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Listen up, she might save your life.

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a character in “Infection: Into the Breach”, as played by R.T.M.X.



[GM's Note: This is a NPC which will be used to further the plot by relaying mission-based objectives to fire-team commanders, who should pass the information down to the rest of the operatives.]

Personal Information
Name: Devin Lira
Nickname: Seras
Callsign: Eagle
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Specialization: Dispatcher

Overall Appearance
Description: She is of Hispanic and oriental descent, with emerald-green eyes, shoulder-length black-blue hair, and richly exotic skin tone. Even though she's only 5'4" in height, she isn't one to be underestimated. When she's not monitoring the status of Delta Squad through ALICE, she is often seen in ERDL patterned fatigues, combat boots, and a shape-fitting brown leather jacket over a red tanktop. Both of her arms are heavily tattooed, with the tattoos snaking up across her shoulders and around her back.

Bio: Being former military herself, counter-intelligence to be exact, for over 5 years, Devin is certainly more than meets the eye. After being separated due to medical reasons, CyberTech picked her out of hundreds of other possible candidates to monitor and operate the ALICE system. For an entire 3 years now, Devin has been the eyes and ears of Delta Squad and the rest of the Special Activities Division, handling mission objectives and providing air support through UAV drones. She's the unofficial liaison between the squad and Corporate.

Equipment: As she's not actually on the field, she doesn't require an AEGIS suit. However, the UAVs that the Squad calls in are her play things, as well as maintaining ALICE.

Song / lyrics: Welcome To The Show ~ Britt Nicole

So begins...

Dispatcher's Story

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Enroute to Drop Zone, (Co-written with Mac the Impaler and macheteshark)
Manhattan Island,
0935, Day One

The outside thrusters of the Blackjack roared violently it seemed as the groups made their way across the sky to their destination. Ira Penderghast, commander of Bravo Team - HeavyRain, sat silently across the cabin from her group. In all honesty, she was nervous today. CyberTech had been researching the damned virus that had caused the outbreak; they had been the only ones who she publicly knew of who had been doing so too... Now one of their primary facilities had gone offline. Ira was nervous because whatever or whoever sent the Manhattan facility offline were obviously something to not be taken lightly. Ira took a deep breath and placed her hand on a small button on the side of her head and with a small click, a 3D image of general Manhattan popped up on her visor. With the supercarrier, the CTCC "Angel", able to be clearly observed floating within the bay's waters, each of them knew that their destination was close.

"Alright, boys and girls. this mission is the first time we're actually sending out the entire squad at once. God-Slayer Team was enroute to set up a defensive perimeter around the facility's entrance when their transport went down. Unfortunately, they lost both team commander and medical support when they went down. Good news is that they were able to find a small group of uninfected survivors hiding among the ruins. We're sending both fire teams to provide support and aid in the evacuation of these survivors. When the survivors are secured, new objectives will be sent."

Lynch sat silently, chewing on what remained of his cigar and staring intently at the floor, as if he was trying to count all the gaps in the grating. In actuality he was studying the most recent satellite images of Manhattan, as well as all of the remaining live cctv feeds ALICE could hook him up with, on the HUD of his helmet. Not that he knew anything about satellites or live feeds, just that if he asked for something, like a current layout of the city and some idea of what was happening there right now, CyberTech usually found a way to provide it. This kind of operation was his bread and butter, stuff that he'd been doing for years, even before he came to CyberTech. Move into a hostile area and extract the important objective at any and all cost, it was a pretty simple job really, just sometimes the cost was higher than expected.

He looked over at his team sitting across from him, four people who he'd come to trust, Scorpion Team. They struck hard, they struck fast and they tore their enemies apart. He had been through some serious shit with some serious people before and come out mostly unscathed, but this was a new kind of hell. They faced an enemy that had no fear, no morals and overwhelming numbers. It was going to be one crazy, fucked-up roller coaster of blood, death and blowing stuff up. Sometimes, Lynch loved his job.

Ira turned to her squad members and sized them up and down. HeavyRain was definitely a surly and burly bunch. She smiled; "excellent" she muttered to herself. She clenched her fists tightly; in truth Ira was itching for a fight. Suddenly a voice filled her ear through the intercom in her helmet; Devin Lira, or Eagle as she was more widely known, was systematically breaking down Scorpion and HeavyRain's objectives. Ira glanced around quickly to make sure the rest of them were listening too. She nodded along as Eagle relayed their mission, Ira bracing herself for what sounded like a gearing up of an almost impossible mission. Charlie squad had been sent in earlier to clear a pathway as much as possible and disperse any would-be rogue survivors from interfering too much. "Their commander and medic are dead?" Ira muttered again, though the engine was too loud for her words to have any resonance in the cabin.

Ira gritted her teeth at HQ's orders of regrouping with God-Slayer, as heartless as it sounded, Ira was under the impression that on this mission if you fell down, it was your responsibility to pick yourself up. Plus Ira had heard stories of Manhattan since the facility went down... Just rumors, but nonetheless they didn't make it sound like Disneyland or a walk in the park. On top of that, reports of infected changing just added to Ira's reserve. She looked up for a moment while HQ kept talking, eyeing off her squad again, a sense of calm washing over her again. There was a reason they were called HeavyRain; they were known for coming down hard and fast without warning. She smirked again, glad her team was associated with such a strong code name. She breathed deeply and looked down the row where Scorpion Team had seated, that was their name, intriguing where Ira could only guess that when they struck their target, the aftermath was either like a poison had just taken hold and crippled their foe, or they struck with precision and power... Either way Ira saw them as friendly competition amongst the company and she didn't really care for them.

Eagle issued out her orders as she uploaded the location of the survivors to ALICE, safely situated behind a set of monitors, each screen designated for the well-being of each operative, as well as relaying whatever visual and audio the operatives are observing. She served as their eyes, sending information regarding environmental factors to each operative.


The chill, breezy air for this particular morning was anything but brisk, with the weather bringing in a decent wave of infection and and the smell of death to a certainly unlucky group of survivors. Wolf had finished his current perimeter run, keeping a watchful eye on the building, as well as its surroundings, where a handful of survivors had boarded up and called home... for the time being. A few hours before, he had witnessed a violent attack on a CyberTech Blackjack, where a flock of infected crows had managed to force the VTOL - an interesting yet terrifying act of coordination among infected - to crash into the ruins below, which had not only claimed the lives of the two pilots, but had also mortally wounded two operatives from the Special Activities Division, specifically the team commander and medical officer of team God-Slayer of SAD's Delta Squad.

Before the emergency landing would attract more infected, Wolf had directed the survivors of the fire team towards one of the seemingly derelict buildings, which held a small group of survivors, roughly a dozen in number, that Wolf had been protectively watching over for the last couple of days. Before he had left for his occasional perimeter run, he had made the suggestion of using their "Valkyrie" APC as a blockade, as it was damaged when their transport was attacked.

Wolf had kept some distance between the group and himself, with the sense that if he made himself a target, any infected in the vicinity would have a field day tracking him rather than the survivors who were holed up with some protection. A few days earlier, the four-man security team for the local research facility was ambushed by Infected, wiping out the three others with him being the only one able to escape. His team was one of four, and it had seemed to him that the other teams had been introduced to a similar fate, though uncertain.

From the top of his perch, a rooftop of a nearby building, Wolf had absorbed the wonderful view of Manhattan. The ruined landscape, the orange-red morning fog, the sight of three incoming objects in the sky that were seemingly far off from their location. His HUD had zoomed into the three objects, revealing them to be a trio of incoming Blackjacks - reinforcements and an evacuation pick-up for the survivors. Within a few seconds, he had reached for his flare gun, aimed upwards into the sky, and fired off a single flare to catch the attention of the pilots. Dialing to the survivor group's frequency, he reported in what he had just recently observed.

"This is Wolf. Three Blackjack transports are on their way. Get ready for a goodbye party from the local infected."

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Harper sat leaned back against the wall of the Blackjack in a fairly casual pose, especially considering the circumstances. After all, zombie apocalypses did tend to make most people a wee bit on edge but Harpy seemed to be completely at ease. She’d seen more than her share of action in the past, of course most of it wasn’t zombie related but hey, experience was experience and she’d tangled with the corpses more than a few times. In all honesty she was excited, her curiosity about the infection and how it worked fueled this. Harpy had a, as some would call it, sick obsession with studying the corpses while they were alive when she was able. Did cognitive reasoning vary? Was any memory intact? Did that vary? Would certain stimuli trigger buried memories or reactions? She wanted all of these questions answered plus more.

She unlocked the mouth plate of her helmet and flipped it back to reveal her lips. A few seconds later and a lit cigarette was popped into her mouth which she puffed on when their team commander Ira gave a quick message to the group. Ah fuck, survivors. That meant finicky, needy, emotionally distraught people who thought they needed tender loving care. Pish. She took a long drag of her cigarette before giving an unenthusiastic thumbs up to Ira as an answer. Smoke poured from her mouth in a steady stream as Eagle began transmitting their mission objectives to them. Harpy honestly didn’t hear much after hearing the other team’s medic had died. Angrily she stubbed out her cigarette on the knee of her armor then flicked it to the ground, flipped her mouth plate back down and began an angry tirade which was quite usual for her. “The medic died?! That means extra work for me right? Lord knows I’m competent but who knows about the Scorpion team medic! Jesus H. Christ….” What followed seemed to be a quiet muttering of curses as she kept her leaning pose throughout the outburst with only angrily crossed arms as a change in her outward appearance. This was the usual for Harper, get the objectives, bitch about them but do them anyway; circle of life right?

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Ira took Harpy's thumbs up in stride, having heard tales of the woman's, eccentricity. But again, Ira wouldn't blame anyone in her team if search and rescue ranked shithouse in the entire scheme of things. After all, if people were alive this late in the game, then they were doing something right, and Ira didn't see the need in cramping their style... Particularly because they'd probably cramp her's worse. As Eagle reeled off their current info, and Ira split her attention between her earpiece and the 3D breakdown of Manhattan she suddenly noticed an opening for the lot of them to set foot on solid ground.

Ira pulled her hand to the side of her head again and clicked the button so she was on free-speech, "Eagle, see the top of the museum about half a click from our position? The roof looks stable enough according to my map breakdown, and the infection zone of the four of five block surrounding seems minimal.. right?" Ira's specialty was recon and scouting and like her fellow team mate Roselin, their job was to find the pathway and determine the best way to do it. "I know it's not the closest drop off, but according to your live stream info of the infection zones of Manhattan, we're not gonna like setting foot down too close to God-Slayer.. We'll only be about ten blocks away?"

Ira looked up to the opposing commander of Scorpion team, while still talking to HQ "You can just drop us off if you need." Ira looked from Lynch to her team. She breathed deep and cleared her throat, raising it so it resounded above the roaring engine of the aircraft, "Harpy, Thorn, Firebug and Rigs. Look sharp, stay tight." Ira checked her weapons quickly; she carried light, packed little, but it made her job ten times easier when all she carried was a crowd control gun and backup handgun in case. The rest of her arsenal lay within her fists and her team in itself.

Ira unbuckled her seat belt and stood up, stretching as she clung to a nearby poll for support. She moved past her group, then past Scorpion to look out across the fallen city as sunrise cast an almost despairing glow of reds and oranges over the city skyline. Ira looked across the roofs of the towers, a few dotted here and there with S.O.S messages. She shook her head, partly in silent mourning for the poor people who had died already - Ira wasn't heartless; she was more... immediate-area-focuses - but gritted her teeth, raised her head and looked out as much as she could from her angle, towards the direction they were headed.

"Hah!" Ira gloated sarcastically, "Seems the bloody birds still haven't left Manhattan... look at them... bunch of crows flocking in our direction, hope something didn't spook them.." She said with a smirk as if to stir the pot in the cabin.

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Roselin sat next to Harper as the Blackjack was taking the team closer to their assignment. Absent mindedly, she slowly twirled one of her round blades between her fingers; keeping her hands busy to stop from readjusting her armor every five seconds. It was always the sitting that was the worst. Nothing to do but think and wonder what they were going to encounter; which wasn’t much wondering considering her experience was limited in the field. Sure she had done recon missions amongst the undead and infected; but not on this large of a scale. If anything, she was a complete rookie compared to her teammates. But she could take. She will take it… Yep, she’d been sitting to long; she was giving pep talks to herself now…

As their team commander, Ira, started to speak, Thorn jolted and dropped her blade; catching it before it hit the ground. Sheepishly she looked around to see if anyone noticed before casually sheathing it at her side.

So God-Slayer had gone down with just three survivors left. Sounded like Titanic in an ironic way. At least there were survivors at all, especially citizens of Manhattan. “I wonder how many made…it…” She asked Harpy, only to cut off the question at the look on her friend’s face. Someone’s about to be pissed. Fanning the cigarette smoke away from her visor, she didn’t have to wait long for the joyfull enthusiasm of their team medic. “Well, I’m sure the Scorpion’s medic can help with any shock victims or what not.” Or calm them down so there aren’t added concussion patients… With a smirk at the idea, she could only hold her tongue as there commander once again spoke.

Listening closely to what Ira was communicating to Eagle, Thorn sat up straighter when the team’s nicknames were called. This was it. Go time. Checking for what felt like the hundredth time since boarding the Blackjack that everything was secured, she pushed the button located on the side of her visor before passing a hand over her left forearm. A digital image appeared to show that her visor was recording, their current location was already pin pointed, and any change in data was on standby to be processed and added to the map and database. The map was more for her own convenience; the recorder on the other hand was more of an interest to Harpy when the infected was caught by her visor’s lense.

Seat belt unbuckled, and everything checking out, Thorn made her way closer to where Ira stood to get a better view of what they were dropping in on; only for her heart to sink at the useless distress signals. How long were there people waiting? Was any of them the survivors they were heading towards now? Unlikely since their destination was 10 blocks away. That many civilians moving that far would be too much for their undead friends to pass up.

Ira’s sarcastic comment pulled Thorn out of her musings as she looked at their commander. They were both FOSR’s, female, and in their twenties; in a way she looked up to the other woman. “Don’t suppose a scarecrow would work?” Ok Thorn, that was lame even for you. Stick to the blades dear.

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"Eagle, see the top of the museum about half a click from our position? The roof looks stable enough according to my map breakdown, and the infection zone of the four of five block surrounding seems minimal.. right? I know it's not the closest drop off, but according to your live stream info of the infection zones of Manhattan, we're not gonna like setting foot down too close to God-Slayer.. We'll only be about ten blocks away?"

The comm-link from Assassin had opened up, requesting Lira to organize a separate drop from the rest of the squad, most likely wanting a two-pronged approach to the designated zone. She scanned the immediate area within the squad's current location, confirming Assassin's readouts.

"Assassin, confirmed. Give me a few seconds... done. Your transport has received new coordinates for your team's drop. They'll swing back around to drop you off any minute." Opening up the communications channel to the pilots, she continued. "Won't you, Blackjack One?"

"Will do, ma'am. Received coordinates for HeavyRain's drop and proceeding - Woah, Eagle, we've just picked up some birds coming our way. Diverting flight paths."

Lira had noticed the flock of birds on her sensors, but she wasn't able to pick out if they were infected or not. Switching her attention to the vitals of Scorpion Team, she could guess that they were readying themselves, and she connected herself to Lynch, including Murphy as well. "Delta Alpha and Jackhammer, this is Eagle and there are some mission changes. Jackhammer has been reassigned, and is ordered to return to the ship. Your replacement in on Blackjack Two, and will be assigned to your team as soon as you touch down. You also have a flock of birds coming to you, unsure to determine if infected at this time. HeavyRain has also requested a drop onto a nearby building, and has been approved."


From the safety of the building tops, Wolf watched as the awkward murder of crows approached the VTOL convoy, and he received a troublesome feeling from it. With one blackjack lower than the other two, he assumed that it was going to touching ground soon, but all hell broke loose within a matter of minutes.

The sudden attack on the lowered transport from the crows had revealed them to be infected, the birds hurling themselves by the numbers against the aircraft's side, with the other two immediately breaking off to provide some sort of distraction. He connected himself to the survivors' frequency once more, alerting them of the sudden event.

"This is Wolf, if you are hearing this, respond. The transports are under attack, and I'm going to provide assistance. Again, the transports are under attack."

Disconnecting himself, yet keeping the line open in the case that the survivors indeed heard the news, Wolf dashed past the side of the building, plunging downwards to the deserted grounds below. He was far enough to land onto a nearby roof, orchestrating a well placed combat roll to maintain his velocity as he traversed the ruined landscape towards the Blackjacks.

With each step he took, he was that much closer to providing ground support, despite that the largest weapon that he had on him was a PDR. Ducking, jumping, and weaving around the rooftop obstacles that stood between him and the Blackjacks, he had continued moving forward at a constant rate, readying himself for an incoming fight all the while.


"Blackjack One, what the fuck is going out there?!" Lira called out over the comm channels as she watched the birds suddenly hurl themselves into the transport's side, with the other two aircraft attempting to provide support to the sieged Blackjack.

"Delta Alpha, Assassin, sitrep."

While impressed by the intellect that these infected creatures possessed, Lira was equally troubled at the chance of having another transport being grounded by birds. "Blackjack One, this is Eagle. Get to the museum drop zone now. The other two Blackjacks will provide support."


Wolf had reached a building not far from the VTOL when it turned towards a museum a couple blocks away, conducting an emergency landing. As the other two Blackjacks provided some support, he pointed his flare gun, now loaded with a new cartridge, at the flock of birds and fired. The flare had initially missed, instead hitting and bouncing off of one of the side windows, catching a bird on fire in the process, and within seconds, the other birds had started to swarm into the ignited bird, as if attracted like moths to a flame.

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While Roland waited to depart, he was still standing and rocking out, bobbing his head slightly in his helmet to his invigorating tunes. He never heard the birds against the transport, but the chatter he was reading soon after caused him to furrow his brow deeply, and cease head bobbing.

"Thank you," Roland said as the song faded out. "That's quite enough music for now, ALICE. There seems to be dirty work afoot."

"Of course, Völundr," chimed ALICE. Roland the turned on his comm. again.

"The hell is going-" the transport rocked from an exterior impact. Roland almost fell over, but grabbed onto something for balance. "The fuck?! That's from birds!?" He righted himself. "I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this drop..." he muttered.

Soon after he heard Eagle dispatch recalling Jackhammer, and Fist was to take his place. He'd never had a problem working with Jacks, but he just wasn't Sven's type of person. Roland had met the replacement, Bishop, before. Not only was he tactically a perfect person to swap out and to maintain Scorpion team's usual efficiency, but Sven just overall liked the guy more. He just clicked better with the guy. With the whole team being people he could click with, perhaps they'd be even better than before. He was about to find out.

"All, clear. Bishop reporting in."

"This is Scorpion 3, Völundr. We're about to unload. It will be a pleasure working with you again, Fist." With that, Roland didn't wait for the others to fall in. The crows may have rocked him momentarily, but with the news, perhaps things wouldn't go so badly. Standing at the hatch. Sven bounced back and forth on his feet once, to ready himself. Once open, Sven hopped out of the hatch brandishing his AA-12. He waved to Bishop and waited for the rest of the team to fall in.

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Ira was trying to connect to Eagle, but the insane noise of the crows hammering their bodies against the blackjack was loud enough to make hearing almost impossible. The pilot however had received whatever command he'd been given and Ira gritted her teeth after a deep breath as they swerved to the left and proceeded to go through a quick decent before hovering just over the museum roof. Ira patted the pilot's shoulder and turned on her heel back into the carrier's main cabin.

"Alright you lot, doors opening in 3,2 -" Ira feel forward as the carrier suddenly swerved hard right, causing her to land hard on her knees. "What the hell?" she sneered as she grabbed a hold of the side of the carrier. She picked herself up and made her way back to the door of the cockpit. As Ira looked inside her eyes widened at the sight she was looking at before her; the crows were targeting the glass of the cockpit and it was a fight it looked like they were winning.

Ira watched from the other side of the door as the pilot was struggling to see what was happening in front of him. The thick mass of crow bodies swarming the front of the blackjack was causing him distress and in turn he was flying the carrier away from the drop off. "Jesus wept" Ira cussed as she turned back to her team. "Pull your pants up, we're getting off now. Can't anything ever go right in this company."

Ira pulled her hand back up to her visor and clicked back onto Eagle, "dropping off now." she said sternly as she hit the button to open the bottom of the carrier. As the floor opened up, Ira could see them veering across the roof, she didn't know how far away from the edge they were, but they needed to go asap. "Thorn, you and me first. We'll drop down, and run ahead to find away into the building. Harpy, you're in the middle. We're not losing our only medic to a bunch of hungry flying rats. Axton and Ruso, you pull up the rear and make sure you keep them off of us if the blackjack doesn't distract them."

Without confirmation from the team that they understood their directives Ira jumped forward, landing and falling into a forwards roll as she fell the nine or so feet out of the bottom of the carrier. As Ira rolled and jumped back to her feet, she wasn't exactly surprised to see Thorn keeping up with her, but was impressed that her timid nature in the ship seemed to take second seat when she was fulfilling orders.

Ira ran full bolt across the museum, hand signalling Thorn's attention to a nearby door on the rooftop, "stairs" she said firmly as they ran forward. Ira reached the door first, turning the door handle without any luck - of course it would have to be locked. "Damn" she hissed. She looked back to the rest of the group. Thorn was by her side, trying to open the door herself, but it was useless, they were going to have to break it down. Harpy had caught up, Axton and Ruso were not too far behind her. But what made Ira nervous the most was the sight of the Blackjack flying off the museum roof and the sudden drop to the ground it made as the crows broke the glass to the cockpit and swarmed the pilot.

"Fuck." she grunted as Ira pulled up her intercom, "Eagle this is HeavyRain, our Blackjack has gone down. Making our way into the museum." Ira turned back to the door, kicking it hard, but the damn thing wasn't budging. She turned back around to see Axton and Ruso caught up, and the murder of crows now diverting their attention from the downed blackjack to the team. "Axton, get us in now." she commanded. With little trouble the door was down and Ira and Thorn moved their way inside first, systematically moving down the stair case, checking each door for quick access as they moved.

They were halfway down the staircase when they managed to find a door unlocked and moved inside to the dark hall as Ira closed and bolted the door behind them just in time as the crows entered the staircase in a flurry of crowing and rampage. "Everyone accounted for?" she asked calmly as she regained composure after their botched landing. Reconnecting with Eagle again Ira spoke, "Eagle, HeavyRain is secure inside the museum. Pilot of the Blackjack is assumed dead. Awaiting orders and/or full coordinates of God-Slayers location. We're going to make our way to the ground floor and clear out any hostiles that might be in the area."

As Ira finished checking in she looked to her team and sighed in relief. "Alright you lot. Split up, but DON'T wander too far from one another, make your way down to the main foyer and clean up any hostiles. Call for back up if you need. Don't set off any alarms, the last thing we need is bullshit attracted to us. The downed Blackjack is already gonna cause enough problems there."