Bailey Faye White

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a character in “Indesiderium: Inward Darkness”, as played by Devil Within


Full Name: Bailey Faye White
Nickname(s): Bails
Character Role: Sibling One
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-One
Height: 5'7"
Body Build: Slender & Feminine
Hair: Medium Brown and a bit on the short side.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Scars: None
Piercings: Two rings on her left nostril, One ring in the center on her bottom lip, Earlobes pierced, And high cartilage pierced on both ears.
Tattoos/Markings: Rose designs on the front of her neck that contains three roses and their leaves, as well as a full sleeve of roses on her left arm starting from her shoulder and moving down to her knuckles.
Drink/Smoke/Drugs: Yes/No/No
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Nothing At The Moment
Indesiderium Strength: Nine (9).
Loved One(s) They Killed: Boyfriend & Boyfriend's Sister
Occupation: Tattoo Artist

Personality: She is a rather serious person, not really taking to jokes too kindly most of the time; though, every once in a while she will throw out some sarcasm, but it is usually out of spite instead of humor. She tries to be as helpful as possible, though, she only will take care of those whom she feels she should. She is a rather secretive person, usually not even telling her brother things that she knows. She has a bit of trouble trusting people that come around her brother or her, seeing as she is a bit protective of their safety, always putting them before anyone else. The only way she would put someone before herself or her brother would be if her brother told her to help them out. She tends to listen to what her brother says, but won't really listen to what anyone else tells her to do. Because of her Indesiderium being stronger than most, she is forced to hold in all of her hostility and paranoia. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work out well and after a certain amount of holding it in, she simply can't take it and lashes out at the first person to cross her. Besides this though, she can be a great person to have around if you stay on her good side and try not to upset her in any way.

Equipment: UNDER CO.

History: Bailey and her brother were born into an average family, one some could even consider old school stereotypical; a stay at home mother and a father that went off every day to work in a cubical to bring in the families money. Her brother and her were relatively close, though they did have their moments of fighting as all siblings do. Bailey was one who didn't like to be in the house too much, always going out with her friends, and this didn't change at all as she grew into her teen years. Though she didn't have a lot of friends, she had a small group of closely held together friends that she could tell anything and everything too. Everything seemed to be going fine until later on in their teens when their father never returned home. At first their mother thought something horrible had happened to him and called on a search and everything, but it was soon discovered that he had simply left to be with another woman that he had met, not even caring that he was leaving his family behind with nothing to live on.

Though Bailey wasn't one who liked to work, she found herself going out and searching for a job as quickly as she could, soon working as a janitorial type person inside the largest tattooing parlor in the city. She never truly kept any of her money from her paycheck to herself, using nearly all of it to help pay for bills and food, since their mother refused to go out and look for a job of her own, seeing as she had never worked a day in her life. It wasn't but a month later that Bailey began to actually start tattooing within the parlor along with the main artist of the establishment.

It was around this time that Bailey began to to get strange feelings that there were others watching her everywhere she went, that everyone that looked at her was judging her inside of their heads. Along with this, she began to see creatures, monsters, that nobody else could apparently see. She began to slowly feel the hostility inside of her build up over time, though she hid it quite well once she began dating a male named Jamie Clark. Her and Jamie became serious quite fast and for a long amount of time they both thought that they were going to be together forever. It wasn't until about nine months before present time that Jamie and her were hanging out with his sister Leona that everything came into the light. The two of them began to argue over the stupidest little thing, and that was the last thing Bailey can remember before waking up covered in blood; Jamie and Leona's bodies laid about the floor in a sickening manor. Unsure of what was going on and experiencing a fit or shock, depression, and fear, she ran off to find her brother for help. Once she had found him though, she found that the same sort of event had happened to him that night.

Though they both hated to, they knew they had to leave their house and hide out within the city where their mother would never find them. On there way to finding a place to hide though, they were stopped by a stranger who told them of exactly what was happening to them. Not only this, but he told them that it wouldn't be too long before they would meet other's like them and that everyone's purposes would come to light soon after. They have been lying in wait ever since, and after nine months, they finally know that it's time to go and gather the others and explain to them what is happening to them.

Other: We walked through the doorway and heard you calling from the hall. We found you in the bedroom, not breathing at all.

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Sibling One: "Myself? What exactly am I supposed to say about myself?"
Sibling Two: "..."
Character Three: "..."
Character Four: "..."
Character Five: "..."
Character Six: "I suppose you could say she's interesting. If you consider annoying...Interesting."

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