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Shini Ken

"Stop. Now repeat what you were going to say, but this time precede it with the phrase 'due to our woeful incompetence...'" "Whatever your plan was, it was flawed."

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a character in “Infinit World”, originally authored by NethanielShade, as played by RolePlayGateway


Reality Information

Name:Kenurai Kazamaki, "Ken" as a nickname
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen
Kenurai stands at 59" tall with a dirty light-grey colored hair and hazel brown eyes. He's lean, but not built. He is in shape but lacks very much muscle. His hair is often long and unkept, but not looking extremely bad, and he liked to keep it under a hat.
Ken was quiet and shy in the real world. The kid in class you forgot was there. The one who, if he talked, someone would yell out "So that's what his voice sounds like!" He was often indifferent about things, and wouldn't tell you what he was thinking. He was sharp and perceptive, always silently judging you. He would have a peircing stare that could make people uncomfortable. When he walked through a crowd, people would try to keep their distance. He seemed dark, or "emo," as others woudl joke about. When he heard about Infinit, he had to have it. There, he could be someone different. He would talk and be social as no one there would know it was him.
But old habits die hard. In the game, he talked more and would somethimes hand out with another party member, but he would rarely ever be in large groups and he kept many tendencies of watching things and people closely.

Ken was the first born in the Kazamaki family, though this did not make him the strongest. His brother was more physical and fit, where as Ken preferred to keep to himself, stay inside, and be all around antisocial. His skin had been bleached white from sitting in a dark room infront of a computer screen all the time, and that says something. He was also always the top of his class in school, doing work many grades ahead of himself. He often times found himself helping out his little brother in primary school, but less and less as they grew older together.
His brother would often times leave the house and make friends, where as Ken would prefer to stay inside and play a game or read a book. Ken had a dark air to him and when he did go outside, most people kept their distance. He was the weird kid.
It had always been like Ken to be into computer games, and virtual realities. When Infinit World had been made, he thought about becoming a Beta Tester with this brother. Two things held him back. His brother became temporarily hospitalized from an accedent and he also wanted to wait until the game was officially released, as being a Beta Tester would be lonely and slightly more boring than playing and learning alongside others. That was unlike him. He'd even asked himself why he had thought that on more than one occasion.
It's simple, really. He would think. I want to start a new life in this virtual reality... Mostly, I just want to make friends who won't judge me for being a socialially weird.
So he didn't become a beta tester, partly because his brother was unable to, and partly because he just didn't want to. Then, when the game became open to the general public he was unable to buy it. Firstly, it sold off of the shelves quickly and he had to wait for a restock. Secondly, he lacked the money. He had a job and saved up money but he didn't have enough just yet. Unlike his brother, who had gotten better just before the game was released, he didn't have a high paying job. His brother didn't either, but his brother made more. So his brother got the game first. His brother had a few week of play time in the game, and then Ken finally had enough to buy Infinit World. Quickly, he rushed off to buy it. That night he logged on and got a feel of the game, learned the basics and got used to being in a virtual world. Then he logged off for the night. The next day, he logged on and eagerly downloaded the newly available patch...
Sadly, that would be the last time he ever logged on to the game, for there was no way to log out.

In-Game Information

Username: Shiniken

Beta Tester/DoP: Not a Beta Tester, a new player starting at level 1. Duration: 2 days.

Current Location: Baldr

Cities Visited
Baldr (Starting City)

Name: Shini Ken (Ken is short for Kenurai, and Ken also means Sword in japanese. Shini means death. Shini Ken, Death Sword.)

Gender: Male

Guild: None yet.
Guild Position: N/A.

Gold: 0Β₯

Bought Items/Perks
New Player, Starting Items:
EXP increase Lv.2 - Increases the amount of EXP per post to 3 (Must have level 1)
Gold Increase Lv.2 - Increases the amount of gold per post to 20 and +500 for dungeons/arcs cleared (must have level 1)
2x IC HP Potion
2x IC SP potion

Race: Human
Weapon: Dual Wield (Skill) - Curved Sword (Type) - Iron Scimitars (Weapons)

Level: 1
EXP: 0/10

Strength: 7/20
Vitality: 11/20
Agility: 8/20
Dexterity: 7/20
Mind: 2/20
Intelligence: 5/20

HP: 11
SP: 5
M.ATK:10 M.DEF: 4
Speed: 1 Accuracy: 1
Actions: 3


Level 1 -
Dual Wield
Description –The ability to hold two weapons and enables the character to attack twice in one attack action. (If swinging with both weapons)

Level 5 -
Type: Passive
Spell: No
Description – Whenever Shini Ken misses. For the following combat round he gets 1 extra action.

Level 10 -
Ronin Stance
Description – Permanently grants the player with (.20* level) P.DEF and +1 Speed.

Level 15 -
Spell: No
SP: 15
Description – The player spins with his blades, causing a multiple hit combo if it hits. He does two spins each spin may cause 1.5xP.ATK unless blocked the first time. Can only use this ability every 2 post.

Level 20 -
Spell: No
SP: 15
Description – The player instantly closes 3/4ths of the range between player and target. Only usable if within a certain range away from the target. Can only use this ability every 2 post.

Character History
Blank for now, but I'll update as the roleplay progresses.

So begins...

Shini Ken's Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Piko Character Portrait: Shini Ken
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0.00 INK

Baldr – Town Square
12:05 A.M.

It was no longer after a bit of gameplay that he felt the need of getting out of the game. He was sure that his parents would freakout again if they learned that he is still playing on this game. Piko was about the log out as he suddenly faded in and out; a new patch just updated the game. He had reached the Baldr town right now, and he thought it would be a good place to stop. There is a message that popped up, but he felt that the need of reading it will be for tomorrow, but as his UI popped out to the menu screen, he gasped a bit. It was either of his bad vision, or it was a joke; the log out button wasn't there anymore. He looked over the message, only realizing that he might not be the only one finding out about it. His reptilian eyes. Not only that; what about his brother? Gosh, he really need to find him before some PK'er have the fun idea of starting to murder people – really murdering people.

Then it snapped him; he doesn't know what his brother's nickname is, nor does he know what he looks like. What if he couldn't recognize his own brother? All of this ran into his poor little mind as his heart rushed to give him adrenaline. No, he won't just fall like that, but he couldn't run around. It would alert people even more as he could already hear some of them mourning and crying. He just casually walk like if nothing happened. However... he hope that his brother either be obvious to find, or he didn't log in at that moment.

12:10 A.M.

Upon walking around, he saw a group of people seeming to ask one of the knight of the Knights of Baldur. He knew it was some kind of reunion that people just scheduled because of the recent and drastic events. Although, it wasn't any of his interest. Piko had the strange feeling that he'll be watched on both guilds; since of his most recent activities, it wouldn't be a surprise if he got interrupted by one of them. He just didn't care at that time... but due to the patch, he had to change his policy. Right now, he won't be accepting any challenge anymore. He is going to watch over his brother, and that is what is happening. If anything, he'll probably have to sacrifice himself for saving him.

Piko shook his head; not, everything will be fine. If they hide in the darkness, maybe they will not do anything about him and his sibling. If they just ignore them, they'll ignore them too, right? Unfortunately, that is not how the reptile thought. Of course, due to the nature of the game, and the new patch, it is easier for people to murder. He had to think why wouldn't you kill someone? After all, it will free of justice charge... unless if that admin had that in his or her mind. Come to think of it; why would the admin do such terrible thing? It just didn't hit in Piko's mind. Maybe it is something that is so obvious that he just overlooked it.

He just didn't understand....


Obliviously, it isn't easy to find someone in the crowds. It was concerning to know that there was maybe already people that are dead. He sighed softly. Maybe his brother was waiting him at the spawn? He doubt that is the case, but he pointed himself to where most people start that, leaning against a wall, crossing his arms. It was such a tragic and morbid turn of situation, but he closed his eyes, thinking. The lizard tried to calm himself down

12:30 A.M.