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Adam Dunford

"The way to have power is to take it." (WIP)

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a character in “Inhumans”, as played by Scarlet Loup




"The way to have power is to take it."
~ William M. Tweed

Full Name
Adam Gerard Dunford

Nicknames & Aliases
Ad, Addy - These are childhood nicknames, and they are ones he likes to forget every existed. Refrain from using.
Gerard Burke - A name he used and operated under during his time in organized crime. He still responds to it.
"Poltergeist", "Kingpin", "Magister" - All are code names he has gone through, and while he'll respond to the latter two, he is recognized reluctantly as "Magister", and he hates "Poltergeist"


December 10th

He comes from some mixture of Irish and English heritage


Sexual Orientation

Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Power itself is not evil."
~ Veronica Roth

Cigars & Cigarettes || Sex || Sarcasm || Being Correct || Vodka || Pomegranates || Classic Rock

Being Unprepared || Disrespect || Wine || Apples || Show Tunes || Tight Spaces || Being Alone

Still hooked on cigarettes and, if he has the chance, cocaine || Bounces his leg or taps his fingers constantly || Uses his hands when speaking for emphasis

To live a normal, "American Dream" sort of lifestyle || Dying in prison or in a way that is unremarkable

To return to his life on the streets || To increase his power and holdings by any means possible

His parents died at his hands || He's only cooperating because he thinks it will allow him to return to his previous life || Truly, he does care for his brother, but he won't show it

Talents & Skills
Charismatic & charming || Has quite accurate aim with a pistol || Knows his way around the streets and can get his hands on just about anything

Weaknesses & Flaws
Severely asthmatic || Crippling inferiority complex and thus horribly vain to compromise


"To be a gangster was to own the world."
~ Henry Hill


Adam was gifted with the powers of "persuasion" and "telekinesis".

Power Strengths
Adam's powers make him quite intimidating in a mental sense. With persuasion, he's capable of entering the mind of just about whomever he pleases. Once there, he plants suggestions, either verbally or telepathically, and can persuade a victim to act or speak as he wishes. With telekinesis, he's capable of seizing control over an object with his mind. From there, he can move it, hold it in place, or throw it.

Power Weaknesses
In his prime, very little stood in Adam's way. To be able to use his powers, he must be in a very confident, stable mindset. Any sort of self-doubt can cause him to completely lose his hold on whatever it is he is doing. For his persuasion to work, he must be quite close to the victim who must, as well, have a "weak enough" mind to allow him to penetrate it. The same goes for his telekinesis, and he can only hold about a thousand pounds if he really concentrates. His powers also give him one hell of a headache.

Time at El Cielo
Two Years

Adam Dunford like could have been convicted on many, many counts of just about any crime under the sun. He knew no limits as the Kingpin he once was. He was arrested on numerous occasions from anything from assault to extortion to murder. He was caught most recently on a possession charge. As time went on, his convictions increased. As of now, he has been officially convicted with fifty-one counts of first-degree murder, forty counts of second degree murder, and fifteen counts of manslaughter. Officials are still working through his sea of kidnapping, extortion, bribery, and treason charges. They haven't even begun to work through his plethora of trafficking charges.

"He was the kind of guy that rooted for bad guys in the movies."
~ Henry Hill


So begins...

Adam Dunford's Story


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DAY : March 16th, 2099

TIME: 10:00 P.M

LOCATION: Agent Washington D.C, United State of America


“Miss. Parker, explain to me again why I should allow this--... This gang of yours to proceed?” President Tate said as he turned his icy blue eyes to the blonde agent as he slid the file back towards her labeled ‘Vasquez, Nadine’ “Well, with all due respect, President Tate, I wouldn’t call my Task Force a gang so to speak because while gangs are known to commit crimes, this task group would allow some evil, money hungry, insane, and overall bad people actually be able to do some good with their powers.” Vice President Coin scoffed. “Do some good?! So you bring together a known terrorist, two runaways, an infamous schizophrenic murderer, the brother of your… boy toy, Agent Dunford, your extortionist of a foster sister, and let not forget to mention, the son of President Tate who is a serial killer who takes credit cards.” Scarlet was never fond of Coin for numerous reasons maybe because of her talk shit attitude while instead of being logical and unbiased loved to throw one’s personal life into their face like how she would with Scarlet about her foster sister, her daughter, but more than anyone, her fiancé, Jason Dunford or ‘Sentinel’, to most people but to her he was always just Jason. But, Scarlet could roll with the punches. “I never said they were perfect heroes. All I said is that these criminals are the worst of the worst while being the best at what they do.” She tossed the files towards Coin and watched as she reluctantly looked at them. “Daniel Tate, or Daniel Braxton has the best precision and aim of anyone, human or post while also having combat skills that are impeccable.” Amelia Coin barely looked up as she continued to the file labeled ‘Vasquez, Nadine’. “Nadine Vasquez. Was top of her class at the academy before getting mutated by your labs--..”

”Now, she knew the risk of being test subject A.” Tate said as if he was trying to cover his ass. Which he was, so was everyone else involved. No one wanted to be responsible for ruining that poor girl’s mind and then being surprised when she committed a massacre like the one she did. Don’t get Scar wrong, Nadine was dangerous but she was powerful. “Of course she did. But because of the experiments, she’s powerful not to mention smart. Before being test subject A, she was top in her class in both field work and in intelligence. She had a 200 IQ.” She could tell Tate was getting interested. “And now?” She flipped to the next page showing her erratic brainwave. “It hasn’t changed when Nadine is in control and with the others it varies from childlike in her persona A, known by Harley to Van Tombler in Persona B, aka Zodiac.” Van Tombler was one of the smartest people of their time, the man who was able to crack the code to the mutant gene.

"With three people in that head of hers comes three sets of powers, all different. And she has leverage and with leverage comes power.” Coin scoffed. “You are aware that with those powers she was able to kill over 100 people and hurt 200 others? Not to mention the children of the first family. Or the fact that she’s in the mental ward all drugged up because she put three guards in the hospital.” Coin said as she tossed the file back to the agent. “Yes, but what you’re forgetting is that she killed all of those people within minutes and she got those officers just by looking at them. If you were able to control that fire, those powers along with the six others they would be unstoppable.”

“And just how would you control supercriminals like these if you don’t mind me asking.” Scarlet kept her eyes on Coin the entire time. “I do mind. That information is between President Tate and me on how I will control them.” The older woman took a deep breath before sitting up straight. It was silent for a moment before the President broke the tense silence. “And if this fails?” Scarlet chucked as she filmed to a photo of the inmates all in a lineup. “Easy. They’re criminals for a reason, they’re known for messing things up. If anything goes wrong or it fails. They take the blame and are thrown right back into prison.” President Tate reached for his pin and the file needing his signature before signing he looked up at the younger woman. “One year, Agent Parker. One. To the day, do I make myself clear?” Scarlet began to grow a smile on her face as she nodded. “Yes! Yes, sir. Thank yo--..”He held up one finger making Scarlet quiet down. “I refuse to allow a human woman like yourself go around criminals like them. Which is why I will be sending security with you for your protection.” The blonde took a deep breath and nodded. At this moment Tate sounded just like Jason. Stating how she needed protection because of one reason or another. “Yes, sir.” Noticing the expression on her face, James Tate cracked a small smile. “Come now, Miss. Parker. I think you’ll find yourself quite fond of the man in charge of your security detail.” Not long after this conversation the three of them were going their separate ways out of the empty restaurant that they have rented out for their meeting. She shook both of their hands before getting into her black town car which took her home where she waited for her night to truly begin.

DAY : March 17th, 2099

TIME: 6:00 A.M

LOCATION: Agent Scarlet Parker's Home, Washington D.C, United State of America

Scarlet could hear her heart pounding and her shaky breath as she looked up at the skylight above her bed as she rubbed the sweat off of her forehead and moved strands of long blonde hair out of her eyes. For her there was no better way to end her day with anyone other than the Sensational Sentinel himself, Jason Dunford. As she tried to catch her breath she couldn't help but chuckle. ”You know what? This might be the best night I’ve had all week.” She turned to her and pulled herself to her boyfriend’s chest as she looked up at him with a small smirk before going on to kiss him jaw. She knew he couldn’t stay with her all night and as much as she wanted him to. The brighter it would get outside and the easiest for Jason to be seen. Jason smiled at Scarlet's kiss, with his grin only getting wider. "It's starting to sound like you only want me for my body. I mean I get the super durability is appealing. But I'm more than a pretty face, and great abs." He smirked. Scarlet laughed as she softly pressed her forehead to his jaw. "I know you are but, the face and body definitely do help." She pulled herself even closer to Jason as she listened to her man. "But you know what babe, She sighed as she snuggled into his shoulder. "Mm. What's that?"

"Even still every night with you is the best night of my life."He smiled as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, and kissed her forehead. Sure, it might have been a corny, and cheesy thing to say, but to him it was still the truth. He always did have a way of making Agent Scarlet Parker, the cold heart of Division A1 somewhat human especially when he said things so cheesy towards her but, hey they work. They worked when they were in their twenties and it worked now. Not that she would ever let him know that. She scoffed as she pushed him. "Oh dear God, please stop. I don't need to hear that.". When he kissed her forehead, she moaned softly before looking up at him and giving him another kiss on the lips before laying back on him. She knew he would have to leave soon but, right now she just wanted to stay like this with him taking in the afterglow. She didn't even want to think about anything else not the bruises on her body from training in the morning (and how she would probably have to explain or lie to Jason how she got them) or her meeting with President Tate and Vice President Coin about Task Force Omega and the last finishing touches to the program including profiles on the seven she had chosen which were at first on her dresser but were now all over her dark wooden floor with a few now being covered by her red dress and black blazer. But she wasn't thinking about that right now. After holding her for a moment Jason let out an annoyed sigh.

"Well, I better get my clothes on, and get out of here before someone spots the walk of shame." She lost her smile as she sigh. "I guess you're right." He followed with a smirk. Jason released Scarlet from his embrace, and began putting on his shirt, and pants. When he got out of bed Scarlet pulled her legs to her chest as she watched him get dressed for a moment before getting out of bed herself with her blanket to cover herself and the small bruises over her body mainly around her arms. "You know, I'm really starting to feel cheap. Maybe you could get me some....I don't know, diamonds, or a sports car or something? What do people get usually get their secret lovers?" She scoffed. "Oh please." She kissed him softly before heading over to her closet to slip on one of his sweatshirts that he left over her house and she decided that she was going to keep as her own. "Is spending the night with me not good enough anymore because it seemed like enough when I was young, and skinny, and pretty." She threw her hair up in a ponytail and headed towards her papers to pick them up. "And I mean, you're the rich, sexy, heroic celebrity 'bachelor' not me. So, shouldn't I get something?" She smirked as she looked up at him before continuing to reorganize the papers.

Jason let out a soft sigh at her jabs at her own age, and body. Even if he knew she was joking, he didn't care too much to hear her talk about herself in such a way. "Oh you're right. I need to start showering you in love and affection." Jason said as he crept up behind Scarlet, lightly kissing the back of her neck, and slightly nibbling on her ear. "Mm. That's right.” She turned towards him with a wink before picking up the rest of the photos and files and fixing them into the folder the needed to be in. She couldn't afford to mess anything up especially because of a rather fun night she had with her boyfriend. She wasn't paying close attention to Jason until she jumped slightly when he wrapped his arms around her. When he kissed her neck she laughed and wrapped her arms around his. "I need to start treating you like the goddess you are. Can't risk you going off with the next big trend in superheroes." He then began tenderly rubbing her shoulders. For someone with such strength, and durability it was surprising how gentle he can be. She let her head sink into his shoulder as he massaged her shoulders which were sore from training. "Well, if you keep this coming. I'll be staying around for a long, long time." She looked at him and kissed his cheek. Before she could even kiss him again she saw him look at the clock she had on her nightstand along with a photo of the two of them at the Fatherhood annual ball where they went other people but kept slipping away to be alone. Jason glanced over at the clock, and groaned at the time. "As much fun as the lovey dovey banter is, and it really is, I really do need to get going." He sighed as he pulled away from her. As he pulled away from her she let out a sigh in disappointment.

"Afraid if we keep it up I might have to drag you back into bed in a manly fashion." He smirked as he continued to get dressed. A smirk slid on her face as she looked towards him, watching him get dressed. "Well, we wouldn't want that, would we?" She slipped the mugshots of the criminals into their files before stacking them all away with one special one on top of the rest. "So you got the meeting with Tate and Coin about Omega today right?”

"That's right." She said without even turning around. She already how their conversation was going to turn out. With the two of them arguing about if it was a good idea or not and one of them just storming off to cool off, mostly Scarlet seeing that she felt like she could handle it. "Look, I'm not going to argue about it again with you......Just, I hope you know what you're doing." Her eyebrows furrowed as she listened to him. Jason has had his misgivings about the task force. Sure he's all for giving people second chances, but these were super criminals. Even if his brother was one of them. " careful ok? I love you, I don't want you to get hurt." It surprised her but, it was nice. The blonde walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck before bringing him in for a long kiss while she went on her tiptoes. When she pulled away she looked at his lips and sighed before looking up into his eyes, laying one hand on his jaw.

"Jason, I know you love me and I love you. You know I do but, I know what I'm doing. I can handle myself, they can't break me." She took a deep breath before reaching for the first file in the stack with the word security stamped on it with red ink before handing it to her man. "You aren't the only one who wants me safe anyway. President Tate thought it would be for the best for me to have protection so, he chose the best of best." She knew that having security would make Jason feel better about her leaving especially when he realized the 'best of the best' chosen to go down South with her for almost year was him. That was the one thing that killed her about Project Omega was leaving him for so long with not being able to have any contact with him. But she was also on the fence about having him come with her. She knew he meant well and that he just wanted her safe but she was afraid that with him being overprotective of her would get in the way of her work. She didn’t want to be in his shadow where people thought that the poor, little normal couldn’t handle things on her own without her big, bad guard dog around. She watched him look at the file before setting it down on her bed before looking at him. "You have the right to refuse if you want, of course." Even though they've been together all this time, there was always a part of her that felt as if he didn't want to be around her for long which probably wasn't helped by the idea that the two were always sneaking out of each other’s homes instead of just telling the world that they were together, and in love, and had a child together. “But I couldn't help but agree. And if you are interested in being my bodyguard... We leave the moment I get the call." Jason merely glanced at the file that was handed to him, and laid in on the bed.

"I'm always going to be there for you, no matter what." He said as he placed his hands on the sides of Scarlet's face. He didn't need to read the file to tell her that. Scar smiled as she let her right hand stroke the top of his hand. "And I know you can take care of yourself. That's one of the things I love most about you. But just because you can doesn't mean I'm gonna let you. I love you, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. Sorry, I'm selfish that way." He added with a bright smile. She chuckled before kissing his palm before laying her cheek back on his hand. "Alright, let's get ready. We don't want to be late." The blonde nodded before pulling herself away from Jason in order to get ready for the day. Since she had a gut feeling that today was going to be the day.

DAY : March 17th, 2099

LOCATION: El Cielo Penitentiary, New Orleans, Louisiana, United State of America

“Time to wake up you, lousy wastes of human flesh! It another shitty day here at El Cielo especially for you lucky seven who get to do nothing until I get the call.” The acting supervisor of the prisoners, Lt. Duke Warren said over the intercom to the newly established Task Force who weren’t allowed to do anything or go anywhere outside of their corner of the prison consisting of their own cells, a common meeting area where only those with clearance were allowed to go into, and a surveillance room for the guards to watch them 24/7 along with several buttons to shock the bars on the small window in the middle of the sold steel door in order to “control” the inmates. “Oh my god. Shut up!” Could be heard coming from the ‘rubber room’ cell, with the label ‘Vasquez’ on the door along with a loud bang against metal door.

Warren chuckled as he walked out of the office and down the aisle with doors on both sides of him. “Oh man, I can’t believe they’re letting your crazy ass out, Vasquez. You’ll be back in here in a week.” He walked up to her door where the young lady was holding on to the bars. The tattooed woman fake chuckled along with the older man before reaching her hand outside of the bars trying to grab the warden but he was able to dodge her grasp. “Careful, Duke. I won’t be in her for long and when I get out where are you going to run.” Warren just stared at the girl before turning towards his buddies in the booth and grabbed his walky-talky. ”Shock’er.” Within seconds a scream could be heard as electricity crackled through her shock collar. That was used in order to keep her personas in line when they got out of control especially Zodiac. The Lieutenant laughed a bit before heading back to the office booth with the others. “Let’em out.’ And with a lock of the surveillance booth, one by one the cell began to unlock to allow the prisoners an hour and a half out of their cells after three days of being in their 24 hours a day.