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Junko Nishiwaki

"If you believe, you're almost there."

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a character in “Influenced”, as played by storii


With these given powers, we're marionettes soon to be forgotten

ImageFull Name:
Junko Nishiwaki

Nicknames and Aliases:

The Rebels

The Spy

Sexual Orientation:

The power of Sound Manipulation. Able to modify or create the pitch of sound, to make lower or higher, even to a destructible force. Also can mimic, intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound to her own will. She can rush to high speeds by riding sound waves. It is also believed to be possible for her to create tools, weapons, armor, and even appendages out of sound.

ImageHair Color:
Eye Color:
102 lbs
It is hard to see, but one is on her left cheek. She has about five on her arms and legs.
She suffers from hemophilia and is deaf in her left ear.

{Stubborn, Tsundere, Brave, Stealth}
Junko is one of those people who can not keep their mouth closed. She is obnoxious and reckless, however, she can have a sweet side to her. Being the most stubborn person you could ever know, she has one of those extroverted loves for animals. She can light up a whole entire room with her own smile; that's not the only thing she could bring to you. She always never thinks about needing help.

She is always protective about the Humans and the Rebels. Junko uses a very powerful force is anyone gets a chance to hurt them or touch them, especially their enemies. It is even possible for her to do fatal attacks against them, which she is needed to be stopped.

Junko is very childish and hates not getting her way. She will stomp her feet and she will cry and moan until she gets it. She will also use her Sound Manipulation to scream deafeningly, so it makes everything easier for herself. Her childishness gets her in fights of stupidity.
Sports, writing, playing with stuffed animals, drawing, singing
Not paying attention, playing with her hair, procrastinating, gossiping
  • Spying on people
  • Going on the internet
  • Fighting
  • Her family
  • Animals
  • People hurting her friends
  • Not getting her way
  • People talking over her
  • Disgusting smells
  • Chores
Strengthening her would be distracting others, having her friends by her side, protecting others, training, spying, and lock picking

Weakening her would be mathematics, her own rage, being gullible, always going out to help her friends when she should stay back, taxidermy, animal abuse, sound immunity, sound nullification, and sound absorption

Junko Nishiwaki was born on September 29th as an only child and grew up with her parents, Madoka and Haru Nishiwaki. They never held too much money, and that's why Junko didn't seem to like them at all. She would always go in and say that she was so rich in school, especially around her crush she was devoted to completely; he didn't even think about her. She was the most popular kid in her classes, even if she was the biggest bully too. Most of them hated her guts, but there was still the half that admired her to pieces. Was she the smartest in her class? It almost seemed as if she was, for she held over the average grades and always boasted about them along with having wealthy and wise relatives. Surprisingly, she had a nice, athletic build and she would participate in all the sports groups. The girl seemed to be good in that too.

One day, she was able to tell one of her best friends that she wasn't as wealthy and cool as everybody thought she was. Junko got backstabbed and the whole room laughed at how poor she was as all of her friends faded away. Nishi was the opposite of everything she was.Image She never could focus in class anymore and others bullied her. The only one who would finally pay attention to her was her crush, who then became her best and only friend. Her social activity withered. She became stomped on.

Her parents moved to get the burden off their daughter. It was in the middle of the year in 6th grade, where she got many friends to shape her up a personality that led her to a happier life. She had many friends; she didn't even care if she was an average student. Things carry on since then. She now has new powers, she's determined to win, and she has more friends than before.

Face Claim:
Ai Fuyuumi

So begins...

Junko Nishiwaki's Story