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Dominick Cobb

The Extractor

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a character in “Inception: Aftermath”, as played by affliction


Name: Dominick (Dom) Cobb
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dom is around 6'0", with blue eyes, and slicked back blonde hair. He also has a stubbly goatee. Like all the other team members, Dom has an aficionado for suits, even in reality.
Personality: Ever resourceful and aware of his surroundings, Dominick is great under pressure, having had to be in his line of work. He is shrewd and serious when business is at hand, but always puts the safety of his team first. In the original movie, he is portrayed as a broken man, plagued by memories of his dead wife, Mallorie, but now he has finally come to terms with her death, he is a much more vibrant character, able to enjoy a life he once thought impossible.

Skills: He is a skilled extractor. He is also quite a conversationalist, and laces his speech and actions with deceptive gambits. An example of this is when he twists the truth of the team's reason for drawing Fischer deeper into the dream levels, and again when he draws Ariadne into the world of shared dreaming without her knowledge. Like Eames and Arthur, Cobb also can be seen to be highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, evasive tactics, and sharpshooting. He managed to disable multiple projections in the Hotel bathroom and in the mountains. He also seems to have advanced intrusion and stealth training, as evidenced by his expert navigation of Saito's complex in the beginning of the film, as well as the silent neutralization of the projections in that complex.

Weapons: Beretta Px4-Storm (w/Removable Silencer)
Suppressed Blaser R93 LRS2 Sniper Rifle
Suppressed SCAR-L 5.56mm Assault Rifle with EGLM Underbarrel Grenade Launcher

So begins...

Dominick Cobb's Story