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Those damn Kardonians just never quit do they?

0 · 177 views · located in The Kingdom of Halandax

a character in “Indignity”, as played by Raykon23


Character sheet
Name: Jax

Height 6 even
Weight 200
Gender male
age 27
moral alignment (good evil etc.) Chaotic good
race Human
class Buccaneer

weapons A gunblade he's named Joleene plus a chain whip as a secondary
armor or clothing an armless black steel curiass with cloth leggings and a black do-rag
miscellaneous a pet hawke named Russel, who acts as a scout for the team

Specific powers or abilities: very athletic for his build has allowed him to pull off feats many pro athletes couldn't pull off

Backstory once a captain of his own ship in his countries nave, one that shared the same name as his prized gunblade. Jax went rogue and took his ship with him leading the pirate life from then on. Jax was a very good swashbuckler and an accomplished duelist. But Jax also had noble tastes as he liked to read often and was an avid thinker. Jax's ship was sunk in a battle with Kardonian ships, Jax was consequently captured afterwards by his countrymen. After serving his sentence in jail he got out and began a new life that eventually set him on this path.

So begins...

Jax's Story

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jax Character Portrait: Lilith Akashea
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Jax sat on the ship carrying him back into his home country, He remembered Halandax before the war when he sailed on the deck of his ship. "Joleen.." he sighs to himself, no one could ever tell if he was talking about his lost ship, his prized gunblade, or someone else. He stared into the busy dock as it bustled with activity. Russel landed on Jax's shoulder and crowed, "I know Russ, It has been awhile."

As the ship drew closer into port Jax began to hear conversations and can now make out a bit of the activity. He noticed smoke flowing over the wall, and could see people carrying water, "the embassy has been destroy! The embassy has been destroyed!" Jax perked up as he heard the shouts, the embassy was over four stories of pure stone, No mere man could destroy that, and anyone dumb enough to try would be shot down before they even got close. Jax took a breath, he realized just how serious the war was now.

Jax stood up and turned away from the deck, Russel flew into the skies above the city.

Jax made his way down into the passenger's quarters, "Lilith! we've docked, something's wrong in the city."