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Mckenzie Autumn Peters

"A true leader is one who is humble enough to admit their mistakes."

0 · 596 views · located in Redwood Grove

a character in “Incandescence”, as played by Night-Wish


"Don't let me see you doubt yourself. You can do more than you think you can just trust yourself."




Full name:
Mckenzie Autumn Peters

Kenzie, Kenz, Mic



Birth date:
April 12th

Birth place:
Redwood Grove

Shadowed Creek

Role in Pack:

First Impression



Hair Colour:

Eye Colour:

Scars and or Markings

Wolf Form:
Mckenzie's wolf form is average for a female werewolf. Her fur is a creamy white with black markings. Though her body as a wolf may look slimmer, she has enough muscle to take down and fend off anyone who may attack her. Her eyes in human form are hazel however in wolf form the become lighter and can be described as a sea foam green, or a green/turquoise

Going a Little Deeper

Sensitivity: Mckenzie is a rather Empathetic person,
she knows when someone is upset, angry, confused etc.
Even if they don't state it out right she generally knows.
She tries to keep everyone calm in stressful situations,
and is well known for her kindness and compassion

Speed: Mckenzie is unnaturally fast even for a werewolf.
You would have to catch her before you do anything to her
whether good or bad, and as others have learned
its not an easy task.

Forgiveness: While some may label this as a good thing
In Mckenzie's case it can be a downfall.
She believes that people change, and deserve second chances,
she may forgive a person one to many times when they really
don't deserve it.

Family: Mckenzie more than anything wants a family.
Though the pack has been more of a family to her than anything.
She one day wants to get married, have a fairytale wedding,
have a loving husband, and children of her own.

To be the Best she can Be: From the moment
Mckenzie took her fathers place as Alpha she has
wanted to be the best Alpha she can be, she wants
to be a leader who makes all the right decisions for
her pack, and keeps them safe and together.

Quirks and Faults
Hands tremble when Anxious: Though she may
hate to admit it, when Mckenzie gets anxious or nervous
her hands tremble and shake, the more anxious she is
the more she will tremble.

Hides her Feelings: As Mckenzie has stated many
times before, the well-being of her pack members comes first,
she keeps her own feelings locked away from others,
and has a bad habit of pushing people away if she believes
she will hurt them in anyway.


Lilies||The Pack||Full moons||Cuddling||Children||Puppies||Kittens||Tea||All four Seasons||The Woods|| Late Nights|| Movies||Candy||Running||Sunsets||Warm places with beaches||Camping||Hiking||The outdoors||

Fighting||Dishonesty||Worry||Being to hot or to cold||Cruelness||Lack of Sympathy||Threats to her pack or anyone dear to her||Sadistic people||Crying||Failing||

Under the Skin

Mckenzie is all in all a down to earth peaceful person who would prefer to be snuggled up in a blanket on the couch. Though her life hasn't exactly been the best she trys to keep a smile on her face and a smile on others faces as well. On occasion her insecurities and worries get to her and she wonders if she really is good enough for those who need her and are around her. Though she stayed away from pack life most of her childhood, she found a comfort in the pack when her father seemed to become more depressed and blame her for his sadness, that was a rough time in Mckenzie's life and her pack was there for her. After embracing that she wouldn't be quite normal as she had been trying to be, Mckenzie became a happier more cheerful person. Though she struggles sometimes with what the right decision is for her pack they always stand behind whatever she chooses. Trust is perhaps another things that doesn't come easily to her, she trusts the members in her pack and thats about it. Though she prefers to keep fighting to a minimum she will snap and get fairly angry and protective if anyone threatens anyone she holds dear, and may not be as forgiving in that case.

Into the Past

Mckenzie was the only born child to Joshua and Michelle Peters, who were also the Alpha's of the Shadowed Creek Pack, you could say that Mckenzie's fate was sealed the moment she took her first breath, she was going to be the next Alpha. Mckenzie for the most part had a normal first few years of life, her mother wanted to keep her away from pack life until she was at least six, unfortunately her mother didn't live that long. When Mckenzie was five her mother and her were in a "Freak accident" her mother was killed instantly and to everyones surprise young Mckenzie had survived. Her father however was not so convinced that it was just a "Freak accident" That took Michelle, he thought it was the other pack but never confronted them.


As a young girl Mckenzie knew what she was but stayed away from pack life as much as possible, she preferred to be at home then in the ranks of the pack; but when her fathers depression grew she was about eight and he began to take his anger out on Mckenzie she settled down into pack life where she was supported by the other children who would become her pack, but she never saw them that way, she saw them as her friends a family she never really had, at this point she saw her father on occasion but spent most of her time alone or with the other children, playing games in the woods that surrounded Redwood grove.


A few weeks after her sixteenth birthday, Mckenzie's father had mysteriously disappeared, no one in town or from the pack had seen him in days, four days later his body was found by the river, he had been murdered but the case was never solved. With her Father dead Mckenzie was officially the Alpha, she had taken control of the whole pack, because she was young she learned along the way, and is still learning, sometimes she questions decisions and turns to pack members for help, but not matter what she decides they have always stood behind her. Mckenzie's main goal now is to keep her pack safe and together, she's not sure how she is going to do that with the elders predicted war of species, but she is determined to.




Michelle Mikayla Peters
Age: 36
Date of Birth: April 4th
Date of death: April 14th after Mckenzie's fifth birthday
Cause of death: Car accident

Joshua Nathan Peters
Age: 38
Date of Birth: May 18th
Date of death: July 9th
Cause of death: Murdered

So begins...

Mckenzie Autumn Peters's Story