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James J. Walker

"And I'm just here raging over Kaneki's death...."

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a character in “Infection: Earthfall”, as played by Setsugie



"Drop feet first into Hell."


Full name: James Jaeger Walker
Nickname: Joker
Callsign: Hell Jumper
Age: 36
Gender: Male

Physical Description: James stands at 180cm(5'11 Feet) and weighs in at 69kg(154 Pounds) without his armor, he has fair skin with hazel green eyes and slightly curly blond hair reaching just above his eyebrows(has been wanting a hair cut). He has a muscled physique befitting his stature and weight class being just about all muscle with not a kilogram wasted. He has normal looks to others not much stands out of him except his eyes. When working he is usually seen dawning his armor except the helmet that is until he in a battle situation, or in more formal occasions he is seen wearing a set of neat dress cloths.
He is usually seen wearing his battle armor which consists of a completely black and dark green colored armored body suit helmet included. (Expanded more in Equipment.)

Personality: James is surprisingly a calm and well mannered man to a certain point, but also laid back and carefree, he likes doing things his way but despite this he is a great team player. While quick to remark on anything and everything being straight to the point and has little care for others feelings this usually leads to disputes and even fights with others but he knows when to hold his tongue. He is usually quiet and reserved in terms of his past and every time he is asked about it he will make some over the top lie each time. He loves anime and mangas and is usually seen either reading or watching them in his spare time this leads to him being scolded by his teammates or higher ups most of the time but he simply refers to this as Collecting Data.
He can be somewhat clueless and stoic at times partly due to him raising up around kids most of his life in some occasions, and he is often showing the characteristics of a teenager despite his age since he only interacted with kids until joining CyberTech. He is a good person at heart and sticks to his goals to the end making him a good and trustworthy person and a great asset to the team; while not so quick to anger in the occasion he is angered he will be throwing a few punches just like a teenager.

Specialization: Crowd Control

Close Quarters Combat Expertise: Being in the Crowd Control Program gave James a variety of combat styles and strategies giving him all the necessary tools and applications to make him a walking killing machine. Be it armed or unnamed combat James greatly excels at it so much that he can easily take on 3 junior operatives while still seated on his chair. He has ardently studied many types of martial arts such as Taekkyeon, Boxing, and Command Sambo upon others and uses all resources at his disposal. He has also studied armed combat with melee weapons such as combat knives and tonfas, which he chose while in the program. He was a top graduate in Crowd Control programs Melee division during his time, but most still say it doesn't fit his character.

Programing and Hacking: This is a self taught skill which he accumulated in his years, James has always had a knack for advanced computer systems and complex programs. Being able to decipher computer languages or encrypted programs in mere minutes, and like all hackers he loves a challenge. Heck when he was given the ALICE program he felt it was challenge and couldn't help but to tweak it here and there know he has a "friend" to talk about anime and manga; when the higher ups find out he interfered with the program he will be in for an earful that is IF they find out. It was due to this talent that he was scouted by CyberTech to join the organization and offered a job but out of all of the jobs no one thought he would apply for the Crowd Control program of all things. These skills make him a great asset for reconnaissance and recovery of sensitive data for the team and organization, when duty calls he is one of the few who pick up.

Crowd Control: Obviously James was trained in combat against 1 or multiple enemies and he is not shy to show it. He can take on a large number of enemies at once and still hold his own as the job of a member of the Crowd Control is supposed to. James uses any methods at his disposal, from using the environment around him to his own enemies’ weaponry against them. While in combat situation he is quite knowledgeable and adept in fighting but that just applies in real, life threatening combat situations.

Specialty Weapon:
Genesis Type-S2 Prototype(x2):
This is a prototype weapon that was ordered by James, his exact words were "Give me something small and effective against the infected and make it like a tonfa.". The result was this complex system, while (looking like this) and has a length is roughly about arms length. While the blade of the weapon is made of Graphene(a material that is 100 times stronger than steel in its 1 atom thick form) melded into Carbon Nano-tubes large enough to serve as the blades frame then it was coated with pure titanium; this makes it a weapon that can take punishment with no regards to what it hits.
Now comes the fun and complex part, the designing team thought that a standard bladed tonfa was impractical for fighting off the mutant threat so they added two systems that give the weapon a nice spice. Taking up 65% of the weapons frame and mass, these systems are the cause a larger than normal appearance, it has an added to it a high frequency motor along the blade that when activated makes the blade vibrate at incredibly high speeds weakening the molecular bond of matter it touches leaving for a much finer cuts and easier cutting abilities, the second system is a super heating system placed inside the hilt of the tonfa that runs up to the blade heating up the blade up to 1500 degrees Celsius, the blade does not melt in the process due to the Graphene carbon nanotubes and titanium alloys as they are highly resistant to super heating. In whole this weapon weighs in an incredible 3.1kg or 7 pounds, making it substantially heavy for something its size, and while it does not have any shooting capabilities it still make for quite a potent melee weapon.

Sub-machine Gun: He was still required a type of gun for long range to mid ranged weapon so he chose this gun. It was a medium frame like that of a normal sub-machine gun, it has an average bullet power with added penetrative power due to the Full Metal Jacket, and all in all it’s quite normal.

Bullets Per Magazine: 35
Magazine: It has a rectangular magazine which is placed on the lower back of the gun where the stock and hilt are connected.
Cartridges: It uses a variation of a 5x23mm(.197-caliber) caseless Full Metal Jacket, meaning it does not have a metallic casing surrounding the powder and sealing the bullet, propellant, and primer together. Instead of using this casing, the round uses a combustible adhesive to seal these components together. Because the chemical "casing" is vaporized when fired, there is no need to eject spent brass shell casings. This feature is very beneficial as it reduces friction inside the magazine, one of the main causes of jamming in weapons. It has a normal firing rate with normal bullet spread for a SMG.
Holstering: These weapons are kept in placed on each of his hips via strong magnets.

6 Tactical Throwing Tanto Knives: These razor sharp tanto throwing knives have a 6 inch blade and 4 inch hilt making it 10 inches total. They are made of Tungsten Carbide a heavy and resistant metal, they are kept in a single flat holster(similar to the one on the pic but for all six) on James lower back. They have a built in steel wire dispenser that covers the entirety of the inside of the hilt, about 50 yards worth of wire per knives.

AEGIS Advanced Armor Defense System MkIII - Type XS-Vanitas
XS-Vanitas Front-Back View
The Type XS-Vanitas or Type Xeno Series Vanitas battle suit is a suit requested by James to CyberTech seeing as they were providing any modifications the user wanted James took advantage of this and tried to squeeze as much as he could from them.
Starting off with the armoring the suit has, while most other battle suits have great armoring James decided to tone down his own and concentrated on key parts of his body to increase mobility and agility. While he still has the standard amount of armor for the suit, he requested making it as light as they could changing the stronger alloys used for protection for something lighter, while still good for protection it can't take as much punishment as other standard battle suits. James decided to focus the armor in key parts of his body such has the hands, arms, elbows and forearms and the legs, foot and knees with heavier and highly resistant armor, while toning down the armor in areas such as the torso, shoulders, neck, head and back; thus making him much more lighter and mobile than most others in the team. He decided to protect areas that are weaker with his stronger armored areas. His armors weight comes down to a whopping 17kg(38 Pounds) considerably lighter than the standardized armor. The teammates say he has a death wish when fighting in the front lines as he is supposed too with it, even the designers remarked that it was quite suicidal going out with such armor.

Complete with ALICE an AI which regulates the systems in James battle suit, and provides information about the environment, infection levels, teammate locations and condition and things of the sort; as well as he made a few modifications in her coding and programming so know he has a large database(from James own personal collection) of anime and mangas and serves as a friend to which converse about said animes and mangas, he has grown quite fond of her.

Know the good part armor modifications, James was short, simple and on to the point in this part. Starting from the helmet James asked for the helmets visor to be changed from a standard polymer to a reinforced Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) which lets it polarize into a silverish-blue color obscuring his face completely when activated; and lets for more advanced HUD controlled via ALICE.

On the inside of his right forearm armor there lies a 10 inch dual edge blade made from the same material his tonfa blades are, they shoot out from a small gap between the armor, his wrist and back of the palm. The knife forcefully shoots out when he flicks his wrist completely down and is sheathed by doing the same motion.
And with that is the end of his armor modifications for now...

PDA - James has a PDA that serves as his cell phone and minicomputer, it is connected and routed to ALICE. With this and ALICE he can use it to hack into many things ranging to computers to other handheld devices. It is kept in a small pouch in his suits belt.
Small Reconnaissance’s back pack- Heavy weight endurance in a small compact form, has essentials in it such has rations(MREs) and water, extra ammo, a few junk foods and a few mangas.

Fragmentation Grenades x3
Concussion Grenades x3
Flash Grenades x3
(Grenades are in a pouch on his lower back, on top of the knife holster.)

James was raised in an orphanage for as long as he could remember, he had no actual parents or siblings; this leads to him thinking of the other orphans his brothers and sisters and the caretakers his parents. James was a happy go lucky boy enjoying his life to the fullest when he was a child. He was never adopted but most of his friends were but more orphans came along too, this lead for a slightly hard childhood but he wasn't as concerned about this as he was still too small to understand. At the age of 9 he took an interest into computers strangely enough and began to feed and expand his knowledge about programming, software and just about everything there is to know about them from books and internet sites when he could get a hold of a computer from libraries. James learned he was actually quite good with computers in just 3 years he had learned quite a lot and he had already learned binary codes and computer languages; in another year he was already adept at using computer software and systems. At the age of 15 James was already hacking computers and other devices for fun, creating complex ciphers and codes; at that time he was making a name for himself as a hacker little by little.

James still lived as an orphan and has been being transferred from orphanage to orphanage in hopes that he would be adopted but that never happened. Instead he kept making more and more friends in said orphanages, while still 18 years old he only hanged out with the other small children in the orphanages and played with them and occasionally taught them about what he’s learned in the years. At the time CyberTech was still expanding rapidly making huge advances in the medical industries slowly eradicating known diseases. James kept on growing, having a somewhat isolated childhood only spending his time with small children and not people his age; it wasn't until he was 23 years old that he decided to take on a job to help with the orphanages he grew up in and for the children he had befriended. He did many odd jobs around for anyone he could, mostly related to computers and such as he enjoyed it.

He could get a somewhat steady income which most he donated to the orphanages and in return he could stay living with them a bit more, the children see him as a big brother and are always seen playing with him. He knew how to liven up the children and get them to eat their vegetables and things the other adults couldn't he was a big help around the orphanage. While still maintaining his knowledge and record as well known hacker that went by the name "Joker" he was known for creating and breaking codes for large companies and corporations, but he was never seen in person, while he had his deal of wrong doings(Internet wise) he never tried to be a threat to anyone as he knew they could target the orphanages he worked in and he could not risk that chance. Many years had passed an the infection broke out and with it a crisis, the first one to jump in was CyberTech to try and eradicate the deadly virus.

Soon CyberTech took notice of the "Joker" and offered him a job, James replied and joined seeing as many lives were at stake as well as the orphanages James accepted and joined CyberTech. It was to be expected that he was going to be one of the personnel in charge of software engineering and rendering but much to the surprise of many he opted for Crowd Control Program in the 102nd Special Activities Division, FIRST ECHO. They allowed him to take the program expecting him to quite half way and come to the logistics department, but again to everyone's surprise he had passed the program with top marks in written as well as physical exams beings the best in the Melee course of the programs history. And there he is the 102nd Special Activities Divisions, Joker, James Jeager Walker.

Upon hearing that James had passed the Crowd Control Program and was about to be shipped to another facility the children of the orphanages gave him a little poem via letter, it read:

"My mamma, can't you see,
"What this Corps has done for me.
"Put me in a barber's chair,
"Snip snap, and I had no hair.
"If I die in a combat zone,
"Box me up and ship me home.
"Put me in a set of dress blues,
"Comb my hair and shine my shoes.
"Pin my medals upon my chest,
"Tell my mamma I did my best.
"My mamma, can't you tell?
"The motto is feet first into hell!"

James was very sentimental about this; it was an old style marine lament with a little bit added to the side. James then made the last verse his motto "Drop Feet First Into Hell."


So begins...

James J. Walker's Story