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Jonathan Crane

"Fear is what drives all of our actions. It is when we learn to control our fear that we learn to control ourselves."

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a character in “Infinite Earths”, as played by Hammocker


Real Name: Jonathan Crane
Alias: The Scarecrow
Allegiance: Independent
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian human
Age: 36
Height: 6'
Weight: 136 lbs
Appearance: Jonathan is extremely scrawny for a man his age, weighing in at only 136 pounds while standing at 6'. His hair is chestnut brown, straight, and reaches down to his shoulder blades. His features are sharp and well-defined, though, his cheeks are sunken in. While he is not especially tall, he gives the illusion of being taller than he truly is by way of his distinctly long and thin limbs. He will typically wear a pair of red, rectangular-lensed reading glasses that bring out the blue of his eyes. His stomach carries a wide scar from an occasion on which Crane accidentally disemboweled himself while attempting to wield a scythe.

Personality: By himself, Jonathan is an introverted and usually polite man. While sociable, he finds prolonged interaction with other people draining and therefore prefers to be left to his own devices. He usually will come off as bitter and grouchy to both casual and frequent observers alike. Crane harbors a repressed sense of self-loathing as well as poor body image, leading to a tendency to dislike anyone he sees as similar to himself. If Crane can help it, he will always have himself buried deep into his work.

When masquerading as Scarecrow, Crane becomes a monstrous force, sadistic and unrelenting. In truth, Scarecrow could be seen as the manifestation of the copious amounts of anger, humiliation, and vengeance that Crane has accumulated over the years. Scarecrow carries and focuses almost all of Crane's negative emotions, allowing for Jonathan to function without crippling anxiety and depression holding him back from his work.

Goals & Ambitions: Crane's singular goal is the continuing progression of the scientific understanding of fear. He considers fear to be the greatest drive for human actions and believes that if the emotion can be understood, it can be controlled, by extension allowing for greater control of a person's life. Crane will use nearly any method to further his research.

Abilities & Equipment:
Fear Toxin- Crane's most commonly employed weapon in both defense and offense, this toxin causes those exposed to it to hallucinate their greatest fear. Both fluid and gaseous forms are at Crane's disposal, the latter of which being the more commonly used form. For general use, Crane will inject liquid toxin using a custom gauntlet, and spread it in its gaseous form through use of a device that can be hidden under his sleeves. Crane himself has exposed himself to the toxin often enough that he has become immune to it.

Violent Dancing- A unique style of martial arts that incorporates methods used in both Zui Quan and Fujian White Crane. Jonathan himself developed the method, and uses it against unsuspecting opponents, usually not that much larger than Jonathan.

Farming Tools- In keeping with his Scarecrow motif, Crane has learned to use tools such as pitchforks, scythes, and even axes as lethal weapons. He favors the scythe in particular and has practiced with it enough to balance himself effectively against its weight.

9mm Pistol- For when all else fails, Crane carries a pistol. While he rarely feels the need to use it, Jonathan keeps it around to feel as safe as possible.

The Fold- Crane's gang, known internally as The Fold, is made up of about 125 individuals organized into smaller groups that are usually directed by one or two individuals depending on exact size. Many of the members display extreme fearful loyalty to Crane as a result of mental conditioning. These members will attempt to regroup with the gang at any cost if they are separated from their group as being away from a leader induces extreme anxiety and even panic attacks if prolonged. Those who have not been broken are considered by Crane to be loyal by choice and serve to lead their more docile fellows.

Craw- This trained crow serves as a messenger, lookout, and companion to Crane. The bird is equipped with a band around its left leg that hides a small camera. Crane first found Craw with an injured wing and, having an affinity for crows, took pity on the creature. He nursed Craw back to health, and as he did, the crow took a liking to Crane. Once Craw could fly effectively again, Crane attempted to release him on multiple occasions, but found that the bird would find its way back to him each time. Rather than waste the opportunity, he took it in and began calling it by the one sound it makes: Craw. While the bird can be temperamental with most people, he tends to show what seems like affection towards Crane, perhaps out of a sense of gratitude.

Weaknesses: Crane is physically a complete non-threat to larger opponents. He is close to being dangerously underweight as a result of childhood malnourishment and a reluctance to eat in his adulthood. His gang, while organized and efficient, is small compared to most of the others in Gotham, including only 125 individuals, and can be difficult to recruit for.

Personal History: Crane's father left his mother before he was even born, and his mother left as well shortly after, leaving Jonathan to be taken care of by his fanatically religious grandmother. Not only did he suffer abuse at his grandmother's hand, Jonathan was also teased and mocked incessantly by other children, leaving him with low self-esteem, poor body image, and a burning desire for revenge. In a quest to subtly spite his grandmother, Crane began reading books on various fields of science and watching Nova behind her back, seeding in him a love of science. At the same time, Jonathan started spending much of his time at the local library, reading anything that caught his interest. There, he found the Washington Irving tale The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a story that was the source of one of his cruel nicknames, "Ichabod." He decided then that he would never play the role of cowardly victim ever again, and would never allow fear to control him.

When he was seventeen, Crane harbored an attraction to a girl called Sherry Squires who was already involved with another boy named Bo Griggs. After months of observation and failed attempts to catch her attention, Crane managed to build up enough courage to ask Sherry to a costume party, and, much to his surprise, she accepted. Unfortunately, she was plotting with Bo Griggs to pull a less than harmless prank on Crane which ended in Crane being chased down the street and having a pumpkin thrown at and smashed across the back of his head. Enraged and humiliated by the incident, the next year, Jonathan carried out his revenge. During senior prom, Crane wore a scarecrow costume that he himself had spent several months stitching out of a burlap-esque leather, and attacked the two who had demeaned him the prior year. The incident ended in a car accident which killed Bo Griggs and left Sherry Squires paralyzed. Crane was never tried for his actions due to lack of evidence, and the episode was treated as a freak accident. This revenge plot was the first instance of Crane allowing Scarecrow free reign of his mind.

After graduating high school, Crane enrolled in Gotham University on a scholarship. His time studying in University was the happiest time of Crane's life. For once, the people around him accepted Jonathan for who he was and appreciated for his intelligence and interests. While the underlying discontent of his childhood remained in his mind, Crane kept it at bay through a mixture of losing himself in his studies, making intelligent conversation with his fellow students, and smoking cannabis.

He became the prize student of the psychology professor Avram Bromowitz soon after enrolling. The two connected on a level that Jonathan had never experienced before, and he considered Bromowitz to be his singular friend and confidant. As much as Crane admired the professor, however, he felt that Bromowitz was hindering the progress of psychological studies by not accepting fear as a research-worthy topic. In his frustration, Jonathan turned to chemistry, a field that he easily took to, and developed a hallucinogenic toxin that would cause its victim to see their greatest fear. Jonathan unleashed the mixture on Bromowitz with only minimal prior testing, believing that its effects would alter his mentor's opinions on the necessity of studying fear. Crane had not anticipated, however, that Bromowitz would have a fatal allergic reaction to the gas. Bromowitz's death secured Crane the position as head professor of psychology, though, the promotion was only bittersweet in Crane's mind. The guilt that his mistake brought him never quite left Crane, and he has not actively attempted to befriend anyone since.

For a while, Crane was able to put emphasis on the study of fear, using the university's resources to carry out experiments that bordered on the inhumane. However, during a class, Crane stepped just enough over the line to get himself kicked out of the university when he fired off a gun in a classroom to show the body's instinctive reaction to fear. The bullet shattered a flowerpot, causing a shard to nearly go in the eye of one student, forcing the university to fire Jonathan.

Crane was briefly employed at Arkham Asylum after being ejected from Gotham University, where he was considered a valuable doctor. However, after it was found that he was performing experiments on inmates, he was quickly ejected from Arkham as well. Irate at being fired from a mental hospital that he thought of as desperately in need of a decent staff, Crane took to independently researching fear through money scraped together by criminal means. At the same time, he started using his long unused scarecrow costume and mask to establish a presence and identity within the Gotham crime world. As he did so more and more frequently, the mask seemed to establish an identity of its own. Crane took to calling the entity that the mask brought out in him Scarecrow, and is quick to correct those who would refer to him by his other side's name.

Occupation: Professional criminal

Family: Great-grandmother, Marion Keeny- Deceased, murdered at Crane's hands.
Mother, name unknown- Status unknown
Father, name unknown- Status unknown

Additional Information: Jonathan carries a hatred and fear of rats as the creatures remind him of bats and are generally immune to fear toxin. Cockroaches and other insects are usually his preferred non-human test subjects.

So begins...

Jonathan Crane's Story