crush and now she wasn't really into him so she called it off. The boy still does love her but she keeps her distance.

Her habits are going on an online virtual world sometimes, but others include music and art. She's always been fascinated by them both but her addictions would have to include her favorite show; Charmed. And coffee of course.
Anything Else:

FC (Real People Only):
Chrstina Grimmie

So begins...

Riley Bunting's Story