Mercedes 'Sadie' Cordova

"Come on I know I'm right, you can't be right at all."

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a character in “Inferior Hearts”, as played by yogitheambrangyl


Mercedes 'Sadie' Cordova



Hair color- At the moment it's bright pink. She dyes her hair every few months.

Eye color- Chocolate brown

Any birthmarks/scars- She has a tattoo that starts just above her wrist and ends just below her elbo, which she covers with a slip on black sleeve.
~Her tattoo

Build/Frame- She's very small, she would be the girl you think doesn't eat food, ever. She does though, alot, it just get's burnned away too fast. She is strong despite her being small, not as strong as a guy but strong for a girl her size.

Appearence- She usually has on dark clothing. Deep reds, blacks and lots of accessories. She will have on atleast one necklace, a few bracelets on each arm and a belt half on half off her hip. She will wear anything from mini skirts to sweatpants, lowcuts, to T-shirts. She always has her hair down, which reaches down to her waist, and she dyes it a different color every few months because she gets bored a little easily.

Love interest- N/A

Personality- Sadie tends to be quiet some of the time, the kid in the back of class you don't notice untill she says something. Although her outfits shouldg et her some attention, but because she is quiet she tends to be missed just slightly. She is not scared to speak up for what she thinks is right and will defend her point of view to the max, untill she is proven wrong or the other person admits defeat.
As a person she can, at times, be a real girlie-girl when she wants to, or a total tomboy the other times. She will swoon over the cute guys, but then goes and skateboard at the skatepark.
She is the nicest person in the world to those she likes and knows are good friends. She will help you when you are down, care for you when you're sick and make sure you are all right. On the other hand, if you are on her bad side....well "there is no hell like a woman's scorn". Some of her old friends used to call her sadistic and so gave her the nickname Sadie. She will find everyway to make your life misserable if it is within her power to do so. To those she doesn't know, she will seem a little cold at first but she will warm up to you unless you do something to get on her bad side.

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