Maeve Carey

No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are, life is always winging it.

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No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.

Basic Info

Name: Maeve Ivy Carey
Nickname: Maven
Age: 21
Champion of: Dionysus

Baileys Irish Cream
The color purple
Marlboro 100's
Being surrounded by people

The color yellow
Being alone

Exposed spaces
Losing everyone


Eye color: Green
Hair: Brunette dyed blonde
Height: 5'4"
Weight/Build: 120 lbs / Slim
Scars/tattoos/piercings: Nose piercing, scar on right temple, tiger tattoo on right shoulder blade, sleeve on left arm, and raven with flowers on right thigh.


Maeve is the Champion of Dionysus, the God of Wine, Ritual Madness, and Ecstasy. As such, her powers are particularly capricious.

Intoxication—When at her fullest power, Maeve has the power to numb the minds of those around her up to a 200-foot radius. However, it affects everyone inside the circle—friend or foe.
Insanity—Since Dionysus had such a dual nature, Maeve has the ability to stir a crowd or group of people into a blind rage or a blissful stupor. This power depends on her mood.
Chaos Manipulation—At her most powerful, Maeve is able to manipulate probability and reality itself. This allows for her to mold the world around her, but always in a state of entropy. She isn't powerful enough to level buildings, but she can submit a few guns or minds to ruin at this state. However, this power is very taxing, and leaves her physically and mentally exhausted.

Maeve never quite thinks straight and has a constant, slightly intoxicating effect on people. This effect normally only makes people in a 6-foot diameter feel good and slightly buzzed, and people within 3-foot diameter at her weakest. Besides that, she is exceptionally charismatic and easy to talk to, which makes it very easy for her to convince people into doing her bidding, or simply luring someone into a prank.


Maeve's mother was absent for most of her life; she left her dad when Maeve was 7 years old. Her father, Corbin Carey, turned to drink; he was an angry drunk. He started verbally abusing her shortly after. After school, she would lock herself in her bathroom for hours, trying to avoid her father. Being the only child, Maeve felt as though she was the only one who had a situation like her own.
One day her dad had been particularly colorful with his language, sending Maeve to school in tears. She sat by herself on the bus, tears streaming down her face. She looked up as a boy, Keiran, got on the bus and realized they were in the same grade. He had always been quieter than the other kids, so she didn't really hang around him much. Maeve was always pretty loud. He saw her crying, even though she had tried to hide it, so he came and sat next to her. When he asked why she was crying, she told him that her mother had left a week ago and that her dad had started yelling at her and calling her names, saying it was all her fault. Keiran informed her that he wouldn't call her names and hugged her until she stopped crying. They have been friends ever since.

As Maeve grew into her teenage years, she started hanging around the party scene. At age 15 she tried her first cigarette, and to this day she still smokes Marlboro 100's. A year later she drank alcohol for the first time in her life. This is when Dionysus chose her: as she got drunk that night, she obtained a small buzz that would never truly go away. She never knew why, and it freaked her out for the first few days, but she's grown used to it since.

The day after her graduation, Maeve went home smelling of booze. Her dad realized that she had been drinking and decided that a punishment was in order. He pushed her down the stairs, where she split her head open. She went to the hospital, received 5 stitches, and moved out of her home later that day. She stayed with Keiran for a few weeks before finding an apartment of her own. She hasn't spoken to her father since.

That fall, Maeve started college. She enrolled to get her AA with an emphasis in Theatre. College went by well for her, seeing as how she went to a community college and had a large friend base. She graduated Spring 2012 and started an apprenticeship with a local tattoo parlor. She's presently working on her certification.


Maeve is a very impulsive person, and tends not to make plans for anything but just go with the flow. Although Maeve is somewhat unstable, she cares dearly for her closest friends, especially Keiran. He helped her through some of the darkest times of her life, staying up until 3 in the morning on the phone so she didn't have to tolerate her father's drunken rages on her own. Maeve would do anything for her friends; if they're loyal to her, she'll cherish them to no end. She's charismatic and friendly, and most people like being around her as long as she's in a good mood. However, Maeve's mood changes as quickly as the weather, and it's just as diverse. One moment, she'll be laughing and enjoying life and the next she'll be giving out death glares and cursing the world. She's destructive, both to other people and herself. When she starts to feel her mood turning sour, she heads for the nearest bottle to drown out the sensation. She's a crazy drunk, and doesn't really fall into any typical category. Her mood changes even more so while intoxicated. She could be dancing on a table one minute, curled up and flirty the next, and bawling her eyes out seconds later.
She hates being alone because it forces her to be with her own thoughts. She also believes herself to be just a touch demented. If she's alone for too long, she'll start acting strangely and wondering if there might be truth in her father's words all along.

Theme Song

Recovery || Frank Turner
And you know your life is heading in a questionable direction
When you're up for days with strangers and you can't remember anything
Except the way you sounded when you told me you didn't know what I should do.

So begins...

Maeve Carey's Story